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The Bodyguard

Kady's father needs someone to keep his daughter safe. Brad is the perfect man for the job.
Authors note: This story was written before Sweet Temptation and is really meant to be read before reading the other. Lacey(from Sweet Temptation) makes an appearance in this story. The Bodyguard was originally broken into four parts, but I've decided to only make it two parts. I've come to love the characters in these two stories and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Brad turned and looked at Kevin Bishop. The request wasn't an easy one, but damn, the money was more than he would have asked for. He shoved his hands into his pockets, and watched the older man sit down.

"So what do you say Brad? My daughter is all I have, her mother died two years ago."

Brad sighed when he saw the incredibly sad look on Kevin's face. He ran his hands through his jet-black hair, and scanned the room with his ice blue eyes. "OK Mr. Bishop. It's a deal. Now how long do I have to keep her safe?"

Kevin stood up, offering his hand to Brad. "Call me Kevin, and until the sentencing."

Brad nodded his head. "How long will that be?"

"Two months."

Kady stood in front of the mirror looking at herself. She stood about 5'6", with curly blonde hair that hung past her shoulders. When she looked at you with her deep green eyes, you swore she was seeing into your soul. Kady turned when there was a knock on her front door. It was probably her father; he was always worrying about her now that she had moved out. She looked through the peephole and saw her father standing in his work clothes, a nice suit and tie, his hair showing signs of grey on the outsides of the black. She opened the door. "Hey Daddy."

He walked in. "Hey sweetheart. I have something to tell you."

She pulled her still damp hair off of her neck, and walked over to the couch. "What's up?" she asked, watching him unbutton his jacket to sit down. He took a deep breath and Kady could see a flicker of worry flash through her father's green eyes.

"Well, you know that client I was representing today?" he asked, and waited for her to nod her head. "Well, he was found guilty today, and he told me that my daughter’s pretty little head was on the chopping block, and I'm afraid that he will try something."

Kady smiled. "Well, I'm not afraid, Daddy, I can take care of myself."

He sighed. She was so stubborn, and hardheaded, just like her mother. "Look Kady, I know you think you can, but I hired a cop to be your bodyguard just in case. He will go everywhere you do, and please don't give him too much of a hard time."

Kady drew up her legs and curled them under her. "Fine, but I am not going to like it."

Kady watched her father walk out of the door. She crossed her arms, and tried to imagine what this cop would look like. She laughed out loud when she imagined a potbellied older man, with a balding head. She hoped he would at least be nice to look at. She jumped when there was a forceful knock on her door. She slowly got up and checked what she was wearing, jeans and a t-shirt from her old high school, yeah it had been three years since she graduated but she still loved wearing this shirt. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and she cringed, she wasn't wearing any makeup. She shrugged and looked through the peephole. Her breath caught in her throat, for standing outside of her door was easily the most handsome man she had ever seen. "Who is it?" she asked loud enough for Brad to hear her.

"Brad…Brad Pullen, the bodyguard your father hired for you," he said as he tried to imagine what she would look like.

Kady said, "How do I know that's really who you are?"

Brad sighed. Kevin had warned him Kady would be difficult. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his badge, and put it in view of the peephole. He waited a few seconds and heard the locks being unlocked and the door slowly opening. He smiled, and his stomach did a flip when he saw Kady. She was beautiful; this assignment wasn't going to be easy.

Kady stifled the instant smile that would have normally crept over her face when she saw a man this gorgeous. She turned, sighing heavily, to allow Brad enough room to come into the apartment. "You know I don't need you, my father tends to overreact," Kady said, not even looking at Brad as she closed the door behind him.

Brad looked around. It was a nice place. He watched Kady sit down. "I seriously doubt your father would have hired me for two months, if he didn't feel you are in some danger," Brad said as he made his way over to a chair opposite Kady.

Kady looked at him with her arms crossed defiantly, "Wait, did you say…two months?" Damn, this was going to be a long two months, she thought.

Brad took off the gun he was wearing at his side and laid it on the table between them, that damn thing was killing his side. "Yes, for two months I go everywhere you do."

Kady sighed. Damn, this was going to really be hard, she had to make it hard for him so he would leave. She stood up and walked over to the window. "So I guess this means you will be staying here."

Brad watched her back as she talked. "That's right, and I'm guessing I get to stay on this very comfortable looking couch."

Kady turned on her heel. "Of course, you're not sleeping in my bed."

Brad laughed. "Don't worry, I wasn't wanting to."

Kady scoffed. "You're a jerk."

Brad stood up. "So what plans did you have for today?"

Kady crossed her arms. "Nothing that concerns you," she said, facing the window.

Brad let out a loud breath. Damn, she wasn't going to make this easy was she? "Look Kady, you can make these two months horrible, or not, it's totally up to you, but I'm here, and my job is to protect you, and I will do my job, like it or not."

Kady sighed, and turned around to find her gaze locked with Brad's. Her face turned an instant light pink, and she looked away. She really hated that man, and her father would hear all about it later; right now she had to get ready to go to her friend’s wedding.

"Look, my best friend is getting married later tonight, and I am the maid of honor, so looks like you're going to a wedding."

Brad said, "I guess I am."

Kady looked at Brad. "I'm going to go do some last minute stuff to get ready, do you have a suit and tie to wear?"

Brad picked up the bag he brought. "Yeah no worries, I thought about every occasion."

