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The botanist, 2 blondes and a blindfold

being punished has never been so good

Having done very well at school I had several scholarships to choose from when I wrote my final exams. I decided to take up and offer from Callahan University , as I wanted to experience living in another country and all that goes with it. My chosen field was botany and Callahan had a reputation as one of the leading universities in the field.


The first couple of months in Callahan were a blur of getting use to a different live and the people around me. I really felt at home after a particular incident in the botany lab one Friday afternoon.


Friday afternoons on campus was a dull affair with most courses scheduling this time for practical work. The tutors were in charge of these sessions and they made sure that the students were there on time and completed what had to be done. Tutors are postgraduate students busy with their Honours or Master degrees. They would use the students to do their research or lab work in these Friday afternoon sessions during which they would catch up on their own studying.


The botany lab was situated in an old building on lower campus, a part that became especially quiet on a Friday afternoon. The building has many storerooms and I was forever getting lost in an attempt to find the botany lab. On that day, I was lost again and arrived 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the practical session. Upon entering the lab, I noticed that Mr Gibbs our normal tutor was not there.


I tried to enter the lab quietly but a voice stopped me in my tracks.


“In my lab we don’t come late and if we do we offer an apology”


The voice was coming from the back of the lab and looking back my jaw dropped. She was a bit older, dressed in low cut jeans and man’s shirt with her hair held up with a pencil. She was looking at me over reading glasses with ice blue eyes.


I made my way to the back of the lab trying to put together an excuse. The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint this goddess but I knew I was going to make an idiot of myself. The rest of the class was trying to pretend that they weren’t enjoying my misfortune and a couple of my new friends even looked a bit jealous. I wasn’t sure why but was bound to find out.


Stopping in front of the Tutors desk, I realised that the goddess had been joined by another. She could have been her twin and standing in front of them, I became even more nervous. They were both blond, and had the sexiest aura about them that I had ever experienced.


“I hope you have a good excuse mister?” The second one said.


“I got lost” was all I could blurt out, thinking that I am making an absolute idiot of myself in the face of such beauty.


“Well as you can see is Mr Gibbs away today and we are taking care of his lab”. “You have wasted enough time and we suggest you get to your station and get going with today’s assignment”


I quickly scampered to my lab desk and got going as she suggested. The rest of the class was relatively uneventful. I couldn’t help myself but kept stealing glances towards the tutor’s desk to try to get a glimpse of the two blondes. A couple of times one or the other would catch me looking and I would quickly look away as if nothing happened.


At one point I noticed them talking to each other in hushed tomes but looking at me as if they were discussing me. The laughed at the end of the conversation and Blue eyes left the lab for a while. She returned about 30 minutes later with a leather satchel. Green eyes peered inside and giggled when she closed the bag.


About 30 minutes before the lab session ended, Green eyes came towards my lab station. I was suddenly very nervous as she stood close to me.


“Brigit and I want you to stay behind after the session as we have to discus your tardy attitude towards this class”. Her voice was husky and she looked into my soul with those green eyes. I couldn’t say a word my mouth was so dry but managed to nod my head.


The class ended soon after and my friends all quickly disappeared to enjoy their Friday nights. Brigit and Green eyes were putting their stuff in their bags but the leather satchel stood untouched on the edge of their tutor’s desk. I slowly packed my stuff wondering what kind of punishment they are going to come up with. Tutors are allowed to discipline students by means of giving them extra assignments or cleaning jobs in the labs but it was normally left to the Profs to deal with these matters.


Something in the two blonde’s behaviour told me that they would be taking this matter in their own hands. What, I didn’t know but I was soon to find out.


“Well Mister” said Brigit. “Gisela and I have decided to deal with this matter ourselves rather that refer it to Prof Jenkins”


This was a relief in a certain way as I knew Prof Jenkins doesn’t take to kindly to coming late and was famous for punishing students for what I did.


“We hope you will learn a lesson and re-assess your attitude towards your tutors and this lab.”


While Brigit was lecturing me on my attitude, I saw Gisela locking the door and drawing the blinds looking out on the other buildings. I couldn’t help noticing her legs under the short skirt as she reached up to draw a blind. Her legs were muscular in a feminine way and when she reached up to draw the last blind, I caught a glimpse of a pair of white knickers. She turned around to walk back to the desk and caught me looking.


“You like what you saw?” Gisela said walking towards me. Her blouse buttons were undone and I could see her bra underneath. Her short skirt sat low on her hips and her stomach was flat. A small belly ring blinked in the light and as she stopped next to me, her breasts pushed against my arm. Nervous as I was about my punishment I could feel my dick stir. I could swear I felt her erect nipples through my shirtsleeve. Her hand reached up towards my chest and in a quick movement, she unbuttoned my shirt slipping her hand onto my nipples. I was breathing quickly hoping that what was happening wasn’t a dream.


Brigit in the meantime had moved around the desk and stood on my other side.


“We decided to teach you a lesson that you will never forget, for that to happen you are not allowed to say a word or do a thing.” “Is that understood?”


As I nodded in agreement, she reached up and slipped a blindfold over my head. It fitted snugly but not to tight. Not being able to see was very scary and my sense of smell and touch was magnified to compensate. I felt two pairs of hands removing my shirt and then guiding me towards the desk. I was gently pushed down on the hard wooden surface. It had been covered with a silk sheet that must have come from the leather satchel. The touch of the hard wood under the silk sheet was strangely sensual and my dick gave another stir in my pants. I jerked as a cold pair of metal handcuffs was suddenly clipped onto my wrists stretching my arms above my head.


