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The Conference

Tags: sex, beach
chance meeting that ends in hot sex
I was in the airport electronics shop trying to get some help with my new iphone when I first saw him. I guessed him mid 30’s about 6’4 extremely good looking. What caught my eye though, was the white silk shirt he was wearing, short-sleeved button up, un-tucked over jeans. It looked way to nice to wear just to catch a plane.

It was becoming clear that the lady at the counter was not going to be able to help me with my new phone. I thanked her and as I turned to walk out I saw that the hot guy had walked in and as I walked passed him, with a sigh I said, “Technology”.

I made my way back over to my gate, found a seat away from the crowd and proceeded to try and figure out my complicated new phone.

Completely involved in my task I didn’t notice that someone had sat down next to me. Looking up in frustration, I saw that the same cute guy from the store had sat down next to me and was smiling at me.

He asked if I had fixed my phone yet. “No not yet”. “You would think that they would design these things to be a little more user friendly”. I replied

He laughed and asked if he could take a look at it for me. “Please”, I said and handed it over, (happy to be rid of the damn thing). All he did was push a couple of buttons and I was up and running. Still smiling as he handed my phone back.

I couldn’t believe my good luck this incredibly hot guy just fixed my phone! “You’re my hero” I gushed. “Thank you so much”.

“No problem”, he replied. “So where are you headed”? He asked.

“To an IT seminar in Daytona, and you”?

“Really, I’m going there myself”, he replied.

“Really? Why are you going to the seminar”? I inquired

He gave a soft cough and looking down at his feet, said that he was one of the presenters.

“No wonder you fixed my phone so quickly”, I said.

“What company do you work for”?

“Apple. I’m the one who designed the software in your phone.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you with my comment earlier”. I apologized. Desperately wishing that I could turn invisible at that moment

“No worries”, he said, waving away my apology and asked why I was attending the conference?

“The company that just hired me is sending me so that I can attempt to learn how to use the in house software and even provided me with a phone that seems to be smarter than me! I might even be signed up for your presentation ” I said laughing.

“Can I buy you a coffee while we wait for our flight”? He asked

“Sure, I would love that thanks”.

We spent the next hour drinking coffee and chatting.

When it was time to board the plane we discovered that we were 2 of only 5 people in first class. He helped me get my bag in the overhead compartment and then to my amazement proceeded to sit down next to me.

“Do you mind if I hang out with you for the flight”? He asked

“Not at all, I’m enjoying your company”. I replied smiling.

“Have you ever been to Daytona”? He asked

“No. To tell you the truth big cities kind of intimidate me”, I confessed shyly.

Without missing a beat he said, “In that case you have to let me show you around”.

“I would love that but wont you be sort of busy”?

“Not really, I only give the one presentation. The rest of the week I will be on vacation”.

“In that case I accept your offer”. It will be nice to have someone there to make sure I don’t get too lost”.

The rest of the flight he asked me about everything I liked to do.

I felt selfish only talking about me, but the plane was landing so my chance to ask him questions had passed. We walked to baggage claim together and there I finally managed to get a couple of questions in.

As we collected our bags he offered me ride to the conference center so that I could get signed in, on the way there he asked if I would have dinner with him at his hotel.

As I finished signing in I asked, “Are you sure you don’t mind me tagging along with you”?

“I’m positive, it’s not everyday that I get spend time in the company of a beautiful woman”.” If it makes you feel better you can think of it as payment for designing a non-user friendly phone”.

“It’s a deal then”, I said. Blushing and feeling very bad about my comment.

As we made our way out of the conference center, I asked if we could go by my hotel so that I could sign in and change my clothes for dinner. ”Sure, what hotel are you staying at”?

When I told him where I was staying, he laughed and asked if I had purposely booked the hotel farthest away from the conference center! He then suggested that for the time being I use of his hotel room to freshen up for dinner. “We can eat and then try to find you a room in a hotel a bit closer to the conference center, if that’s ok with you”?

“Oh. Ok”, I said

Feeling way out of my league but enjoying the attentions of this amazing guy that was probably worth a few million dollars.

His shirt alone cost more than my whole outfit! Turns out that his hotel was only a couple of blocks away from the conference center. He went inside to check in and came back out with a valet in tow. I watched as my luggage was loaded onto one of those carts (you only see in the movies) while another guy slid in the drivers seat to go park the car. I knew that my eyes had to be the size of dinner plates.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more amazing, I stepped out of the elevator and realized that his room was the Pent House!!!