Kady walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. She took a deep breath. Having Brad living in her living room for two months was not going to be easy. Why in the hell did her father do this to her? A small smile crept across her face when she thought about Brad. He had to at least be 6'5", with broad shoulders, and his arms were heavy with muscle. The hint of stubble that was on his face almost made Kady want to slowly run her hand down his face. She shook her head, she had to stop thinking about him like that, he was going to get in the way and she knew it.

Brad walked into the guest bathroom to put on his suit. He looked at himself in the mirror. He sighed as he thought about Kady. Her father had failed to mention just how beautiful she was; and those eyes, damn if every time she looked at him a shiver didn't shoot down his spine. He ran his hand down his tanned, muscled torso. She really seemed to hate him, but he had to make her like him, especially if these two months were going to be at least a little productive. He slipped into the light grey suit, with a light pink shirt and matching tie. He ran his hands through his hair and shrugged his shoulders. He heard Kady walking into the living room, and opened the bathroom door.

Kady almost lost her breath when she saw Brad. The suit fit him just right, and the pink complimented his tanned skin.

He looked at her; she was beautiful in a low cut, light purple dress, with a slit up to her knee on one side.

"Well, let’s go." Kady picked up her purse.

"We will use my car," Brad said as he picked up his gun and secured it back at his side.

Kady rolled her eyes. "You really don't think someone will try something at this wedding? Why do you insist on wearing that thing?"

Brad opened the door. "Stop arguing with me, let’s go. You don't want to be late."

Kady sat silent in his car on the way back to her apartment after the wedding. The reception was extremely long, and they had ended up staying until 4 in the morning. She yawned, and leaned her head back against the cool leather of the seat. Brad looked over in her direction, that dress she was wearing was doing things to his control. He slowly dragged his eyes away from Kady. She hadn't spoken to him since they left the apartment before the wedding, and he was curious why. "Kady, are you really going to spend the whole time we are together pissed that I'm here? Or could we at least enjoy each other’s company?"

Kady scoffed. "Please, I don't see how anyone could enjoy your company." Kady smiled when she heard the sharp intake of breath; she had finally gotten through to him.

"Kady you are really testing my nerves."

Kady shot him a dangerous look. "I'm testing you? Are you serious? You are the most impossible person! I can't even stand to look at you."

Brad's blood pressure started to rise. This woman was impossible. "Kady, why are you being so stubborn? I haven't done anything," he said as they pulled up to her apartment building.

She gave him no answer and shot out of the car, slamming the door behind her. She stomped her way up to the elevator and pushed the button hard.

He walked up behind her. "Fine, don't talk to me, but I can promise you I will grow on you, and eventually you may even begin to like me."

She crossed her arms, the low cut dress giving her no room to hide anything. She kept her eyes on the doors of the elevator. "Me like you? I seriously doubt that's going to happen."

He braced himself on the wall with his hand above her head, so his body was very close to hers. She took a step to the side, she could feel the heat from his body and it was making her a little dizzy. She took a deep breath and stepped into the elevator. She pushed the button for her floor, and moved into the far corner away from Brad. He smiled; he could almost see her control snapping. He couldn't quite understand why she was so hardheaded; she was one independent woman, all right. He watched her and noticed her shiver.

"Here take my jacket," he said as he started to slowly shrug it off.

"No," she said simply. Kady knew very well if she took that jacket and put it on she would be overwhelmed with his scent, and that would make it damn near impossible to hate him.

He sighed. "Fine, I was just trying to be nice."

She kept her eyes on the floor, and walked quickly to her door. Brad stood close behind her, and Kady bit her lip when she swore she felt his breath on her neck. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed some water; she turned to find Brad behind her. "Help yourself, I'm going to bed," she said as she started to walk past him.

"Kady, why do you hate me so much?"

His question caught her off guard. "Because you are impossible to get along with."

He smirked. "I don't think I'm bad," he said, leaning back against the counter.

She took a minute to take his appearance in, jacket off, tie loose around his neck, and the first two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. "I'm going to bed." She turned and walked into her room. Oh hell, it had taken everything she had not to jump him right there in the kitchen, it was only easier to hate him. Love and sex only complicated things. Her heart had been broken one too many times, and she knew Brad's type, love ‘em and leave ‘em. Once his job here was done, she would never have to hear from him again. Now all she had to do was to find a way to keep him at arm’s length until then.

Brad walked over to the couch. He pulled his shoes and socks off, while shrugging his shirt off. He took his belt off and neatly folded everything and laid them along with his gun on the coffee table. He would worry about that later, right now he needed sleep. He stretched out on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

Kady pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She opened her door and smiled when she saw Brad's long form fast asleep on the couch. Her eyes scanned down his tan torso, and a familiar feeling started in the pit of her stomach when she saw the enticing trail of hair disappear into his pants. She found a blanket and draped it over him, she had to or she might do something she regretted. She turned the lights off and closed the door to her room quietly. Brad opened his eyes when he heard the door close. So she didn't hate him has much as she pretended, but he had to find out why she wanted to keep him at arm’s length.

Kady rolled onto her side and looked at the clock: 10 am. She closed her eyes. She definitely didn't want to think about how long this day was going to be. She had to go to work at 12.

Brad woke up and stretched, the couch was more comfortable than he thought, although he was sure Kady's bed was much more comfortable. He stood up and got dressed after a quick shower. Kady's door was still closed. He sighed and knocked softly on her door. Kady came to the door and Brad smiled, her sleep-tousled hair was cute.

