The Damsel In Distress

By TheGulfCoaster

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The knight in shiny armor rescues the damsel in distress, they have sex and fall in love
It was the first weekend after I got my brand new ‘Hemi-orange’ Dodge SRT8 Challenger and even though it wasn’t dirty at all, I decided to wash and wax the shiny muscle car. I pulled it out of the garage onto the concrete driveway and started. I was just using my chamois to get the excess water off the car when I heard a ‘bang’ in the street in front of my house. I quickly turned to look and saw an old blue Toyota pull over right at the end of my driveway. I watched as a tall slender appearing red head got out of the driver’s seat and looked sullenly at the destroyed tire on the left front corner of the car. I waited to see if anyone else got out of the car or if she dialed a cell phone, but she retrieved her keys and opened the trunk. I watched her struggle with the spare for only a moment before walking out to her to see if I could give her a hand.

“Pardon me, but could the lovely damsel in distress use the services of a knight in shiny armor?”

She assessed me for a moment then said, “I blew a tire on my car and I’m really not that mechanically inclined, so sure – if you’re willing to help, I’d be very grateful.”

I grabbed hold of the obviously used tire on a slightly rusted rim and pulled it out of the trunk. The dull ‘thwop’ sound it made as I dropped it to the ground along with the failure to bounce at all told me the spare was flat as well. A quick inspection found the head of a nail in the tread and I told the girl I was pretty sure I could fix it for her if she followed me up to the garage.

“By the way, I’m David.” She said, “It’s nice to meet you, David. I’m Kaci.”

We walked up to the garage and she admired the shiny new Dodge parked in the sun and said, “These are such cool cars! My Dad used to have one of the old Challenger’s, I like the looks of the new ones more."
“Me, too.”

We walked into the garage and I used pliers to pull the nail out of her spare then plugged the hole with a tubeless tire repair kit from my tool box. I hooked the tire up to the little ‘hobby’ compressor I kept mainly to inflate pool toys, sports balls and bicycle tires and told Kaci it would take a while to fill the tire.

We leaned against my old pickup there in the garage talking and she couldn’t seem to quit thanking me.

“I bet it’s something your boyfriend would have been happy to do for you.”

She said, “The last boyfriend I had was such a jerk, he wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help me.”

I said, “So you’re between boyfriends right now?”

She said, “Yeah, for a couple months now. Your wife or girlfriend isn’t going to be upset you rescued this damsel in distress, is she?”

I said “I’m single right now, too. Maybe I should ask you out, I’ve always had a thing for tall, sexy redheads. It’s a very attractive shade of red, is it natural?”

She leaned up against me, gave me a little kiss right on the lips and said, “I’ll show you after you’re done working on the tire, if you like.”

I was somewhat dumbfounded by her extraordinarily direct language and didn’t speak for a moment. She waited through the pause and before I regained my composure, she added, “I’ve got to find some way to show my appreciation to the knight in shiny armor.”

I smiled and said, “Well, I would have fixed your tire for nothing more than a thank you, but I’d have to be a fool to turn down a chance to be with you, so if we’re thinking along the same lines, I’d like that a lot!”

When the tire was filled to capacity, we went out front and I installed it for her, and put the bad tire and tools away in her trunk. I was half expecting her to thank me and be on her way, but she followed me back up the drive then parked the car, got out and came inside with me. 

“Ooh, you’ve got a pool, too?”

“Yeah, if you ever want to come by and go for a dip, feel free.” 

“How about right now?”

“Sure if you want. Do you have anything with you to swim in? I’m afraid there aren’t any girls’ suits here I can offer you.”

“That’s ok, if you don’t mind me skinny dipping.”

“It would be safe, there’s not much chance anyone would see you.”

She pulled her top off revealing two of the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen – full, yet firm with tiny brown areolas and nipples pointing slightly skyward. She tossed the shirt onto a patio chair then undid her jeans, shimmied them down to the pool deck.

As she stood there wearing a tiny pastel green thong, she said, “You ARE going to join me, right?”

“How could I refuse?” I quickly undressed then she took my hand and we jumped into the warm water together.

When we bobbed back up to the surface, she wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. My growing erection had to be as obvious to her as her hardening nipples were to me.

When the kiss was broken, she said, “I hope you don’t mind me doing that, I don’t know what came over me.” 

“Not at all – it’s the best sex I’ve had in weeks.”

She nibbled on my ear lobe while whispering, “That wasn’t sex – you’ll KNOW it when we have sex.” I kissed her back and said, “I can’t wait!”

We splashed around in the water, playing little touchie-feelie games and kissing for a while then using my semi-rigid cock like the string on a child's pull toy, led me up the steps in the shallow end, I got a few towels out of the storage closet in my lanai and we dried off. She ended up with one towel wrapped around her waist and another used like a turban with her long strawberry blonde locks, leaving her glistening boobs with their perfect, hardened little nipples exposed..

She said, “Where’s your room?”

I led her up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Once we were there, she used her left hand to remove the towel around her waist, her right hand to remove the one she wrapped her hair up in then walked up to me, removed the towel around my waist and kissed me passionately as she stroked my cock. When she stopped, she dropped to her knees and started giving me head right there next to my bed. 

“I sure would like to eat you while you do that.”

She paused long enough to say, “There will be time for that during round two. This one’s going in my mouth.”

She went back to work sucking my cock and I said, “I’m gonna come, Kaci!” She increased her vigor and as soon as the first spurt left my cock, she deep throated the convulsing organ until I finished coming then stood up, showed me the pool of cum in her mouth and swallowed.

She kissed me passionately and gripping my softening cock said, “What’s a girl got to do to get this little guy ready to go again?”

“As good as you are at giving head, if we lay down and eat each other, I’ll be ready to go by the time I make you come.”

I turned down the bed and we lay down on our sides and began performing oral sex on each other. Kaci’s pussy was probably the sweetest I’ve ever had my face buried in and she really seemed to enjoy the way I was eating her while she gave me head, rapidly bringing me to full hardness again quite quickly. As I sucked and nibbled on her clit, she paused and begged me to use my fingers in her pussy. I put one, then two fingers in her as I kept working on her clit and when I discovered her ‘G’ spot, the combination of rubbing it and sucking on her clit brought her to a massive orgasm very quickly. She pulled my face up to hers and we kissed as she climbed over me, impaling her pussy on my rock-hard cock.

She rode me hard and fast with moves obviously learned from watching Shakira’s dance moves in her videos. We changed positions a few times and ended up with her back on top by the time I was getting ready to come again. She did her ‘Shakira’ moves a while then lay down crushing her rather substantial boobs against my chest while she bobbed her sexy little bottom up and down over my cock until I announced my impending orgasm. When I started to come, she dropped down hard, forcing my cock deep into her pussy as I gave her my second load of the afternoon.

We lay there cuddling with each other afterwards and within a week, we had fallen in love, she had given up her apartment and we were living together having incessant sex. Our sex life keeps getting better and she has become quite the freak in bed. By the way, the carpet indeed matched the curtains. Although it wasn't wall to wall carpeting, it was more like a tiny welcome mat. I’ll write about some of our new adventures next time.