The Birthday Gift

By Swollen

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Written for a special friend - Happy Birthday x
The text on his mobile was clear enough:- Meet me, 10am, Friday 19th November, Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Room 472 xx

OMG was she serious!

Adam's mind had gone into overdrive:- Could he make that day? Would he go? Should he go? If he did, would she like him? Would he like her? What would he wear ? DAMN NO! His moral conscience was so strong too. He couldn’t possibly go, he shouldn’t go, what about his real life? Cheating was not something he could do - he would tell her he couldn’t make that date ..... play for time, try and put the date back.


Michelle had sent the text, in a moment of madness, in her head and heart she knew it was wrong - but a one-off, to tick a box, never to be repeated, her secret, their secret, she hoped .................

She’d not spoken to him since Monday, purposely avoiding her MSN, a mixture of shyness and excitement had taken hold. As she arrived at the hotel, and checked in – a million questions in her mind, one over-riding all others - would he turn up? She thanked the hotel receptionist, gathered her bag and went to room 472.

9.30am, not much time – she had showered before leaving home, so just needed to set the scene – and dress appropriately. Pulling the curtains and lighting scented candles, the soft light was perfect. She had taken her white lingerie, she knew he liked the classics - undressing from her daytime gear, she stepped into her lace thong, white push up bra and hooked her suspender belt. Her nude silk stockings slid easily up her legs. Standing in front of the mirror, she slipped into her heels – and put on her ivory silk wrap, tying the wide satin ribbon belt into a big bow at her front. Finally a dab of her favourite Coco Chanel and her pearls. She was ready for him, her heartbeat was audible, every inch of her body tingled with adrenaline. Pray he would turn up.


Adam knew it was madness – but something had compelled him to go. Second thoughts and reservations danced in his mind and stung his conscience, but as if on autopilot, he walked through the hotel lobby, to the lift and pressed level 4. He turned into the corridor, and followed the hotel sign - Rooms 430 – 480. He had left earlier than normal that morning, and at breakfast time he had talked of a business meeting – out of town. No questions had therefore been asked as he’d dressed, a little smarter than normal, his dark blue striped shirt, dark trousers and black belt. He’d shaved, then applied Armani Black Code, his favourite.

He found himself standing outside door 472. Was she there ? Had she really meant it ?. OMG what shall I say when she opens the door ?

A gentle tap tap ...............................


Michelle heard the door knock, just before 10am her heart was in her mouth with nerves – he had come! In her mind, she knew he would – just as he knew she would be there.

She opened the door, and smiled “Hello Mr Smith, do come in” - his pictures had depicted him so well, tall, dark, broad - almost Mediterranean looking. Adam smiled back - “Hello Mrs Smith” his eyes danced over her body, wrapped in Ivory silk.

The room smelt lovely, her IPod was playing Toni Braxton – and naturally, he made a quip about her taste in music. She responded, as he knew she would, by calling him an ‘old fart’. Within an instant there were no more nerves, no awkwardness – just as they imagined it would be - as it had been from their first chat.

However - the air was electric .....


Predictably - well it was his Birthday treat after all - Michelle made the first move :-

“Are you going to unwrap your Birthday Present then” Michelle’s eyes directed his to the bow on her wrap – and as he stepped forward his hands slowly pulled open the ribbon at her waist, the wrap slipping from her shoulders to the floor – a little shy being so very nearly naked, and him fully dressed - she kissed him gently, and allowed her hands to undo his shirt and slip her fingers inside feeling his skin. His chest, firm, taught and hairy as she knew it would be. Adam’s hands wandered over her body and lingerie, gently to begin with, then with wanting and passion. Michelle shivered at the strength of her desire for him, and as he pulled her to him, she could feel his hardness so clearly showing his desire for her too.

“Is that a sausage or are you pleased to see me” He laughed, “shut up woman” and with a force of passion Adam pushed Michelle down onto the bed where she lay watching him as he swiftly undressed – her body ached for him, as soon as he was down to his boxers she sat up and pulled his groin close to her face, rubbing her cheeks against his hard cock through the fabric. Smiling up at him with a devilish look, she slowly slipped her fingers into the elastic of his waistband and pulled down his pants – his cock, rock hard so ready for her mouth sprang out, shiny and smooth. No excess – as she had known. Licking it from base to end, he moaned and held her head – “fuck, I want you so bad” he said - as she let her warm mouth slip over him and take him to the back of her throat. She could feel her pussy pulsing, so moist – almost begging for him to be inside her.

Gently sucking and licking, Michelle’s hands wandered up and over Adams torso and rested on his naked arse, pulling his body forward and back pinning him to her, to her mouth – releasing him “I want you so bad too” she pushed him down onto the bed.

Laying back Adam watched as Michelle slowly and very provocatively removed her bra and thong, leaving just her suspender belt and stockings on. As she moved up the bed she allowed his hard shaft to rub against her breasts, “mmmmmm so good”, straddling him, she smiled down into his eyes, feeling his cock twitching against the entrance to her pussy - “you want that honey” teasing him, she gyrated her now sopping pussy against his manhood allowing her fluid to moisten his cock and balls. Leaning forward, as she kissed him, she felt his hand guiding his cock into her wet opening, and not being able to resist any longer she pushed down onto him, feeling every inch of his cock enter her, enveloping him deep into the soft, velvet walls of her pussy. He pushed up inside her so hard, she’d wanted him for so long, and feeling him now inside her, she knew it wouldn’t take her long. As Adam began to work his hips up and down, his hands moving from her breasts to her arse. Her breathing was so fast, she moaned and threw her head back as he took her to ‘that place,’ her back arched and she felt her pussy muscles spasm, an involuntary moan left her lips - her body took over her senses, and she came long and hard. Her juices flowing freely covering his balls and shaft.

Without letting her get her breath back, and without removing his cock, Adam quickly rolled her over. Michelle could feel his weight on top of her body, and as he clamped his mouth onto hers, she loved his strength, and was so ready for him when he began to pound into her – his cock, on fire so hard, his balls bursting to give her his creamy liquid. She dug her nails into his back, arching her pussy up to take him, to give him more of her – she knew he was close and as he moaned loud, she felt his body stiffen and his skin moisten with sweat as he shot his load deep into her pussy. The feeling of his hot cum deep inside her, and his noises of passion sent her over the edge, and she felt her body rise again, to another level - together, locked as one, both of them orgasmed hard. So perfect, nothing else existed.

Slowly, as their bodies came back down, their mutual passion released, they lay together – gently touching, stoking, kissing – and laughing - nothing had changed ............. just another secret to add.

Happy Birthday Honey