The Break-In

By LeahLidocaine

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Leah Comes Home to Find That She Isn't Alone
She switched off the ignition and sat in her Jeep for a few moments, too tired to even open the door and get out. She laid her head on the headrest just for a few moments... when she opened her eyes it was an hour later. Leah finally mustered up the strength to walk to the house. Her feet kicked the gravel as she trudged towards the front door and groggily put her key in the lock and opened the door. Walking in, she dropped her firehouse gear by the front door and kicked her boots off. Suddenly she was alert and chills were screaming through her body. Something wasn't right... something was off.

Leah knew she didn't leave the kitchen light on, and was sure as hell that she didn't leave her radio on either as she heard music floating down from the upstairs. She quietly picked up the heavy duty Maglight flashlight from the stand next to the front door before advancing through her living room. The kitchen and living room were both empty, and she headed towards the stairs. She paused at the bottom and tried to listen for movement. She didn't hear anything, and lightly placed her foot on the bottom step of the stairs. She made it all the way to the third step from the top before the steps finally creaked. "Shit" she thought to herself as fear shot through her body. The music was coming from her bedroom and the door was wide open, when she knew she left it closed.

She waited a few seconds before she crept up the last three steps. She took a wide step to get footing on the center carpet over her hardwood floors and made her way, slowly to the bedroom. Listening for noises, she still didn't hear anything. Gripping the hold on the flashlight, she entered her bedroom. She took two steps and suddenly she felt a gush of wind behind her as she heard the door slam shut with a loud bang. She turned around, wielding the heavy flashlight and aiming for the strangers head. The man moved to quickly and all she saw was a blur. She tried to swing her arms, realizing the stranger had grabbed her wrists and bent the right one in a way that caused her to drop the Maglight. Leah started screaming.

"Leah! Leah! Calm down! It's okay!"

All she could hear was his voice. She was too terrified to open her eyes. She felt the stranger pulling her into him, and she resisted. "Leah, its me. Open your eyes!" he said again. Leah found the courage to open her eyes and when she finally did, she couldn't believe who was standing in front of her. It was Nick. He saw the relief wash over her face and the fear leave her eyes. He smiled and Leah pulled her right had free, slapping him hard across the face.

As far as she knew, Nick was still in Texas helping his family. It was early July and he wasn't expected home till sometime in September. She was confused, her heart pounding so hard it was all she could hear in her ears. She had to sit down. She moved towards her bed, sitting on the end and to Nick, it looked like she was going to burst into tears. He stepped towards her and dropped to his knees, their faces level. She looked up at him, a touch of fear still lingering in her eyes. Nick smiled and leaned in to kiss her. Leah reached out and slapped him once again. At this point, he knew his plan was a little more terrifying than he had though, and knew he deserved the slaps. When Nick looked up at Leah, she had a huge smile across her face. He missed that smile... slightly crooked and always with a hint of evil behind it.

He couldn't take it anymore, Leah looked beautiful and he craved her. Five minutes in, and the only touches he got so far was a few slaps. Nick leaned in and pushed his lip's into Leah's, pressing hard into hers; his hands reaching into the hair behind her ears. Leah's hands reached around his shoulders and held on tight, her fingers digging into his shoulders. Nick climbed on top the bed, and on top of Leah. Nick kissed her lips, her neck, her ears. He lifted himself off of her and stared down at her. "I never saw you in your uniform before. Its fucking hot" he said as he reached his fingers between the button-up and ripped it open, causing buttons to fly everywhere.

"You ass!" Leah hissed.

"You liked it." Nick responded before ripping the shirt off of her and popping her bra open. Within 2 seconds her tops were on the floor and his mouth was devouring her small, pink nipples. His hands were manhandling her in a way that she desperately missed, and his teeth were biting and tugging on her jewelry. His right hand was forcefully rubbing her clit through her pants and the left was behind her back, lifting her body up and pressing her tits harder into his mouth, nibbling on them gently. Leah arched her hips, her torso completely off the bed, pushing her pussy into Nick's fingers even harder. Nick could already feel the heat and wetness building between her thighs.