"It's 11 and I'm pretty sure you have to be at work at 12," he said, leaning against the door.

"Thank you for the update. And how did you know I had to go to work at 12?"

"Your father called."

Kady sighed. "Thanks for waking me," she said before closing the door. She sighed. Wow, he looked great in his dark blue dress pants and button up shirt. The sleeves of the off white shirt where rolled up to his elbows. She sighed again. She looked a mess.

Brad smiled as he sat down on the couch to wait for Kady. He could see the way she looked at him with lust in her eyes. Why did she pretend to hate him so much? He made a mental note to find out why on the way to her workplace.

Kady stepped out of the room a little while later and walked past Brad like no one was there. She got to the door and opened it, giving Brad no indication she was going to wait for him. Brad caught up with her, walking behind her. He bit his lip as he watched the lovely way her hips swayed in the loose fabric of the dark dress pants she was wearing. "So you're just going to act like I don't even exist anymore…is that it?"

Kady pushed the button for the elevator. "If that's what it takes to make it through these two months, then yes."

He crossed his arms and Kady saw the muscles in his arms flex against the loose cloth of his shirt. "Fine, but make note, I am not the easiest person to ignore," he said in a deep voice, which sent a delicious shiver down Kady's spine. She shrugged her shoulders, as she stepped into the elevator, followed closely behind by Brad. "Let me ask you something, Kady." He paused, waiting for her response; when she said nothing, he went on. "Why do you pretend to hate me?"

She shot him an evil look. "There is no pretending on my part, Brad," she said her voice full of venom.

Brad cringed. Damn, she was good. "I know you can't hate me as much as you claim you do."

She laughed. "And how do you know that?"

He smiled. "I woke up this morning with a blanket over me, that wasn't there when I went to sleep."

She rolled her eyes. "It was a cold night. I don't want you getting sick."

He smiled. "So there is some glimmer of hope there that you might grow to like me."

She scoffed. "I wouldn't count on it." Kady stepped off the elevator and walked slowly to Brad's car.

"Look, Kady, I don't know why you instantly hated me, but I promise you, it isn't going to make me go away."

She stood next to the passenger door and gave him no answer. He sighed and figured this argument was better for when they were in her apartment. He sensed there was something underlying, some hurt or pain, and that was why she would let him in her life. Although he didn't need to let his lust for her over cloud his desire to protect her.

After work Kady rubbed her neck, as she walked slowly out of the building. Brad followed close behind her. She sighed. She really couldn't handle the way he looked at her, and her defenses were down after work.

Brad caught up to her. "Kady, we really need to talk."

Kady said nothing. She reached for the door handle on his car, and Brad stepped in front of the door. "Kady, you can't ignore me for two months, you eventually have to talk to me."

Before Kady had a chance to answer a black SUV pulled up, and a shiver of cold fear went down Brad's spine. The window in the SUV's passenger side rolled down just enough for the end of a gun to pop out. Brad was on top of Kady as soon as the first shot was fired. The next shot was aimed extremely close to Brad's leg and hit his car instead. The SUV sped off, and Brad jumped up, firing two shots, barely missing the SUV's left back tire.

Brad looked at Kady. "Are you okay?" She shrugged, and turned toward the car. Brad sighed. "Damn," he said under his breath. He walked over and looked at what the shot did to his car. He noticed Kady crying. "Are you sure you're alright?"

She wiped a tear away from her eye. "I'm fine."

"Kady what’s wrong, why do you want to keep me at arm’s length?"

She looked away from him. "Because I don't need you. If anything, your presence makes me more of a target."

He shook his head. She wasn't making any sense. "Kady, you need me, and I think that little episode just proved it."

She crossed her arms, not saying a word.

"Why are you so stubborn?"

Kady scoffed, still giving him no answer. She was really starting to piss him off. He just saved her life and he still got anger from her. "Kady, I just saved your life, so I'd say you need me."

She looked at him with disgust in her eyes. "I do not need you. I can handle someone with a gun, I've had a gun aimed at me before and came out just fine without a man, thanks."

Brad had had enough. "Yeah, and your mother ended up dead."

The color drained from Kady's face, and Brad almost threw up, he couldn't believe he had said that. Damn his big mouth.

He reached for her arm, and Kady moved away from him. "Kady I am so sorry, I didn't mean it."

She looked at him. "How did you know?"

He sighed. "Your father told me." He looked at her face, and wanted to cry himself, he could see that he really hurt her. "Kady…" he said quietly.

"Just take me home, Brad."

He sighed. Damn, he had really messed up now. He couldn't help it, that woman knew how to get under his skin. The ride to her apartment was silent, but you could cut the tension with a knife.

Kady thought about that faithful night on the way home. A man had broken into their house while her father wasn't home. The man had grabbed Kady and put the gun to her head when the police showed up. She tried her best to talk him out of it, when she saw her mother walking up to the man from the side. Kady tried not to let the man know she was coming, but he saw her look at her mother, and out of fear he turned the gun on her mother, and without warning, he shot her. Kady shivered when she thought about watching her mother die, knowing there was nothing she could do. The police eventually shot the man, and he died with is arm still around Kady's neck. She hugged herself, as she watched the street go by, and a silent tear slipped down her face.

