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The Bride's Mom

A wedding to remember...
When Diane asked me to do a montage video for her wedding rehearsal dinner little did I know that it would lead to this. I really didn't want to do it but said I would since she really had no other options. Besides I’d known Diane for over ten years as our kids had gone to high school together.

As I put the video together, just as I had expected there were plenty of pictures of Diane. I found myself fixated on those of her at the beach in her two-piece with her toned, 52 year-old body every bit as hot as I’d imagined. How her ex-husband could have possibly traded her in for a 30-something bimbo was beyond me. More than once I caught myself with a hard-on thinking about the “what-ifs” that would probably remain “never-happeneds.”

The wedding weekend finally arrived this past Friday. It was an out of town wedding so my wife and I arrived Friday evening at the very nice water-front hotel where most of the wedding party and guests were staying. We decided to go to the bar and see if any of our friends had arrived yet.

As my luck would have it, upon entering the hotel bar I spotted Diane across the way. She was more attractive than her pictures gave her credit for, her long blonde hair perfectly resting at her shoulders and accenting a stunning orange and white dress that also revealed her pushed up C-cup cleavage. Her tanned bronze legs were still shapely and disappeared much too soon at her mid-thigh hem.

Damn, she was hot and I didn't know if I could hide the growing bulge in my pants as we went over to say hello.

As we approached with smiles all around, Diane gave my wife a cursory hug. When she grabbed me around the neck and practically dry humped me as she expressed her pleasure with the video I was afraid my wife might notice.

She didn't but instant thoughts of ravaging Diane raced through my brain like a porn flick on fast forward. Wow, did her smell ever wreak of sex and she'd had enough to drink that she would have likely fucked right there in the bar.

There is no way I will ever believe she didn't feel the full force and effect of my growing penis as she gave me that hug.

The night cooled after our greeting as we had a couple of drinks and retired to our room. As I was falling asleep I had committed myself to doing everything possible to fuck Diane before this weekend was over. 

I developed a plan in my slumbered state. It would all hinge on getting my wife drunk at the reception – which should be rather easy I thought. Once that was accomplished she would be quick to go to sleep afterward and I could then focus on meeting up with Diane.

I knew Diane had her own room so that figured to be the right place for our rendezvous. I also knew that she would be drinking but wouldn't be able to get too drunk since she was, after all, the mother of the bride. I determined that I would start working on her early and often but not to the point of being noticeable.

The ceremony was lovely and Diane looked lovely and blah blah blah. The reception was where the fun began and my plan was implemented. The booze was flowing and I know I drank four glasses of champagne before we even started dancing. And dance we did. I danced with my wife and several lady friends. But not Diane. Not yet. She didn't dance at first, making the rounds, saying hello to everyone, but when the first slow song for the evening came on she joined us on the dance floor, her partner an elderly gent I later found out was her uncle. I was dancing with my wife when a good friend asked to take over, as his wife grabbed up the uncle, leaving Diane alone for me. When I took her in my arms my penis was a thing alive and I had to fight the urge to grab her ass and pull her tight against my groin. But I managed to maintain my respectful six inches of separation as we danced.

"You dance divinely," Diane said. "Must be the champagne."

"Hey, this is a dancing fool you have here. Give me another glass of champagne and I'll dip you like a champ."

"Ooh, do you walk the walk, or just talk the talk?" The song was ending and I gave her a quick half-spin and hooked my leg behind her and whoosh! A movie-ready dip, took her all the way down to the floor and lifted her up effortlessly as a feather. She came up laughing and said, "Drink more champagne! And save me another dance!"

I would have saved them all, but no luck. Diane was still chatting away, coming on the dance floor for the chicken dance and then flitting away. I was terribly horny and frustrated, but I kept up with the champagne and managed to still have a blast.

After talking with some friends, I headed for the bar for a drink when I noticed Diane across the room. Her eyes met mine, and there was something in them I hadn't seen before. She had a glass of champagne in her hand and when she saw me smile at her she smiled back and downed the champagne. At the bar I asked for two glasses and walked the long way around the tables and came up behind her. The butterflies were fluttering now, because now something was going to happen. I mean, I was going to make something happen. What, I didn't know yet, but something.

"Champagne?" I asked, as she took it and drank it, fast. Then she said, "OK, let's dance." It was a slow song again and again we didn't get too close.
We switched partners again and it got hot out on the dance floor, even with my jacket off. Too many fast songs in a row and I was sweating. There was an outdoor patio behind the head table and I pushed through the doors and breathed in the cool air. It was a nice night and the moon was out and it was all very romantic, except that I was out there alone.

But not for long. The door opened behind me and out came several of the younger crowd to get some air. And then I saw Diane was with them too. She looked at me as though she had been looking for me. I was getting overexcited. I was becoming consumed with the need to touch her, run my hands all over her body. Too much wine, too much Diane. I either wanted to be alone with her or have her go away.

"Ahh..." Diane said. "That feels good. Too hot in there."

"That's why I'm out here," I said. "I needed to recharge the batteries before I went back for the last few dances. Don't wanna collapse out there. Bit of a faux pas."

Diane laughed. "You're a nut," she said and took a seat next to mine. One of bridesmaids rummaged around in a small clutch purse she'd brought out and pulled out a cigarette. "Don't tell my husband I smoke, OK?" she said to Diane. "I only smoke when I drink."

"I won't tell if you give me one," Diane replied.

"My little girl just got herself married off, so I should be allowed a few liberties." Rachel gave her a light, and watching Diane's lips pull on the cigarette and blow the smoke up into the night just about got me popping out of my zipper.

"Hey, did you see Dan and Lisa out here?" Rachel asked me. "They came out here just before you did."

"Nope. I didn't see anyone out here."

"She's been waiting for a chance to jump him all night, I thought they might be out here. Maybe they went down to the pond."

There was a pond that bordered the first tee of the country club golf course, and we all decided to take a quick stroll down there and see if they were down there. No sign of them. The others decided to head back, but Diane wanted to see the first tee, because she'd heard that it was a pretty impressive par-4.

"I didn't know you played golf," I said.

"Oh, for years and years," she said. "I break 100 most days."

"Better than me," I said. No one else seemed to want to go, so I told Diane I would escort her to and from the tee. It was only another 30 yards, behind a fence and some trees. She also wanted to finish her cigarette before her daughter saw her, so we took our time.

We heard it first, a low groan. She stopped and I almost bumped in to her. "Did you hear that?" she said. I was about to say no, when I heard it again, a definite groan. Or moan. "It's from over there," she said, and she suddenly grabbed my hand and said, "Be quiet!" and led me behind her, sneaking around the fence and then behind a big oak tree.

They were there, and the moon was bright enough that we could see them clearly. Dan was standing on the bench, his pants down around his ankles, and Lisa was standing in front of him, his groin at eye level, and she was furiously sucking him off. Her head was bobbing crazily and even where we were hiding we could hear the wet slurping sounds of her lips on his cock.

"Holy shit," I said, and Diane looked back at me.

"Shh…" she said, failing to keep the smile off her lips. We watched them, Lisa stroking him with her hands and teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue.

Dan said, "Suck it, come on," and Lisa said, "You better hurry up and come, they'll be looking for us soon." She went back at him, pulling him inside her mouth and sucking like mad. He closed his eyes and started moaning softly, telling her to make him come.

We were watching them, Diane craning her neck for a better look, and it was too much. She looked so good and smelled so good and I wanted her so much that I just had to do it. I was only an inch behind her, and so it was no trouble slipping my hands to her waist and pulling her against me. She let me, and when our bodies touched she leaned back more and snuggled her ass against my crotch. I could see her smiling, and so I moved my hands up from her waist, until I cupped her breasts in my hands. Her smile vanished and instead an expression of want, of need, came over her. I squeezed her warm breasts in my hands and she threw her head back and whispered, "Oh, God, I've wanted your hands on me all night."

"I had to touch you," I said.

"Don't stop. Be quiet, but don't stop."

"Can I use my lips?" I asked, just before I kissed her behind her ear, then her earlobe, and then down her neck, all the while I was gently kneading her breasts, thumbing her nipples through her dress. She sucked her breath in and gasped when I slid my left hand down her body to caress her stomach and then down to her legs. She lifted her leg and I caressed her knee, then her thigh – all the while thankful for the nearly hip high slit in her long dress..

She abruptly grabbed the hand that was stroking her and brought it to her lips. She slid my index finger into her mouth and began sucking it like Lisa was sucking Dan's cock. I felt her tongue circle my fingertip and I moaned into her ear. "That's not fair," I protested.

She let go of my finger and said, "If you think that isn't fair, you just wait." We stopped talking because Dan was coming. He was groaning and whimpering and Lisa was swallowing his come in triumph.

"We'd better get out of here," she said, and I agreed. "We should go in through separate doors," she said as we quickly walked back to the reception.

"I'll go to the bathroom and come in from the front," I said. It was almost as though what had just happened hadn't happened. She just didn't want anyone to suspect that anything untoward had gone on. But just before we separated she slid her arm around my waist and put her palm on my crotch.

She felt up and down my length and closed her eyes. "Oh, that's nice, that's so nice." She let me go and said, "That's mine, understand? That beautiful cock belongs to me tonight. Please?"

"You know it does, you know how I've been looking at you."

"I saw you, but I didn't know if it was lust or pity." She gave my cock one last tug. "That feels like lust."

She left me. I ran around the front and went to the men's room and found an empty stall and pulled it out. My cock felt huge and heavy in my hand and I couldn't believe that before the night was over my cock was going to be snug and warm deep in Diane's pussy. I didn't want to wait, but there was at least an hour left in the reception so patience had to rule.

I walked back in just as Dan and Lisa reappeared. Diane was already back on the dance floor, with the groom’s father. I got myself a tall glass of water from the bartender and chugged it down. I wanted to be fully alert for the rest of the night.

The next hour passed slowly, but it passed. Folks left, the place cleared out. I started saying my goodbyes, staying away from Diane. No one had mentioned anything about us because everyone had been talking about Dan and Lisa. His pants were a bit wrinkled; her hair was a bit askew and her lipstick needed redone. But no big deal, they were both single. When they left together and obviously were heading to his room together no one said a word, well, there were plenty of words, but no one really disapproved.

I wondered if Diane was regretting what we'd done and trying to pretend like our little walk never happened. She didn't come up to me and hug me goodbye like she did the other guests. My wife and I said all of our goodbyes and I told her to go ahead toward the shuttle that would take us back to the hotel while I got my jacket. As I was pulling my jacket from the chair it had been on, I heard her voice.

"And now for my naughty friend," she said, and hugged my chastely and gave me a dry peck on the cheek. "Looks like Krista has had a bit too much to drink. I guess you won’t be getting any tonight." Diane giggled.

My voice actually cracked when I said, "Well, maybe I need a back-up plan." She shook her head

"Maybe you should. Come to room 310 and we’ll see what your options are. Quietly. And you should knock on the door three times to let me know that it's you." She patted me on the cheek and walked away.

We arrived back at the hotel some fifteen minutes later and Krista had already fallen asleep with her head on my shoulder on the shuttle. As improbably as my plan may have been it was coming completely together. It wouldn’t be long until I was buried between Diane’s luscious thighs.

I helped Krista to our room where she immediately flopped on the bed. As I undressed her, her gorgeous body only made me hornier. She had worn a simple dress so it was easy to just unzip the back and pull it off of her. As I unhooked her bra I started to wonder if I should go through with this or not. Krista’s gorgeous breasts seemed to stare at me as if to ask “is there something wrong with us?”

Having some ten to fifteen minutes to waste before Diane would be back in her room, I took the opportunity to lick and suck Krista’s voluptuousness. Now before you start thinking poorly of me, you must know that Krista and I have an agreement. We both can step out as long as we’re safe about it and tell the other about it the next morning. Strange maybe, but it works for us.

