The Cowboy

By SandD

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I was out on my daily ride and in the distance I saw a cowboy and what I could see he was great looking.   I rode along the fence of the property he was riding on.   I could tell by the way he handled the horse he was a true blue cowboy.   I figured a catch like that was already married so I rode home.

The next day I couldn’t help myself when I went on my ride, I had to see him again so I rode past the farm and he was working on a tractor.   He saw me and waved.   He started to drive the tractor over to me when he got to the fence he turned off the motor and yelled “Hello”.   He smiled a great smile that went straight to his blue eyes.   We introduced ourselves and he asked if I wanted to go for a ride on the tractor until he was done his work.   Then maybe we would go for a ride in the hills.

I secured my horse in a nearby corral and climbed up behind him, straddling him.   He used his left arm to hold my leg up close to him and drove with his right.   By the time he was done his work. I had fallen in love with the way he could work and play all at the same time.   He would rub my leg and press his naked back against my chest.

In my tight jeans the vibrations from the tractor and his caressing were getting me hot.   I had been holding his shoulders to keep my balance, he reached for my hand and turned it over to kiss the centre then he kissed the top.   What a gentleman he so far knew how to treat a lady.

When he was done, he parked the tractor and we saddled our horses and he took me on the ride to the hills that he promised me.   There was a sexy quietness about him.   I wondered what other things I would be riding that day.   We rode for awhile till we came to a beautiful spot where the trees opened up to a small open area with a stream, carpeted by lush green grass.   We picketed the horses where they could drink and feed on the grass while we sat on a blanket under an apple tree.    

We realized that we were hungry, since I hadn’t planned on being out all day I hadn’t packed a lunch.   He had a small one so we shared that and then had a few apples from the tree we sat under.   They were very sweet with just a touch of tang.   After that we went to wash up in the stream.   It was fairly deep in places and very refreshingly cool so I took my boots and socks off planning to do a little wading.  

I hadn’t done this for a long time and it felt good to be a little childish so I decide to be even more playful so I splashed my cowboy.   He retaliated by picking me up in his arms and tossing me into the deeper part of the stream.   I was now wet from head to toe and since the sun was slowly setting he offered to make a fire and started putting rocks in a circle pattern on the bank and collected some wood from near by.   He had pulled another blanket out and suggested I take off some of the wet clothes, at least the outer layer.   I did this behind some bushes and then hung my clothes up near the fire to start drying out.   I sat down beside him and he put his arm around me to help keep me warm.  

I looked up into his blue eyes and decided I was going to kiss him if he wasn’t going to kiss me.   It wasn’t much just a peck but it got the point across.   And he lay back taking me in his arms and kissed me deeply and passionately.   We necked and caressed for awhile, his kisses were great and almost made my toes curl.   He slowly kissed his way down my neck then around back up to my ears.   Meanwhile his hands were roaming to my breasts and caressing them.   He wanted better access so he reached around and undid my bra   

Then he moved down my body and took each nipple in turn into his mouth sucking gently.    He wasn’t stopping there because he removed my panties like they weren’t there, I didn’t even feel them coming off.   He started kissing my pussy starting by gently playing with my clit with his tongue, then he stuck his tongue in my vagina making me all slippery and wet.     I reached down and tried to get him to move up so I could undress him but he stuck his fingers in my pussy and started sliding them in and out this distracted me.   Soon he stood and removed his own clothes he had the body of a farmer strong and firm and his cock when pressed up against his belly reached all the way to his navel.   He slid his fingers back inside me and rubbed my clit a little while longer.   Then I moved my arms and he moved on top of me.   With his knees he spread my legs and I bent my legs and he spread the lips of my pussy.   He aimed his cock and slowly worked it into me.   He slid on hand under my ass and slowly worked his cock in and out until with a great push, he was all the way in.   I felt as if he took my breath away for a moment.  

He pushed himself up onto his hands and made love to me.   His rhythm was slow, he would bring his cock all the way out and then shove it back in.   His pace picked up gradually until he was pumping into me.   My whole body was lifted up from the intensity of our fucking.   He finally pulled out and came all over my tits and stomach.   After only a moment, he was back down between my legs, fucking me with his tongue.

He drove me crazy! He was saying things like, “you want your pussy fucked?” and “Screw me baby”   For the longest time, he would finger me, then he would lick his fingers like he’d just dipped them in icing, then stick them back in after withdrawing his tongue and lapping up my juices.   His lips and chin were gleaming.  

He rolled me over into doggy style and fingered me some more, rubbing my whole pussy area, before he slid his cock into me again.   We fucked and fucked, we were to hot to stop.   I came and then so did he this time deep inside me.   We rested and then both rode home on his horse just to stay close, when back at his house we showered and slept.