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The Best Make Up Sex

I heard a little knock on the door which made me open it again. To my surprise there she stood looki
Damn can you say hang over. I never had one that lasted for a whole day. I didn’t even know Saturday passed. No more drinking for me and my girls. Those heffas tried to kill me. I tried to get out of my bed, but my ultimate goal was actually to get my balance to stand up. A couple of minute’s later I eventually got to the bathroom, and hated what I saw. Damn I looked horrible no a hot ass mess. Once I finished fixing myself up I went downstairs, and saw DJ watching TV. I walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Then I started looking for Dustin.

I walked in the kitchen to see my baby cooking. He noticed me because he turned around and said, “You don’t even look like you had a two day hangover.” I gave him an evil stare and said, “well hey to you too.” He walked over to me and said, “sorry babe hey.” Then he kissed me and broke away and said, “Like my apron.” I pushed him away while laughing at him this boy was a fool. I sat down and waited for him to finish cooking our little breakfast.

We all sat down at the table and ate like a family. Then DJ asked, “What are we doing today.” I looked at DJ and said, “Well I don’t have any plans what about you Dustin.” I looked over at Dustin who was sort of looking down and then said, “Well my mom wants us to come over and have dinner.” He started to look back down at his food. He knew I was going to be mad. How in the world was he going to tell me something like this today? He’s knows how important stuff like this is to me. I looked at him and said, “DJ why don’t you go watch TV while mommy and daddy talk.” He left, still looking at Dustin I asked, “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier.” He got up and put DJ”s plate in the sink and said, “by earlier do you mean when you were drunk because I highly doubt it would sink in.” I walked over to him and said, “Oh we blaming it on me now real nice Dustin,” I said sitting back down. He turned around and said, “no but I do want to know how you managed to gulp up all my damn vodka in the mist of one night all by yourself.” He was pissing me off now I said, “your vodka because last time I checked it was our house remember.” He was about to walk in the other room when I stopped.

“And where the hell do you think your going,” I said blocking him and getting in his face. He was getting real heated now and said, “look I ain’t about to argue with you over no damn liquor.” I looked at him like oh so now you want to beat around the bush knowing we wasn’t talking about the vodka in the first place so I said, “it’s not about the damn liquor Dustin it’s about the fact that you couldn’t tell about this dinner or whatever your mother is having.” His temper went up pretty fast as he yelled, “How the hell was I going to tell you when your ass was pretty much damn near passed out on the bathroom floor.” That hurt but I wasn’t going to back down, “it doesn’t damn matter I know how important these dinners are for men and you know how I feel about family events.” “Well last time I checked I was the only walking around with a penis so how can you explain a damn thing you know about it,” he said pacing the room. Oh no he didn’t he really wanted me to go off, “I have a brother you know,” I said now sitting down in the chair. At this point my leg was shaking real fast because I don’t like when people yell and me or talk to me in a bad tone especially not Dustin. He stopped smiled and said, “That’s nice but what the hell does that situation have to do with us.” That’s it he pushed over the limit, “you know what Dustin fuck you and that stupid ass dinner party because I won’t be there,” I said storming out of the kitchen.

I went upstairs to get my coat and purse. DJ was still watching TV. When I got to the door Dustin walked out of the kitchen and asked, “what about DJ?” I turned around still heated and said, “it’s your mother your dinner party so you can watch him.” He just shook his head and walked upstairs. I walked over to DJ gave him a hug and a kiss. With that I left the house slamming the door. When I got in the car I realized me and Dustin had our first argument. The worst part is that it was about nothing important. I started crying right then and their in my car. I couldn’t go back in because then I would have to confront the whole situation, and I wasn’t ready for that. Plus Dustin needed to calm his damn nerves if he was going to talk to me again, so I went to Mai'Hara's house to chill and plus she would know what to do in a situation like this.
Dustin pov

After RyShari left I went in my room and slammed the door. She was really tripping, and if you haven’t guessed already I have a very bad short temper. At any moment I can go off. I really didn’t mean for it to happen that way. I found out on Friday. She was too drunk to listen to or comprehend anything I had to say, and she slept through Saturday with minor incidents of going to the bathroom and puking her brains out. I mean what was I supposed to do. I really hope she does come to the dinner.

When DJ and I got to my mom’s house we weren’t the only people there. It was filled with everyone. Everyone that is except Ryshari. How could she stand me up like this? I mean damn we got in a fight so what. That’s what relationships are about. If that wasn’t enough my mom came over and asked, “so Dustin where’s your lucky girl.” I had to think of a good lie because knowing my mother she would go into how this girl isn’t for me and she can already tell she’s not going to like her. I told her, “She had to drop something off to her mother’s house, but she should be on her way.” My mom left me alone after that, thank god.

