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The Call

An unexpected call from a long-lost but never forgotten lover leads to a night of passion.

You sit on the train as it jolts violently from side to side.  The pitch black of the winter's night outside, blurring with the flash of neon lights as it rattles noisily towards the city centre.

Wrapped in the warmth of your knee-length coat, hood up shielding you from the cold, butterflies flutter in the pit of your stomach. Their wings delicately lace in eager anticipation and excitement.  An unexpected journey, one that only hours earlier you have dared not imagine.  

Earlier, as your editorial meeting had ended and you had returned to your desk, a fleeting glance at your phone was enough to turn set your heart racing.  A missed call from a saved number with a name, that, the moment your eyes fell upon, turned your world upside down.  A name that meant so much.  Fumbling with the phone, you listened to your voicemail, receiver pressed tightly against your ear as your initial annoyance of missing the call soon gave way to the soothing sound of his voice. 

His British accent confident and strong, so desperately alluring and his woven words that made your heart pound.  You couldn't break the smile from your lips even if you had tried.  Not the thought would have ever crossed your mind.

You tried calling the number back but you got no answer much to your frustrations.  You left a message, or at least you hoped it sounded like a message rather than a rambling of flustered words.  Knowing he was in town brought back delicious memories.  Work became a blur as you found yourself barely able to concentrate on anything for more than the merest of moments.  

You listened to his message and his suggestive words several times over.  His voice having planted seeds deep within your mind.  Seeds that grew, cultivating vivid thoughts and naughty desires.  A mix of what may be, interlaced with those delicious memories of that time before.  

As the train jerks awkwardly to one side, causing everyone to jolt, your thumb lightly traces your wrists.  Wrists that he had bound in silk on that night and opened your eyes to new worlds.  And despite the marks of silk upon your creamy flesh having long gone, the fond memories were burnt forevermore in the recesses of your mind.  

Closing your eyes to the outside world, as your thumb lightly circles, you dare to remember, barely noticing the bite of your lip as images of that night flash before your eyes.  You could almost feel the heat of his breath and the tender touch of his lips dancing their way down your body, warming you just as he had on that night, where worlds had collided and you had become his. 

And you were his.  Despite the impracticability of your conflicting worlds, separated by vast oceans, on that night he had taken and you had given.  A hunger and passion that ignited fires deep within and despite the absence, embers that would never die.  Always only ever needing the merest of sparks to rekindle ravenous desires.  You had never felt safer than you did in his arms in that most wonderful of nights.

Another jolt of the tracks interrupts your thoughts.  Eyes opening you notice the guy opposite avert his gaze.  You smile, pulling yourself deeper into your coat, eager for this ride to end. 

The cold of the train was nothing compared to that outside that bit deep and hard.  Pulling your coat tight around, you quickly make your way to his hotel.  A light dusting of snow falling, coating the city with a veil of white, a compelling contrast to the intoxicating darkness of the winter's night and the desires you harbour.  

Grateful for the warmth of the hotel, that hits you the moment you step through the bronze-rimmed revolving door.  You head directly for the elevators, the heel of your black leather knee-high boots echoing against the marble reception floor only to be interrupted by the call of your name from the concierge front desk.  

You stop, startled, to say the least, as a smartly young man, barely out of his teens and more than a little wet behind the ear, bounds across the marble.  

"How did you...?" you begin to ask inquisitively before tailing off, wondering if you had missed something obvious, conscious of being caught up in your thoughts.

"Your name?" he answers, completing your sentence,  "The gentleman said you'd be here between 7 and 8.  He said to give this to the most beautiful woman you see, so I did," he smiled warmly before correcting himself, "I mean I am," and he hands you a single rose and key card.

You feel the stain of heat invade your cheeks in a heartbeat, smiling coyly.  

"Thank you," you muster giddily as you take the rose, its petals the darkest of ruby.  And with it the room key card.  Your eyes dance over the young man, noticing his cheeks equally as flush as you own.