Kady didn't say anything to him for the rest of the night, and was sitting on her bed reading a book, trying not to think about him, or her mother, when there was a knock on her door. With a sigh she opened it and walked past him into the living room.

"Kady, we really need to talk."

"I have nothing to say to you, Brad."

"Well then you can listen." She got up to walk away from him. "Kady please, just listen to me."

She stopped and looked at him. "What?"

He stood up. "Look, I didn't mean what I said, it's just that…well no one has ever been able to make me mad like you did tonight, and I wanted to make you just as mad, but I shouldn't have said it. I just really don't understand why you automatically hated me."

She sighed, and Brad grew hopeful. "Look, Brad, just listen," she said. She sat down. "When we got shot at tonight, that brought back all the memories of when my mother died. I had to watch her die, because he was holding the gun to my head Brad, the same gun that had just killed my mother." She hugged herself, and her voice cracked as she went on. "The police eventually got a clear shot, and shot the man, and when he fell down, I went with him, because his arm was still wrapped around my neck." She took a deep breath, "I had to feel him take his last breath."

Brad sat down next to Kady, lightly putting his hand on hers. "Kady, I'm sorry."

She looked at him through tear-filled eyes. "Brad I..." She sighed and stood up, and Brad followed.

He wanted to kiss her so bad, to take her pain away, but he didn't know how she felt. He came up behind her, his mouth inches from her left ear. "Kady I'm so sorry I brought up your mother, it was in no way your fault she was killed, please don't hate me anymore."

A shiver shot down her spine, and she turned around. She kept her eyes on the floor, and Brad used his forefinger to tip her chin up. "Kady…" he said, before brushing his lips across hers.

Kady hesitated, but it felt too right. She returned the light kiss, and brought her hands around his back. Brad deepened the kiss, licking his tongue around her bottom lip. Kady responded and opened her mouth. Brad ran his hands up her back, and Kady moaned softly into his mouth.

Kady pulled away when there was a loud knock at the door. She looked at Brad, and almost melted into him again, because of the raw lust she saw in his eyes. He turned and reluctantly walked to the door.

"Who is it?" he asked without looking through the peephole.

"It's Kevin, Brad." Brad looked and saw Kevin.

He opened the door, and turned to look at Kady, who had composed herself, which was more than Brad could say for himself. He followed Kevin after he closed the door and sat across from him and Kady.

"So, Brad, tell me what happened."

Brad recounted what happened, and Kevin looked at Kady.

"Well it's late, and both of you look dead tired, so I'll come back tomorrow. You two get some sleep." Kevin hugged Kady and shook Brad's hand.

After he was gone, Kady started to walk to her room. "Kady wait…"

"Brad, please save it for tomorrow, I don't have the strength." She walked into her room and closed the door. Brad sighed, and undressed. He fell onto the couch, but sleep didn't come so easily.

The next morning Brad woke and noticed that Kady was still asleep. He decided what he needed was a hot shower and a good shave. After a good shower, he was standing in front of the sink with only a towel wrapped around his waist when the door opened. Kady's breath caught in her throat, and she couldn't speak. She watched a bead of water slowly make its way down Brad's back, and disappear inside the towel. He watched her with the razor still poised in the air.

"Kady, something wrong?"

She cleared her throat. "Yeah, I just need to borrow that toothpaste." Brad smiled, and Kady watched his muscles flex as he reached to hand her the toothpaste. "Listen Brad about last night."

Brad took a step forward as he finished wiping the shaving cream off of his face. "Kady, we both know it was bound to happen sooner or later."

Kady took a step back, and her back hit something solid, the door, dammit, why had she not left the door open? Brad cupped her face in his hand, and made lazy circles on her bottom lip with his thumb. Kady pressed her lips to his thumb, and a shiver went down Brad's spine.

He took a step closer, and brought his lips to meet hers. Kady fell into his kiss, the heat from his body melting into her. Brad ran his hands through her hair, pulling her mouth closer to his. There was a loud knock at the front door, which seemed to pull Kady to her senses. She tore open the bathroom door and quickly walked to the front door, looking back at Brad, who threw her a gorgeous smile that made a shiver snake its way down her spine.

"Who is it?" Kady asked.

"It's Lacey," came the muffled voice from the other side of the door.

Kady turned and looked at Brad. "My best friend."

Brad nodded and closed the bathroom door, not before winking at Kady. She blushed, and opened the door. "Hey, what's up?"

Lacey walked into the apartment. "Kyle broke up with me, and kicked me out of the apartment," Lacey said as she sat down on the couch, a tear falling down her face.

Kady sat down next to her. "Sweetie, I'm sorry. You can stay here if you want to."

Lacey smiled through her tears. "Thank you." The toilet flushed and Lacey looked at the bathroom door, "Who's here?"

Kady suppressed her smile. "He's my bodyguard, name’s Brad."

Lacey smiled. "Is he hot?"

Brad ran his hand through his hair, as he finished dressing in black dress pants and a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He opened the bathroom door and turned to look at the two girls.

Lacey smiled at Kady. "Never mind, you don't have to answer my question."

Brad walked closer to the girls, his eyes automatically going to Kady, her lips still flushed from the kiss they shared only minutes before.

"Brad, this is my best friend Lacey. She's going to be staying here for a little while." Brad cringed on the inside. That was going to make it hard to fulfill his feeling with her here. He smiled and shook Lacey's hand.

