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The Club

My adventures with my ex and his male friends
Back when I was a Puma in my thirties, I was into the twenty something men. I haven’t stopped with that nonsense because it makes all the sense in the world to me. I like men like my coffee, fresh, hot, sweet, and different shades of brown, depending on my mood. I loved to dance at clubs (still do). Once I met a guy at a Brazilian restaurant that transformed into a club at night. It had a techno room, a hip hop room and a salsa meringue room. Being the fickle girl that I am, I liked to move between rooms so I wouldn’t get bored. There were usually hot young Latinos there, my favorite flavor of that decade. I’m into Black men now, but I still go for the Latin flavor every now and then. I saw him from behind. Tall, muscular caramel-skinned Latino. Call him Diego, he was 22. Diego’s tight round behind looked nice in those nice fitting khakis. With the military style belt and the close cut hair, I had to approach and ask him if he was in the service. He grinned and showed a dimple on one side, and told me “no” and I don’t remember what else he said because I was imagining him naked.

So we got to dancing and later I took him home and we got naked and had some fun. We spent time together after that and although he told me he wasn’t ready for a relationship, I was young and stupid enough to think I could change his mind. Of course, Diego realized I wanted to get serious and cut me loose. I was heartbroken. A few months later he called, but with an ulterior motive. He wanted to do a threesome. He and I and a male friend. I was not into it. I wanted him and only him. I didn’t want to be used like that. But after a few conversations of him cajoling, I gave in, because I would do anything to get him back. But with conditions.

Condition number one was that guy had to be small and shy. I didn’t want two big dominant types making me into a toy. I wanted at least to have size and boldness over the other guy. Diego assured me he could get a guy with those qualities. I told him I wanted to meet both of them somewhere for drinks and that he could not tell the other guy what was going on. I didn’t want some stranger eyeing me and planning what he was going to do to me. If I liked the guy, we would go back to my place and start making out but the other guy couldn’t know the plan, we would just see how he would react. Diego agreed to my conditions.

We met at a restaurant I chose, a little hole in the wall place with tasty appetizers and cheap drinks. I got there after they did and saw Diego’s friend, Jose Enrique sitting at the table. Oooh, he was cute! Pretty little Latino boy with curly black locks and big green eyes and a shy smile, he was only 21. Perfect. I sat down and winked at Diego that I was into it. We had a few drinks and a few laughs and I was turned on by the fact that this guy had no idea what he was in for. This was gonna be fun after all.

We went back to my place for a few more drinks. Diego whispered to me that we should start making out on the couch with Jose Enrique sitting there next to us. Diego started kissing me and then took off my sweater and my bra. Well, Jose Enrique took the cue immediately and started in on me. With both of them doing their thing turning me on, I was so hot all of my inhibitions went out the window. I did both of them a few times. Or they did me. Who did who and how many times? Doesn’t matter, it was a blast. I loved it so much, I wanted to do it again so the next time Diego called, I told him how much fun I had and soon we were at it again.

Later Diego wanted to bring a third guy in and I was a apprehensive. Why mess with it? Adding another guy could ruin the great time we were having. But Diego wanted more. So I told him it was the same deal. Same kind of guy, same setup, same play. When I met the third guy, I didn’t think he was attractive, and he seemed like he knew what was up, so I didn’t want to do it. Diego took me outside and started his persuasion. He flashed that dimple at me, grabbed me with his strong arms and said “please” real soft in my ear. I gave in, of course.

It was obvious the third guy, Lorenzo, knew what was up because his dick was hard before we got in the front door of my condo. That was ok because I was hooked on Diego’s hot charm and little Jose Enrique’s surprisingly large penis. Lorenzo wasn’t physically perfect, but he was an extra pair of hands, an extra mouth and an extra dick to please me. It was an all out orgy, and it was heaven. Well, not technically an orgy because the guys were only touching me and not each other. (triple score, I win) I gave all three my best attention and skills equally and we were all satisfied. Everyone was so happy with the setup, we kept doing it. We started calling it “the club”. Once Diego brought a fourth guy, don’t remember his name or what he looked like. He made love to me like I was his wife, he wanted me alone with him. He didn’t fit so he was not invited to be in the club. I kept wanting to pinch myself, I was wondering why no conflicts ever erupted, no one got jealous. It went on for almost a year, us meeting for orgies a couple of times every month.

Until I discovered Diego was a married man. I was so angry I didn’t want to be in the club anymore. Since I was mad at Diego and I wasn’t attracted to Lorenzo, Jose Enrique and I hooked up a few times after that. The sex was hot, but then he had to mess it up by bringing along a fat friend without telling me and I was totally turned off. He didn’t understand why I wouldn’t do his friend. Jose Enrique was cute and had a nice dick, but I couldn’t explain it to him in a way his 21 year-old mind could capture. So “the club” fizzled out and I’ve not found another group of men that could repeat the extreme eroticism of my time with those boys. I haven’t really tried, I think it was serendipity. I get wet now just remembering “the club”.

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