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The Charity Gala, Part One

Fucking for a good cause.
“Please come with me,” Anne begged.

“No, it’s going to suck,” I whined. “You’ll be the only person there who I’ll know.”

“Aren’t I enough?” Anne challenged.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” I replied defensively. “It’s just that you’re going to drag me around introducing me to people from your office and I’ll have to make small talk with strangers all night.”

“Come on, this is important to me,” Anne persisted. “My boss will be there, and so will her boss. It will look bad if I’m not there.”

“Then go.”

“But you have to come too,” she pleaded. “Everyone is bringing their spouse.”

I looked away to avoid Anne’s pouting but beautiful face. The last place I wanted to be the following Thursday was the cocktail party and charity auction that her company was sponsoring. Anne would know most of the people there and I’d end up following her around like a puppy. Plus, I knew that we’d get sucked into bidding an outrageous amount on something we didn’t want simply to show Anne’s boss that we supported the cause.

“I don’t want to go,” I said. As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I realized that I sounded more like a spoiled toddler than a 40 year old man. Still, I wasn’t ready to give in.

Anne switched tactics and tried flattery. “But you look great in a tux,” she smiled.

“It’s not that,” I countered. “I don’t mind dressing up if I’m going somewhere fun.”

“I promise I’ll make it fun for you.”

Anne squeezed into the loveseat next to me and I turned my head in defiance. Undeterred, Anne kissed my cheek softly. She put one hand on the back of my neck and the other glided across my pectorals. She sensed that flattery alone was not going to work, so she was switching tactics again and employing sex appeal.

“She’s so predictable,” I thought to myself. Unfortunately, my cock started to involuntarily respond to Anne’s hands on my body and her warm breath on my neck. Was she predictable, or did she know me so well that she knew I was incapable of saying “no” when sex was on the table? Damn. If she kept this up, I knew I’d be going to the charity gala next Thursday.

Anne started to nibble my earlobe lightly as the hand that was rubbing my chest slid down to the front of my pants. She easily found my stiffening dick and traced the growing bulge with her index finger. “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” she asked with subtle, but unmistakable emphasis on her last word.

“I’ll go,” I surrendered. “But there’s one condition. If I have to get dressed up, you have to get dressed up too.”

“Of course I will,” Anne said impatiently. “It’s black tie.”

“I don’t mean a fancy dress,” I explained. “I mean, I want you to get really dressed up underneath.”

Anne leaned back in the chair and raised her eyebrows, an unspoken request for clarification.

“I want you to go buy some new lingerie, something really nice,” I continued. “But I don’t want to know what you pick out or see it until next Thursday after the gala. Imagining what you’ve got on under your dress, and anticipating what we’ll do when we get home, will make the evening fun for me.”

“Deal,” Anne readily agreed. She jumped up from the loveseat and headed for the computer desk.

“Hey,” I called after her. “What am I supposed to do about this tent in my pants?”

Anne turned and smiled wickedly. “You can take care of it yourself or save it for after the party. Either way, I’m going to look for lingerie ideas on the internet.”

Double damn.


For the next eight days I regretted the deal I’d made with Anne. She seemed to interpret our agreement to mean that we wouldn’t have sex until the night of the charity gala, even though I was sure I’d said no such thing.

It was tortuous to be around Anne without being intimate. She’d lost none of her attractiveness during the 17 years we’d been married. Her long brown hair was always stylish and her beautiful green eyes sparkled when she smiled. Anne spent hours at the gym each week to maintain her smoking hot body. Her long, toned legs led the eye invitingly to the sexy curves of her hips and tight ass. Above them her waist narrowed seductively into her flat stomach that showed no evidence of our two kids. A set of flawless tits hung above her waist. They were big, round and firm, but not obscenely huge like those of a trashy stripper. Without a doubt, Anne’s boobs were my favourite part of her body. When we first started dating I wondered if she felt like I was constantly groping her. I simply couldn’t keep my hands off her chest, and still can’t.

Anne started to tease me relentlessly in the last few days leading up to the party. She commented several times about skipping out of work to go shopping. I knew she was trying to make me imagine her trying on lingerie, and she succeeded.

