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The Break In

He was looking for something of value when she came home. This is my first story please comment.
  He picked the perfect house tonight. It was in a quiet neighborhood with a secluded yard, a thieves paradise. He needed some quick money so he skipped the recon and went straight to the break in.

   Now as he was hiding in the closet after hearing the door shut he wished he'd been more careful. How could he be so stupid he should have checked for cars before he went in, she must have just been out for a jog. He tried to control his breathing as he thought of a way out listening to the foot steps as they came up the stairs. Suddenly he froze as he realized that this as the bedroom and he was stuck.

  The light flicked on as she came in the room and he almost died at her beauty. She stood taller then most women and had a slender frame but she had a great ass not to big just perfect. She had full D cup breasts by the look of them. The part that got him the most was her hair and eyes she had flowing auburn locks and fiery jade colored eyes. He as stunned and could feel himself growing as he watched her cross the room to the dresser.

  She selected a matching lingerie set and some night clothes and laid them on the be then disappeared into what was presumed to be the bathroom. He thought it was his chance when he heard the water start but just as he was about to getup she came back into the room.

  "Damn," he thought, "I'm stuck here longer!"

  She then started to undress out of her running clothes taking off her shirt first and then her shorts and tossing them in the hamper. This left her in just a sports bra and boy shorts panties. that as all it took to throw him over the edge he had to have her. So as she turned to walk back to the bathroom he quietly slipped out of the closet and grabbed her.

  A slight gasp of breath escaped her lips as he pinned her against the wall.

  "What are you doing!" She asked now a little scared.

  "I'm taking what I want just like I intended to do when I broke in. Only now what I want is you," he replied as he started to cup her ample chest and kiss her neck softly.

  "Please don't I'll give you what ever you want," she protested as she realized what he meant feeling his hard cock on her ass.

  "All I want is you," he said as he flipped her around pinning her hands above her head with one hand while he removed her bra with the other for better access. He finally laid eyes on those luscious tits and they were better than he could have hoped. He leaned in taking on nipple in his mouth and sucking one it while he swirled his tongue around it. At this her body betrayed her and she let out a soft moan. He smiled and bit softly on her engorged bud causing her to cut the moan short in a gasp.

  Realizing her own lust she started running her fingers in his hair and said "Harder." He obliged willingly and bit down harder causing her to moan loudly. She pulled him off by his hair, which served only to make him harder, and said " I need to suck your cock right now!"

  He didn't need to be told twice he backed up releasing her from the wall and took off his pants. She stared in awe as his cock sprang free. She knew she needed it in her soon it wasn't  huge but it was big. She dropped to her knees as he presented his cock to her. She greedily took it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip making him sigh in pleasure. She did that for a while before he grabbed her hair and shoved it in all the way. She took it all hungrily as he started to fuck her face. After a few minute of that he felt he was going to cum but he wasn't ready so he took it out of her mouth, picked her up, and threw her on the bed. He tore off her panties like they were nothing and greedily moved between her legs.

  He started by lightly flicking his tongue over her clit teasing her and sending shivers down her spine. Then he moved down to her slit tasting her juices and loving every drop. she was so wet already he barely had to apply any force to slip two fingers inside her. He moved back up to her clit with his mouth sucking on it while he swirled his tongue around it driving her crazy.  She felt her orgasm start and grabbed his hair pulling it and him harder into her clit.

  When she cam down he was already moving to put his shaft in her. She was craving it and when he rammed it home she screamed in pleasure. He needed to fuck her so bad that he skipped going slow and just fucked her hard and fast. It was exactly what she wanted and she was letting him know it by screaming in pleasure and scratching his back. Every so often she would pull his hair causing him to go faster.

  He then flipped her over and put her on her knees and entered her from behind. He grabbed a fist full of her hair to give him more leverage and continued fucking her hard. He knew he wasn't going to last long and just as she started her second orgasm he erupted inside her. They both collapsed on the bed when they were finished covered in sweat.

 "That was amazing honey now I really do need a shower though. You should think of what we're going to do tomorrow," she said as she kissed him and got up to go into the bathroom where the water was still running.
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