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The Cabin

Now here I was up at my cabin to get away from people and I was coming on to a total stranger.
My name is Amanda. When I am all stressed out I love to go to my cabin hideaway. The cabin itself was a suitable rustic one bedroom model. It is the perfect place for me to unwind and commune with nature.

Early Friday morning I packed a small bag so after work all I had to do was drive to the cabin. I almost fainted when I got off work promptly at five pm, because usually the boss kept my there until 7pm. I went by the grocery store to pick up a few staples, and drove toward the cabin.

I’m five foot-five, with shoulder length auburn hair, emerald green eyes and lips the color of roses. I also have a full figure, with 40D’s with large brown nipples, a thirty-two inch waist and size forty-four hips. I have been told that my stats would make a sailor faint.

I had a very active sex life with my boyfriend of six years. I kicked him out after he ran home to momma, after one of our disagreements. God, I hate “Momma’s Boys!” It seemed like an eternity since I had a good hard fucking, with all the trimmings.

This weekend I plan to spend the time unwinding and worrying about sex at another time. Well maybe, because I did pack a purple seven inch vibrator in my bag.

I often called the toy, “The best dang cock I ever had, because it don’t complain or go off half cocked!”

I arrived around 8pm. I put away the food and unpacked my small bag. Following that I draw some water for a long leisurely bath. As I slid into the tub it felt as if hundred of fingers were messaging every inch of my body. The water’s caress almost made me fell asleep in the tub.

After my bath I slid into my favorite shorts, t-shirt, and fuzzy socks. I then went to the kitchen and fixed a bite to eat. After eating I walked to my bedroom and picked up the book I was reading. I propped myself up on pillow, but did not realize how tired I was and soon fell asleep.

I awoke to the sounds of the birds singing, bees buzzing and a squirrel chattering. I then looked over at the clock next to the bed and said, “Why am I up so dang early. I am not a morning person. Oh well, with all this noise I know I will not go back to sleep. I might as well get up and go for a walk.”

I got up, ate some breakfast, then put on my faded blue jeans, a flannel shirt, and some walking shoes. I then took my walking stick out of the closet and chuckled. “Yeppers, this is a good weapon against bears, snipes, and intruders.” I set off down the trail toward a secret spot of mine which is near a small lake not far from the cabin.

I love to get away from the humbug of city life. When I arrived at the lake, and sat down for a while to rest. I watched the sunlight dancing on the waters of the lake, and listened to the music of the forest. Soon I was totally relaxed, because these sounds of nature always calmed my troubled spirit.

As I lay there, lazily watching the ripples in the water, until I heard footsteps. I sat up startled because I never has seen or heard any human near my secret spot. As I look around I saw a good looking man walking toward me.

He stood about six foot tall, with shoulder length jet black hair. He was wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt, and hiking boots. From what I could see he had a very sexy, muscular body. My intuition told me to check him out, see if he’s ok.

As he got nearer, I offered him my hand in greeting. “Hello, my name is Amanda.”

He replied, “Hello, I'm Mitch. Can I sit down beside you? This is such a lovely area and the view of the lake from here is spectacular.”

As I gazed into his face I got lost in his baby blues, and softly replied, “Yes.”

I blushed, telling him that I usually do not talk to strangers. Somehow his calm nature and voice assured my and they are soon lost in conversation.

I caught myself staring at him when he wasn’t looking and wondering what he looked like naked. I quickly looked away and scolded myself by saying to myself, “Where is your mind today, Amanda?” I couldn’t help it, the thoughts continued making my breasts swell, nipples harden, and my crotch damp. In the back of my mind I screamed, ‘Oh fuck, he’s so damn gorgeous.’

He couldn’t believe his eyes, right before him in the middle of no-where was a beautiful magnificent woman. How could he be so damn lucky? He watched her out of the corner of his eye because he sensed that she was staring at him.

He caught her gaze and asked, “Why are you staring at me? Do I have a bug on my shirt?

I smiled and said, “Not really, but I do like to be upfront and honest, and often blurt things out without thinking.”

Mitch looked at me and said, “Well I am the same way. Now what could be so hard to say, come on tell me. Is my fly open?”

I giggled and said, “Okay, I will say it! I was wondering what you looked like under all those clothes.”

Mitch smiled and confessed, “Well was that all. Doll, I was just thinking the same about you. If I may be blunt, I’ve always been attracted to full figured women.”

Now here I was up at my cabin to get away from people and I was coming on to a total stranger. I told myself that I was ‘Nuts, or horny as hell!’ I looked back at him and noticed a sizable bulge in his jeans.

