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The dedicated customer

She is one dedicated customer
This one day during summer this young 18 year old boy gets a job at an ice cream parlor it paid good for a summer job and he’d be someplace cold during this unusually hot and sticky summer. After a few days of working he noticed a lot of people getting ice cream but seeing how he was new to town he enjoyed meeting these new people especially all the hot looking tail running around he was excited and found good reason. Number two about working in a cold place don’t have to go far to cure your wood. Well that idea didn’t last long of having a cold place to hide his gentleman’s honesty to hotness.

A girl walked in that challenged his gentleman’s hotness test along with his zippers durability test. The girl that walked in made him wonder where the miss universe bus because this girl could not only be a contestant she could take the whole show. She was completely gorgeous standing about 5 foot 5 probably weighing in about 115 lbs. She wore low cut shorts showing off her thong, which also showed off her legs or what legs there was there. She also wore 3inch heels trying to show off as much definition in her legs and he had to agree to her showing. At that moment he wanted those legs wrapped around his waist or face didn’t matter much to him or at least he was jealous of her thong. On his way up he noticed equally to wanting to show off her lower extremities she also took great pride in showing off her upper body by wearing the most tight and form fitting shirt he had ever seen well at least in real life those adult magazines are a different thing.

While he was checking her out she must have been doing the same thing because she missed a step nearly colliding with the customer in front of her. He smiled at her with his best smile when it came to her turn. After giving her the ice cream she chose and turning bright red when they touched each other she quietly went to the most unoccupied corner of the parlor and quietly ate her ice cream while totally staring at him and daydreaming. He could tell that she was daydreaming because she was seducing her ice cream with every bite and secretly playing with herself but he just smiled every time their eyes meet while he helped out the other customers. After she finished her ice cream she would quickly put a small tip in his tip jar and equally as quick rush out of the ice cream parlor. The kid had nothing else to do other than smile to himself and hope that his boss didn’t see anything that happened.

After that day the girl would come in every single day at about the same time order some ice cream usually different flavors to go with her current outfit and go into the most secluded corner of the parlor. Just stare at him while playing with herself then after finishing her ice cream she would quickly put a small tip in his tip jar and quickly leave without saying anything other than a shit eating grin on her face. And every single day her clothes would be more and more appealing. To him this worked on wearing form fitting clothes and playing with yourself because his pants felt tighter and tighter each and every single day this happened he was only glad that there was a wall between them or the whole cat and mouse game wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has and he was glad that he was working in a cold place. He was also extremely happy that the wall was there between them at various times because if it weren’t there then the wall would be splintered. Well at the very least the zipper on his pants would shoot through the window and onto the horizon.

This happened for about three weeks the girl would come in order ice cream go into the most secluded part of the parlor then proceed to play with herself when she finished she would leave a small tip then quickly disappear into wide open of the world. When finally the girl must have gotten tired of the cat and mouse game she came and talked to him. After learning that he confessed that he never had the courage to do anything because of his boss always being around when she came in he didn’t want to lose a good job seeing how he was new. He also admitted to appreciating the show and confessed to her playing with herself the girl turned completely red but with a sly smile asked him what he was doing. After learning that he was closing the store that night and will be the only one for the rest of the day maintaining the shop she just gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and told him she’ll see him tonight.

After she left he looked down in his tip jar to see what kind of tip she left him instead of money there was a pair of panties with a note reading “these are for you until tonight don’t disappoint my dreams until then enjoy my smell”. After that he thought 10pm couldn’t come fast enough.

After the girl walked out of his parlor he quickly went into the back room and takes a good whiff of his new prize. