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The Blindfold

She would never see his face and thats the way he liked it.
Sorry that it's short but it's my first story and I wasn't sure about how to go about writing and everything. I hope you like it but if you don't please comment and tell me what I could do without and what I need to add. Thanks for reading :)
She was sitting at her computer typing away when she felt his eyes. She tried to turn around but he would not let her move her chair. She tried to tilt her head back and that was when he put on the blindfold. 

She wanted to scream but she knew that no would hear her. She was the only one left in the office, or at least that's what she had thought. 

Her husband also wouldn't worry.
He hadn't worried about her in a long time which was probably another reason why she didn't scream.
She welcomed this. She wanted it and she didn't care who it was with. She knew what he would do. He would please her while taking his own pleasure and she would let him. She would not fight him and he knew it.
He finally turned her around but she could not see anything. It was completely dark.
He pushed up her skirt and pulled down the dark green thong. He also knew that green was her favorite color. After removing her panties he pocketed them.
Then he dove.
"Oh god yes!"
"Shut up!" His voice was deep and vaguely fimilar. She gasped as his tongue went farther and deeper then any other tongue had gone.
As she came all over his face he chuckled. Then he stood wiped his face and said, "Stand up."

She stood up and felt him unbutton her shirt and unclip her bra. His hands were covered with leather gloves and felt cold to her now hard nipples which just made them harder.

Then he lowered his mouth to her left nipple and she had to moan. As quickly as the mouth sucked her it left her. She frowned and he reminded her to stay quiet. Again she felt a familiarity to his voice.
"Bend over your chair."

 She did as she was told and felt around for her chair. He pulled it to her and she bent over it.

"You will like every single thing that happens tonight, you slut," he whispered in her ear as he pushed her skirt higher til everything was exsposed.

He stood back up and rubbed his hand back and forth over her ass and then he squeezed hard making her gasp.

"Shut up slut. No noise."

He slapped her ass. She gripped the chair and bit into her bottom lip to keep from displeasing him.

He finally slipped a finger in her pussy. But after puting it in her he left it there and started to lick her clit from side to side.

Her body shifted forward moving the chair and pulling her away from him. He growled and pulled his finger out.

He gripped her hips and pulled her back to him.

"I see your an impatient bitch so here have it," he said as he pulled out his long and thick cock. It was an unstatement to say that this was a perfect cock. It was more so like the gods thought him highly favored and it showed in his dick.

She gasped and grunted when he slide his cock in and out slowly. He smacked her ass.

"God your pussy is still so fucking tight!"

"Why did I ever stop fucking this whore?"

"Lift your ass up higher bitch!"

She was shocked and her mind was racng in two different dirrections. Cumming and finding out who this person was.

Which ever came first she didn't care she just hoped the first would come quickly.

She had not gotten off with a real dick in her pussy in over a year and now she was about to have the best cum ever.

She couldn't keep quiet now. She moaned and groaned as he picked up his pace and fucked her through her orgasm.

When she finished he pumped in and out of her a few more times and then pulled out and came in her skirt.

He lowered her into the chair and before removing the blindfold whispered, "if you look you'll ruin everything." But he already knew she wouldn't look back.

So he untied it and she kept her eyes closed.

He walked away and she never looked back.

She couldn't because he had stunned her again.

He had kissed her on her cheek and had said,

"See ya soon."

...To Be Continued
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