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The Break-In II

Leah Enjoys Round Two of Nick Taking Her Over
Nick had Leah on her knees, leaving her hands tied in the figure-eight of the belt wrapped around her wrists. He pushed her hips up high and wriggled his way back under her, pressing his face to her stomach and massaging her stomach with his lips. He kissed above her bellybutton, dragging his tongue down and pushing it into her navel, tickling Leah and making her giggle. Nick reached his right hand around her hips and slapped her ass cheek hard, telling her "No laughing."

Nick resumed kissing her stomach and started a trail with his lips towards her unshaven mound. Nick tiled his head up and snuck a peek at Leah. He couldn't see her face as her head was tilted upwards, but he could see the underside of her breasts... pert and firm. Her B-cups were perfectly rounded from his view, and he could see the goosebumps that had formed. He reached up, softly dragging a finger along the crease under her left breast, and felt her body jump and watched the goosebumps becoming more prominent on her pale Irish skin. Nick smiled to himself as he pressed his face into Leah's wet pussy. It still tasted like a mix of two favors of cum, salty and sweet at the same time. Nick knew the sweet flavor belonged to her.

Leah moaned as she felt the first drag of Nick's tongue on her swollen cherry. Her two orgasms had left her sensitive and aching for more. Nick's tongue felt like a snake, slithering between her pussy lips and flicking her clit, making her beg too feel more. Leah relaxed her neck and pressed her face into the pillow, smiling and uttering musings of wanting him, letting Nick take his time and be nice to her. After a few minutes of slow, soft licks Leah felt Nick's fingers on her thighs, trailing softly and inching towards her rose petals. Once again, his fingers sent shivers through her body, making her twitch. Leah felt his fingers reach her pussy and pull her lips apart, pushing his tongue deep inside her fuck hole a few times before he replaced it with two fingers.

The soft touches of his tongue were replaced by rough thrusts of his fingers. Leah's head shot back as she felt the change in gentility. She started moaning again and soon after she felt a finger start pressing against her asshole. She relaxed her muscles and this time Nick's finger slid inside with no resistance. His tongue was still working her clit while his fingers were fucking both her holes once more. After another ten minutes of working out his fingers, Nick slid back out from under Leah's hips. Leah was shaking her ass in his face and moaning loud enough to drown out the music flowing from the radio.

Nick got on his knees behind Leah and watched her wiggle her ass and tug on the belt around her wrists. He slapped her ass again, hard and with both hands, one for each cheek. Red hand prints imprinted on the soft, pale skin immediately, and he followed again with another two slaps. Leah squeaked with each slap to her cheeks and shook her ass, begging for more. "Harder!" she yelled.

Instead of giving Leah what she was asking for, Nick grabbed his cock and pressed it to her pussy, sliding it in and pushing it right into her g-spot. Leah gasped and moaned, asking Nick to fuck her harder. This was what she had been waiting for all night. She loved getting fucked from behind. It was always her favorite! Leah rested her head to the pillows again and let Nick take charge. As he picked up his force, she felt her pussy start dripping again, and soon after her head started banging into the headboard with good force. This didn't deter Nick, he only fucked her harder. The sound of Leah's head bouncing against the wood was telling him he was giving her exactly what she wanted.

Her arms were bent in all kinds of ways, good thing Leah was hyper-flexible, otherwise she would have probably popped her shoulders out of socket as her head started hitting the headboard. No matter how hard Nick fucked her, Leah kept begging for more... to fuck her harder. Leah felt the familiar tingles and tensing build up inside her. She felt the electric feeling spread throughout her body once again as she felt herself reaching her third orgasm. Leah screamed at Nick not to stop, that she was ready to cum for him again.

Nick reacted by shoving a finger back into Leah's ass, which pushed her right over the edge. Leah shoved her face hard into the pillow, muffling her screams as she felt her pussy gush more juices over Nick's cock. Nick was happy, at this point they were tied for orgasms. As Leah came, Nick slowed his pace on her cunt and pushed another finger inside her ass. He massaged her g-spot from both sides and felt a few extra waves of cum wash over him.

Nick felt her orgasm subside and left his hard cock inside her. He started a slow in-and-out thrusting pattern as her breathing returned to normal. He started focusing more on his fingers in her ass. He had a plan. He spit on her asshole for some extra lubrication and worked his two fingers inside her ass. His free hand reached around into her pussy and rubbed her clit a few times, making her jump some more and soaking his fingers in her cum. He reached his cum-covered fingers back around to her asshole and smeared the juices over her sphincter.

He leaned down and started kissing her back and trying to soothe her from her last orgasm. He licked a line from her mid-back to right above the small indent above her heart-shaped ass. He lifted his head up and blew over the wet line, watching all the baby hairs all over her body stand on end. Leah was feeling nothing but pure ecstasy. He needed her as relaxed as possible if she was going to take his cock in her ass for the first time.

"I'm gonna try something new, my lil slut.. and you're going to take it. I hope your ready."

Leah didn't care what Nick did to her at this point. She was well-fucked and didn't even have to do much of the work, aside from sucking his cock. She was happy. She loved that he had tied her down for the first time and went wild on her. They always talked about what would happen when he came back home, and he had followed through with all the things he had promised... except for one.

