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The Bucket List 2 - Ayla

The sex hungry teacher finds another young girl to satisfy himself
Joe stepped out into the warm air of June. The darkness had already settled. It was an evening filled with dancing and drinking. Most of his students didn’t know this side of him. He didn’t get to come out often, but since the week after is finals week, his work as a teacher was already done.

He hurried to the bus stop and waited for his bus to come. A few minutes passed and this beautiful, young girl dressed in a white dress with a brown belt tightly wrapped around her waist caught his eyes as she approached the bus stop. He recognized her immediately.

“Hey Ayla!” He exclaimed.

“Hi Mr. Eriksson!”

He moved to the side of the bench to make space for her.

“What are you doing out so late? You know it’s finals week next week right?”

“I know, I know.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s my best friend’s birthday today so I took a few hours out of my schedule to celebrate with her.”

“Well as long as you are getting your studying done you should be fine.”

Ayla had been on Joe’s list for as long as Riley had. Her innocent brown eyes; her long slender legs; her shiny dark hair, was too much for any man to take without think about getting her into their beds.

They didn’t have to wait long for the bus, spending only a few minutes on the bench before they were making their way up the stairs of the bus. Climbing up behind Ayla, Joe got a peek of her toned thighs.

Together, they took a seat at the back of the empty bus. They sat in an awkward silence. Joe took a peek at the 18-year-old’s bare legs. The hem of her dress barely covered her upper thighs, and almost her whole leg was exposed to Joe’s hungry eyes. He was getting aroused. He felt his cock tingle. Soon it became a full hard on and Joe had to cover it with his hands.

“So, what type of questions will be on the next week’s finals Mr. Eriksson?” Ayla spoke, braking the silence. She was oblivious as to what had happened underneath Joe’s hands.

“Well, you know, what we went over in class.”

“Come on Mr. Eriksson! Give me some tips!”

As if a lightbulb had clicked, Joe had a solution to relieve the “situation” in his pants.

“I can’t tell you. It would be unfair to the other students.”

Joe remembered what he promised Riley and chuckled at his remark.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeease Mr. Eriksson?”

Joe overheard some male students talk about Ayla and how it was impossible to deny her anything if she had put on her begging face. He was experiencing it firsthand. Her lips were pouted and her eyes looked as if she was about to cry.

“I’m sorry Ayla, but I only help my favorite student.”

“How do I become your favorite student?”

“Becoming my favorite student takes years, but for a cute girl like you, I have a quicker way.”

Joe moved his hands. Alya looked down. Her eyes widened. She covered her open mouth with her delicate hand. Ayla watched in shock as Joe placed his hand on her knee. She didn’t resist.

“Do you want to become my favorite student?”

Slowly, Ayla nodded.


Joe’s hand slowly slid up her creamy thigh. He paused at the hem of the skirt of her dress and let out a long moan. The softness of her flesh overwhelmed him. Finally, he lifted her skirt and shifted it up to her hips. His fingers softly stroked the cotton material of her white panties. They danced around the crease of her swollen labia. He pushed her panties to the side so he could explore her further.

Joe looked up to see Ayla with her eyes closed. She was having trouble controlling her breathing. Her hands gripped the edge of her seat and her nipples were poking out through the thin fabric of her dress.

He moved his focus back down her pussy once again. His middle finger found its way into her. Her opening had been torn and but not stretched a lot. She either had already been fingered by someone else or she had fingered herself before. He began a gentle thrusting motion. His thumb circled her clitoris.

Little moans escaped Ayla. It was easy to tell she was aroused as she rocked her hips back into Joe’s finger. He grasped her right breast with his free hand. His thumb flicked her hardened nipple repeatedly. She didn’t have huge breasts, but they were big enough for a good squeeze.

The bus suddenly stopped. Joe noticed a man had climbed on. He stopped and pulled his hands back. The man sat at the front in one of the seats the faced the rear. Ayla looked disappointed and glanced at Joe for guidance.

“Don’t worry baby girl, I’ve got something else for you in store.” He whispered.

With one hand Joe opened his zipper and released his rock hard cock. His other hand gripped the back of her neck and pulled her head down to his cock.

“I can’t tell you what to do or the guy in front will hear us. You’re on your own.”