Krista started to stir a bit as I kissed down her stomach toward her thong. She always sleeps in the nude so the thong had to go too, I thought. I slowly pulled it off as if practicing for Diane. Her little landing strip seemed to shine in the soft light from the pool deck below.

I ran my tongue slowly across her smooth and engorged lips smelling her sex so fervently. I took long slow licks up her pussy and sucked briefly on her clit. Krista started to respond by pushing her hips toward me. I knew if I was going to do Diane I had to stop before Krista became fully cognizant of what was going on and begged me to fuck her. So I returned to gently running my fingers across her stomach.

Krista settled into a deep sleep and I pulled the covers over her. It was time to meet Diane.

I came to her door and knocked, one two three. I heard the footsteps, heard her slip the lock, and then the door slid open and she was there. "Quick," she whispered and I stepped inside and she closed the door and locked it and slid the chain home. She turned around and said, "Now you're trapped."

"I'm not planning an escape," I said. She stepped past me to the dresser, where she took the cigarette that was burning in an ashtray. "Looks like you've taken up the habit again," I said, immensely turned on as I saw her hold the cigarette with her long fingers with their long nails, and then she lifted it to her lips and dragged and held the smoke a moment before she blew it toward the ceiling.

"I'm like Rachel, I only want a cigarette when I’m drinking," she said. "Or when I make love to a man."

I walked over to her and she stubbed the cigarette into the ashtray. She turned her back to me and I moved behind her. "Now, what were you up to when we were watching Dan and Lisa?"

I gathered her breasts in my palms again and resumed kissing her neck. "Oh, that's right," she sighed. But this time I knew I wouldn’t have to stop. I undid the top button on her dress, and then the second, and then the third. I bit at her earlobe and pulled her ass against my erection. She was starting to breathe hard again.

"When was the last time you made love?" I asked her. I ran my hand down to her ass and began caressing her above and below. I was trying to keep from assaulting her like an animal, but it was tough.

"Almost a year ago," she said, "Just this guy I knew, we dated a bit, and I let him fuck me. He was OK. But he didn't touch me like you do, oh, higher," My hand was inside her thighs, my fingertips tickling her. I reached back up and undid the last two buttons of her dress and put my hands on her breasts, now kept from me by her bra alone.

I helped her step out of her dress, and I gently turned her around to face me. Her bra was covered with roses and her stockings were held in place with a garter belt the same soft color and her panties were thin and silky and barely covered her mound. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? Do you have any idea how badly I want you?"

She reached up and undid the clasp holding my tie. "I think I'm going to find out," She undressed me, unbuttoning my shirt and helping me take it off, and then my undershirt. She leaned forward and kissed my bare chest, her warm tongue sliding up and down, and I reached down to take my pants off. She slapped my hands away and took hold of my zipper. She slid it down so slowly I wanted to scream, but she finally got my pants undone. I slid out of my shoes and pulled off my socks while she carefully removed her stockings. And then she finally, finally eased my pants down. I stepped out of them and we were facing each other, me in my boxer shorts, she in bra and panties and stockings.

"I don't want to see your cock yet," she said, as I walked over to her and took her into my arms. "I want to wait until I can't stand it." I leaned down and kissed her, hard, and her tongue leapt into my mouth and we began kissing and tonguing each other, our hands roving all over each other. I picked her up and carried her to the bed.

"Have you ever made love to a woman who is…friends with your wife?" she asked, her voice a bit nervous.


"Does it bother you? That I'm friends with Krista?"

I mounted her, my erection rubbing at her pussy through her filmy panties. "No," I said, and I began kissing her again, running my hands down her body, and then I pulled away and kissed my way down to her breasts, kissing and nibbing at them though her bra.

"I was just worried that you wouldn't want to, to make love to me, once you thought about it and sobered up and remembered…again."

I tugged down on the cups of her bra until her nipples poked out. They were big and hard and tight and I exhaled. "Oh, so beautiful," I said, and took her left nipple into my mouth. It tasted so good that my moan drowned hers out. I used my tongue on the tip and sucked on it soft and then hard, and she whimpered that it felt so damn good she thought she was going to scream. So I moved to her other nipple. I sucked and licked it and I reached around her back and unhooked her bra and pulled her breasts free. And I went crazy on them, kneading them and licking and sucking and pushing them together and swirling my tongue over them both.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, yes," she purred. "Oh, God, you're gonna make me scream,"

"Then scream," I said before replacing my mouth on her breasts.

