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The Cocktail Party

Scott and Claire have fun at a friends party.
It started before the cocktail party.

I started teasing Scott while getting ready, not really wanting to go. But I had promised my friend Alison that we would attend her party. I put on my skin color thigh highs and garter belt. I had always preferred them over regular panty hose so that I wouldn't have to worry about tugging on them late into the evening. I threw over a sheer pink blouse that moved with my body and pulled up a gray pencil skirt that hugged my hips. And nice black heels to top it off. My teasing was slowly dressing in front of Scott, not letting him touch me whenever he would try.

Scott put on his gray slacks with a gorgeous blue dress shirt that went wonderfully with his eyes. He was wearing one of my favorite shirts. He looked damn sexy as hell and I wanted nothing more than to undress and straddle him. I bit my lip staring at him and I knew he could tell what I was thinking. But any more time spent getting ready and we were going to be late.

I ignored the thought and went into the bathroom only to gain a new one. Scott and I loved teasing each other in public. Small touches across the arm with tender kisses on the neck to pushing up against each other in ways we shouldn't be. So why not tease each other at the party? Before Scott could see me, I quickly pulled my panties off, leaving myself free and exposed in my thigh highs and garter under my skirt. Excited by the thought of being panty-less, I knew I probably looked a little flushed when Scott walked into the bathroom.

"Everything okay, baby? You look a little red."

"I'm fine," I assured him. "Just ready to go and come back."

"Well, I'm ready to go when you are."

I smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek as he smacked my ass and we left.

Alison's party wasn't as bad as we were expecting it to be. Loads of people filled her house and back patio, having drinks and carrying on conversations. I moved my way with Alison a bit, stopping to say hello to people I had just seen a couple of days before and chatting with people I hadn't seen in quite some time. When I was finished working my way through the crowds in Alison's home, I decided it would be the best time to work my way towards my actual recreation for the evening.

Scott was talking with a friend when I came up behind him to ask if he needed another drink. I don't think either of them noticed that I was heading in their direction. I ran my fingers delicately across his arm and to his hand to get him to notice I was there and he immediately looked at his hand before looking at me. Whenever I touched him like this, he knew what I wanted. A sly smile played across his face as he understood the look in mine.

"Would you like another drink honey?" I was being sweeter than normal, smiling deliciously at him with desire.

Scott grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him, planting a soft kiss in-between the crease of my neck and shoulder. "Hmm, yes I would Claire." I noticed his friend look awkwardly at our playful advance towards each other. It was fairly entertaining.

I smiled back and moved away, flaunting myself knowing he was watching. I could feel the wetness forming in-between my legs at the idea of teasing each other knowing when we got home, we would explode before getting to the bedroom.

The kitchen was actually pretty deserted since most of the guests were out and about the house. I grabbed another beer for Scott and a cocktail for myself. I was about to head out the kitchen when I sensed the opportunity to do something devilish.

I looked around the corner of the entry way to make sure that no one was heading towards the kitchen. When I made sure that everyone seemed pretty occupied with what they were doing, I popped back in and quickly placed my hand under my skirt to dip my fingers inside my pussy. I wanted to make sure that I got enough of my juices that had started to form on the tip of my two fingers in the short amount of time I had. When I was done, I fixed my skirt with my spare hand, grabbed Scott's beer and my drink, making sure not to touch anything with my fingers.

When I returned back outside to the patio, Scott noticed me this time. He was both smiling and looking awkwardly at me. I was sure it was because of the sinful smile I had across my face. I gave him his beer and switched my drink to my other hand, leaving my dipped fingers free. I pretty much ignored his friend at this point.

"Alison has the wonderful dip here inside. It's really good. Look." I held my fingers up to his mouth and he stared at me a little tongue-tied, unsure what to do to my gesture.

"That's okay babe, I'm not hungry." I could tell he was a little embarrassed.

"Just try it Scott. Let me know what you think." I kept my hand at the level of his mouth and he obliged, giving his friend the 'I'm sorry' look as he did. But when his tongue hit my fingers, his face change and I felt him suck a little before pulling away. He looked at me again, slightly smiling and obviously bemused. He knew what I tasted like. He was obviously shocked, but quickly composed himself before his friend could ask what was wrong.

"Hmm... that is delicious Claire. I might have some later." And before I could reply and leave, he pulled me into him again, this time planting a kiss right on my lips and letting me taste was little was left of me on his tongue. I smiled when he pulled away and said nothing as I left to go mingle again with the other guests. We didn't get near each other again for awhile, but whenever we were in the same area and visible to each other, our eyes would never leave. I could see the hunger building in him as I knew it was building in me.

I walked back towards the kitchen and started to pour myself another drink when I felt a body press up against me. I felt Scott's stubble chin rest on my neck as his arms pulled me into him and his constrained hardness push up into me.

"Now what is that you are trying to do to me here, Claire? Because what I tasted earlier was not dip." I couldn't see his face, but I could hear the sarcasm that leaked into his voice, complying with my previous actions.

"I just wanted to let you know how I was doing. Was it good enough information?" Teasing was always part of our foreplay.

"Good – yes, Claire. But not enough." He let go of me quickly and looked into the other room. Before I could figure out what he was up to, Scott came back and pushed me up against the counter, pulling my skirt up and running his fingers along my lips before dipping them inside me. The thought of getting caught quickly flooded my mind but wasn't enough for me to stop the feeling he was creating.