After a few minutes of tasting Leah's sweet B-cup tits for the first time in three months, Nick pulled himself away and stood up. He peeled his arm-less t-shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans. He pushed them to the floor, his 9.5 inches standing at full mast and teasing Leah's eyes and already dripping cunt. Nick stood there for a second stroking his cock before reaching down and grabbing Leah by the back of the head, tugging on a handful of her hair, and forcefully pulling her up to his dick, shoving the full length into her mouth and down her throat in one strong motion. Leah struggled to get re-acclimated- the size of Nick's cock being pushed down her small throat. Nick could hear her choke and gag on his cock, which in-turn made his cock stiffen even more.

Nick face-fucked Leah's mouth until her saliva was dripping from his cock and her chin, at times choking her with his dick until he knew she couldn't breath. He stared down at her, telling her how much he missed the feel of her mouth around his cock and how much of a dirty slut she was. Leah loved it all. That's how the two of them were together... completely uninhibited.

Her face was red from effort and lack of oxygen when Nick decided he was satisfied and let his load off in her throat, almost drowning her. Leah was used to the large amounts of cum Nick let loose, but it had been months since she surprised him down in Texas and she felt like the bursts of cum would never end as they spewed down her throat and covered her lips. Finally Nick pulled his cock from her mouth and allowed her to lick the drips streaming down her chin off. He smiled his own evil smile as she caught her breath and he pushed her back down onto the bed. Leah felt Nick's hands on her belt, pulling it from the belt loops before he roughly pulled her pants from her body. He grabbed her thong with his teeth and ripped it off, spitting it on to the floor.

Nick threw Leah's pants off to the side and onto the floor before he pushed her back down onto the end of the bed and dove his face into her cum-drenched pussy. Leah felt his tongue go right to her clit. He teased her swollen cherry with his tongue and brought his fingers to her pussy, swirling and lubricating them before pushing them deep inside her and going straight to her g-spot like he always did.

When Nick fingered her, it was the equivalent to any other man fucking her. His fingers had more skill than most guys did with their dick. He always went straight to her g-spot and manipulated it hard and rough until she would cum. He never let up, no matter how much Leah pulled away or begged him to stop. Most times, he would get so rough that Leah would try to get away and Nick would have to wrap an arm around her waist, forcing her to take everything his hands would give her pussy. Leah, always loving it.

Nick's fingers were pounding on Leah's g-spot like a jack-hammer. Her moans were louder than her screams when he had scared the hell out of her. Leah was writhing and squirming from his fingers fucking her cunt. She was begging to feel his cock inside her, only to receive taunts on how bad she wanted his cock and what a tight, dirty slut she was. Nick refused to give her his cock until he was ready to fuck her... which wasn't too much longer. It was months since they last fucked, and he was having a hard time keeping himself from plunging his hard nine and a half inches into her tight little cunt.

Finally after ten minutes of teasing Leah with his fingers, Nick finally couldn't handle the teasing himself. He had a little left in him beforehehad to feel Leah's cunt eating up his cock, so he flipped her over onto all fours. Leah felt Nick's tongue bathe her asshole and she started moaning even louder than Nick could imagine. At the same time, he shoved his fingers back into her pussy and worked both sides. Leah was in absolute ecstasy. Soon after, Leah felt a finger poking her asshole next to Nick's tongue. His other hand was still working her pussy and she had dripped so much cum, she was sure she had an orgasm and missed it due to pure excitement of seeing Nick. Moments after that thought, she felt her slick, already over-worked pussy start to tense and spasm.

Leah's screams for the first time, shocked Nick. He actually stopped for a moment to ask Leah if she was okay. She responded by screaming a "DON'TSTOP"! His fingers reentered her asshole and pussy, and he was rewarded by a squirt of pussy juices spraying hard from her cunt and drenching the comforter on her bed. He was pissed her juices were going to waste and dove his head between her legs trying to catch what he could of the sugary, honey flavored cum that was spewing forth from her snatch. He caught the last few jets of juice as he turned himself on his back and pressed his face into her cunt, causing her to jump and try to crawl away. His arms wrapped around her, holding her in place. Nick felt her wiggle as she tried to get away from his mouth, but his Marine muscles were always stronger than her firehouse muscles.