"I don't think anyone I know is around, but I can't be sure," Diane said as she sat up.

I paused again. "Are you that embarrassed of having a little fun?"

"I'm not embarrassed! But don't you think there would be a, a scandal?"

"Oh, certainly."

"And you don't care?"

"I care. But I'd rather have a scandal than not be able to do this to you." I sat up and took her ankle, and I dragged her to the edge of the bed. She giggled as I picked her up again and gently set her in the overstuffed armchair in the corner of the room.

"What, what are you doing?" she said.

I let my hands glide down her body, until my fingers hooked her panties and slid them down her hips. "What are you doing?" she asked again, this time her voice hinting at some trepidation.

"I'm going to make you scream," I said.

I spread her legs so they rested on the arms of the chair, and her beautiful plump pussy was totally exposed and open to me. I knelt between her legs and kissed her naval, and then I began kissing down, down, further and further, until my nose nestled in her dark blonde thatch.

"You can't be serious, you aren't going to put you mouth down there?" she said, trying to squirm away. But her legs were spread too wide and I easily held her in place.

"No one has ever done this to you before?" I asked, surprised.

"Well, Richard, sometimes. But he, he said I, he said it tasted bad."

I leaned down and kissed her, then kissed her again, where she was wettest. I peered up and she was frozen in place, her eyes squeezed shut, hoping that I wouldn't stop doing what I was doing to her. I slid my tongue up her slit, from her opening to her clit, and she pushed her pussy into my face and moaned, "Yes, oh lord yes…"

I gently pulled her folds apart with my fingers and inserted my tongue, moving it up and down and side to side. I started slowly, tonguing her deeply, moving my lips slowly up and down, not even touching her clit yet.

"Is it OK?" she asked. I ignored her. I kept licking her and licking her and she started moaning, louder and louder. "Oh God, oh please, please, it is OK? It feels so good, your tongue, I love your tongue, just…ohhh, yes!"

She said that because I had swirled my tongue around her clit for the first time, and her eyes had come open and she looked down at me in wonder. "That felt so good…uhh, yes!" I did it again, and then again, and her eyes were shut now and it was time for me to eat her alive.

I leaned back a few inches and removed my tongue from her pussy. "What?" she looked down at me, disappointment clouding her face.

"You taste like honey," I said. I slid my finger along her furrow, and stuck in my mouth, sucking her wetness off. I did it again and she threw her head back.

"Oh, God, please keep kissing me like that."

"You're husband was a fool," I said, and I leaned back down between her legs. "Now you're gonna scream."

I tongued her up and down, and then I slid my mouth up to her clit and took it into my mouth. Her clit was a pink little button that fit nicely between my lips and I started sucking on it. I sucked on it and gently used the tip of my tongue as well.

She threw her hips as far forward as she could and screamed. "Yes!" she screamed, and then she screamed., "LICK IT, LICK MY PUSSY, FUCK, YES!!!"

I sucked her and licked her and I finger-fucked her and she groaned and moaned and screamed and squealed. She had an orgasm that took hers, and my, breath away, her nipples huge and swollen and her pussy soaking wet and my mouth greedily drinking her up. She finally got her voice again and put her hands on my head, pushing my mouth deeper into her groin.

"More, just a little more, I'm so close again…" she said.

"Beg me," I said, slowing my tongue.


"Beg me to make you come." I started licking her again, but slowly.

"What? Keep going, please!" Her voice was filled with need.

"No. Beg me. Beg me to use my tongue."

"Oh please," she moaned, "lick me with your tongue!"

"Beg me to lick your pussy."

"Lick my pussy. OH GOD, LICK MY PUSSY!"

I obeyed. My tongue moved like a tornado around her clit and she kept screaming and screaming as she came.