Kady took the opportunity to let her eyes slowly go over Brad's body. The pants hugged him in all the right places, and Kady felt a pang in her stomach that made her bite her lip. She was being stupid. She couldn't – wouldn't – let herself get close to Brad; it would only end in heartbreak. Brad caught Kady looking at him and he smiled, making Kady blush and look away. Lacey smiled as she noticed this. Of course the two of them would get together. Kady was beautiful, and Brad, well Brad was gorgeous.

Lacey dropped her bags in Kady’s bedroom. "I've got to go to work, thank you for letting me stay here."

After a long day of Kady avoiding Brad in every way she found possible, she was glad they were late getting home. She practically ran into her room, so she didn’t have to talk to Brad. She smiled when she saw Lacey curled up in her bed; she took a quick shower and climbed into bed.

After a fitful sleep, Kady looked at the clock. It was 4:30. She sighed, and coughed. She got up to go to the kitchen. She opened the door, and it was pitch black in the rest of the apartment. She squinted her eyes, and slowly started to walk through the living room to the kitchen. Her heart jumped into her throat when something grabbed her wrist. She sighed when she heard Brad's voice, deep and husky from sleep.

"What are you doing up? Everything okay?"

Kady had to get closer to his voice to hear him. "I'm thirsty, and yes everything's fine." Kady realized Brad's thumb was making slow circles on the inside of her wrist. She went to pull her hand away but Brad pulled her closer. "Brad…"

He smiled. He couldn't see her, but he could smell her, and feel her breath. He pulled her down next to him on the large couch, and Kady laughed.

"Brad, Lacey is here, remember?"

Brad smiled, wrapping his arms around Kady and pulling her closer. "Yeah I know, if she wasn't I'd be in that bed with you, instead of her."

Kady bit her lip, as a familiar aching started in the pit of her stomach. She could feel Brad's hand slowly making its way under the thick sweatshirt she was wearing. Kady smiled, glad Brad couldn't see her, because she was sure her eyes would betray her.

"Oh really? What makes you so sure you would be in my bed?"

Brad smiled. "Because I am a master of seduction."

Kady laughed. "Wow, you learn something new everyday." Brad chuckled, his deep voice sending a delicious shiver down Kady's spine. "You know, you're eventually going to have to let me up," Kady said, trying to wiggle her way out of Brad's grip.

He smiled. "I really don't. I'm supposed to protect you, what better way than keeping you right here?"

Kady sighed, pretending to get annoyed. "Brad, let me go."

He leaned in closer, pressing his lips to Kady's neck, causing her to bite her lip. "Do you really want me to?" he breathed into her ear.

She cleared her throat. "Yes," she said even as her hands betrayed her and started snaking their way up Brad's shirt.

He moved closer still, positioning himself over her, sliding his hands under her sweatshirt, rubbing her back. A small groan escaped from somewhere deep in his throat, when he realized she wasn't wearing a bra. He brought his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. He pushed his tongue to meet hers, and Kady moaned into his mouth. Brad kissed his way down her throat, over to her ear. He kissed her ear lobe, breathing his warm breath into her ear. "Kady, do you still want me to let you go?"

She smiled and looked his way, realizing the sun must be rising, because she could now see his face. She nodded her head to say yes. "No," she said with a smirk.

He smiled, and pushed her sweatshirt up enough to kiss her stomach. He traced his tongue around her bellybutton, pushing her sweatshirt higher. She picked her body up to let him push her sweatshirt over her head.

Brad pulled the sweatshirt off and threw it in the floor. He smiled, looking down at her. "God, you are beautiful."

She ran her hands through his hair, and down his bare back, lightly dragging her nails, causing Brad to moan lightly. He leaned in and placed hot, wet kisses down her slender throat, to her breasts. He took her left nipple into his mouth, gently dragging his teeth across it, causing a delicious electric shock to shoot right to her vagina.

Lacey woke to find Kady was gone. She stretched and got out of bed slowly. She walked over to the door and opened it. Brad noticed before Kady, and lay down on top of her to shield her naked torso from Lacey.

Lacey walked by the couch, and laughed, "Oh gah. I'm sorry," she said, looking away from them quickly.

Kady blushed, and Brad laughed.

"It's okay…" Kady mumbled, "We were just having a little talk."

Lacey laughed, and picked up Kady's sweatshirt. "Without your clothes?" Kady hid her face in Brad's neck. "I'll be in the shower, I expect the two of you to be fully clothed, or at least behind a closed door." She smiled, and walked into the guest bathroom.

Kady jumped off the couch, using her sweatshirt to shield herself. Brad propped his head on his hand, watching her.

"What?" Kady asked, looking over at him. "Every time I get close to seeing you naked, someone always interrupts."

She laughed. "I need a shower." She got to her bedroom door, and turned with her hand on it. "You coming?"

He smiled and jumped off the couch, following her into the bathroom connected to her bedroom. She let the sweatshirt fall away and reached into the shower to turn on the water. Brad came up behind her, sliding his hands around her to her breasts, taking them into his hands. Kady smiled, leaning back against him. She turned to face him, and kiss his neck, reaching for the waistband of his pants. He helped her push them down, and pushed down her pants and underwear. He stepped back, and stared.

Kady felt a bit self-conscious. "What?"

He smiled. "It was definitely worth the wait."

Kady smiled and stepped into the shower. "Come on, stop staring and get in here."