Ayla’s long, delicate fingers clamped around Joe’s hard rod. She gave a few slow strokes. Then she increased her pumping. Joe had a few amazing handjobs before, but none felt as good as this. Soon, Joe found himself trying to hold back his moans.

Ayla lowered her warm, wet mouth over his throbbing head. Her lips pressed against the warm skin of his shaft as she worked herself down the length of his cock. She lifted her head back up only for a few seconds before she went down again. This time she took him deeper. The tip of his cock pressed hard against the back of her throat.

Joe leaned back as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft. He mouthed his pleasure and had to cover his own mouth to not make a sound. She pulled up again. Joe’s cock was covered in a thick coat of saliva. Ayla stroked him once again. Her tongue flicked at his glans.

Joe stopped her.

“This is my stop. If you really want to be my favorite student then get off here with me.”


They straightened themselves out before they got off the bus together.

The couple made their way into a park. The park had a dim lighting. The two walked in silence, with Ayla in front and Joe close behind her. Without warning, Joe grabbed Ayla by her arm and shoved her into a nearby tree. He got in behind her. His right hand grabbed her throat while his left hand took a hold of her ass.

“Time for some real fun Ayla.”

She moaned quietly as Joe leaned into her. His body hot against hers. He bit her neck gently and she gave out a little yelp. With one hand still on her neck, he used the other to unzip his zipper. She arched her back and pushed her crotch against his throbbing member. Joe couldn’t wait anymore. He had to have her.

Joe pushed her panties to the side. He took aim and thrusted in violently. His cock tore apart the once tight pussy.

“Oh My God!” Ayla screamed, unclear whether in pain or pleasure.

Joe pulled out slowly before he impaled the young girl once again, and again. Soon Joe pumped into her body. He thrusted with urgency. He wanted to make her his.

Ayla moaned uncontrollably with each thrust. Joe’s dominant instincts took over. He wanted to torment her. He wanted to let her know she belonged to him now. Joe moved his free hand up to her mouth and covered her mouth.


Ayla’s eyes widened. She couldn’t release the pleasure buildup in her system through her moans anymore. She only had one other way. With one hard thrust Joe heard a loud muffled groan. Then Joe felt Ayla’s walls contracting, so much that it forced his cock out. He held her tightly until her body went limp. Joe moved his hand on her mouth and she panted hard.

Joe turned her around to face him. Their lips met as if on a silent command. Joe held her by her waist as their tongues entangled. Then Joe pulled back.

“I’m not done with you yet sweet pea.”

He moved his hands down to the back of each of her thighs. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her off her feet. He carried her to a picnic table under a street lamp. Joe laid her on the table. His fingers grabbed the elastic band of her panties and he pulled her soaked underwear off her fine legs. He threw the undergarment to the side and returned his attention back to his new toy. He took a stance between her legs and aimed his cock once again. He couldn’t wait any longer. He had to be in her again.

He impaled her more violently now. He thrusted his whole length in each and every time.

He needed to see more of her body. With one hand, Joe grabbed her belt. With one quick motion he ripped it off. While he continued to thrust, he lifted the hem of the white dress and pulled it up all the way over her head. He tossed that to the side too.

“That’s better.” Joe said as he eyed her breasts. They moved with the rhythm of the thrusts.

Joe reached back to grab one of Ayla’s ankles and pulled it up in mid air. He pulled off her ballet flat and exposed her bare foot. He kissed the bottom of her foot as he thrusted.

“You have the perfect feet my little girl.”

“Than- thanks.” Ayla barely forced the words out.

Joe threw that leg over his shoulder and pushed forward until her knee touched her chest. He jerked his hips relentlessly, desperate to cum inside her. He wanted to fill her with his seeds, make her pregnant.

He held her by the back of her head and looked into her eyes before he began to cum. Jets of thick semen was pumped into her. They both panted as he held her until he finished.

“Wow! I need a photo of this!” Joe exclaimed.

He pulled out his phone and took a photo of yet another innocent girl ruined by him.

Ayla pulled on her dress and tightened her belt.

“So am I your favorite student yet?”

“Of course!” Said Joe.

He gave Ayla another kiss.

Joe walked Ayla to the bus stop and waited with her until another bus came and took her home. He began to walk back to his house. While pacing himself, he pulled out Ayla’s panties. He reminded himself to not forget to cross Ayla’s name off the bucket list.

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