At last she was done. My face was covered in her juices. She was still breathing hard when I sat up, grinning arrogantly at how worked up she was. I stopped grinning when she sat up with a fierce expression on her face and slid her hands down the front of my pants, her fingers searching out my cock. Her nails tickled my tip and I sucked in my breath. "Jesus," I said and I moaned when she stood up and shoved her hands further into my groin and she bit at my shoulder.

"Get your cock out now," she demanded. Our four hands pulled at my boxers until I was standing naked and enormously erect before he. She fell to her knees and that suddenly my penis was in her mouth. My penis was in her mouth and I looked down at those rosy lips around my glans and I felt that tongue swirling around me and I moaned like an animal.

"Diane, fuck," I said as my knees started to wobble. She was good, fantastic, in just a few seconds she had me almost about to come. She wrapped her hands around my cock and jerked me and sucked me at the same time and the pleasure was delicious.

"If you keep doing that, I'm going to come," I said, my voice a bit unsteady.

"Mmm!!!" was all she said, and she began sucking with even more intensity.

"I don't want to come in your mouth. I want it inside you." She moaned again and kept sucking. "I have to be inside you, soon. Soon…" Her mouth was all over me, her nails tickling my balls. "Soon…soon…Diane!" My cock was about to erupt and I had to have her. I pulled my hips back and my cock slipped from her mouth.

"Baby no!" she said, disappointed. I reached down and helped her to her feet and laid her down on the bed and I was on top of her. My cock brushed against the wet lips of her pussy and I reached down to guide myself in. I was frantic, I needed to be inside her. "Oh Mike," she said, wrapping her legs around my ass and grabbing my arms, "so big, so big and strong."

I thrust inside her. It felt so good to be coupled with her that I shouted, "DIANE!" and I mean I was loud. "So fucking big," she cried, and we started fucking like animals. I pounded her and bit at her earlobes and she sucked my tongue into her mouth and all the while my cock pistoned in and of her warm snug pussy. She scratched at my back and arms and I knew it would leave marks on me. She cried that she was coming and I was so close and I grabbed her clawing hands and held her down and fucked her like a madman.

"That's right, hold me down and fuck me like a whore," she said.

"So fucking hot, Christ,"

"Fuck me, baby, come in me. Come in me!"

I did. I moaned, "Oh, DIANE!!! And my cock quivered and spurted and the ecstasy overwhelmed me and I cried and whimpered and screamed her name over and over and over again telling her how good it felt. I was panting and gasping and my mouth was dry and I was totally spent. I collapsed on her.

"Oh, my God," Diane said.

"Uh huh," was all I was able to say.

"It's never been like that before. It's never been that intense."

"No," I said.

"For you too?" she said, amazed.

"That was so much better than any sex I've ever had before, it doesn't even measure on the same scale."

She just lay there. I think she was just overwhelmed. Here she was in bed with a married friend on her daughter's wedding night. She was a bit drunk and totally exhausted and now her pussy was full of my come. I rolled off her and my cock slipped out of her pussy and she let out a sorrowful moan.

"I want you to stay," she said.

"I will."

"I'm sorry, no, I shouldn't have said that. You can go if you want. But I would like you to stay."

"I want to stay," I said, and she smiled nervously.

"Good. I have to go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit. OK?"

"Hurry back."

She went and cleaned up and I arranged the sheets on the bed. Diane came back and we snuggled in together and cuddled and laughed about stupid stuff for the next 45 minutes.

I slowly came erect again. I wanted her, badly, but I thought I should let her sleep. I snuggled closer, my cock pressing against her ass, and I laid my head back on the pillow.

About fifteen seconds later Diane stirred, rolling over, and I felt her hand slide down my body to my cock. She slowly stroked me until I was rock hard. I opened my eyes to see hers looking straight at me. Neither of us spoke a word, but she rolled over and mounted me under the covers. I thought she might need me to finger or lick her to get her wet enough, but as my cock pressed against her opening I could feel the silky slickness of her vagina.

