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The Dark Room

The room is dark. Just a hint of light from the streetlamps filling the room. I hear the door open, but I can’t see who it is from the bed. I call out, but there’s no response. I see him enter the room, and I immediately know.

I know his shape. His movements. His scent.

I sit up to greet him, but he’s already at my side, his lips crushing mine with a kiss. Our tongues tangled together in a lustful battle, I reach up to wrap my arms around his neck. I can feel that he’s still wearing his uniform. I run my hands across his strong shoulders before they make their way to his neck. I pull our bodies closer wanting to feel the heat of his body, the beat of his heart, but he pulls back. Before I can even protest, his lips are on my neck. Kissing. Licking. Biting. His passionate assault is overwhelming. He knows just the right spots to target to send my head spinning.

I’m running my hands all over him. Trying to find what lies beneath. With increasing urgency, I pull at his uniform shirt, trying to keep my focus even though his mouth is still hot on my neck. I toss aside his shirt and begin to work on the t-shirt he always wears underneath but he’s distracting me. His lips on mine again. Tasting. Teasing. Torturing. His hands roaming my body caressing every inch of every curve through my thin chemise with the gentlest of touches, but sometimes his appetite gets the best of him and his touch relays the urgency he feels. I finally manage to get my hands under his t-shirt. Running my hands over his stomach, his chest, his back, pushing up his shirt as I go. With it out of the way, my mouth can do some exploring of its own. I pull him down beside me and begin to take control.

I can feel the rough stubble on his cheek as I kiss my way down. Kissing the curve of his neck, his collarbone, his chest. I abruptly stop and move lower. Kissing and licking his stomach and working my way back up. I know what he wants, but he’ll have to wait for it. I taste every inch of his delicious exposed skin before finally moving to his nipples. I want to savor their sweetness. Tease him with little nips of my teeth. He begins to moan and I can feel his arousal growing stronger. I love the pleasure this brings him, but I’m looking for something more.

I start to move lower again. I fumble with his belt a little. Sensing my frustration he reaches down to help and then runs his hands through my long hair. As I begin to pull at his pants, I run my tongue just under the waistband of his blue briefs and he shivers ever so slightly. I can feel his cock straining against the confines of his briefs, begging to be set free. Once I’ve added his pants to the pile on the floor, I begin caressing him, feeling the strain of the fabric between his cock and my fingers. I kiss him through the fabric, making sure he can feel the heat of my breath.

He reaches for me, but I push him away. It’s still my turn, I say.

I inch his briefs down, tasting his skin as I go. As I inch lower, his beautiful cock springs free. I gently kiss the tip but I keep moving lower until I can free him from the briefs completely. I begin to work my way back up, savoring every kiss. I reach his inner thighs and his legs spread instinctively. I gently caress his shaft, but I’m still not ready. I explore the smooth, clean-shaven skin which is still so new to me. I want to taste everything. Feel everything. But soon my own impatience gets the best of me. I lick him from the base of his hard shaft to the head, gently at first. I love the feel of his throbbing member in my mouth, so I gently take him in. Just the head at first, then slowly I engulf him completely, applying just enough suction while swirling my tongue underneath. He moans quietly and says my name. I alternate between this oral bliss and running my hands up and down his shaft, sometimes combining the two. His hands are in my hair, gently urging me on. I can sense he’s getting close so I have to decide whether to slow things down or continue our current path. But, I sense his desire and I cannot deny him. I increase the pace, keeping my mouth on him at all times, using my hands to massage his balls and the base of his cock. He’s breathing hard and trying to vocalize his desire but his words become jumbled with his moans of pleasure. Then one last time I take him deep into my mouth and he erupts, shooting his warm seed into my mouth. I savor the flavor as he releases gush after gush. I crawl up so that I can kiss him, giving him a sample of what I just enjoyed.

We kiss gently but the passion increases again. This time he takes charge in no uncertain terms. He flips me on to my back and begins kissing my neck again, working his way down. He pushes the fabric of my chemise aside so that he can feast on my breasts. He’s fascinated by them and can spend hours caressing them and taking them into his mouth. His expert hands gently exploring and his talented tongue teasing as he brings my nipples to full attention. He knows me well. He knows that simply nibbling gently on my nipples sends shockwaves through my body. I can’t lie still, but he keeps going until I’m begging him to penetrate me.

But he denies me and reminds me that it’s his turn now.

He starts to move lower but finds that the fabric is still in his way. He starts to pull it off but gets impatient and the fabric rips. He tears the rest of the garment away and it lies in tatters beneath me. He resumes his path and pauses at my belly button which has always intrigued him. The feeling is amazing, but I’m so aroused that I beg him to keep going, knowing what is coming. He laughs gently at my predicament but concedes and moves down to my panties. He caresses me through the black lace, feeling my wetness seeping through. He begins tonguing me through the fabric, using his fingers to feel every fold. I’m dizzy with desire and ask him to take them off…I want to feel him inside me. He gently removes the wet lace and begins licking my slit, plunging his tongue deep inside me. His fingers find my clit and rub it furiously. I can barely speak. I try to say his name but the pleasure is overwhelming. Then without warning his fingers are delving into the depths of my pussy, touching every sensitive spot. His mouth is on my clit, sucking, licking, and then sucking again. He’s persistent. Patient. He continues pleasuring me for what seems like forever. But I can feel it coming. I know that I’m near the point of no return. I’m moaning and shrieking, calling out his name over and over with God thrown in a few times too. The rush of sensations leaves me shaking. I can’t think. I can’t feel anything but the aftershocks of the amazing orgasm that only he can give me.

Now it’s my turn to taste. He moves up to kiss me with my juices still on his lips, in his mouth, on his face. I kiss him fervently, eager to share. I can feel his cock against my belly, swollen and throbbing once again. He runs his hands down my legs and slowly lifts them, bringing my pussy to his rock hard cock. He rubs it up and down my slit before entering me. Slowly at first and then at my urging he fills me completely as only he can. We take a moment to just enjoy the sensation of being joined in such an intimate way. Then slowly we begin moving steadily together. His cock touches me in places I’ve never known possible. We establish a rhythm, but every so often he pulls out completely and then plunges back in to the hilt, taking my breath away. The only sounds coming from my mouth are “yes yes yes” as he fills me over and over again. I wrap my legs around his back to free his hands and I meet him thrust for thrust. He kisses me deeply as the pace increases, our desire getting the best of us. He reaches between us and fingers my clit as we fuck. The pleasure is more than I can take and I scream out as my next orgasm sets in. His pace is frantic as he reaches the edge and he tells me he’s coming, calling my name. His climax sets me off again, my pussy milking every last drop of deliciousness from his cock. We collapse in a heap on the bed, his spent cock still inside me. Both of us shaking from the incredible release, bodies covered in sweat, unable to speak.

Finally, after a few moments to regain conscious thought, he looks at me and says “Hey Beautiful, how was your night?”

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