"My pleasure," he answers before turning on his heels and heading back to his desk, allowing you to continue on your way.  The butterflies now fully open-winged, flutter insatiably as you hit the elevator button, eager for the impending ride.

A ruffle of your hair and sultry pout of your lips in the glass reflection as you travel high.  The elevator slows.  The ping of the doors allows you to slip down the illuminated corridor until you find his door.  

Taking a deep breath you, touch the card on the sensor, watching red turn to green, unlocking the door to the delights within.  A nervous anticipation mingling with eager excitement as you step in.

The lighting is low, casting shadows in the darkness as you slip into the suite, the door clicking shut behind you.  Your eyes seek excitedly and find him sitting in the brown leather suite chair as you lightly place the rose upon the bed.

"Hello there," you muster timidly, trying desperately to hide the smile on your lips but failing miserably.

"You got my message, then," he responds.  

"I tried to call back but..." you begin but find your words softly trailing off, disappearing into the dimly lit suite.

"I had business to attend too," he answers.  His British accent is deliciously alluring as you feel his eyes upon you through the shadows.

"Well, I hope it went well and you can attend to something else," you answer playfully with a slight raise of your eyebrows. You observe his smile as you look coyly at him sat waiting.  

As much as you longed for the conversation and the laughter you had shared, you knew that would come later.  Only when he had devoured you and you are lying on his chest, lost in a world of serenity, would he open up.  With any other, that would have grated upon you, but here with him, having been bitten before by his lust, you feel the same growing hunger and thirst in your veins.

Timidly but bravely you dare to entice.  Unfastening the buckle of your knee-length coat, you slowly pop each of the oversized buttons.  Slowly breaking your gaze from his, you avert your eyes and allow the unbuttoned coat to slip effortlessly from your arms, its landing with a thud in a crumpled heap behind your feet.

You smile and lift your eyes to once more catch his gaze, as though seeking his approval.  His smile saying it all as you stand in your favourite little black dress.  Short and tight, material sculpting against the curves of your breasts and rise of your hips, it's hem daringly shorter than any others you own. That special one that makes you feel a million dollars, that accentuates your hourglass body.  Black leather knee-high boots complete the look.  How you had played all coy when you showed them to your flatmate, her teasing reference to your 'fuck-me boots', to which you acted all innocently but secretly enjoyed the thought.

Unable to hide your smile, you stand there under his attentive eyes, as you feel him take you all in.   In any other scenario, you would have felt absurd just standing there, but this wasn't just any other scenario.  You could feel the growing tension in the air as through wanton looks and devilish smiles, desires simmer.

The leather creaks as he rises from the chair and steps towards you.  Out of the shadows, your eyes finally feast on him.  Biting your lip you savour the scent of his aftershave as he nears.  The intensity of his warm eyes so more than you remember, it is as though he was already undressing with just his eyes.  

"Missed me?" you ask coyly as he circles, trying to desperately to stay in charge but feeling the tables turning with every second.  Words that if he were to say, would have you swooning at his feet.  In his presence you can feel yourself already faltering as you fall under his spell once more.  God!  He was gorgeous.

Coming up behind, you await his response.  His hands sweep the strands of hair from your neck.  The heat of his breath interlaced with the hint of bourbon that makes your heart race as he teases his mouth along your neck and up to ear, before whispering "incredibly".  

Lips devilishly close, he toys with your senses before teasing your creamy flesh with a playful lick and sensual butterfly kisses.  Gasps greet his attention.  Your body tingles in wild anticipation as his hands fall upon the dip of your waist and thumbs caress circles through the fabric of your snug and sexy little dress.  

His presence dwarfs you as you arch your neck and allow his lips to adorn every inch.  Safe once more in his presence, you allow yourself to lean back into him, enjoying every kiss that he adorns upon you.  Gentle whimpers combine with gasps as you close your eyes, losing yourself to the pleasure that grows deep within. 