I gently moved my hips forward and my penis slid slowly, almost painfully so, into her warm tunnel. I kept pushing until every millimeter of my cock was sheathed inside her. Our eyes remained locked the entire time, and when I was all the way in I finally gave in and squeezed my eyes shut and sighed.

Diane began to rock on my hard swollen member. Slowly grinding her tight pussy against my groin. I opened my eyes to see her with her head back, eyes closed and a smile on her face.

I reached for her hard nipples and began to pull at them, At the same time I started to fuck her back with my hips raising slightly off the bed. Diane moaned softly.

Our motion got in sync as the sound of our flesh slapping each other filled the room. Diane was even wetter than before I thought. The pace quicken to what was now just rapid fucking.

“Oh yes, Mike. Fuck me hard. Give me all of that hard cock.” Diane purred loudly.

I arched my back and raised as high as I could off the bed, ramming my cock upward into her now drenched pussy. Diane was nearly standing as she fucked my cock. Her gorgeous tits were bouncing freely.

“Yes, yes, yes, Mike…give me more…I want all of you.” Diane nearly screamed.

I let myself fall suddenly back down to the bed and pulled her with me by her tits so I wouldn’t fall out of her. Diane slammed down onto my cock and collapsed on top of me.

“Oh shit…that damned near speared me!” she laughed.

“Will you fuck me doggie style now?” Diane asked.

“I’ll fuck you anyway you want …you’re so fucking hot I can’t stand it,” I replied as I rolled her off of me and slid to the side of the bed.

I stood up and grabbed her by the hips. “Come here and let me give you a good pounding,” I said.

I positioned Diane on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. I slapped her ass with my cock and hand.

“You want more of this sweet, Diane?” I teased. “Tell me what you want now.”

“Oh yes. God yes. I want to feel your cock in me again. Fuck my pussy hard, Mike. Please fuck me now!” she nearly screamed.

With that I entered her swollen pussy from behind and began to bang at her furiously. Grabbing her hips and pulling her back to me with every thrust I couldn’t believe how wet and tight this sex-starved woman was.

“Is that what you want, Diane? You want to be fucked hard and fast and deep?”

“Yes, Mike. More. Fuck me as hard as you can!”

My groin was slamming into her ass as I was now pulling her back harder with one hand grabbing her by the hair and the other squeezing her tit.

“Oh God, I’m going to fill you with cum,” I told her. “Ahhh damn, it’s close!”

“I want to taste it,” Diane suddenly announced as she pulled forward and my cock fell out of her dripping cunt.

She spun around and off the bed to her knees. “Let me finish this for you,” she said as she engulfed my swollen cock in her mouth.

Diane began sucking my rod like it was her last act on earth. Slurping loudly and taking me deep in her throat.

“Fuck my face, Mike, fuck it good,” she said as she nearly gagged.

I felt the warmth of a hot load rising as my legs began to wobble. “It’s coming, baby, it’s almost here.”

Diane grabbed my balls and took the full length of my cock in her throat. “Oh shit yes!” I yelled.

“Here it comes, baby!”

And with that my loins erupted into her mouth. She kept her lips around the swollen head of my cock like a pro. Diane gobbled at my hot load as it dribbled from her mouth. She continued to stroke my cock with her hand and slapped her cheeks with it as she looked up at me.

“That was the best cum I’ve ever tasted!” she said proudly. “It was also the first but it was the best!” she laughed.

Diane slowly stood up and we embraced in a long deep kiss with our tongues acting like we’d just started this session. Is she wanting more? I thought to myself, hoping the immediate answer was no.

Diane pulled me back onto the bed, turned her back to me and said, “Hold me,” as we spooned with my spent cock nestled between her ass cheeks.

I looked at the clock on the night stand to see that it was nearly 2 AM. Shit, I can’t stay here all night, I thought, knowing Krista would awaken in a few hours.

Diane must have seen me in the mirror. “Don’t worry, I’ll have you back before Krista wakes up,” she said seductively. “But there’s one more hole that you haven’t had yet so enjoy this little reprieve.” She laughed.

With that I pulled her tight and felt something twinge in my groin again. This night was not close to over.

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