Both girls were silent and I kept my word by not saying anything. I could feel my belt buckle being loosened and the buttons on my jeans being undone as my shoes were removed. Slipping my pants over my hips, I could hear a surprised giggle, as I wasn’t wearing any underpants. They were all in the laundry so I had to go without that day.


I was stretched out on a Tutors desk blindfolded and cuffed without a single piece of clothing on. In any man’s language, that was a compromising position and I promise it felt like that. Next to me, I could hear the rustle of clothes and the next thing I new I felt a nipple on my lips. The nipple was hard but small and the breast it belonged to was firm. Without knowing what I had to do, I decided to suck the nipple into my mouth. This resulted in the nipple being jerked away and Brigit saying:


“You will do exactly as instructed or we will leave you here to be found by the cleaners on Monday morning”


Again, I nodded and the nipple was back on my lips teasing me. I could smell her perfume as she rubbed her breast and nipple over my face. The feel of my 5’o'clock stubble on the soft skin of a young breast kicked my erection in overdrive. A soft mouth was on my chest seeking my nipples and biting small bites on my throat and chest. The teeth were moving down over my stomach towards my dick and I arched my back slightly. Again, both the nipple and teeth was removed.


“You are obviously a slow learner and therefore we have to change the teaching style” I heard one of them say. A silence followed for what seemed an eternity. I could hear them move around and suddenly I could feel the cold hardness of a lab instrument on my stomach. The steel was slowly being moved towards my erection. It wasn’t sharp but the coldness when it touched the base of my penis drew a gasp. Slowly it moved up the length of my penis towards the tip. My erection jerked against the coldness of the steel but I couldn’t do a thing. The metal moved down my penis, over my balls and towards my bum hole. Reaching my hole, it circled back eventually reaching my chest again. Without a word, it was removed.


I lay on the table, totally quiet and wondering what next. I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination but I could smell the scent of a wet pussy. I realised why when next I felt something soft and wet on my face. One of them had got onto the table and straddled my face. The pussy on my lips was wet and smelled musky and fresh at the same time. I couldn’t feel any pussy hair as it was lowered onto my face and a voice said:


“I want you to fuck the pussy with your tongue”


I wasn’t about to argue for obvious reasons and stuck my tongue up into the soft, we folds. Working my tongue like a piston into the depths above me, I could feel the juices starting to run down onto my face. She was keeping it dead still allowing my tongue to do all the work. I switched to her clit when I could sense that the pussy was ready for it and drew a gasp from the owner. I smiled knowing that the balance of power had shifted for now. Her clit was large and begged to be sucked hard but I kept my tongue light as it worked the area around her pleasure button. Every now and then, I would lick the clit hard for a couple of seconds before going back to the light soft strokes of before. The teasing was too much for the owner of the pussy and she ground down hard on my face as she came. I had her juices all over my face and sucked her pussy into my mouth feeling it jerk in a long orgasm.


The pussy on my face was replaced by a tongue, cleaning the juices. The tongue moved down over my chest when it had mopped up the juices and continued its journey south. My erection was large and almost uncontrollable by this stage. I could hear somebody sipping something as if from a glass or a cup and the next moment I knew what it was. A mouth full of warm liquid slipped over my throbbing erection and the sensation of the soft warm mouth on my hardness almost made me cum. The mouth was doing to my dick what I had done to the pussy before. I was being teased with lips just on the tip of my dick slipping down to swallow my whole erection every now and then. My dick was jerking on its own accord now and I knew I was going to come soon. The warm mouth was removed and for a moment, I couldn’t sense anything around me. The shock and pleasure of their next move was much unexpected. A mouth filled with what must have been crushed ice slipped over my erection. It was a different mouth as the lips were fuller but it was the sudden coldness of the ice that blew my mind.


As the ice melted, I could feel the cold being replaced by the natural warmth of a female mouth. My dick was regaining its stature and I slipped into the back of the throat sucking me every so often. As my orgasm started to build, again, the mouth was removed and again nothing happened. My dick was rock hard and erect, twitching and jerking as if asking what was going to happen next.


I could sense movement next to and over me and suddenly my dick was grasped by a soft hand with long fingers. The fingers guided my erection into a wet pussy and I realised that one of them had straddled my crotch this time. The pussy was wet and very tight, struggling against the size of my erection. I could hear a little gasp coming from the owner as she stretched herself sliding down onto my dick. I was deep inside her and I could feel the back of her vagina on the tip of my erection. Slowly she raised herself clamping her pussy walls to form a vacuum on my dick. She kept this up and it felt like she wanted to suck an orgasm out of my dick with every movement.


I wasn’t sure were the other one was until I felt a nipple on my lips again. This time I sucked the hard little nub into my mouth without thought of the repercussions but it wasn’t removed. As my tongue played and twirled the nipple, my dick was being fucked by a tight pussy intent on squeezing an orgasm from its tip.


I could feel my balls tightening and I started to move my hips to meet the pussy on my dick. The pussy walls started to pulse and it was enough as I jerked into a massive orgasm. Huge spurts of cum hit the insides of the pussy impaled on my dick at the same time as she came on top of me.


I was still inside the pussy and it was only when we both recovered our breaths that she slipped of the table and me.


“Don’t move till you hear the door close” I was instructed.


I felt something cold and hard being placed on my chest and the next moment the door of the lab opened and closed. Finally being able to move I reached for the handcuff keys on my chest and freeing myself slipped to blindfold off my eyes.


The lab was dark and empty except for me. My clothes were neatly stacked on my lab station with a note on top. It read:


“May that be a lesson to never be late for your lab session again” signed Brigit and Gisela.




This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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