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The boss's wife on the boss's boat...

Our first (but not last) encounter

This is for Kelly... you know who you are ;)  Thought you might get off on telling the world about some of our adventures...

Our first meeting was at an office Christmas party.   Our whole office was on board my boss’s gorgeous 70ft boat.   The summer sun was out with a nice breeze blowing.   My boss called me over and introduced me to you.   You looked stunning in the summer heat, wearing a white bikini and a semi transparent sarong wrapped around your waist.

You must have been at least 10-15 years younger than John (my boss), and I guessed you were probably in your mid to late thirties...making you roughly 10 years older than me!

I placed my hand out in front of me to shake your hand but instead of taking it, you smiled and leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek.   “Lovely to meet you.   John speaks about you a lot, you know...” you say.

With that, you were swept away to be introduced to other people from the office.   My eyes barely left you for the rest of the day.

Later on I watched, gobsmacked, as you climbed from the water after a swim.   Your nipples were standing up proudly...clearly visible under your white bikini.   Without any warning, you look straight at me and catch me admiring you.   “Ohhhh SHIT...” I think to myself.   But rather than getting angry, you simply smiled.   Was that a little wink you just gave me????

I do my best to make small talk with the people from work, and everyone begins to get more rowdy as the day wears on and everyone has had a few drinks.

I go to lie on the front of the boat in the sun by myself with a cold beer.   Not 5 minutes passes before you decide to join me, but you aren’t alone.   With you is a beautiful young a guess, around 16 or 17 years old.   “Mind if we join you?” you ask.   “Of course!   Make yourselves comfortable” I say.

“This is my daughter Vanessa” you inform me.   “Lovely to meet you Vanessa” I respond, trying to focus in the bright sun.   She looks a lot like you.   Similar face, similar height, similar build.   Since meeting you I had not noticed her walking around. She is fairly petite at around 5’1, whereas you are a tad taller.   Her breasts (whilst amazing in their own right, and more than likely to grow bigger and fuller in the next few years) aren’t quite in the same league as yours.

From time to time I glance over to take a glimpse of the two sexy women lying beside me.   Vanessa is wearing a black bikini and appears to be snoozing.   You and I make idle chit chat for a while before you ask “Has anyone given you the full tour of the boat yet?”   “Well I’ve had a bit of a look around” I answer.   “Well you can’t have seen it all, because John doesn’t let anyone into the master quarters”.   You stand up and take my hand to lead me inside, leaving Vanessa snoozing on the deck. You show me a few of the areas in more detail before leading me to the master quarters.   “Shhh...” you whisper mischievously, as you open the door, lead me in, and quickly lock it behind you.  

Its pitch black and I feel you press up against me.   “Oops sorry...” you say, fairly unconvincingly, “Now where is that light switch...”   You make an attempt at pretending to find the light switch, your hands instead finding my bare chest and stomach.   “OOooh...nice and firm!” you say, this time not making any effort to remove your hands.

“We don’t have much time” you say, as your hands fall to my hips and yank my board shorts to the floor.

Terrified of getting caught I say “We shouldn’t be doing this!!” but your mouth is already around my cock.   My cock quickly grows hard in your mouth, and I give up on trying to fight it.   My hands gently play with your hair as you expertly suck my cock, your hands on my bare ass.

“Your cock tastes so good honey...but I need you to fuck me...”, you say.   Without needing any further encouragement I push you to the ground and pull your bikini to one side.   Your pussy is dripping wet and my big cock slides effortlessly into your warm hole.   You begin to moan and I cover your mouth with my hand as I slam my cock frantically into your cunt.   It’s not long before your breath becomes ragged and your body tenses up in a wicked orgasm.  

I stand up and get ready to leave, hoping no one heard anything.   You giggle quietly in the dark and I feel you on your knees in front of me again.

You free your big tits from your bikini top and nestle them against my cock. I rock forwards and back, my cock snuggled deep between your soft large warm breasts.   Every once in a while you stop to suck my cock, or lick your hard nipples, before titty fucking some more.  

Finally you begin to rub my cock as your tongue flickers over its tip.   “I want you to cum all over my face baby...” you say quietly, as you slap my cock against your tits.   You stroke my cock faster and faster until I explode all over your face and your lovely big tits.   I stifle a groan and bite my lip hard to stay quiet.   You find the elusive light switch and turn the light on, revealing your cum covered tits.   Damn you look sexy.

You smile at me and lick the cum from your nipples.  

We kiss once more and get dressed.   You crack open the door slightly to see if anyone is around.   The coast is clear and we sneak back out of the master quarters.   In the light I see a small drop of cum at the corner of your mouth which you missed.   I begin to tell you just as Vanessa rounds the corner and walks over to us.   Your tongue flickers out quickly to lick it up, just as Vanessa asks, with a curious but knowing look on her face, “Where did you go?   I’ve been looking for you...”

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