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The Bonus Surprise - Secret Unveiled

John's identity secret is discovered.
This story is the sequel to The Bonus Surprise...

John Grabo's skyrocketing career was the cause of much resentment and made him the object of ridicule by many of Miami’s jealous young attorneys. Part of the resentment and criticism was his willingness to represent serious criminals and organized crime leaders such as Carlo Perez. And another major contributing factor was that John Grabo kept winning case after case, lawsuit after lawsuit and he was raking in the money.

John however was not anything like a typical attorney. He was very unpretentious never wore very expensive suits, especially enjoying a good bargain right off the sales rack and was very content driving a ten year old Honda Accord.

John’s law office was located a few blocks from Miami Beach in a very old transitional neighborhood. He loved the decades old art deco style home he had purchased to house his new thriving law practice and better yet, there was a garage in the back with an efficiency apartment above it. And in that little apartment is where John made his home.

Late on a Friday afternoon John Grabo’s sexy young emo-look bubble gum chewing bleach blond secretary appeared at his office door.

“John?” she asked.

John looked up and Tammy handed him a large thick sealed envelope.

Tammy said, “Mr. Tharpe just dropped this by for you.”

“Thanks Tammy,” John said looking at the envelope as Tammy blew a gum bubble turned and strutted her short skirt back to her desk.

John knew what was in the envelope before he even opened it. He had hired his usual private investigator, Reggie Tharpe, to get as much information on Stephanie Martin as he could find.

Reggie, a retired New York homicide detective could find anything on anybody. As John started to open the envelope he looked out his window and noticed Reggie walking back to his car, a convertible 1968 Chevy Camaro. John smiled as watched Reggie because he always looked like a tourist on vacation.

John took out the contents of the envelope, a large file with the name Stephanie Martin on it. John felt like he was being intrusive but he just couldn’t control himself. He wanted to know everything about Stephanie, who was his life long crush, as he could.

As he read through the file it told him that after four years at North Carolina State where Stephanie had been a varsity cheerleader and studied acting, that she went to New York City. In New York Stephanie had modeled clothes for department stores advertising and catalogs and had done some acting in off Broadway plays. She had struggled to pay the bills and finally ended up working for an exclusive escort agency charging one thousand dollars an hour for her services.

Eventually Stephanie ended up as the mistress for one of her clients, a very rich middle aged wall street investor. He had homes in both New York City and Miami. She came to Miami with him and soon after the move he had been indicted for securities fraud.

Stephanie found herself on her own in Miami. It didn’t take her long at all before she was working as a high end prostitute again. This time for a very exclusive agency run by John’s client, Carlo Perez.

John remembered when they were just children in school how Stephanie always said that she would someday be a famous movie star. Reading her file John realized that Stephanie had not given up on her lifelong dream to be a movie star.

She had taken roles in numerous local television commercials and had received several very small parts in some of the many television shows and movies filmed in Miami. Obviously, Stephanie was still trying to make good on her dream of being a big star.

John felt a little sad after reviewing the file and then he unlocked his lower desk drawer and placed the file in it before locking it back. About then his telephone rang.

John’s secretary’s voiced cracked over the speaker, “John, it’s Shirley.”

John sat up and said, “I’ll take it.”

Shirley was John’s not too serious girlfriend of over two years. He himself wondered why they still dated. Other than being attorneys they really didn’t have much in common.

“Hey,” John said as he answered the phone.

Shirley belted out, “I need to cancel on tonight. We’ve got a case here we are working on for Monday morning, so we are all working late into the night and most of the day tomorrow so we can put this thing to bed and take Sunday off.”

“Okay,” John answered.

“Maybe we can do dinner Sunday night,” said Shirley.

“Yea, sounds good,” answered John.

“Later,” Shirley quickly said and hung up.

That evening after working late again on a Friday John decided he would do something different. He went upstairs to his apartment showered and changed into some clothes to go clubbing.

He arrived at one of the hottest clubs on Miami Beach. It was one owned by his client Carlo Perez. John got in the long line of people trying to gain entrance to the exclusive club and had been standing there quite awhile when one of the burly security guys at the door recognized John and called out to him.

When John got to the door the security guys not only let him in but the big burly one escorted him inside and called for the maitre d' and told him, “This is John Grabo, everything for him is on the house.”

“Oh no!” John protested, “I want to pay like anyone else.”

“No way, no way, Mr. Grabo,” said the large security guy, “Mr. Perez would be very upset if we did it any other way and we do not upset Mr. Perez.”

“I understand,” answered John, still quite uncomfortable being treated so special.

John made his way to the bar and ordered a straight bourbon, then he just walked around browsing through the crowd finding himself quite entertained just watching all of the beautiful people partying, dancing and socializing in the club.

After awhile he was approached by a gorgeous young brunette in a very short club dress that asked if he would like to dance so he danced with her. John could not help but think that someone working for the club had put her up to it.

Afterward they sat at the bar making small talk and having a couple of drinks. John believing she had been sent to socialize with him, really did not want to try and pick her up or anything but he could not find it in himself be rude either so he just sat and chatted with her.

Something across the room caught his eye. It was Stephanie Martin sitting with two guys in a VIP booth, a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket on their table. Both men sporting the typical over tanned, gold chained, unbuttoned to the navel silk shirt club look that was so common with many sleazy club guys. John noticed both guys on each side of Stephanie rubbing her arms as they chatted with her, really coming onto her.

John tried to be polite and act like he was listening to the brunette chatting away to him nearly non stop but he actually did not have a clue as to what she was saying. He was totally focused in on Stephanie Martin and those two guys.

John sat through quite a long spell of the brunette chatting him up while he watched Stephanie take the dance floor with both of the sleazy guys. They both took every opportunity to feel her up as much as possible while dancing with her. Then they went back to the VIP booth and finished their champagne glasses before they got up and left.

John got up in mid-sentence of whatever the chatty gorgeous brunette was saying and just mumbled out, “It was nice to meet you.” Then he quickly walked away following Stephanie and the two guys out of the club.

He followed as they walked down the sidewalk in front of the building and turned into a nearby secluded dark parking lot. As soon as they got to their car one of the guys grabbed Stephanie and roughly pushed her against the vehicle and kissed her. The other guy also then moved in on her attempting to kiss her. They were handling her a little too aggressive.

Stephanie obviously did not like it and pushed herself away from them. They started to pursue her. She turned facing them and was yelling at them to leave her alone. But it did not look like they cared what she wanted, so John thought he should step in.

He walked up briskly and stepped in between the two sleazy guys and Stephanie. Then John said in a commanding voice, “I believe the lady wants you to leave her alone.”

The two guys obviously did not like John stepping in. They were sizing John up as Stephanie instinctively stepped in behind John for protection. John was taller than the both of them and though not at all overweight like his ‘Fat Davy’ days, he now sported an athletic physique with a thick muscular neck and broad shoulders. The two sleazy club guys decided they did not want to push the confrontation any further.

As the two guys walked off one of them yelled back at Stephanie, “Don’t forget we do know who you are and where you live you teasing bitch!”

John felt a rush of anger flood over him and stepped toward the two guys who then cowardly broke in to a full run. John then turned toward Stephanie and said, “Let’s get you out of here!”

“Please do!” asked Stephanie.

John flagged down a taxi and gave the driver his address and the cab sped away. Stephanie began to explain to John that those two guys were supposed to be movie producers and she had been talking to them for days about a part in the movie they were supposed to film in Miami. On the way to the car they told her that if she wanted the part that she would have to do whatever they wanted.

Stephanie then said that when she told them that she did not want to go along with that they had become very rude and their tone had scared her.

Then Stephanie said, “I can’t believe you came along when you did, you sure saved me, because I don’t know what they might have done next. I so appreciate it Mr. Grabo.”

John replied, “Think nothing of it Misti.” He of course used her escort name because he sure did not want to give away the fact that he knew who she really was.

Once they arrived at John’s they walked up the outside stairs that led to his apartment above his garage and he let her in.

Immediately Stephanie turned to him and said, “Mr. Grabo would you let me stay with you tonight since those guys know where I live.”

“No problem,” replied John, “I’ll take the sofa.”

“Oh no, I will,” said Stephanie. “Or,” she paused and then said, “You remember the other night at the hotel?”

“Yea,” answered John.

“Well?” Stephanie said looking at John seductively, “I would love to show my appreciation.”

John replied, “You don’t have to do that.”

“It’s not that,” Stephanie insisted, “I would really enjoy it, I am really very attracted to you and have been thinking of calling you for days.”

John gazed at Stephanie but could not find any words to answer her. She looked deeply into his eyes and then she lowered the straps on her club dress until her breasts were exposed, then Stephanie let it slide down her body to the floor.

John just stood there speechless gazing at her very sexy slim body, now only clad in thong panties and high heeled shoes. He did not move as Stephanie then walked over to him and softly kissed his lips. Her hand took his and she led him across the room to the open entrance way to the bedroom section.

Stephanie walked to the bed and lay down on it spreading her legs wide as she looked at John and asked, “Mr. Grabo?”

John quickly interrupted her and nervously stated, “Call me John, please, John.”

“Okay John,” Stephanie said while peering into John’s eyes and seductively smiling, her legs fanning in and out, “What are you waiting for?”

Immediately John jerked his shirt off, buttons flying across the room. His legs sprinted for the few feet to the bed while he quickly undid his belt and was pulling his pants off and semi hopping on one leg in order to get them off. John fell clumsily onto the bed next to Stephanie.

She was smiling at him and ran her fingers through his hair and said, “That’s more like it.”

Then she bent over onto him and started passionately kissing him and ran her fingers down his chest. Stephanie got on her knees and hands over John who was laying on his back on the bed. She let her long blond hair fall down onto John’s face and then she slowly moved herself down his body so that her hair could erotically tickle him. She trailed her hair slowly down his chest, across his crotch and down his legs tickling his thighs, all the way to his feet and then back up to his crotch and her eyes seductively met his again.

Stephanie slung her hair from side to side letting the end of her soft hair tickle and arouse John’s very erect pulsating penis. She then took his testicles in her hand softly stroked them as her tongue began to just barely tease the end of John’s hard cock.

He moaned out loud and sighed. Stephanie’s lips then began a slow slide down the shaft of his dick and slowly swirled around it. All while she slowly tickled and caressed his balls. Her face dove a little lower until she was licking his balls then wet her middle finger erotically with her mouth before allowing it to slide in his crack until she found his rectum.

John moaned and his back arched upward as Stephanie’s finger went inside his asshole searching for a spot on his prostate. Soon her experienced finger found just the perfect place to rub and apply some slight pressure. Meanwhile her other hand held his penis while her lips found the tip of his cock again, teased it some more with her mouth and then began to slowly swallow his elongated hard pulsating penis.

John could not move because he was feeling so much sexual ecstasy. Finally his hand found the back of Stephanie’s head and he slowly stroked her hair as he felt her head moving around his crotch while she gave him the most awesome blow job he had ever experienced.

John thought he was about to orgasm and just then Stephanie's hand squeezed tightly around the base of his cock and held it for several seconds. Finally he felt the near orgasm subside. He was astonished that she knew the instant he was going to cum and maneuvered to stop it with such skill.

Stephanie looked at him and smiled, “Not yet you don’t!” she said as she laughed.

Then Stephanie got up on her knees and and hovered her pussy just above John’s face. He could see just a tease of the wetness inside her pussy lips which were not yet spread open. Stephanie then slowly slid the tips of her pussy lips across his face starting at his forehead down his nose, teasing his lips and then his chin. John then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as Stephanie sad herself right on his face.

With her knees to each side if John’s head, Stephanie began to grind her pussy in his face. John licked her juicy cunt and enjoyed her wonderful tangy taste as his hands cupped her ass cheeks from behind. As she rode his face she allowed her back to arch very far backward and her long soft blond hair fell against John’s naked thighs.

John really wanted to lick her until she came but in a few minutes she moved off his face and moved downward in order to take his hard cock into her now sopping wet cunt. She grabbed his cock and held it tight leading it into her gushing wet pussy.

As soon as she had slid down onto him and started to fuck him John could feel Stephanie’s pussy muscles clinching and tightening around his cock. Her skill was amazing to him.

She rode him and rode him, the bed squeaking, Stephanie’s loud panting and John’s moans echoed around the room. Sweat had begun to cover their bodies. Stephanie’s hair falling onto John’s chest. She leaned down and kissed him letting her tongue dive deep into his mouth. John sucked hard on it as she slowly pulled it back.

Stephanie grabbed hard and tight onto his chest digging in with her fingernails. He found it erotically painful. He watched as she used her left hand grabbing a handful of her own hair tightly. Her eyes almost closed but not quite. Stephanie moaning out, “Oh my God!” as she continued to ride him.

Her warm wet clinching cunt gripping his cock with every stride she bounced up and down on John. She leaned forward onto him looking him deep in his eyes as her torso began a fast rotation giving him the sensation that his cock was twirling inside her sloppy wet cunt.

Then John feeling the need to be more the sexual aggressor than the passive one slapped Stephanie hard on the side of her ass and said, “Get on your knees!”

She slid off him quickly as John got in behind her. John said, “I want your ass!”

Stephanie turned and looked at his cock covered in her cunt juices and said, “I think you’re wet enough, just go slow please.”