Before I could say anything, Mitch moved closer to me, and placed his hand on mine. As their eyes met, he pulled me into his arms, and kissed me. For some reason I did not resist.

Mitch broke the kiss and suggested, “Honey, I want to see you without your clothing, but not here out in the open. If I might be so bold, let me take you to my cabin, it’s just up around the bend.

For some reason, I was intrigued and said, “Yes,” without thinking about it.

Mitch helped me up, and guided me up the trail to his abode. When I get near to it, I noticed it was similar to mine, with the exception; mine has dainty curtains, and flowerpots. He opened the door, pulled me inside into his arms, and kicked the door closed. We kissed deeply as his fingers roamed my curves. Afterwards he led me toward his bedroom.

We were barely inside the bedroom door when I returned his kiss. Our tongues did the dance of lovers, as I ran my hand down his back, and he trembled. My mind raced, and exclaimed, "Baby, where have you been all my life! Oh god, I want you, more than I wanted any man before!"

His strong but gentle hands, along with the warmth of his body, told me that he wanted me just as much. As I ran me fingers down the outline of his cock he uttered, “Oh baby! I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before!"

I replied, hoping he did not notice how anxious I was and said, “I do not know why I am doing this, but I want you! I need to feel your lips on mine, and your hard cock deep inside me! Oh baby, let’s fuck!"

Mitch kissed my neck, and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. He gasped when he discovered I was not wearing a bra. His caressed my big breasts as thumb and forefinger rolled each nipple. He felt me go weak in the knees and picked me up and laid me gently on the bed.

He kissed my lips softly then began to pull off the rest of my clothing. He stood there for a moment awestruck by my beauty. He quickly removed his things.

I turned to watch him strip, and almost passed out, when I saw his eight inch, thick, long, luscious cock jutting out in front of him. I scooted toward the edge of the bed took his cock, and balls in my hands, fondling them for a moment. Oh how I loved to play with a man’s package.

I noticed a drop of precum on the head of his cock, licked my lips, and said, "MMMM looks delicious!"

He touched my fingers and said, “Oh no baby, not yet. I get to taste you first!”

Mitch and I moved up further on the bed. I spread my legs wide, and he got between them. He kissed my thigh, blew across my pussy, making me tremble with anticipation. He separated my labia, and lapped me from clit to anus. He lazily worked his magical tongue over every part of my wanting pussy. When he took my clit in his teeth and bit it gently it sends a jolt of electricity clear to the center of my womanhood.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes, as I felt the wave of climax building with his expert tonguing. I was barely able to speak and uttered, "Let’s 69! I need to taste your cock as you eat me! Get atop me now!"

Mitch moved, and soon my lips were engulfing his entire member, as my fingers massaged his heavy balls. Oh god he loved fucking a woman’s mouth, and cumming down their throat. However, this time he wanted his cock buried deep in my hot love tunnel.

I love sucking cock, and swallowing. Mitch’s tongue was inching me closer to an earth shattering climax. I stopped sucking his cock and yelled, "Oh God Mitch! Stop for a moment before I cum! I want you to thrust your cock hard and deep inside me!"

Mitch moved down between my silky white thighs, took his cock in hand, and ran it across my clit a few times before entering me.

When he began trembling more, he shoved his cock inside me with one hard thrust. I then wrapped my legs around his waist pulling his cock as deep as it would go.

I closed my eyes, and gripped the sheet until my knuckles were white. I wondered if this was really a dream. It had to be; I would never do this to a stranger. All of a sudden I was brought back to reality, when Mitch sucked in my right nipple, and bit it.

An earth-shattering climax went through me like a freight train out of control. “Ooooh fuck me harder baby, I’m cumming!”

Mitch closed his eyes, and brought his lips down hard on mine. He hoped this wasn’t a dream. If it was he did not want to be waked up. When he opened his eyes, saw that it was all real, for he was fucking the forest found beauty with auburn hair.

My pussy muscles milked his cock hard as if trying to drain every drop of cum from his balls. He looked into my sexy green-eyes, and continued ramming his cock into my love tunnel. I leaned up, sucked in his right nipple, and bit it gently.

“Oooooh fuck, bite it harder! Yessssssss, here it comes baby!” Cumming so hard it dribbled out of my pussy, down the crack of my ass, and on to the bed.

“Oh honey you are so fucking hot! Now bring me your wet cock, and let me lick it clean.”

Mitch loved watching me suck our juices off his cock. “Lay back Amanda, I want to feed you directly from your hot pussy!”

I never did finish that walk.

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