My brother he was sitting on the couch all lonely. I walked over to him and said, “so Bryan where’s your girlfriend.” He looked at me crazy and said, “I don’t have one.” Now I’m thinking to myself then who was that girl that was with him when DJ and RyShari was moving in. I asked, “so who was that girl that with you when we was moving. He looked down and said, “oh Sarah that’s who I want to be my girl, but she with a jerk now. He cheats on her all the time and he hits her.” “What do you do about this then,” I asked. He looked up at me and said, “Nothing, what exactly can I do? She is with someone already, I can’t help but wait.” I kind of left him alone after that because it seemed like that was a soft spot for him, and he seemed like he would get mad just talking about.

I was listening out for the doorbell hoping that RyShari would come. After about the third ring I realized maybe she wasn’t coming which mad me mad as hell. As I was slowly walking away from the door I heard another ring. I opened the door only to be disappointed again by Kelly and his girlfriend walking in. We said our hellos to each other and then they went in the room with the other guest. When I was about to close the door I heard a little knock on the door which made me open it again. To my surprise there she stood looking just as beautiful as she always has with her hair curled just the way I liked it and a dress that showed every curve any man could ever want to see. She walked in and stood in front of me. I tried to kiss her on the lips, but she just simply turned her head and gave me a cheek. I took her coat as we walked into the room with all the other people. My hands were sitting on her lower back not close enough for us to hugging her waist which I wanted to do, but just for it to be sitting there. That’s when my mom walked in and said, “Let’s eat.”

As me and RyShari were walking into the dining room, my mother stopped us, and asked, “So is this the lucky girl.” I looked at y/n, smiled, and said, “Yea ma this is the lucky one.” They were introduced to each other, and my mom seemed as if she really liked her. RyShari went to go find a sit, as my mother held me back and said, “I really do like her.” I was still staring Ry down. Damn that dress was fitting her right. Once I snapped back into reality I said, “I’m glad you do ma because I really do love this girl.” Even though RyShari came to the dinner, she was still highly upset. She didn’t even let me sit by her she put DJ in between us. I was just glad she came.

We had a great time at dinner. My mother was like the best cook ever. I had like two plates. She was tripping me out when she kept talking about us. We always hated that part about dinner. She would tell our girlfriends about some of the worst stories ever and bring out these pictures. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. After we finished eating all the men went to watch the football game. While the ladies helped my mom clean the kitchen up. I over heard the girls talking to RyShari about the argument. RyShari was like, “it’s so weird we went having sex twice in one day, to not talking at all.” I wanted to make things up with her, but she seemed mad. During the middles of the game RyShari said she was leaving because DJ was getting restless. I told her I would see them at home. She walked to the door a little down like she wanted to say something, but she didn’t she just left as we shouted and cheered because our team just made another touch down.

RyShari pov

I was surprised that he didn’t even walk me to the door. Maybe it was my fault for giving him a cheek, but I thought we had resolved things. I should have known a few laughs at the table would not just solve our problems. When I got home I took DJ up to his room because as usual the boy was knocked out. I decided I should do the laundry since I’m used to doing them on Sunday nights. I had put on my lingerie and my lace thong since that was the first thing I saw. Once I had put my first load in the dryer, I sat on the washer machine while my foot straddled to the dryer.

As I was sitting the phone started to ring. I answered it and I heard his voice. He said, “Baby I’m on my way home.” I said a simple, “ok.” He replied back with an ok, and just as he was about to hang up I said, “oh and babe… I’m sorry.” He was like, “no RyShari I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled at you or cussed at you.” I said, “But baby I shouldn’t have took it out of proportion the way I did.” We both had pretty much said we are sorry.

“So how long do you think it’s going to take you to get home,” I asked as I played with this string on my nightgown. He said, “I don’t know why baby.” I said, “Because Dustin I want you no I need you.” He kind of laughed and asked, “Where are you.” “In the laundry room,” I said. He said, “So you want my dick huh.” “Yea,” as I was smiling into the phone now. “Well you know I want you too rite,” he said starting to get a little nasty. “Oh yea how,” I said moving my hands down my body and sliding my thong aside from me. His voice was turning me on and I started to do the things to myself that he would do if he were here. “Well you know I love it when you ride me,” he said. Now his voice changed to this seductive tone. “Mmm yea what else,” I said as my fingers now slipped into my pussy. Damn I must have been real horny. He knew exactly what I was doing because he kept going and said, “I want to hear you whisper my name in my ear.” I did his exact wishes and said, “Mmm ….. Dustin.” At this point my eyes were closed. I had scooted myself back on the dryer some as I was fingering myself. Then Dustin said, “Then I want to eat you out like there’s no tomorrow and finger fuck you.” By this time he had me going, “oh shit……………. Mmm……… baby.” My finger was going pretty fast I was on the verge of cumming.

Then I felt these hands take my hands out of my pussy. It was Dustin. Damn he got home fast. He started to lick and slurp my fingers and said, “Damn you taste good babe,” and then gave them to me. I felt this air at the tip of my already moist pussy and looked down to see Dustin blowing it. It sent chills up my spine which made me suck on my fingers. Then when I least expected it his tongue went deep inside of my pussy. “Damn Dustin,” I said while lightly gripping his hair. He soon started to cup my ass and slowly move me up closer to the edge. “Oh shit……..mmm,” I said and I knew what was about to happened, so did he. “Cum for me baby,” he said as he was doing something to make a vibration in my pussy. I laid my head back as I did exactly what I was told as he slurped it like it was ice cream.