He seemed to be enjoying my amazement as I looked around at the suite, beginning to feel like I should be in a maid’s uniform.

I excused myself to the guest room, where the valet had taken my bags. Shutting the door and finding the bathroom, I splashed cool water on my face. Catching my breath and trying to figure out how I was going to tell this charming guy that I had nothing formal enough to wear to eat in the restaurant downstairs. I had caught a glimpse of it when we first walked into the hotel, I would need a ball gown to eat there.

Taking a deep breath I decided that I just needed to face the music. I walked back out to the main room and found him on the phone. He held out a bottle of water to me signaling me that he would be off the phone in a minute.

Hanging up he looked at me questioningly obviously noticing that I hadn’t changed.

Taking another deep breath and a big gulp of water, I proceeded tell him that I hadn’t brought anything dressy enough to wear to eat down stairs.

To my amazement he laughed off my concern, saying, that I should wear something that I could go to a rave in instead.

“Something white.” He suggested.

“That I do have.” I said smiling as I went back to the room and changed into the stretchy white mini skirt and matching backless top I bought just for this trip. Feeling very un-dressed as I walked out of the room.

“Perfect” He said looking me up and down, I could tell that he approved of my outfit.

He was still wearing the same clothes.

In the elevator he kept looking at me. Making me feel absolutely beautiful and very nervous.

Instead of the restaurant we went to the bar to eat. He kept making jokes all though our meal. Keeping me laughing the entire time.

As he paid for our meal he asked if I was ready for some loud music and a lot of dancing.

“ Oh Yes”, I replied.

We drove for maybe 10 minutes before parking in front of what looked like an old warehouse, except for the line running from the door half way down the block!

Instead of walking to the back of the line he led me straight to the front door and after a quick chat with the bouncer (they obviously knew each other) walked into the club.

It was packed! I had never seen so many people in one area before. Leaning down close to my ear he told me to just keep walking forward, to the bar that was at the far end.

Squeezing between half naked, dancing bodies every step. I felt his hand on the small of my back guiding me through the throng, up to the bar where he ordered me a drink that tasted like sweet tea.

This was more than I had bargained for.

The place was lite entirely by black lights with a few colored strobe lights flowing over the crowd

His white shirt stood out in the black light, as did my own clothes. Finishing my drink, I began to relax and a few minutes later I wanted to go out to the floor and dance to the loud techno music that never seemed to end.

As we made our way out onto the floor he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a muscled chest and a set of abs. I found myself wanting to reach out and touch his bare skin. Fighting hard to ignore my desire to touch him, I let myself get lost in the music. After dancing for who knows how long, he steered back to the bar for another drink (those iced-t’s were really hitting the spot), then back out to dance again.

Shortly after we started dancing again someone bumped into me, pushing me into him. I put my hands out instinctively to stop my fall. My hands ended up on his bare chest. As I tried to step back his arms pulled me closer, feeling his body pressed against mine, his hands on my bareback. Closing my eyes I let my hands find the back of his neck as I tilted my face up and finding his lips I kissed him.

We continued to move with the music. Feeling his hands on my waist began to slide down over my hips, cupping my ass briefly before catching the edge of my skirt. His hands felt like fire where they touched my bare skin, working their way up my thighs.

Remembering where we were I pulled away whispering, “Not here”.

“Maybe some fresh air”, he suggested breathlessly.

Once out the door we walked down the crowed beach. I soon took off my heels, so that I could walk in the sand with out breaking an ankle.

I took his hand in mine as we continued down the beach to a less crowded area. We stopped to look out over the ocean at the (almost full) moon.

Feeling very brave, I turned to face him and slowly (so that he could stop me if he wanted to) I reached up and lightly wrapped my arms around his neck and pulling him closer I kissed him, pressing my body as tightly against his as I could.

Shocking myself with how bold I was acting, I wasn’t usually like this. But I felt so good.

I felt his hands on the small of my back holding me close. I could feel every inch of him pressed against me. I felt his cock begin to swell, as our kisses got deeper. Again his hands cupped my ass as they made their way to the bottom of my short skirt. His hands felt like fire as they caressed my thighs this time I didn’t pull away when my skirt began to slide up as his hands continued to make their way up to my hips.