John spit on her asshole to help lube it and then led his cock soaked from her juices to her anus. He slowly pushed it into her, feeling her sphincter slowly give way until he was all the way in. He started in and out slowly. Her asshole felt very accommodating to him.

John grabbed Stephanie’s hair like the reins of a horse and pulled her head back, he slapped her ass slightly hard again and demanded, “Fuck me Misti, fuck me!”

Stephanie’s voiced cracked out in almost a growl, “Okay! Okay! Take me damnit! Fucking take me!”

John realized that his aggression had really turned her on. He slapped her ass again and started to fuck her asshole harder. Her voice moaned and cracked. Her heavy loud breathing and moaning began to shake and she was obviously very aroused.

John noticed Stephanie was fingering her own pussy very fast while he fucked her asshole. He kept pounding himself into her and she kept fingering herself frantically.

“Oh fucking hell!” Stephanie screamed so loud that it startled John.

Stephanie screamed out again, “I am cumming goddamnit!”

Her voice sounded like a long growl. She continued fingering for a few seconds and John continued fucking her ass. Finally she pulled away from him quickly and flopped helplessly on the bed.

In couple of minutes she looked at John and gathered herself together. “John,” she said, “You haven’t cum yet.”

“No not yet,” he answered and added, “I will wash it off.”

She understood what he meant. John rushed to the bathroom to wash his cock which had been in Stephanie’s asshole and turned on the sink. He didn’t even wait for the water to get warm as he wet a washcloth and washed his cock clean as it was still fully erect. The he turned and eagerly ran back to the bed.

As soon as he returned Stephanie pushed him down on his back and immediately she started teasing his cock with her tongue. She took him in her mouth slipping it in and out and then she took him very deep before she pulled him out and started working her tongue all over his cock.

By now John really was aching to cum and he soon felt it building up inside him. It was obvious that Stephanie knew he had an orgasm building and she looked him in the eyes and smiled as her hands stroked his balls. As John began to squirt Stephanie let his warm semen shoot onto her face and when she had finally drained it all out of him she rubbed his cock and cum all over her face as if she were worshiping it.

John heaved a heavy sigh of relief once he had finally finished his orgasm. Looking at Stephanie’s gorgeous sexy face covered in his cum was amazingly erotic to him. She have him a big wide smile with cum dripping from her chin.

She stood up laughed and asked, “Mind if I go freshen up?

“Go right ahead,” John answered. And then he watched as she strutted her perfect firm sexy ass across the room into his bathroom.

John just lay there catching his breath then curled up under his sheets until Stephanie returned. She pulled up the sheet and crawled in the bed with him. John reached over and turned off the lamp and then Stephanie pulled his arm around her. Soon they were both sound asleep.

John awoke just a few hours later and noticed a lamp on across the apartment in his living room area. He rubbed his eyes and noticed Stephanie curled up in his big easy chair wrapped up in his robe reading something.

His first thought was that there was nothing in the apartment to give his real identity away. He did not keep family photos or any memorabilia around he thought. Then he remembered he had dug out his old high school annual form his senior year the other night and had put in on the shelf with other books rather than put it back in his trunk.

“Fuck!” John said under his breath to himself. And quickly jumped out of bed and walked toward her.

Sure enough she had the high school annual from their senior year. He stopped dead in his tracks his eyes wide open with a horrified expression upon his face. Stephanie looked up at him seriously and then stood up holding the annual in one hand.

She looked at him and took a couple of steps toward him looking deeply in his eyes. “I knew there was something about your voice,” Stephanie said and then went on, “The plastic surgery, that car wreck?”

Stephanie dropped the annual to the floor. Her hand went to her hips as she stood very bold and erect and shouted, “Jonathan David Grabajowicz!”

Immediately he remembered a déja vu moment from when he and some other boys had put lizards in Stephanie and some of the other girl’s beach bags when they were twelve years old and she had stood on the beach in the exact same posture and shouted his entire name at him.

Now John knew he was discovered and thinking she would hate him he just stood there speechless not having any idea what he should say or do. They both stood there unchanged for several seconds. Her eyes wide open and eyebrows raised really high on her forehead.

“Stephanie,” he said in a low voice.

Finally she flung herself at him. Her arms grabbed tightly around his neck and her face buried into his chest and neck. John could feel tears start to pour out of Stephanie’s eyes.

John hugged his arms around her then held her tighter still dumfounded and clueless.

Stephanie raised her face to his. With her teary eyes peering into his she said, “Don’t you let go of me! Damnit don’t you ever let go of me!” Then she buried her face back into his neck and chest squeezing him as tight as she could.

“Okay, I won’t,” John answered.
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