He stepped in, closing the large glass door. The water was hot, and the steam was already beginning to build and spill over the top of the shower, bathing the room in a humid heat. Brad backed Kady up until her back touched the impossibly cold marble of the shower wall. Goose bumps started forming on her arms and chest, but for an entirely different reason. Brad was close, his mouth inches from hers.

"You know, Kady, you make it impossible for me not get lost in you."

Kady dragged her eyes away from a scar she was admiring on Brad's chest to his eyes. Deep eyes, she felt like they held so many promises, promises of much needed pleasure. "Such kind words from such a tough man."

Kady's next thought, whatever it may have been, was knocked right out of her mind, when Brad's mouth came crashing down on hers. It was a passionate, possessive kiss that made both lose their breath.

"Warn me next time you are going to do that," Kady said on a sigh.

Brad smiled and lifted her by her ass, wrapping her legs around his waist, and pushing his full length into her. Kady almost screamed with pure pleasure and lust, her back arching high off the shower wall.

Brad put his mouth close to her ear. "A warning takes the fun out of it, don't you think?" he asked on a whisper, his hot breath making her mind whirl.

All Kady could do was drag her nails down his back and bring his body closer to hers. He started pumping into her, taking his time, savoring the moment.

"Oh God..." was all Kady could manage, as Brad began to build up the pace. He could feel her muscles starting to squeeze him, and he was getting close himself. He grabbed her hands and pinned her wrists above her head, as he increased his speed. He used his hips to grind into her in a way that made Kady's mind swim with pleasure. Brad was getting close, and Kady was all but ready to follow him. Brad pulled all but the tip of his length out of her, slamming back inside in one smooth movement. That was enough for both of them and they came together

The next day

"Yes sir. We will be there in 15 minutes." Brad hung up the phone, and turned to look at a sleeping Kady. He didn't want to wake her. He had no choice. Her father had called because the police wanted Kady to see if she could identify the person who had shot at them in a line up. There was a tantalizing bit of her leg showing from under the thin sheet she was lying under, and Brad couldn't resist. He dragged his hand slowly up her calf, pushing the sheet up her thigh as he went. Kady stirred. "Wake up, sleeping beauty." A content sigh slipped past Kady's lips, as she stretched her muscles. Brad got off the bed and made his way over to his discarded clothes. "We've got to go to the police station. They need us to identify the people who shot at you in a line up. So get out of that bed, because if you don't I will be forced to join you again, and then we would be there for the rest of the day," Brad said, with his back to Kady.

"Well maybe that's what I want," Kady said, keeping her eyes closed.

Brad chuckled, "There will be plenty of time for that when we get back."

Kady scoffed, "You're no fun."

Two agonizing hours later, Kady dragged herself out of the police station. "That was a waste of time," Kady said, disappointed. Brad sighed, running his hand over his black hair, scanning the parking lot with his blue eyes. It was a natural instinct for him to scan his surroundings for any danger. He placed his hand on the small of Kady's back protectively.

Kady's father grabbed her hand. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry I got you into this mess."

Kady smiled at her father. "No daddy, it's really not your fault."

Brad saw the look of fear and exhaustion on her father's face. "Mr. Bishop, I can assure you Kady will be safe."

Kevin smiled. "Please call me Kevin. And thank you, Brad."

They said their good byes once they reached Brad's car and Kady watched her father drive away. Brad brought Kady into his arms, hugging her tightly. She took a deep breath, breathing in his intoxicating scent.

"So let's get you back to your place, and get some food. We haven't eaten in at least ten hours." On the drive back to Kady's place Brad swore he saw someone following them. It was a dark SUV much like the one that was being driven the night they got shot at. He kept his eyes on it, noticing it kept its distance but never turned. He didn't tell Kady, he didn't see any sense in it, she was already so worried. He still couldn't believe how dumb he had been to bring up her mother. He looked back at the car; damn, it was still there. Had it been there when they left the police station? That he couldn't remember. Damn, why did he have this overwhelming sense to protect Kady? It was his job, yes, but this was different than any of the other times he was a bodyguard. Maybe, just maybe...


Brad turned his head, his thoughts getting interrupted by a concerned Kady. "I'm sorry I was just thinking. You okay?"

She smiled, "Yeah I was just wondering where your mind was." He sighed, and grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers through hers. He dragged his eyes away from hers to look back into the rear view mirror. The SUV was still behind them. He could feel his gun on his hip, and it was the only reassuring thing. He pulled into the apartment building parking lot. The SUV slowed, but kept going down the road.

Once Brad got Kady safely inside the apartment building and up to the door of her apartment he made her wait out in the hall. "Stay here and let me check the apartment. Scream as loud as you can if anyone tries anything," Brad told Kady.

Kady laughed, "Yes sir."

Brad smirked. "Sarcastic ass," he said before walking into the apartment. After Brad was sure everything was clear, he let Kady come in and they ordered some take-out. Brad stood next to the window watching for the man to bring in the food.

Kady sat behind him, looking at his back. She couldn't believe how her life had changed in only the last few days. She had sworn she wasn't going to get involved with him, but he proved too much to resist. She couldn't, however, shake the feeling he was going to leave her high and dry when all this was over. Maybe that was okay. Maybe she should just enjoy the next two months, or what was left of them. She sighed, closing her eyes.

