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The Boss pt. 2: Claimed.

You're mine to do with as I please now.
I hurriedly walk down the gorgeous tile floor of the new building that houses Jason’s record label. I have been getting my ass ripped all day long and I am determined to not screw up this time as I make sure everything is right in the McDonald’s bag that I’m carrying. It seems that no matter how hard I try; everything has made my boss pissed off today. I swear everything has been perfect and done his way, but he seems to find fault in everything I do today. Yes, it does hurt my feelings, but I’m trying to not let it show. Hell, my feelings have been hurt for the last few days! Nothing is more perfect than finding out that your boss used you to break up with his girlfriend by having her come in right at the same time he planned on fucking you.

My freshly manicured nails scrape against the big wooden door to his office as I grip the handle and barely get it open as Jason exclaims angrily. “UGH, FINALLY! I’m fuckin’ starving and need to hurry before this meeting!”

“I’m sorry, Jason.” My voice is small and quite as I sit the bag on his desk in front of him and put the cup of soda on his coaster.

His iPhone and iPad are shoved into my hands as he demands that I make sure everything is ready for the meeting he has with one of his artists.

As soon as I take a seat in the cushiony chair at my desk with his things; he huffs. “Damn it, Jennifer! You know I hate fucking pickles and yet here they are on my burger.”

“I told them specifically not to put them on your Big Mac, because I know you don’t like them. I can’t help that they don’t listen.” I mumbled in response as my fingers tap on the screen of his iPad; earning a scoff in return.

By the time I’m done revising his notes and making sure things are perfect by the time he is done eating; we leave to go to the conference room. While we’re walking I take in his perfectly tailored charcoal suit with a silk baby blue tie and lick my lips in appreciation of how it hugs the right spots to make him look irresistibly sexy.

Before Jason opens the glass door that is suddenly in front of us; he gives my ass a squeeze while winking at me. “Your ass in that skirt makes it hard for me to concentrate.”

Ignoring him; I take my place in the corner beside his chair at the head of the long sleek glass table in the middle of the room. Scott, co-owner of the record label, sat in a chair close to the end of the table with several other people we know around him. A few minutes later the new artist they had signed walks through the door. I cannot lie. The guy looks hot as hell and I have to keep myself from drooling. A grunt from beside me breaks my perverted thoughts and I give Jason a sideways glance just to notice he had a frown on his handsome face. Oh, is someone jealous? Come to find out the guy’s name is Aaron as Scott introduces him to everyone in the room; including me. He gave me a second longer look before setting down at the opposite end of the table from Jason. My outfit is a simple black pencil skirt, soft pink sleeveless ruffle neck top with some cleavage on display, and matching heels; Jason apparently likes it as well as Aaron. The notion earned another grunt from Jason before he began the task at hand. Throughout the whole meeting he sends me little glances while licking his lips, but I ignore them as I type away on his phone with the notes I’m taking down for him. Its major business so I can’t afford to miss anything that’s being said or my ass is grass. Someone’s phone rings and prompts for everyone to take a break. I pull out my EOS lotion that I love so much and apply it generously. Once done with that I pull out my lip balm that tastes scrumptious and apply it seductively as my eyes shift over in Aaron’s direction; noticing that he’s watching me intently. Perfect opportunity to make Jason even more jealous. I send a wink Aaron’s way to which he smiles broadly. Someone clears their throat and I know exactly who it is so I ignore it while sending more flirty glances towards him. The meeting goes on after a few more minutes and few hours later everyone is leaving. As Aaron is leaving he gives me his number and tells me to call him sometime while we exchange flirty smiles.

When he is gone; a hand snatches the piece of paper out of mine and an angry raspy voice growls. “You sure as fuck don’t need this.”

“Whatever, jealous ass.”

That is the only thing I offer as I make my way out of the conference room and begin striding towards the front door to leave. We have no further business for the day so I’m allowed to go home early.

“Stop.” A set of strong hands capture my hips right before a hard chest meets my back and soft lips graze the sensitive flesh of my neck. “Come home with me tonight. I miss the way you feel.”

“Why should I? Remember I was used in your game to get rid of Nicole!” I snap while yanking my body away from him; instantly annoyed by him and his bi-polar behavior over the course of the day. He can go to hell. “Go find some other girl that’s stupid enough to let you use her, you asshole!”

I try to flee from him, but he pulls me towards his office roughly by the arm. He doesn’t bother to close the door behind us as he pops open the fly on his dress slacks. Jason’s calloused hand landed on my shoulder and shoved me onto the ground in a kneeling position.

“Yanno, I am so fucking tired of your damn mouth, Jennifer.” His voice is harsh as he pulls his cock out. “Why don’t you do something more constructive with it like sucking my cock for instance?”

My mouth shot open to protest, but he stuffs it with his delicious veiny cock before I can say anything. A groan escapes his heart shaped lips as I begin to suck him hard. Yes, I realize that I shouldn’t give him what he wants, but how can you refuse someone like him? He drives me insane yet still makes me crave his body something fierce. His hand slides over the back of my neck as he moans softly and bucks his hips.

“Just like that, yeah.” Jason’s voice is thick with lust as he begins to fuck my mouth on his own accord. “Mm, fuck, take it all in there.”

