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The bus ride

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on the way to work
a story I have started         hope you like
         well after loosing my licence to drive because of drinking I had to catch public transport which on a good day was packed with inconsiderate people and was running late.   The trains never on time and I was leaving for work at 6am instead of my normal 8am.
          My wife was angry at my stupidity and thought I deserved what I got,after a few weeks of travel I noticed a woman I thought must be in her thirties and would get on the bus a stop after mine ,catch the same train and get off at the same station.She was about 5'8" tall  slim and about a 14b bust  well a bit bigger than my wife who was a 12c.She was well dressed wearing business suits or stylish dresses,My thoughts often wandered thinking about how good she would look'well you know what I mean'.
           After about 4 weeks of travel I was sitting reading the local paper when a voice asked "Is it all right if I sit here"looking up I said yeh it's fine,then realizing that it was 'That WOMAN' building my courage up I asked "How are you today" I"m fine thanks" as we travelled we talked ,Her name was SUE and she worked just up the road from where I worked.The bus stopped we got out and made our way to the train,we sat waiting for the train to arrive.The loud speaker crackled above us'THE 7AM TRAIN IS RUNNING BEHIND TIME AND IS 15MINS LATE"  looking to me Sue exclaimed "FUCK NOT AGAIN' This sort of surprised me as she did not seem the type to use such language."You want to get a taxi"She asked "Yeh why not"I answered her hopping up we made our way back out of the station and finding a taxi we were on our way.
              Over the next few weeks we would sit and chat nearly every day,I learnt she was seperated and had a daughter 22 and she had just moved out with her boyfriend and was feeling a bit lost but was getting use to it.She said it wasgood that I had lost my licence as we would not have meet otherwise.A few times I thought that she wanted more from me but she knew I was married and I thought that would disscourage her.A few times during our chatting she would put her hand on her leg right beside mine and she would rub her little finger along my leg ,I thought that she did not relize she was doing this so I thought nothing of it.
            We had had rain for a few days and the trains were having problems and the bus was packed.I  got on the bus this day,it was full so I was standing we got to Sue's stop and she got on complaining about the buses,Each time we stopped more people got on and we all shuffled together ,Sue was in front of me as the bus bumped and bounced along ,I bumped and knocked Sue as we travelled,I started to feel as if Sue was pressing back against me,Leaning foward to ask if she had enough room the bus jumpped and I was thrown against her,as my head moved beside hers she whispered "Oohh  thats nice" and pushed her ass back against me giving it a bit of a wiggle.My cock began to imediately grow as sex with my wife was not as good as what I would have liked.
           Moving back from Sue appologizing for knocking her,"Dont worry,hope it happens again" she said again pushing back onto me again.The bus lurched foward loosing my balance I fell foward again grabbing for anything to stop me falling ,my arm wrapping itself around Sue's slender body my hand resting on her breast and my crotch against her thigh "Hhhhhmmmm" "You feel good ."I'm not feeling to good myself might have the day off care to join me"?.she asked          

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