She didn't know what to do. She was glad, though, that her best friend Lacey had gotten back together with her boyfriend today. But that also meant she and Brad were alone in her apartment. Her stomach flipped at that thought, and like he was reading her mind Brad turned, and caught her blushed face. "And just what are you thinking about?" he asked.

She shrugged her shoulders, unable to hide the smirk on her face. "What's taking him so long to bring up that food?" Brad smiled, "It really hasn't been but about two minutes." On cue there was a knock on the door. Brad went over and got the food, bringing it over to a starving Kady.

They ate in silence both thinking about different things. Brad was running different scenarios out in his mind, deciding he was going to keep his gun with him at all times. Kady on the other hand was thinking purely of ways to keep Brad with her after this was all over. She was sure he would leave. Kady stood up and stretched. She hadn't realized just how late it was. "I'm going to take a shower," Kady said trying to stifle a yawn.

"Oh? And I'm not invited?" Brad said, giving his best-hurt puppy dog look.

Kady laughed. "Oh why not. Might make it more interesting." Brad smiled, following her to the bathroom.

There wasn't the same sense of urgency as the first time they made love, so they both took their time enjoying each other. Kady grabbed the soap first and started massaging Brad's back. "You've got a lot of scars." Kady touched a fairly long one, close to Brad's spine. "How did you get them?"

"Most of them came from working patrol. People who are messed up on drugs can be pretty hard to handle. When I stopped doing that, and starting working as a bodyguard, I got the rest."

Kady leaned over, placing small kisses on each scar she saw. Kady enjoyed, and marveled at the way his muscles tensed and seemed to wave each time her lips touched him. Brad groaned, which turned into more of a growl, as he turned.

"Turn around and let me return the favor," Brad said in a husky voice, sending shivers down Kady's spine. He grabbed the soap, using his strong hands to work the knots of worry out of her shoulders and back. Kady's knees were beginning to go weak from all the lovely things Brad's hands were doing to her. A low moan escaped from her lips, as she slowly closed her eyes. Brad leaned in, placing a hot kiss on her neck, causing Kady to bite her lip. He turned her around, trailing kisses from her shoulder up to her neck. Kady's face started to flush from all the attention.

The heat in the room was starting to rise from the heat of the water as well. The steam was starting to build, making the room stiflingly hot. Kady was starting to get too hot, and like Brad could read her mind, he turned the water on cool, bathing her body in much needed relief. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her ear, nibbling softly on her ear lobe. Kady didn't know how much more of this she could take. Brad was the only man she knew that could make her knees weak just by kissing her ear.

"Let's move this to the bedroom. I want to take my time with you," Brad breathed into Kady's ear. Her face flushed and she smiled. Brad turned the water off and stepped out, helping Kady out as well. He bent and picked Kady up, carrying her quickly to the large bed. Kady's skin was tingling, and she felt like if Brad didn't touch her she would explode. Brad lay down next to Kady and kissed her roughly. Kady lost her breath. She felt like she couldn't get close enough to him. She wanted to touch him all over at once. She felt like there was a small fire burning just under her skin every single place he touched. It was at the moment she realized she was falling for this guy.

True to his word, Brad took his time exploring Kady's body. He started with her mouth, kissing her over, and over. Kady bit down on Brad's bottom lip, making him moan into her mouth. She smiled; she just discovered something new that Brad enjoyed. She'd have to lock that in the recesses of her mind. He moved next to her neck. His lips were impossibly soft, adding to Kady's already heightened sexual arousal. Kady couldn't breathe. He made his way slowly down her neck to her chest, leaving a trail of sparks everywhere he touched. He got to her chest, and spent the most time there, taking his precious time sucking and nibbling on her nipples. Kady didn't know how much more she could take.

"Brad...please," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. He smiled, dragging his mouth back up to hers. He kissed her, trailing his kisses to her neck. Kady moaned, her neck was her spot; her faced blushed a deep red. Brad positioned himself between Kady's legs.

"Open your legs for me," Brad whispered into Kady's ear. A shiver of pure excitement shot down her spine, as she opened her legs for Brad in the ultimate invitation. He reached down, guiding himself slowly into Kady. She arched her back high off the mattress, her fists clenching at the sheets. She felt like she was going to explode from all the sensations. At the same time she felt like if he didn't speed up, she would kill him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, lifting her pelvis, trying everything to speed him up. Brad smirked, knowing what she was trying to do. He took her legs and placed them on his shoulders, making it almost impossible for Kady to control anything. He pulled almost completely out and slowly pushed back in. He did this several times, each time seeming to go deeper. Kady's body was on fire and she wasn't sure how much more she could take. Brad couldn't take anymore, and sped up his pace.

"Oh God," Kady said on a breath, as her orgasm started building quickly, from all the slow torture. Brad could feel his orgasm looming dangerously close. Kady's back arched high and she grabbed two handfuls of the sheets. "Oh Brad...I'm coming."

Brad moaned, "Open your eyes." Kady looked into his eyes, sharing the moment with him. His eyes were the deepest blue she had ever seen. That was all Brad needed and he released into her at the same time.

Kady fell into a deep sleep after their lovemaking. Brad pulled the blanket over her and walked into the kitchen to grab something to drink. As he was walking back to the bedroom, something caught his eye. He stopped and looked out the window. "Damn," Brad swore under his breath. The same SUV was sitting out in front of the building. He pulled the curtain closed and peeked through the other side. He couldn't see anyone sitting in the car; the windows were too dark. He sighed. They really were after Kady. He just wished they would make their move; all this hide-and-seek shit was really pissing him off. He rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand and yawned. He double-checked the locks on the door. He walked back into the bedroom and fell into a deep sleep next to Kady.

