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The Dare Game

The Dare Game

A few girlfriends play the dare game
Have you ever played truth or dare? It can be kind of interesting, when you have a bunch of your best friends playing with you. Well, my friends and I have changed it around a little, and we call it the dare game. Now you can dare your friends to do all sorts of things. But, in our dare game we do sexual things. My best friend Susie and I have gotten into some pretty interesting sexual situations recently.

I dared Susie to go into a bar and order a guy a drink and tell him to fuck her. Susie is a real slut, and she did just that. She wasn’t even in the bar more than a half an hour. She found a cute guy, bought him a drink, and then they left and got a room. I love my friend Susie; she's really wild.

We dared our friend Gina to go into a church and tell the priest all the bad slutty things she did in the last month. She told the priest that she loved to give blow jobs to strangers and how she fucked strange men all over the city. Well, the priest listened; we do wonder if that is all he did. He told Gina to do ten Hail Mary’s and ten Our Father’s. I think she must have made him sweat in the confessional box.

We know she did it too, because we told her to record it on her cell phone when she met up with the priest. Gina did a great job. She didn’t even laugh. We were thinking of all kinds of sexy dares for our friends to do.

My friends then dared me to go to a XXX theater by myself. Of course, they would have one of our clique be there to make sure I went by myself and to observe anything that might happen, while I was there.

“When you go Diane, wear a dress and no panties.”

“Okay, well that seems like a weird request. You know me, I love a good dare.”

This is the story of when I went to the XXX theater and what transpired there.

I was really excited to do this dare that all my friends wanted me to do. I took a shower and got dressed. They wanted me to wear a dress. I put on a yellow sundress. The bra was already in the dress, so I didn’t need to wear one. I didn’t put panties on, because they said not to. I also wore my tan sandals. I put my brown long hair in a pony-tail. I put my make up on.

I drove over to the XXX theater. We live in California, and they wanted me to go to the Tiki Theater in Los Angeles. The original theater had been rebuilt in the 90’s, and it had a 70’s feel to it. But, I imagined that it would still be a sleazy kind of a place. I was just going to do what I was dared to do. I'd seen porn movies about women that go to these places and get groped. I imagined that this is what I was in store for.

I filled a flask with some vodka and took a few swigs before getting the nerve to go into the theater. I applied my red lipstick and walked bravely to get my ticket at the window. The guy who gave me the ticket, just smiled at me and looked me up and down.

Now it was time to make good on my dare. Hard core porn was playing at the Tiki Theater. Funny thing was, it was a double feature of classic porn. Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas were the featured movies. I’d never seen those, but I'd heard that they were cult classic kind of porn.

I’m a young, attractive, woman, and I entered the theater alone. I saw Susie’s boyfriend Bryan in the back and he waved to me. I smiled and took a seat in the front of the theater. I looked around and there were a few couples together and a few males alone. My heart was pounding. I was excited about what may or may not happen.

Nobody was sitting next to me or behind me when I first got there. I was dared to have to sit through an entire movie at the theater. I started to watch the movie. It was a little odd to watch a porno in a movie theater alone. I sat there for about thirty minutes, and then, ever so gently, I felt somebody behind me lightly grope me. I was so turned on and didn’t move.

His hands were now in front of me stroking at my breasts. It was really kind of hot. I just let him fondle me . One guy was playing with my left breast and the other guy was playing with my right breast, over my dress. The guy behind me was giving me a neck massage. I now was feeling really good and then I spread my legs a little. The men pushed up my dress. They were playing with my breasts through my dress. Then, they pulled my dress down to my waist. The guys moved my dress high on my thigh. I wasn’t wearing any panties.

My breasts were now exposed and the guy behind me was squeezing them together, while the other two were stroking at my pussy. I was so horny and wanting these strangers to play with my pussy, and hopefully later they'd fuck me.

I knew Susie’s boyfriend was watching all this. I wondered if Bryan was playing with his cock watching all this action with me and the strangers.

I was thinking to myself how fucking horny I was to be letting this happen. I was really enjoying this. I wasn’t even watching the porno movie. I was becoming the porno movie. I noticed that Bryan had moved to the other front row to the left of me. I saw that he had unzipped his pants and was stroking his cock, while the movie played. But, he really was watching me and these men get together.

Now, the guys were taking turns with rubbing my pussy. The guy behind me was playing with my breasts. I was so turned on.

“Oh fuck, your fingers feel so good in my pussy. Don’t stop.”

I spread my legs really wide, and the guy on the left of me started to finger fuck me really fast. Then the guy to the right of me knelt down and started to lick at my juices. His fingers felt so good in my bald pussy. I was so horny and could not even believe I was letting this happen.

“Oh God, that feels so good. My pussy is so wet.”

“Get up and bend over whore!”

I did as the guy said to do. I got up and bent over holding the chair. The first guy took a condom out and slipped it on his cock. He then entered my pussy. He held my hips and fucked into me fast. Then he pulled out and the second guy put his condom on. He then slipped into my pussy, and he fucked me for a while. He was thrusting and pounding into my bald pussy. He was grabbing onto my hips and really fucking me hard.

I felt like a whore, but it was really exciting anyway. After that, Bryan, Susie’s boyfriend, stood in front of me and told me to suck his cock. I knelt down and put Bryan’s cock into my mouth. I hoped that Susie didn’t care that I was sucking her boyfriend’s cock. I took his cock deep into my throat. I rubbed and massaged his balls, while I sucked and slurped on his hard cock.

“Diane, that feels so good. Suck my cock. Oh fuck!”

I bobbed along his hard, erect, and very long cock. My hair was already up and he face fucked me fast. I kept pace with his long cock.

“Fuck yes! You suck cock so good, better than my girlfriend. Fuck I’m going to come.”

I was taking his cock all the way down my throat. He wasn’t terribly big, so I could deep throat his entire cock. My mouth was all the way into his groin.

“I’m going to come Diane. Fuck!”

Bryan shot his load into my throat. A rush of people fled into the theater. All these camera men came rushing over to us. It was an X-Rated episode of Pranked. I fucking just got pranked. This was a complete set up from all my friends.

All my girlfriends came running into the theater.

“Diane you've just been pranked.”

I nearly died. I could not believe they got me good. I felt like a God damn whore. Of course, now this was going to be televised on the XXX station. I could not believe it. I was just a little mad, but not really.

I wiped my damn mouth of come and was talking to the host of the show. I felt like a whore. That’s what happened when I played Dare with my friends.

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