I wanted him to rip my clothes off and take me there in the sand! Every kiss sending shivers of pleasure through me.

Pushing my skirt up around my waist, I heard him gasp as he discovered that I had nothing else on.

Grabbing my ass again, lifting me to my tiptoes as he squeezed it. Releasing his grip he grabbed the skirt, (now around my waist) and pulled it roughly over my head, my skimpy shirt coming off with it.

Standing there totally naked, with him looking at me I shut my eyes, feeling shy.

I felt him cup my breasts and pinch my nipples. In ecstasy I wanted more, my body needing his cock. Unzipping his jeans I found his huge, rock hard cock.

Stroking it hard, making him moan before kneeling down in front of him. Running the tip of my tongue around and around as I kept stroking the length of his member. Licking his cock from base to tip, I felt his hands in my hair. Slowly I began sucking his cock in a deep as I could.

His cock tasting so good in my mouth.

I wanted to suck it all in but unable to do so, I continued to lick and stroke his cock, sucking hard on the tip before sucking in more, I ran the tip of my tongue slowly down the to the base, Feeling his sack on my lips I blew warm air against it.

God, I wanted his cock in my pussy, wanted to feel it stretch me open as forced its way deeper in me.

I pulled his jeans the rest of the way off. My free hand still playing with his balls a bit, I very lightly I ran my tongue over his balls hearing him moan as I sucked on them before I licked and nibbled my way back to the tip of his cock, giving it one last hard suck before I continued my progress up his body, licking his nipples.

Finding his mouth again kissing him, feeling his fingers trace their way to my hip and then run lightly across my clit, then with no warning they plunged into my wet pussy. It felt so good, I moaned as he slid them in and out over and over again. His thumb rubbing my clit as an orgasm ripped through me.

I watched as he licked my cum from his fingers. I could smell my cum as he traced my lips, his fingers still wet, opening my mouth I sucked the cum from his fingers.

His cock on my belly, teasing me, my want turning into need as he asked me if I wanted more.

“Yes! Please take me now”, I begged.

His fingers hard on my clit as he sucked on my neck, his lips brushing my ear, asking me if I was ready for his cock.

“Yes! I need to feel your cock deep in me. Please!” I moaned

Pulling me down with him laying across top his silk shirt, positioning me so that I straddled him.

Feeling his cock against my clit, I could no longer wait. I guided the tip of his cock in to me, then pushing down hard and fast, I forced it in my tight pussy, feeling it stretch me almost me painfully. I came again.

I had never felt so alive. Making love out in the open on this beautiful beach, the waves crashing on the beach, feeling the cool night air caress my body.

His hands lifting me up and pulling me back down. Feeling his cock force its way in and out of my tight wet pussy, my body shivering with each new orgasm.

Wanting it rough, his cock buried in me I began to grind my hips back and forth, my sensitive clit rubbing against his belly.




His breathing coming faster and faster.

My nails digging into his back as I came yet again crying out with the force of it.

Never slowing my pace, grinding back and forth, back and forth, and his hands on my hips pushing and pulling me.

Whispering into his ear I told him that I wanted to taste his cum, wanted him to explode in my mouth, as I sucked his cock.

I could feel his muscles tense and his cock get even bigger. I’m going to cum he almost yelled.

I quickly slid his cock out of my pussy. Wrapping my hand around his cock stroking it hard, I sucked it in deep. I heard him gasp and felt his hot cum jet out of his cock into my mouth. I kept sucking on it wanting it all. I continued to play with his balls as I licked cum off his cock.

I could feel him tremble as he laid back. His hands grabbed my shoulders as he pulled me up laying me on top of him.

Laying there listening to his breathing, my normal inhibitions caught up with me and I began to tell him that I was not normally like this, and as I was about to apologize, he started to laugh. When I looked up into his face he stroked my cheek and said,” Don’t you dare say sorry”. “This has been by far the most erotic and amazing experience of my life”. Smiling I just said, Thank You.

Begging me to stay with him for the remainder of the conference, (which I have to admit I had completely forgotten about) as we looked for our clothes.

As we got dressed, laughing as we found sand in some very strange places.

Walking back up the beach we soon discovered that we had been much louder than we thought.

We were being cheered as we made our way up the beach, blushing I felt like my face would start on fire. When I looked over at him though…. he just had a smile plastered to his face.

Smiling back at him I answered, “Yes I would love to stay with you!”

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