The Break Up

By violentforeplay

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Forget a simple goodbye. My man and I went out with a Bang. Literally.
I was 19 when I was dating my brothers best friend Ted. He was a ridiculously good looking 24 year old who was rich, fit and funny. One problem though, he had an anger problem and usually took it out on me. My brother had no idea we were together. He used to come over and fuck me and then when my brother came home, he'd say he was waiting for him. We didn't plan to have a relationship, it just happened. I was a gorgeous teenager and he was a horny young man. We just fit together like two puzzle pieces.

Anyway, one day, he was over while my brother was out and things weren't going so well. He was angry with me for no apparent reason and it was annoying. I decided in that moment that I couldn't stand him any longer.

"I want to break up," I shout at him. He staggers back in disbelief.

"You want to break up? Why?" he asks.

"Because all you do is shout at me. It's fucking ridiculous," I shout.

"You're a child that's why." He shouts back, louder.

"Then fuck this relationship. I'm done," I scream in his face.

Ted stays silent for a moment, staring into my eyes as if he's trying to make out how serious I am. I glare back, expressionless.

"Fine. Fuck it. Fuck YOU. I'm done too." He says.

"Don't forget that dumb photo you left in my room." I sneer. Ted shoots me an angry look and goes upstairs. I wait in the living room. Moments pass and he doesn't come back down. I wonder off upstairs to find him and hear a sudden crash. I charge into my room to find it trashed and my stuff all over the floor.

"What have you done??" I scream at him. He stands there staring at me intensely. I pick up a shoe and throw it at him. He dodges it and walks towards me, grabbing my arm aggressively. I swing at him with my other hand in a fist and he grabs it and pushes both hands behind my back. I scream in his face in frustration and struggle, but it only makes him angrier and tighten his grip more.

Suddenly, he slams his face into mine, his tongue violently plunging into my mouth and thrashing around. I moan loudly, pushing my face up against his as much as I can, desperate for him. Ted walks forward, and I walk back until he backs me up against a wall and lets go of my hands. I wince as he pins his body up against mine and kisses me so hard that the back of my head hits the wall. I run my hands through his hair and pull it hard as his strong hand finds its way down the front on my jeans and he pushes two fingers up my pussy.

I cry out against his lips and my knees weaken as he rubs his fingers viciously over my clit, causing electricity to jolt through my body like a lightening bolt. As he fingers me, I tug off his shirt and take off my own. I then take off my bra. Teds hands leave my pants and he grabs my breasts so violently that I know his handprints will be there. He carries on kissing me hungrily as his hands squeeze my breasts like stress balls. It hurts but I don't want him to stop. I unbutton his jeans and push them down with my hands until they fall to his feet. I do the same to my own.

Now we're both naked and full of emotions we can't control. Full of anger we need to vent.

Ted grabs my hips and lifts me up. He carries me over to my bed, which has my things strewn all over it. Without even hesitating, he throws me onto the bed and I wince as something digs into my back. He doesn't notice. His eyes are burning with lust, passion but most of all, a starvation. He climbs on top of me and pushes my legs apart. I cry out as he pushes them too far, but he doesn't care. He thrusts his hard seven inch cock inside me and growls as my eyes roll back in pleasure and I pull my own hair at the intensity. Ted then begins to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy, fast and hard, making the bed move each time he enters again. I thrash around beneath his hardbody and grab whatever I can, tearing at it in excruciating pleasure and pain.

Suddenly I feel I am about to cum and scream out Teds name as I throw my head back and rip my duvet on either side of me. Ted groans and quickens his pace, making my orgasm last longer. Once it subsides, he climbs back off the bed and I try to sit up but my legs are already aching. I wince as I lean up on one arm and look over to Ted. He grabs my arm and pulls me up until I am standing. He then turns me around and pushes my head down until I am bent over the bed.

Without wasting any more time, he plunges his cock deep into my ass and growls as it tightens around his hard cock. I moan out in pleasure and Teds hands find their way back to my breasts. He leans over my back and gropes them again as he begins to fuck me from behind. I moan with every thrust and shut my eyes as he pounds my ass like a predator. Screams erupt from my mouth and I punch the bed in pleasure as Ted suddenly squeezes my breasts and moans loudly. I feel his balls tighten and his body stiffen as he cums inside me. His warm cum dripping down my legs.

Once his orgasm is over. He stands back up and pushes me onto the bed and collapses beside me. I look over and smile. He growls in anger and grabs my hair and starts to kiss my throat. A sigh escapes my lips as his lips and tongue travels down my throat, in between my breasts, down my stomach and land in between my pussy lips. Another slow moan escapes my lips as he begins to eat me out. His tongue flicking over my clit in a rapid motion, his lips massaging my pussy. I thrust my hips up, humping his face as he makes out with my pussy like it's his first time, even though it is his last.

I have another orgasm, this time much more shorter but just as intense. Ted moans as my hot cum runs down his throat. He laps up the juices like a starving dog and then gets back up. I lay there, motionless. Watching him. He walks over to the wall and punches it. Over and over.

I get up and limp over to him and grab his fist before it hits the wall for the sixth time. He growls in frustration and grabs one of my legs, lifting it up and plunging his sensitive cock into my pussy again. I grab onto him tight, my arms wrapped around his neck and bite down on it and he fucks me again. This time he goes on for ages. He just thrusts and thrusts and thrusts. He moans and slams my tender body against the wall, fucking me harder than he ever has. I leave his neck and find my mouth back to his lips. We kiss and fuck for ages as we travel the room. Our bodies falling onto random surfaces as he consistently thrusts deep inside me.

This time, we both orgasm at the same time and cry out together as we squeeze each others bodys tightly as the intensity overcomes us like never before. Once it subsides, we both collapse onto the floor and lay there in silence. Ted seems calmer. His fists are unclenched. After what seemed like hours of just laying there, Ted gets dressed, grabs the photo of me and him from my dresser and leaves.

It was the last time I ever saw him.