Once Nick felt her juices subsiding in his mouth, he wiggled out from underneath Leah, grabbing her by the hips and flipped her back into her back. He moved her on the bed long ways and put her head on her pillows, looking down into her eyes with a look that was enough to make her start cumming again.

"Tell me. Beg for it... my little slut."

"I want it Nick... Please? Give it to me... Harder, faster, rougher...Meaner?" she begged.

That was all Nick needed to hear. He grabbed Leah's hand and put it to his cock, telling her to put it inside her. She obliged. Nick was the only guy she allowed, not to mention fully enjoyed, treating her like a total slut. Leah put his cock to her clit, rubbing it up and down a few times and watched the enjoyment leak over his face before putting the head and first two inches inside her wet pussy. "Fuck me" Leah pleaded.

Nick softly pushed himself into Leah's pussy a few times. It was unusual for him, and when Leah looked up at him, it didn't seem he wasn't paying attention. She felt sad for a second. Then Nick reached down to the floor and grabbed Leah's belt, quickly wrapping it around her wrists. He did a figure 8 around her wrists and secured the belt to the left post of her headboard. Nick reached, looked around, and unsatisfied with his own belt, climbed off of Leah, his cock slipping from her soaked pussy, and went to her closet. Leah was pissed. She was ready to have her cunt pounded by Nick's cock, and he left her there... unable to even touch herself because her wrists were tied to the bed.

Nick whipped the closet doors open and quickly rummaged through her belongings. Towards the left side of her closet, he found a pair of old bondage pants she used to wear in high school. That would have to do. He grabbed the straps from a pair and un-snapped each one from the pants and brought them towards her. He approached Leah at the bed, who at this point, was almost crying from lack of cock in her dripping cunt. He tied one strap to her left leg, and the other to the right. He spread both her legs apart and then tied the straps to the foot board of the bed. Leah looked up at him in anticipation.

Nick knelt between her legs on the bed, looking down at her with lust and longing in his eyes. He guided his cock towards her pussy pressing his angry, purple, swollen cock head against her clit, making Leah jump. She was waiting to feel his cock plunge into her soaking-wet cunt, but it didn't come. Nick dropped to her chest and started biting on her sensitive nipples, alternating between his teeth and rough fingers. This was unlike Nick. But before her worries became too much, his mouth started to slip from her nipples and down her abdomen, stopping momentarily to tickle her bellybutton with his stiff tongue. As she felt his tongue circle the natural indent of her belly, she felt his hand reach back into her pussy.

"Your my slut... aren't you?" he asked.

Before she even had a chance to answer, Leah felt Nick's fingers enter her asshole and pussy at the same time... two into her asshole as the other two pressed into her slippery cunt.

"Only and alwa ..." Leah managed to spit out before Nick demanded she "Tell me, youlittle Slut!" and drove his fingers into her ass harder than anytime before, causing her to cry out in pain. She was almost brought to tears and still unable to control anything he did to her. She pulled herself towards the head of the bed, but the restraints around her ankles only gave her an inch or two of movement.

Nick's fingers worked her asshole a few moments before he moved his mouth from her belly to her clit. He could feel her asshole puckering tightly around his fingers and whimpers that were unfamiliar from her throat, and decided to be nice and pull them from her behind. The pain of his rough ass-fingering was replaced by the soft touch of his rough tongue. Leah felt Nick's tongue teasing and lapping at her clit as she felt his fingers push into her tight, wet, red cunt and she moaned in pleasure. Nick's free hand reached up and smacked Leah across the face, lightly and playfully, but just hard enough to sting. He thought it was only fair for the two he received. She didn't seem to notice.