Leah heard the drawer on her nightstand slide open, and Nick rummaging around in it. She heard it close and wondered what he had grabbed. Nick still had two fingers in her ass, and she heard the pop of a cap opening. A moment later she felt a stream of cold liquid hit her asshole and slide over Nick's fingers. She knew what was about to happen. She got nervous and Nick felt it, her asshole suddenly gripped his fingers tightly. "Shh... you'll take it, and like it" he said to her in a soothing voice. After a few thrusts of his fingers her felt her puckered hole relax and he took the opportunity to slide a third finger inside. Leah gasped lightly, trying to relax.

Nick was playing rough, but not stupid enough to shove his nine and half-inch hard cock into her asshole without some work first. He didn't want to hurt her. Leah knew this and she relaxed herself even more, focusing on trying to relax her anal muscles. Nick felt it, and after 20 minutes of lubing, fingering, and stretching her asshole, he thought she might be ready to try to take some of his cock.

Leah felt him push the head of his cock to her asshole and tried to stay calm. Nick pressed the head into her opening, slowly, letting the head push through. He felt a pop as he entered her rear. Leah felt it too. She moaned in pain, and tried pulling herself away, pulling on the leather still wrapped around her wrists. Nick grabbed her hips and held her in place. "Its okay baby. I wont hurt you." Those were the first words Nick said that was out of character of the rough game they had been playing.

Nick stayed in place, letting Leah get used to the feel of his wide cock head inside her tight asshole. Slowly he worked his cock back and forth, never pushing more than a third of an inch in. He watched her body language, and finally Leah gave him the go ahead with a quiet moan and nod of her head, to try to push more in. Nick dropped another stream of lube over her stretched asshole and proceeded to push another two inches in. Leah was whimpering, but no longer resisting. He looked down and guesstimated that he had at least four inches inside of her. "Your doing good my slut... keep it up for me."

She just kept focusing on the thought that Nick wouldn't hurt her and she managed to relax a little more. Nick felt it and went ahead and pushed another two inches into her. Six inside, 'Not bad' he thought to himself. Nick squirted another large pump of lube over her asshole, and decided to go for it.

Slowly, he started pushing himself in and out of her asshole. Leah was still whimpering but she wasn't trying to pull away. He could tell his Slut was trying to tough it out for him. After a few minutes of slow fucking, he picked up his speed. Leah started moaning, her face jammed into the pillow.

Nick was already on the verge of blowing his fourth load. He couldn't believe how tight Leah's ass felt. He always thought her cunt was tight... but this was unbelievable. Her moans were driving him to cum, but he wasn't ready. This was the first, and maybe only time, Leah was going to let him fuck her ass and he was going to make it worth while. By now he was getting seven, almost eight, inches inside her asshole and she was still taking it. Nick lost control.

He started fucking her virgin asshole wildly. His hands gripped her hips and held her in place as she started screaming in pain. Leah felt like she was being ripped apart, in a way that she had never experienced. Tears started streaming from her eyes, and she hid them in the pillow. She was in pain; but it was a weird, pleasurable pain... like Nick fucking her cunt the very first time. She took her face out of the pillow, and thank god she didn't have neighbors close by, because they would have probably called the police!

Nick couldn't stop himself. Leah's asshole was like nothing he had ever felt, like nothing he had ever fucked! He held his grip on her hips, listening to her screams. He looked down and saw that he had himself completely inside her ass. He tilted his head back, taking in the sensations he had never felt before. When Nick came back down to Earth, he realized Leah wasn't screaming anymore. He looked down at her to make sure she hadn't passed out from the pain.

Leah was still conscious and had pushed herself onto all fours, straining against the leather belt around her wrists to keep herself upright. Leah was now moaning... in pleasure. She was bouncing her ass onto his cock in rhythm with his thrusts. The only screams Nick heard was Leah begging for more.

Nick was barely able to contain himself. He couldn't believe how good His Slut was able to take his cock in her ass the first time he gave it to her. He was almost sure it would take multiple tries before they ever got this far. "You like that don't you, slut?" he asked her.

" Mmm , yes! More baby! More!" she cried.

Nick gave her ass all he could. He knew it wasn't much longer before he wouldn't be able to hold his cum at back anymore. Nick slapped Leah's ass a few more times and watched the red prints overlap each other. Leah's moans and her tight asshole was driving him to the point of no return. Nick grabbed her hips again, bracing himself as he felt his cock tighten up to give her one last load of his jizz.

Nick felt himself explode. The sensation was so strong he lost his grip on Leah's body and collapsed onto her back, his weight pushing her to the bed, her own arms giving out underneath her. He grunted as he felt each pump spew forth from his sore cock. Leah felt his cock spasm inside her ass and the feeling was new and exciting. She felt herself tighten and the waves of her final orgasm hit her.

They laid together, cumming and panting... one mess of sweating and moaning bodies. Nick used the last bit of his strength to pull himself out of Leah's asshole, slowly, and crawled towards her face, giving her mouth the last few pumps of cum he had left. Leah's mouth greedily sucked him dry before her head collapsed onto the pillow, struggling to catch her breath. Nick fell onto the bed next to her.

Nick pressed himself next to Leah and wrapped his arms around her. Leah looked over at Nick and he leaned in and kissed her. He laid his head next to hers on the pillow and they closed their eyes. Leah pushed her body into Nick's as they attempted to calm their overworked and well-fucked bodies.

They fell asleep almost simultaneously, Nick's arms wrapped around Leah's small body, Leah's hands still tied to the headboard with her leather EMS belt.

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