I deep throat him as best I can without gagging and it seems to please him as he praises me through a moan. My chocolate brown eyes flicker up to his face to see his head fall back in pleasure as my free hand massages his taught balls gently. The little tug on my hair sends a moan over his throbbing cock; making him moan with a little shiver of delight. There’s hesitance on his part as he reluctantly withdraws from my mouth a minute later and pulls me to my feet. Every last object on his desk is sent flying to the floor. Jason’s eyes darken as he grasps my wrists and shoves me down with a grunt of anger. I try to squirm away, but he has me firmly in place as he frees one of his hands. The gaze we share is intense as he pulls his tie off.

My eyes widen as he wraps his tie around my wrists. “No, stop!”

“Shut the fuck up.” He hisses while tying the other end to something on the desk that I can’t see and stands back to look at me with a cocky smirk. “Mm, look at that. Makes me so hard seeing you like this.”

“You’re such an asshole!”

“That’s not what you’re going to be saying when I’m done with you. Matter of fact, I’m about to make you fucking beg for my cock.”

Holy hell, that is so sexy. The sultry expression that he throws me has my juices flowing big time as he pushes my legs open; my skirt hiking up to my thighs. First thing he does is use both hands to literally rip open my blouse as he lips those perfect heart shape lips. Moist open mouth passionate kisses are peppered from my neck down to the mounds of cleavage poking out of the soft pink lace bra covering my breasts. Jason groans at the same time his cock nudges my lace smothered clit. His mouth roots out a pebbled nipple and bites down as I fight the moan that wants to erupt from my throat. I will not give in no matter how turned on I am!

He pulls his head back with a grunt. “These are in the fucking way. Never wear panties again.”

His handsome face scrunches up in disapproval as he yanks them down; tossing them to the side. He hitches a leg over his hip and I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning as he presses against me.

“Ready to beg yet?”

I shake my head ‘no’ without a word. I don’t trust myself to talk.

Jason rolls his hips with a tiny smirk tugging at his lips. “Ok, keep lying to yourself, baby.”

The next thing he does has my teeth sinking even further into a now sore bottom lip.

“Guess I’m going to have to torture it out of you.” He moans out as he begins to batter my clit with the head of his cock.

Head lulling to the side; I let out a soft moan on accident as he continues his assault. He looks like he’s about to give up and just take what he wants. He changes tactics by rubbing the length of his cock against my slick folds. The loud moan it elicits from me has Jason pressing harder against me as he carries on.

“Beg me.” He demands as the head swirls around my slit. “Beg me like I know you want to and I’ll fuck you until your legs shake.”

Oh, god, just take me! I can’t stand it anymore! I’m wetter than ever before and turn on beyond belief. I’ve never been tied up before which shocks me how much I love it. Giving up since I can’t handle it anymore; my hips begin to buck against him as more moans flow.

“Fucking beg me, now!”

“Take me, Jason, please!”

“Say it again!” He growls while giving my pussy a little smack with the back of his hand.

My back arches in pleasure as I let out a gasp. “Please, Jason!”

“I wanna hear you say ‘Jason, put your cock in me’.”

“Jason, put your cock in me.” The whiny moan that rides on my words as I grind against him makes a cocky smile spread across his face. “Please.”

A hand pulls my leg that’s on his hip upon his shoulder as he enters me with one fluid motion. Gasping at the sensation of being completely full; I moan his name automatically. The lips trailing kisses along my ankle vibrate as Jason growls in pleasure. I want to touch him so badly. Struggling against the restraints he’s used; I try hard to free myself.

“Let me touch you.”

He nips at the ankle while taking deep strokes. “No, it’s hot seeing you tied up and at my mercy.”

My body glides along the polished wood desk below me with each movement. This is so erotic. Both of his hands reach forward and pull down my bra. He groans while take both of my breasts in his possession as he pumps into me a little harder. I want him deeper! No, I need him deeper. I buck against him faster; making him ram into me. A loud moan explodes from the two of us as my eyes roll into the back of my head.

“Fucking shit!”

“Oh, god, Jason! Yes!”

I never knew that being tied up and fucked like this would feel so good!

“Harder!” I gasp through a moan. “Fuck me harder!”

Suddenly, I’m being yanked to the edge of the desk and my leg is pulled down; the tie’s knock tightening around my wrists. Jason’s hands rest on my hips as he drives deep. My back arches yet again as his thumbs rub the creases down to the outer lips of my pussy and back up the whole time. Now he’s going to town on fucking me as hard as he can; making it hurt just a small bit. He hits the opening of my cervix and I whimper while trying to move away.

“No!” He snaps harshly while hitting it again. “Feel all of me.”

“Oh fuck!” My words ride on a girly whimper as my back arches more.

As time passes the more it feels heavenly as our moans and grunts mingle in the air. Jason working so deeply inside of me has an orgasm rising rapidly. When my moans begin to get higher pitched and more frequent his thrusts get rougher.

“C’mon.” He growls while biting down on a nipple. “Give me what I want!”

Inner muscles begin to clench around him at his demand. My legs begin to shake as his name begins to scream its way out of my mouth with the monstrous wave of unadulterated pleasure that rushes over me.

“Fuck yes!” He moans lustfully as I come crashing down around him. “That’s it, baby, drench my cock.”

Jason continues to mercilessly pound my poor pussy until he’s trembling with his own intense release. The manly growl that emits from him at that exact moment makes me jump slightly. He falls on me in relief; kissing me passionately with a lazy smile on his face.

“You’re coming home with me tonight.” He asserts with a subtle demanding tone as he undoes the tie around my wrists. “You’re mine to do with as I please now.”

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