Memories of before return in flashbacks, as once more you felt yourself let go.  This almost stranger who knew you more intimately than any other and whose intensity drove you wild. As his lips taste every delicate spot of your neck, goosebumps form upon your flesh and you feel your nipples pebble.  Right now, you are his and as you feel his hands move to find the hidden, delicate zip of your dress, you know that you were all he craves. 

Unclasped, it takes little for the material to fall from your body.  Crumpling around your boots, a smile spreads across your glossed lips as you hear his growl.  You feel his eyes devour the sight of black lace gracing your body, its darkness in contrast to your creamy skin.

His strong hand slips under your tresses and he tilts your head back.  Your eyes savour the peircing intensity of his eyes that make you quiver in a heartbeat.  Hungry lips meet yours and you willingly submit, turning in his hold to face him as you melt into a delicious, whirlwind of a kiss.  

In that moment there is just you and him.  The reality more intense than you imagined as with his lips pressed against yours, you feel whole again.

Falling to the bed, lips break for the merest of moments, allowing panting gasps to escape before being stifled once more as you kiss deeply.  Lips part and tongues seek their mate as you willingly melt into his embrace.  His warm, strong hands travel down your body, tracing your contours as you writhe under this touch.  Confident and assured his hands set you on fire.

Kneeling up, he strips his shirt from his body, exposing his defined chest.  You can't take your eyes off him and bite your lip as you enjoy the sight you had desperately craved.  Your hands fall upon his cheeks as his lips return to yours, kissing passionately.  You moan softly into his kiss as your hands make their way to his strong shoulders, nails raking his flesh.  

Bodies writhe, his touch fuels the fire within.  His hands slip under your back and free the clasp of your bra with consummate ease.  He knows his way around a woman's body, a confidence that is deliciously sexy as he tosses the offending bra to the side.  His hands cup your breasts before he lowers his mouth to you and takes your hard nipple deep inside.  Suckling your breasts, you purr as he attentively gorges on you, his tongue swirling against your taut nipples.  The graze of his teeth accentuates the connection between your nipples and aching cunt, as electric currents fuel the ache between your thighs.  You feel his hunger as his hands and mouth cause pleasurable waves crash through you.

His mouth journeys down your body, soft kisses interlace with little playfully licks that tease and tantalise.  Thumbs hook your panties, peeling the damp lace from your wet sex.  The offending lace removed, you close your eyes as the sensation of his mouth presses against and makes you moan loudly.  All the anticipation and pent up frustration released as his tongue takes your breath away.

Desire floods your body, your mind melting as you feel his mouth upon you.  His tongue works against the length of your pussy, teasing the tip between your folds and the velvety heaven beyond.  Your body aches in wild pleasure.  Your hand find his head nestled deeply between your thighs and your fingers grip tufts of his hair as his mouth devours.  Rolling your hips in unison, sensations build as his dancing tongue travels to your throbbing clit, swirling and circling.

Your body bucks more urgently as he tattoos his tongue against the swollen and devilishly sensitive bud.  Heart thundering, whimpers join your moans in a growing orchestra of lust.  Expletives join as the waves crash over you, each one more intense as you soon feeter on the ragged edge.  

Ravenous in his hunger, his mouth gorges. Lips coated in your liquid lust, your hands move from his hair to the bedsheets, gripping them tightly as the pleasure becomes too much.  Your back archs from the bed and you see stars before your closed eyes as you fall into the swirling inky abyss that claims mind and body.  A pleasure so deliciously intense that you can barely breathe as you flood his mouth.  

Gasping, unable to take anymore you push his head from your thighs as the sensations pulse through you, clit throbbing and pussy clenching tightly.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," spills from your parted lips the most you can manage.  Your eyes slowly opening, a warm smile upon your lips as you watch him kneel at the end of the bed.

"I am not done with you," he growls with a wicked smile.  Even in the dim light you could see your desire glisten upon his lips.  His gravelly words resonate with the pulses that still pulse through your sensitive body.

Before you can muster a word, you feel his hands on you, rolling you onto your front.  Pulled you up onto your knees, his hands on the dip of your waist, as unclothed, you feel him nestle up behind you, the tip of his cock pressing between your wet pussy lips.