On Tuesday, I came home and found a bag on our bed from a high-end lingerie shop downtown where I’d purchased several things for Anne over the years. I wrestled with the temptation of stealing a look inside the bag or maintaining the suspense for two more days. I changed my mind at least a dozen times before I picked up the bag and lifted the delicate pink tissue paper. The only thing underneath was a note from Anne: “No peaking, you naughty boy.”

On Thursday morning, Anne and I agreed that we’d meet at the gala at 7:00 pm. Anne suggested that arrangement ostensibly because the venue, a popular museum in the city, was close to my office and it would be more convenient for me to go straight there after work. In reality, I knew she didn’t want me coming home because I couldn’t be trusted to watch her get ready. I was so horny there was a good chance we’d never get out of the house.

At 6:30 pm I changed into my tuxedo and hailed a cab. I arrived at the museum to find it already too crowded with Anne nowhere in sight. This was what I was dreading. I felt awkward and conspicuous as I seemed to be the only person alone.

After searching the crowd in vain for a few minutes, I headed in the direction of the bar. I weaved through the crowd of men dressed like penguins and women in expensive-looking cocktail dresses. As the bartender served me a glass of white wine, someone grabbed my hand from behind.

“I should have known I’d find you at the bar,” Anne teased.

She looked absolutely ravishing. I expected Anne to be dressed ultra-conservatively with her boss and colleagues around. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was wearing a sparkling silver and black dress that was fitted tightly around her torso. The dress didn’t reveal any cleavage, but there was no hiding her magnificent breasts. Below her waist the dress flared out a bit and stopped just above her knees. She wore black stockings and matching heels. My hungry eyes appraised her from head to toe and I mentally awarded her a perfect 10.

“You look terrific,” I smiled. I kissed Anne lightly on the lips and pulled her close to feel her sinful body pressed against me.

I offered Anne my full glass of wine and grabbed another from the bartender. Anne then led me around the room and introduced me to various people whose names I quickly forgot. In my defense, I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what Anne was hiding under her dress.

We found Anne’s boss and her husband and spoke with them for several minutes. They raved about the items that would be up for auction later in the evening. Anne’s boss said she was sure a ton of money would be raised for the cause. The message was clear: Anne and her colleagues were expected to be generous.

Anne said she needed to sit down to give her feet a rest and we politely excused ourselves. We found a small table with two chairs and Anne rested her head on my shoulder. She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh with her own hand covering mine. She forced my hand higher up her leg until I felt the unmistakable clip of a garter belt underneath her dress.

“Nice,” I whispered.

Anne smiled and said, “I thought you would approve of that. I had a bit of a problem shopping though.”

“What do you mean?”

“I couldn’t find a bra and panty set that I really liked,” Anne explained. “I found a great bra and the saleswoman said my boobs looked amazing in it . . .”

“I’ll enjoy being the judge of that,” I said.

Anne ignored my interruption and continued, “The matching thong had weird beads and bows on it. It was too much. It looked tacky.”

“So you bought something else?” I asked hopefully.

“No,” Anne answered. “The bra was too good to pass up so I bought them anyway.”

“But you said you didn’t like the thong.”

“I didn’t,” Anne said. “That’s why it’s sitting in my drawer at home.”

It took a second for me to absorb Anne’s statement. “You mean . . .”

“That’s right,” she grinned. “I’m ‘going commando,’ as they say. And it’s making me so fucking horny.”

“You’re serious?”

Anne slid her chair closer to mine and glanced at the crowd milling around in the vicinity of our table. When she was satisfied no one was paying any particular attention to us, she pulled her dress three-quarters of the way up her thighs and guided my hand between her legs.

I immediately felt the heat radiating from Anne’s exposed pussy as my palm brushed over her mound. I twisted my arm to position my fingers towards her opening and probed at her slit. Anne’s pussy was sopping wet already; her confession of horniness was a drastic understatement. The angle of my arm made it impossible for me to penetrate her, so I caressed her delicate folds with my fingertips. Anne noticeably shuddered at my touch, but somehow managed to avoid drawing attention to us.

After less than a minute, I reluctantly removed my hand and Anne straightened her dress under the table. I discreetly lifted my hand to my face and inhaled her delicious scent from my fingers. One by one I licked my fingertips and tasted the sweet nectar that was freely flowing from Anne’s excited snatch.