Brad woke the next morning at eleven. His stomach rumbled. He jumped out of bed, pulling a pair of shorts on. He walked into the living room and saw the window was open. He walked over to close it. "Kady, we gotta keep this window closed." The apartment was silent. Brad turned his head quickly, alarm prickling through his body. "Kady?" Brad walked quickly through the rest of the apartment, finding it empty. His heart started racing. Oh God. He grabbed his gun, shrugging his jacket on, forgetting a shirt. He walked out into the hallway. Empty. He swore, "Fuck!" He started walking down one long side of the hall, to the huge window at its end. He looked down; the same SUV was there. He ran to the stairwell, sheer fear running through his veins. He didn't know what he was going to do if she had been kidnapped, or worse, killed. The mention of the word made Brad feel as if he would vomit. His face was white as a sheet as he stepped out onto the street. He started to walk towards the dark, ominous SUV, but before he could reach it, it sped away. He quickly pulled his cell out of his pocket to dial 911.

He jumped in his car, and started following the SUV. His cell phone rang and Brad dropped it. "Mother fucker!" he yelled, as he was trying to reach for his phone, while keeping up with the SUV. "Son of a bitch!" He yelled when the phone slid just out of his reach. Finally he grabbed it. "What?" He almost yelled into the receiver.

"Brad?" the small voice said. "Where are you?"

Brad's head was swimming. "Kady! Where are you?"

She sighed. "I'm in my apartment."

He cursed loudly. "Stay there, and don't you dare move!" He snapped the phone shut and did a U turn in the middle of the road, speeding back to her apartment.

Kady was standing in the kitchen when Brad stormed in. She turned with a smile on her face, which quickly faded when she saw his face. "Brad, what's wrong?"

He strode over to her and hugged her as tight as he could. "What the hell where you doing?" he yelled. "Where did you go?"

Kady blinked quickly, stunned. "I went to get some breakfast around the corner."

Brad turned away from her. "Kady you can't just leave!"

She crossed her arms. "I left a note." She showed him the folded piece of pink paper.

"You have to let me know when you're leaving. You could have been killed!" Brad was still yelling, his heart racing. He was so happy to see her, God, he really thought she was gone.

"Excuse me, but I was just trying to do something nice for you, Brad," Kady said, turning around.

Brad turned. "Kady, don't get mad, you're acting like a child." Kady's back stiffened. Brad cringed. He had done it again.

"Oh really? I'm acting like a child?" She paused and started to walk past him. Brad grabbed her shoulder; she uncrossed her arms and pushed him away. "Why don't you just give me a time out, Brad!"

Brad rolled his eyes. "Don't tempt me. You really can't just leave, Kady."

She looked at him, obvious anger on her face. "I went around the corner to get food. Damn, Brad, if I thought it was that big of a deal I wouldn't have gone. I was only trying to be nice," she said, yelling herself now.

"Really? It was only stupid Kady, it was a stupid decision, and a stupid idea!"

She narrowed her eyes. "Stupid?" she said calmly.

Brad swore, "Dammit, Kady, I didn't mean..."

Kady interrupted him, "Don't, Brad, you've made it quite obvious what you mean." She walked into her bedroom, slamming the door against Brad, and how incredibly cute he looked this morning.

Kady walked out into the living room to find Brad freshly showered, and dressed. God, he could really piss her off. She sighed. She had to go to her job and ask for the rest of the two months off. "I need you to drive me to my job." Her voice was cold and clipped. She wanted to sound nonchalant, but inside she was hurt. Brad turned, "All right, let's go."

Brad drove, and on the way noticed the same dark SUV following them. He sighed; the only reassuring thing was the gun he felt on his hip. The SUV started to speed up and got closer. The grill of the SUV was only a few inches away from the bumper. Brad sped up, the speedometer hitting ninety. Kady noticed.

"Brad, why are you going so fast?"

Brad looked into the rear view mirror. "Just hold on."

Kady looked in the side mirror. "Oh my God, that's the same SUV." Kady gripped the handle on the door, as the SUV slammed into the back of her car. The car was jolted forward and Brad almost lost control, but he managed to hold on. Kady marveled at how in control and calm he was even under the direst circumstances. The SUV sped to their left bumper and knocked them to the right. At the speed of almost one hundred miles an hour, even the calmest person couldn't keep the car under control. It spun out of control across the road, rolling twice and landing right side up, in a large ditch. The SUV slowed, but didn't stop for the wreckage.

Kady coughed and looked over at Brad. His head was bleeding, and he was unconscious. She started to cry. She could feel her face was bleeding, and her legs were trapped under the now unnoticeable dashboard. She felt around until she could reach her purse; luckily in the crash it didn't spill out. She could barely reach it. She grabbed it and searched for her phone. "Fuck!" she said, remembering she left it at her apartment. "Brad!" she said, looking back over at him. He didn't wake up. She lifted her head to look around as best as she could; there wasn't a car in sight. Where was everyone!? Kady reached to unbuckle her seat belt, but she didn't seem to have the strength. She sighed, the tears spilling over her eyes. "Is everyone okay?!" she heard someone yell. Kady turned in time to see a friendly face before passing out

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