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The Boss

A very demanding boss gets what he wants finally...
A sigh escapes mypeach colored glossed lips as I pull into a parking spot in front of Starbucks. My boss had texted me and demanded that I pick him up the usual on the way to work tonight. He’s such a cocky little jerk towards me, but I’m told that it’s my entire fault since I don’t give into his sexual advances by my best friend no less. She’s always saying ‘You think he’s hot. Why not go for it?!’ like the little slut she is.One; he’s my fucking boss. Two; he has a girlfriend that he’s been dating for a little while now.His girlfriend is a sweetheart; maybe a little too much on the gold digger side, but she doesn’t deserve to be cheated on. To be honest; he has been hitting on me since he found out she doesn’t want to have sex until she gets married.

I shook those irritating thoughts away as another sigh left me as I open the door and walk into the café. It’s a good thing I called ahead of time and told them what I needed. Flicking my long chestnut hair behind my shoulder first; I hand the cashier the money for the coffee they had made for me. Less than fifteen minutes later, I’m pulling into the gates of the posh music studio that my boss is currently working in and park my pretty little car in my assigned spot; getting out as fast as possible. As I bend over to grab everything out of the passenger side I feel something press against my ass.

I roll my eyes when I hear a deep raspy voice. “It’s about time you got here. I’ve been waiting forever.”

“You’ve only been waiting ten minutes so chill.”I snap irritably while standing up and hand the coffee to him before shutting my door.

A frown fell upon his flawless handsome face. “Damn, gettin’ sassy with me already. Keep the shit up and I might fire you, Jennifer.”

“If you were going to fire me you would’ve done it already.”I spoke matter of factly as we walk into the building; him opening the door for me.

It surprises me that he doesn’t have his trusty body guard with him like always, but I don’t bother asking him about it. As soon as we’re in studio C and he sits the cup down; he’s on me in a heartbeat.

“You look so beautiful tonight, you know that ?” He pins me up against the door aggressively and runs his hand along the back of my thigh; going up my skirt. “Pink makes your tan skin pop out. I like that.”

“Jason, you’re my boss and you have a girlfriend. You shouldn’t be doing this.”

I tried to reason with him as he took in the sight of the outfit I’m currently wearing while struggling against him. His greedy eyes run along the pink tank top that shows a little too much cleavage and the cotton skirt that reveals more than I’ve meant it to.Hell, what am I saying?! I want him to look!Trust me; I think he’s extremely fucking sexy, but it just feels wrong to be in this situation. God, the more he presses against me the more I’m giving in and what he’s wearing isn't helping me any either. Those faded dark blue jeans hanging low on his hips and the black v-neck shirt he’s wearing hugs all those rippling muscles.

His hand dips in between my inner thighs and a finger rubs my clit through my already soaked thong.“Fighting over letting me have you all this time just to find out you’re fucking wet as hell with me being near you like this, Jen. Damn.”


“No, I'm taking what I want this time.”

My whole body flushes with desire as he yanks me away from the door and bends me over an arm of the leather couch that’s nearby. The pink and white cotton fabric of my skirt is lifted up; him giving me a hard smack that gets me even wetter than before. Jason’s fingers hook themselves into the sides of my thong and pull it down roughly as he bends down.

I wiggle and try to move away, but he smacks my ass again with a growl. “Don’t move.”

“Yes, boss.” A moan escapes my lips involuntarily as he strokes my clit with his tongue gently.

That causes him to devour every inch of my pussy with little deliciously rough circles. Sucking my clit into his plump lips for a few seconds before that long tongue of his darts into the slick slit above it. He groans in pleasure at the little taste he’s gotten. My legs shake as he brings a couple fingers into play and I can’t help moaning his name. He curls them as they jab into me and move frantically as I whimper softly. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel unbelievably good. More than anything; I want him inside of me so bad right now. I haven’t had a cock in side of me for so long and I’m aching like a whore during her dry spell. As if sensing my over whelming need for him; Jason stands up and rips his belt open quickly.

As soon as his cock is free he enters me with a one thrust of his hips; making me fall over a little as he growls. “You’re gonna take everything I give you, huh?”

“Yes, boss.” A gasping moan follows my words as his fingers sink into the flesh of my hips.

He groans in approval of my submission and begins pumping into me with quick harsh strokes. His hand cracks down on my ass again as I moan his name and beg for him to go harder. Jason grants my wish and the sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room as he slams into me. We both moan as he pushes me over the arm of the couch more as I let out a soft ‘uh’ and keep repeating it as he punishes my poor pussy for all those times I’ve denied him of what he wanted most.

“Yeah you like this don’t you, baby?” His is voice thick with lust as he tugs on my hair with one hand and the other gives me another smack on the ass. “Fuckin’ teaches you to not turn me down again, huh.”

“Yes-uh!” A whimpering moan escapes me as I answer him at the same time he drives into me deeply.

It feels so wonderful having his huge cock filling me so deeply. His aggression turns me on even more now that he’s finally using it on me to get what he wants. I know that I should feel guilty, but I can’t think of anything at all with his sexy grunts and moans filling my ears. Suddenly he pulls his cock out and throws me down on the cushions.

“So glad you finally gave in.”He moans as he slips back inside of me. “You’re unbelievably tight. Fuck.”

His hand slips down to spread my ass cheeks so that he can bury his cock as deep as possible as our lips meet for the first time in a hungry kiss. My hands go under his shirt to rub all over his back in appreciation of his current intense work out sessions as our bodies rock in heated passion. His lips move down to my neck as my hands slide into his boxers and squeeze his ass tight; making him moan into my sensitive flesh. I moan his name softly as he hits my g-spot and continue so as he plows into it with great force.

“Oh god, Jason, right there! Oh god, don’t stop!" I cry out quietly as a wave of euphoric pleasure washes over me.

“Don’t be so quiet. Fuckin’ scream that shit.”

His teeth sink down into my neck to leave a love bite as I obey his sexy demand. I roll my hips as he applies more pressure every time our pelvises meet; making the most erotic friction ever. I moan louder and finally scream his name as an extremely intense orgasm violently rips through every inch of my body. Suddenly; I feel his cock twitching as if he’s on edge of his own orgasm and it finally hits me that he’s not wearing a condom.Oh, shit we didn’t even think of using one at all.

He leans up on his hands and lets out a low growl as if reading my mind yet again. “I’m gonna cum in your little pussy.”

I shake my head ‘no’ with wiggles of defiance and that earns a hard shove of his hips; letting me know he doesn’t like my answer.

His words are clipped by the harsh jerks of his hips.“Fuck, here it comes, baby.”

A smaller less intense orgasm rolls through me as Jason rams his cock into my tight hole two more times and I finally feel him fill me to the brim with his warm exquisite cum as he moans my name. His tired spent body collapses on mine and we share a few breathless kisses. After a few seconds I can hear someone crying and my eyes shoot to the door. There stood Jason’s girlfriend, Nicole, bawling her eyes out.Woops.

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