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The conference

They meet at a conference
Even though I am a respected, long-term professional employee, I don’t get much in the way of perks. There is no corner office or cute secretary to keep my appointments straight. No office at all, just a cubicle. But once in a while, meaning every three or four years, I do get to attend a professional conference.

This year’s conference was in San Diego. This meant besides listening looking a PowerPoint presentation, being summer time I would at least get to ogle some bikinis by the pool. Also, I always liked San Diego, large enough to be considered a big city, but with small town flavor.

This year’s conference would be especially nice. No bosses. Usually the bosses attend too, but this particularly conference didn’t strike their interest. There would be no co-workers either. I would be on my own. The conference itself would be interesting and would be worth the trip even without “side benefits”.

Upon arrival, I checked-in to my room, checked out the mini-bar. (The mini-bar would be on my tab, my employer pays for only the room, meals, and conference fees). I then went down to the lobby to complete my registration.

As is customary with such conference, as attendees are arriving all day, the conference doesn’t begin until a dinner/lecture. I was assigned to a table with a couple of guys, two young intern-type women, and a woman my age, named Lynn.

Now I’m sure the two interns would look ultra-hot in bikinis (they looked pretty darned hot in their business attire as it was) but they would not be interested in a guy their father’s age. Lynn was a possibility.

The guys knew each other, so they talked with each other. The interns talked with each other, so that left Lynn and I to engage in some small talk before the dinner/lecture began.

I like her right away. She was smart, but not brainy. Good-looking, but not stuck up about it. I liked the way she laughed at a joke I told. Late in the evening, she touched my arm to emphasize a point, and I felt some electricity between us.

We applauded at the end of the lecture. We said goodbye to our other dinner companions, but I lingered at the table. Lynn took my clue. I asked if she had checked out the hotel’s pool. She said she had looked at it, but had not gone in.

I said, “The night is still young.” After some mild protest, so as not to look to eager, she agreed to meet me in the pool in an half an hour.

I got to the pool before she did. I wanted to look manly, so when she arrived she saw me doing laps. As I was busy doing laps, I didn’t see her enter the pool right away.

Flipping around for another lap, I saw. She had an ordinary one-piece. Her figure looked good. I swam up close.

She said, “Had I known I would have a handsome swim partner, I would have brought something sexier.” I told her she looked great and gave her a quick kiss.

The kiss caught her off guard. She paused for awhile, obviously thinking to herself, and then kissed me fully on the mouth.

We spent a few awkward moments not knowing what to do in the pool, so we moved on to the whirlpool. It wasn’t long before we were kissing again.

Her ample breasts felt good pressed against my chest. We were alone in the spa and I contemplated cupping her breasts. Just as I felt the moment was right, we had company, a couple of rowdy college dudes.

Without saying a word to each other, but telling the dudes to enjoy the spa, we got out. The dudes, reacting to the work “enjoy,” moved away from each other.

The elevator took us to Lynn’s floor before mine. When she exited I followed. Surprised at my confidence, she didn’t say anything. We got to her door and nervously she let me in.

She offered me a drink from the mini-bar. (Hey the lady is buying for a change!). I told her we should get out of our wet clothes first. She agreed and went into the shower. Through a crack in the door, she handed me a towel.

I disrobed, dried myself, and wrapped the tower around my waist. A few moments later Lynn came out. She was also wrapped in a towel.

I kissed her again. She kissed back. In no short order the towels were off and we were under the covers. My dick was hard by now. I kissed Lynn’s tits and played with her nipples. She obviously enjoyed the sensation. I worked my hand down to her pussy. She positively leapt the first time I touched her clit. From her reaction, I understood she had not had sexual attention for some time.

I continued to tease her clit and periodically inserted one, then two fingers in her pussy. She didn’t say a word, just happy little moans. I think rolled over on her and worked my head down between her legs.

Before I got my tongue to her clit, she exclaimed, “My God, it has been so long.” It didn’t take long for me to give her the orgasm she craved. I was perfectly willing to give more of a tongue-lashing, but she pulled me onto her.

I entered her easily. It was a simple missionary screw, but it was very loving and tender. My climax started building, and I wondered if I should pull out. Lynn said, “It’s okay.” With that I erupted inside of her. It had been a while for me too, so my orgasm was quite strong. We cuddled. Before falling asleep, Lynn had the presence of mind to say, “We'd better set the alarm, or we'll miss the morning program.” I slept well and so did she.

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