Anne leaned close to me and whispered, “I wish you were licking my pussy right now instead of your fingers. I love it when you fuck me with your tongue.”

“You’re going to get more than just my tongue in your pussy if you keep talking like that,” I replied. My dick was growing bigger and harder by the second. The thought of fucking Anne’s tight, wet box consumed me.

“Mmmmm, good,” Anne moaned softly. “When we get home I’m going to ride that nice fat cock of yours.”

I jumped up from the table and grabbed Anne’s wrist. She stumbled as I tugged her arm and pulled her away from the crowds toward the exit.

“What are you doing?” she giggled.

“We’re going home,” I announced. “If we don’t, I’m liable to explode in my pants.”

“We can’t leave now. What about the auction? My boss?”

“You should have thought of that before you started with the dirty talk.”

“John stop, seriously,” Anne protested. “I’m not saying we have to stay ‘til the end, but the auction hasn’t even started yet.”

“When does it start?” I demanded.

Anne looked at her watch. “About 15 or 20 minutes.”

“That’s more than I’ll need.”

I scanned the room, peering over and between the mass of bodies. At the far end there was a large opening that led to another wing of the museum. I guided Anne in that direction hoping to find a coatroom, an unlocked office, or even a janitor’s closet, anything to provide some privacy for what I urgently needed to do to her.

We reached the passage only to find a burly security guard blocking the way. “This exhibit’s closed tonight,” he grumbled.

“We were just looking for the washrooms,” I lied.

“Hallway to your left, down one flight of stairs.”

Anne and I walked quickly around the corner and down the corridor. We found the staircase with a sign indicating the washrooms below. The adjacent stairs leading up were blocked with a thick, red velvet rope stretched between gold posts on either side.

“We’re going up to finish what you started,” I said.

Anne didn’t hesitate. As desperate as I was to fuck her, she needed it just as bad. She ducked under the rope and quickly ascended the stairs. At the summit she turned and held her arms open to me.

I was on her in a flash. I practically jumped into her waiting arms, the force pushing her backwards against the cold brick wall. Fortunately, Anne had the presence of mind to push me to the side. She positioned us in front of the stairs leading to the third floor and out of the line of sight of anyone looking for the washrooms below.

Anne wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. Our tongues danced together as I pressed against her body and pinned her to the wall. I felt her spectacular tits squished against the bottom of my ribs. Below that, my aching cock jammed into Anne’s stomach from the confines of my pants.

I ran my hands up and down Anne’s sides, enjoying the mesmerizing feel of her hips, waist and the sides of her breasts. I traced her hourglass curves then forced my hands between her back and the wall. I dropped them to her backside and cupped her ass cheeks roughly through her elegant dress.

I broke our long kiss and squatted in front of Anne until my face was level with her crotch. I didn’t need to say anything; Anne knew exactly what I wanted to do. She put her left foot on the second step leading to the third floor to spread her legs. Then she grabbed the bottom of her dress with both hands and lifted it to her waist to display her delicious pussy to me.

Anne’s arousal was obvious. Her labia were shiny and wet from her dripping love juices. At the top of her slit Anne’s swollen button protruded excitedly, anxious for my attention. Above that Anne’s thin, immaculately maintained strip of dark pubic hair seemed to point in the direction she wanted me to go. All of this was framed beautifully by the garter belt around her alluring hips which held up smooth black stockings. The only thing missing from the picture was my tongue.

I grabbed Anne’s ass and pulled her dripping cunt to my eager mouth. There was no time to savour her, to lose myself in her delicious pussy, so I lapped at her slit like it was giving me life. Over and over I tongued Anne’s horny fuck hole. Within seconds my cheeks and chin were covered with her wetness.

“Ohhh,” Anne groaned softly. “Keep licking me. Yes, yes, right there.”

I zeroed in on Anne’s sensitive clit. I circled it with the tip of my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. Anne’s legs started to shake and she dropped her dress over my head so she could steady herself with the handrail.

In the sudden darkness I heard two women talking and laughing as they came down the hallway on the first floor. Anne heard them too and signalled me to stop by putting her hand on my head. We were both frozen as the voices came closer and reached the stairs. To our great relief, we then heard the clicking of their high heels going down the stairs to the washrooms instead of up to our hiding spot.