It was practically over as soon as it started when his hand left my skirt. I quickly fixed it and when I turned around his fingers were back in his mouth, sucking what he gathered off. I felt added arousal flood me just watching him. I quickly pulled him into me, kissing him and running my tongue across his lips to get the taste off. His hardness pressed into my crotch and pushed me up against the counter. We must have gotten lost in the kiss since before I knew it, I could hear a throat being cleared beside us. We broke, only to find Alison standing there, giving us the motherly 'you should know better' look.

"Do you think you both could keep your hands off each other for the remainder of the evening? I'm use to the pubic displays, but please don't frighten my guests." If only she had walked in a couple of minutes earlier.

She grabbed two drinks and walked away, leaving us there to laugh as she left. I grabbed my drink and rubbed my ass against Scott's crotch before leaving him there. "You're mine when we get home. Until then – down boy."

He grinned at me, smacking my ass as I walked out of the kitchen. I returned to party in the living room and it wasn't long when Scott followed and returned outside. As much as I jokingly told him to calm down, I knew I wouldn't. I could feel myself getting hotter by the second, despite the obvious breeze coming from outside. Part of it had to be from me. The other part had to be from the heater inside since after awhile, people started to slowly head outside to the patio. Alison also had it decorated nicely with lights, so it looked delightful outside.

I began to follow the crowd until I noticed Scott standing in the hallway entry. I never noticed he had come back inside. But he wasn't moving. Almost as if he had been standing there the entire time watching me. I smiled at him and his smile was different. Wicked and gleeful, as though he had a secret and I would have to travel to him to get it. Curious, I did and when I reached him, he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hallway towards the bathroom. I was oblivious as to what was about to happen.

Closing the door and locking it behind us, he grabbed me by the hips and pushed me towards the counter. "I can't wait until we get home. I need to have you now." I wasn't going to argue. I locked my lips to his in a desperate need I rarely ever needed to show as he pulled my skirt up and around my waist. My pussy now out in the open, he ran his finger quickly over my clit before pushing me up onto the counter. I spread my legs wide enough to take his body closer to mine, fumbling with the button and zipper of his slacks and pushing them towards the ground. He yanked his boxers down with them and stood back up, placing both his hands on my knees and gripping onto me hard.

I grasped the counter and scooted forward until I was on the edge and as I did, he met my entrance and slowly started to push forward. I glanced up to look at him but at that moment, he was looking down. He stared at my entrance, watching himself slowly enter me and pulling back. Why he was taking his time in a situation where we knew we had none, I have no idea. But the feeling was staggering and I felt my walls clench around him as I craved for more.

A couple of slow pushes in me, gazing at his cock inside my pussy, and he looked up to peek at me. The entire time I was watching him intently, noting his pleasure. And then he moved quicker, spreading my legs farther apart and sending my head back against the mirror, my hands pushing up against it. His movements were no longer slow, but quick and ravenous, as if he had never had me before.

I could already feel my orgasm building in me and my muscles slowly tightening around his cock. I had been worked up since we left the apartment and needed the kind of release that I knew only he could give me. The way he pushed into me, the position, and even desire that couldn't wait until we left made me want to do nothing else but to come for him.

I became very happy in that instant with the way he was wearing his shirt, allowing me to shift up towards him quickly and pull it to the side. I was going to need a way to hide the moan I knew I could not muffle myself and there was only one way how.

I noticed he bit on his lower lip to muffle his grunts, pushing into me faster than before and wrapping one arm around my waist to bring me to him. He took his other hand and rubbed his thumb over my clit when I wrapped my legs around him and that was all it took for me. I grasped onto him, pulling his shirt to one side, and brought his shoulder to me to bury my face in. My pussy tightened around his cock as I came and my hands dug into his arms through his shirt as I bit into his shoulder, muffling my moans. I felt his body lurch as my teeth made contact, but not once did he ever stop.

When my body fell limp, I moved away and leaned up against the mirror, spreading my legs wider for him again. But when he placed his hands under my knees, I knew he had a different idea. He stopped quickly to lift my legs up and place my ankles onto his shoulders. When he was securely in-between my legs again, he continued to fuck me, his movements more vigorous than before.

His hands gripped onto my thighs and the harder they gripped, the closer I knew he was. I held onto the counter once more to keep from falling off but I wasn't holding on long. He pushed into me quickly and stayed there, pushing me up against the mirror some more while his orgasm shot through him, shooting his cum into me. I felt him push a couple of more times before he braced his body against the mirror above me.

"My god Scott, that was incredible." I felt his cock slide out of me as he pulled away, quickly grabbing tissues.

"Come on babe, we better getter back before someone notices." We both cleaned up, and re-adjusted our clothes. You could see the wrinkles in his shirt from where my hands were but luckily not the bite mark on his shoulder where I left a bruise. My skirt didn't look so good either from being bunched up around my waist for that short period. But a couple of pats down and I was fine.

We both checked the hallway before leaving the bathroom and heading back into the living room. No one questioned where we had been and from that, I figured we hadn't been gone long. I started to walk into the direction of Alison when Scott grabbed my arm and planted a kiss on my cheek. He pulled me into him and held me there with his hands.

"I'm very pleased that you chose not wear panties with that garter of yours. Watching my dick enter you dressed like that was incredible." And the he walked off, leaving me there to smile before heading over to Alison.

We were only at the party for about an hour more before people decided to leave and we followed in pursuit. We said goodbye to everyone and left, like nothing ever happened. We even sat in the car on the way back home as though we didn't just have sex not to long ago in our friend's bathroom. But when we walked into the house, all of that changed. I turned to lock the door and when I turned back around, he had me pushed up against it, his mouth locking with mine in another passionate kiss like the one in the bathroom.

"This time slower Claire. But you're leaving the garters on."

And I did.
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