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The Cabin

Lovers get away for a vacation.
We drove up from the city for the weekend. No words were spoken but fervent glances and shy smiles were all that was needed to know what was on the others mind. I was still dressed in my teaching attire, you in a dark suit. We had been seeing each other off and on for a long time, but this was the first time we had gotten to get away for the weekend.

It was quiet and dark when we arrived at the cabin. The caretaker, having followed directions left the door unlocked. You took my hand as we entered the front room. The darkness left a chill in the room as the heat had not been turned on. You left my side and flicked on some lights. I turned and headed towards the kitchen as you started a fire in the fireplace. Dinner had already been made and as I leaned over to light the candles you entered the room and stretched your arms out to me. I entered your embrace feeling your warmth, hearing the soft music playing in the other room. You kissed the top of my head and ran your hands up and down my back as my head rested on your chest. This was our time. Time away from jobs and family. Time for you and me.

After a nice dinner of fillet mignon, baked potato and a salad we sat on the couch in front of the fireplace. Your arms wrapped around me and my head back against you. The cabin was quiet and we could hear the crackling of the firewood. After a while the only words of the night were spoken by you,

"Hot tub!"

We got up and you held your hand out to me. Reaching out for it I took it as you led us outside. The lights were on and the water was bubbling. There was steam coming up from the water as it touched the cool night air. You turned and looked at me and smiled that smile, the one I had been waiting for all night. I watched as you stripped down to your silk boxers and stepped into the hot tub. You turned to watch as I stripped down to my matching blue bra and panties. I took your hand and entered the hot tub. I watched as you took off your silk boxers and laid them over the side..I did the same with my bra and panties. Naked in the hot tub I sat next to you and we started kissing.

You pulled me over onto your lap and I as I straddled you, I felt your cock hard and thick against my pussy. The combination of smell between your Obsession for Men and the heat from the hot tub made my head swim. Your hand cupped a breast, your thumb ran over my nipples and our kissing increased. You started to kiss down my neck and to my left breast to the nipple. You looked up at me with your dark eyes twinkling into mine, before you took the nipple into your mouth. I moaned as your tongue circled it and then you bit it gently. I could feel your cock getting harder between my legs as you treated my other breast the same way, this time sucking it gently as your other thumb gently rubbed the other one. When you finished you licked and kissed your way up and kissed me hard.

I whispered to you how much I needed you and your response was,

"I know."

Your right hand went between us and guided your cock into my pussy.. sliding slowly as I moan feeling it enter. You stood me up and sat me on the edge of the hot tub. I heard you tell me how tight I was, how wet as you pushed further in. I wrapped my legs around your hips as you began to move slowly at first and then faster and deeper. My breasts were bouncing as you took one into your mouth sucking it... nibbling it. My moans becoming louder as I come closer to coming. Your thrusts becoming faster and deeper as the need to come builds. I could feel you so deep, so hard. My body began to tremble, you know the signs and command,

"Cum Mary, CUM!"

You put your lips against mine as my body shakes and you thrust once twice and we cum together.

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