"Oh God!" you whimper, feeling him sink inside you.  Your pussy still tingling and tight from your orgasm,   He stretches you.  The walls of your rippling cunt engulf his deliciously erect cock.  The sensation so deliciously pleasurable.


He sinks deep, giving you every inch until you felt his hips press tightly against your behind, his cock filling you to the hilt.  Mouth open, you gasp.  You adore how good he feels deep inside you.  His hands grip your waist and then, you feel the playful spank of your bottom.  You shudder, as the spank resonates through you and you hear him growl.  His hand spanks you again, making you bite your lip in devilishly delight.

"Oh fuck!" you gasp.  His cock feels so good as he fills your aching pussy.  You feel him throbbing in you, savouring the pleasure as he withdraws only to push deep in one effortless thrust.

You whimper uncontrollably as he repeats over and over, building a delicious momentum.  Deep, powerful strokes that suck the air from your lungs.  Guided by his hands, you push back against him, urging him.  Your mind alive to the erotic situation, lost to the ravenous and delicious sex.  

His thighs slap against you as skin meets skin in passionate desire.  Hips working harder, you feel the tip of his glorious cock brushing your womb with every thrust.  His fingers grip your flesh, working you back against his hungry thrusts.  You feel the the burn in your arms, kneel upon the bed as he takes you forcefully.  

His hand reaches down and fondles your bouncing breasts as he takes you from behind.  His cock feels amazing, filling you perfectly, every stroke hitting that spot that leaves you breathless.  Bodies work in unison, deliciously in tune with a shared hunger that only he evokes.

The wet coupling sounds grow as a delicious white heat spreads throughout you, skin clammy to the touch as the ecstasy builds once more.  Fast and intense, you want to buckle into the bed but his grip holds you tight, pulling you back onto his thundering cock.  

His growls and grunts fuelled by ravenous hunger, so arousing.  Knowing you are all he desires.  You beg and plead for more, never wanting this to end but your pants soon trail off as your body submits.  

Thighs tense as your clenches blur into one against his relentless thrusts.  Reaching a crescendo you climax, deep and deliciously intense. Your deep moan greets the orgasmic bliss that shudders violently through you.  You feel your pussy tighten around him, liquid lust leaking down your inner thighs.  Your head lolls forward as you melt, loose strands falling across your face, only to feel his hand in your hair, pulling your head back up to his.

His breath hot and wild against your slick skin as he growls in your ear.  Barely able to breathe, you whimper as his grip on your hair tightens and you feel his strength.  

The sensations so dangerously intense.  A raw hunger, the likes you have never felt with any other, yet always safe.  Lost to him as you as his rampant thrusts reach a crescendo.  With a final thrust, he swells inside you and groans before you feel the wetness as his creamy cum paints the walls of your aching, quivering cunt.  His body trembles, cock pulsing over and over as he spills his desire deep inside.  

Breathless, he releases your hair and you slump to the bed exhausted.  Mind melted and body tingling, a warm glow upon your skin, deliciously sated.  You purr softly enjoying the sensations of your rampant fuck that make every part of you tingle.  Even if you wanted, at this moment, you could do no more than enjoy the feeling of serenity that claims every inch of you.  Feelings like that explained this was exactly why you were his.

Through stormy eyes you glance back at your lover, smile etched across your lips as you take him all in.  

"Tell me it's not just tonight?" you ask softly, the words barely audible above your rasping breath.  

He smiles as he lays down behind you, teasing a soft, sensual kiss upon your shoulders.  His fingertips caress down the curve of your waist and up over the rise of your hips.  A sensuallity, so intoxicating as you feel his mouth alongside your ear.

"My plane isn't till Monday, so we have all weekend," he whispers.

Not thinking it possible, your smile grows wildly at his simple words.  Your thoughts run wild in an instance and a delicious purr escapes your lips as you enjoy the touch of his lips against your back.  The whole weekend, where you give yourself to him.  The thought of the new memories to be made making you tingle as you tilt your lips to find his.



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