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The couple I told what to do

The excitement rushing through my veins as the camera turned on
I remember the excitment and hesitation as time ticked by ever so slowly. I am addicted to going on webcam and meeting new people. I joined yahoo and out of the blue I started talking with a woman. She asked me if I could help her out with something. She was heavy set and married. Her request was for me to go on webcam and tell her what to do to her husband for it was his birthday. I thought about it and was excited.

The next day I logged on wearing my blue camisole and booty shorts. Her window popped up and I accepted. There before me was a older man, he was cute in his way. He was stunned and had no clue what was going on.

"Hi my name is Ashley. What is yours?"

The typing of the screen below.

"My name is Richard. You are very beautiful. I have no idea what is going on."

"Nice to meet you. Your lovely wife has asked me to help her with a little something. Something for your birthday."


His wife comes into the picture. She was heavy set, yet had beautiful long red hair, she went full out. Kneeling before him. She reached for his pants releasing the biggest cock I have ever seen. He reach to push her away.

"Richard. Stop."

As I waited his wife spoke to him explaining of what was going to happen. I was going to tell her what to do to him, and he would then listen to me of what to do to her.

"Maureen drag your nails down his chest leaving red marks. Grabbing his cock twirl your tongue around his head, ever so slowly. As your hand caresses his balls. Squeezing with light pressure."

Watching and hearing moans made me even hotter. Removing my camisole I could see his eyes watch the screen.

"Now remove his pants. Kneading his thighs take as much of his cock as you can into your mouth. Richard grab her hair, grasping it between your fingers. Making sure she deep throats."

Even though Maureen was gagging I knew she loved it. From our previous conversations she loved it rough.

"Richard that is enough no need to hurt her. Maureen grip his cock firmly with both your hands as you suck. As you go up and down user your hands in the same motion. Yes that's it."

I definitely needed to masturbate. Running my hands down my chest, stomach as I slid my booty shorts off. Spreading my legs, spreading my lips as I rubbed my clit. Sliding my fingers in so easily.

As I masturbated and moaned, I was not alone. Maureen was moaning as she kept sucking.

"Don't stop Maureen you are doing wonderfully."

Richard grabbed his wife's hair thrusting into her mouth.

"Keep sucking Maureen use your hands till he cums in your mouth."

Richard shakes his head.

"No..mmmm, breasts and face."

I can see him tense I know he is close. Placing two fingers in my mouth I suck staring at the screen. Faster and faster my hand goes. So close as the pressure builds. Faster and faster.

"You two are so hot."

Panting as the pressure builds. I see Richard stand up still holding his wife's hair. Seeing stars I orgasm, just as he shoots his load all over her face.

Sitting up.

"Happy Birthday Richard. Hope you had a blast."

"No thank you, Ashley."

"Maureen how was it?"

Maureen walks over to the computer cum still all over.

"Thank you so much Ashley. I am going to go treat him in the shower. Please can we do this again?"

With a big smile on my face.

"Defintely. Chat later hot stuff."

With that the webcams close and computers shut off. A few days later we did chat again and again. It became routine till she ran off with another man. 

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