Dustin kissed his way up my body as he took off my nightgown and made a quick stop at my breast. He got to my neck and started leave passion marks all over it. When he finally got to my mouth he wasted no time letting his tongue intertwine in mine. I was loving this. I lifted up his shirt exposing his upper body. Damn I loved that part about him. I let my hands travel up and down his body as if I was trying to explore something. At this point we were still deep into our kiss. I unbuckled his belt and I heard his pants drop to the floor. He only had on some boxers as I could feel his dick protruding out of them. I wanted it so bad that I dug my hands into his boxers and started to jack him off. I knew he liked it because he started nibbling on my ear. Once he thought it was hard enough he started to kiss me again as he moved closer and closer to the washing machine.

Dustin slowly slid inside of me which made me tilt my head back a little. He was keeping his pace which he liked to call teasing me. I moaned, “mmmm…. Baby faster.” He looked down at me and started kissing my breast. Then he lifted me and himself up so he could go faster. Sure enough he started to go faster. This was making me go crazy as I moaned, “ooooo….mmmm…baby right there.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and put my hands around his neck. Now I was pleasuring him by bouncing on his cock just like he liked it. We both started to speed up as an orgasm came over the both of us.

I had got off of Dustin and positioned my self back on the washer and dryer. My hands stretched out over them, as my ass was tooted up in the air and my legs were straddled. I want Dustin to hit it from the back just right like he normally did. He came up behind and started to fill on my ass just the way I liked it. Then I felt his cock massaging my pussy. He was good for teasing somebody. I looked back at him as he licked his lips at me. Still playing I whined, “Baby I want it stop teasing me.” He then rammed his dick inside of me. Dustin slapped my ass as I moaned for him to go harder. His hands ran up and down my back as I groped my breast. Damn I needed this. He gently held my neck as he pulled me up to kiss him. I stood up for a little while then I stretched back down. Dustin soon hit my spot and he knew it too because I yelled in between moans. I started to moan pretty loud, “mmm…. baby that’s the spot right there.” He was grunting now and said, “tell me how Shari.” I didn’t say anything and first but then I busted out, “mmm…. Dustin fuck right there daddy.” I said as he nutted inside of me and rested himself on my back. I could feel the sweat drip down our bodies, and the dryer didn’t make it any better.

Dustin finally took his dick out of me. It was still hard as he turned me around and kissed me. We kissed for awhile but then I wanted some more dick. I turned him around and broke away from the kiss. I looked down and it was like was calling my name. I gave him a peck on the lips. I started kissing my way down his abs. then I stopped at his dick. The next thing I know I was sucking it. Dustin just all of the sudden relaxed. It tasted so good to me as I would go from his dick to his balls. He was loving every moment grunting and rolling his eyes in the back of his head. Once I took it all down he said, “Oh shit Shari,” as he had another orgasm.

We decided to take this love making upstairs. I didn’t really feel like walking so Dustin picked me up. I was actually surprised we made it up there. I mean whenever we rubbed against each other I started to mess with Dustin which made him even happier. When we got to our bedroom he put me down and started to kiss me. I turned him around to where I was facing the bed. I pushed him down on the bed with my index finger. I straddled Dustin as I crawled up to him and let him feel places where he knew would make me hot. He pulled me down to him and let our lips touch as he licked my lips a little. I sat up a little and said, “baby on the phone you said u like it when I ride your dick.” He was kissing my neck when said, “Yea babe I love it when u do that.” I sat up fully this time. Still straddled I inched closer and closer to his dick. When I got to it I slowly slid down onto his dick. I heard Dustin say damn you tight. I laughed as I rocked my hips from side to side just the way he liked it. His hand clutched my waist as the other held on to my breast. My curls were sweated out now. My hands stretched to Dustin’s thighs, so that when I would lift up I could push back down to make him go deeper inside of me. I started to speed up the pace to make things a little more exciting.

Dustin took my hand and started to suck it the same way he did when he was done fingering me. I licked my lips at the thought of him doing that. He took my hand and started to trace it down my body with stops at my breast, lips, and navel. All of the sudden not only did I have a dick inside of me but I had fingers inside of me too. I was at the point where I was about to bust. Dustin head relaxed as he stuck my hand in and out while I was bouncing on his dick. After that I had a huge orgasm. Dustin slipped my hand forward as he stuck it my mouth and slipped his mouth into mine. Once we were done I laid my head down on him. He moved my hair over, so that it wouldn’t be in his face while kissing my lips and tracing them with his fingers. As his hands traveled from my arms to my shoulders down my back and eventually were cupping my ass. I didn’t even get off of him. Make –up sex was the best. Well actually this was best sex me and Dustin ever had. We both were knocked out after that.

The Best Make Up Sex
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