Anne lifted her dress back over my head and I looked up into her lust-filled eyes. “Fuck me,” she ordered. “Don’t hold back, just fuck me. Pound me with that hard cock.”

I stood up and fumbled with my cummerbund until I was able to undo my pants. I stretched the elastic of my boxer briefs over my throbbing prick and pushed them down to my knees.

Meanwhile, Anne turned away from me and bent over at the waist. She held onto the railing with one hand and held up her dress with the other. She was mine for the taking.

I held my shirt tail out of the way and aimed my aching cock towards Anne’s sweltering cunt. I nuzzled the head against her opening and then slowly penetrated her. I watched my shaft disappear into her hot pussy and involuntarily groaned. Anne’s vagina gripped my invading pole and seemed to pull it deeper inside her until it was buried to the hilt. I held still for a few seconds to enjoy the intense sensation of Anne’s tight pussy stretched around my cock. It felt like I was absorbing the heat from her very core which caused my dick to swell even larger.

I started to withdraw from Anne’s paradise just as slowly as I’d entered. My cock glimmered in the dim light of the staircase, coated with Anne’s cream. As I slid my slippery dick out, Anne pushed her ass back against me and her horny twat swallowed all of my cock again.

I heard more people approaching the stairs on the first floor. Nothing else in the world mattered at that moment except giving Anne pleasure, but my brain was still functioning enough to realize the riskiness of the situation. Every minute that passed became more dangerous. It was time to really start fucking.

I started to pound Anne’s sweet pussy from behind like a jackhammer. Anne met each of my hard thrusts with a backwards thrust of her own. Our combined movements forced my cock deeper and deeper into her velvety snatch and caused her to cry out in pleasure.

“Oh God, that’s good,” Anne whimpered. “Fuck me, John. Fuck me like an animal.”

I grabbed Anne’s hips and savagely pulled her back against my pumping cock. Over and over I slammed into her with all the force I could muster. Our flesh made loud slapping noises as our bodies collided and Anne’s moaning got more intense. We both knew we needed to be quieter, but I no longer cared. I wanted to fuck Anne like this forever.

“Call me a slut,” Anne suddenly said.

“You love getting fucked from behind, don’t you slut?” the words spewed from my mouth. “You can’t get enough cock, can you?”

“Ungh, ohhh, I can’t get enough of your cock,” Anne moaned. “You fuck me so fucking good with it.”

“Are you going to cum on my cock, you dirty slut?”

“Uh huh,” Anne panted. “I’m going to cum all over your thick cock. It feels so good in my cunt.”

Anne reached between her legs where my rod was drilling her pussy. Her fingers tickled my swaying balls for a second and then she started rubbing her swollen clit. The combination of my hammering cock in her pussy and her fingers all over her clit immediately pushed Anne to the brink.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” she cried.

Anne’s body tensed and then shook as her climax reached its peak. She squealed as I continued pumping hard and deep through her orgasm, her pussy clutching desperately at my rigid cock.

I punished Anne’s sweet pussy with one final thrust before I exploded like a volcano inside her. My molten seed blasted deep into her vagina. The spasms in my cock and balls were so powerful they felt like they originated in my toes and consumed my whole body.

“Oh fuck, Anne,” I growled. “Yeah.”

I withdrew my still erect dick and globs of thick, sticky sperm escaped from Anne’s drooling pussy onto the floor. She stood up straight and more of my massive load dripped out and landed between her feet.

Anne looking at the expanding puddles and said, “Wow, that’s a lot of jizz.”

“Can’t help it,” I said breathlessly. “You’re such a hot fuck, you completely drained me.”

“That’s too bad,” Anne purred. “You still haven’t seen my new bra and I’m hoping to have more fun when we get home.”

“Don’t worry, the thought of your great rack will have me ready to go again in no time.”

“Good. Then here’s the deal,” Anne said as she straightened her dress and I zipped up my pants. “We buy the first auction item no matter what it is, and then you take me home and fuck my ass like you just fucked my cunt. Agreed?”

“Try to stop me,” I said. “But that means you have to help me find the auctioneer.”


“Because I need to tell him that if he doesn’t start the auction in the next two minutes, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.”

Anne laughed and patted my chest affectionately. Then she took my hand and led me down the steps and back into the crowd.

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