Leah was aching to feel his cock enter her. Nick heard was Leah's plea's for him to fuck her. He couldn't deny that he was having trouble holding back his second load. His tongue continued to bathe her asshole, working away some of the pain he had caused her. Leah arched her back and hips into the air, making it easier for Nick to reach her behind.

Nick pulled away and crawled over Leah kneeling on her bed. He straddled her hips, weighing her back down and started stroking his cock again. Leah stared up at him, batting her eyes and begging for his cum. Seconds later she felt him cover her tits and trickle over her belly, one spurt hitting her in throat. Nick soaked her down and shimmied up to her face forcing his cock back into her mouth, making her suck it back to life.

Leah was struggling to free herself from the ties binding her to the bed. She wasn't really trying to get out, but she thought it would make the game more fun. She concentrated her mouth around his still semi-hard cock and worked on bringing it back to life. One of her favorite things about Nick... he could cum multiple times before getting wore out.

After a few minutes of teasing and resuscitating his dick, Leah could tell he was back to full mast. Soon after, Nick pulled himself from her lips and climbed back between her legs. Nick looked down at her, with a look of fire in his eyes...

"You've been begging all night. Are you ready for this cock you little slut?"

"What do you think?" Leah replied snidely .

And with that, Nick reached off the floor and grabbed Leah's ripped thong and shoved it into her mouth. He pushed his dick to the lips of her cunt and with a violent thrust of his hips, Leah felt his cock penetrate her cunt. She felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside, and yet at the same time, it felt amazing. Leah moaned through the cloth in her mouth, her pussy squirting cum as Nick forced himself inside her. Nick started fucking her cunt with all his strength. Leah was screaming through the panties shoved in her mouth, and he could tell she was enjoying every minute.

Nick's cock felt enormous. It took a few minutes for Leah to get over the pain. The first few minutes were always painful, and then the pain turned to extreme pleasure. Leah tightened her pussy around his dick, feeling every inch slide in and out of her. She wanted desperately to be able to wrap her legs around him, and couldn't.

Nick pumped her pussy hard, grunting with each push of his hips and working up a sweat. His hands reached up to Leah's nipples, grabbing and pinching them before he started tugging on the jewelry until Leah cried out. Nick looked down and smiled evilly before smacking each of her breasts till he left red marks. "You like that, don't you?" he asked. Leah managed a muffled "Yes" through the panties still in her mouth.

Nick reached up and grabbed the material and removed it from her mouth. "I can't understand you. You like that?"

"Yes Baby. More"

Nick continued to fuck Leah, picking up his pace and gaining more force behind his thrusts. He felt her pussy tensing and getting wetter around his cock. His right hand fell to her snatch, rubbing her clit in rhythm. He knew her body, and could tell that she was on the verge of another orgasm. Nick worked her cunt until she was panting and her eyes clenched shut. He could feel his cock tightening up at the same time. He knew he wasn't far off either. Leah started moaning as she felt herself reaching the edge. Her orgasm hit and it was like a tidal wave. Goosebumps and chills spread through her body, she felt it from her fingers all the way down to her toes. The noises come from her throat were new to Nick and he felt warm liquid covering his fingers and hitting him in the stomach. He looked down and watched Leah squirt more of her sweet juices everywhere.

Seconds later, Nick felt his third load bust from his cock. He was literally balls deep in Leah's cunt and knew it was too late to pull out. His head tilted back and he started grunting as he used his last bit of strength to give Leah a few more thrusts of his cock before he finally collapsed on top of her. Leah moaned in delight as she felt Nick fill her hole with his warm seed. Their cum mixed together before it started leaking from her well-fucked cunt. She tried to reach down to touch herself, only then remembering that her hands were still tied.

"I want more" she demanded.

Nick picked his head up and looked at her like she was insane. "Who said I was finished?" he said.

"But now, I want it from behind. So your going to have to make some adjustments."

Nick pushed himself off of Leah and untied the straps around her ankles and maneuvered her onto her knees. "What about my hands?" she asked, looking back at him.

"What about your hands?" he replied, "You're not going anywhere. I suggest you calm yourself and prepare for round two..."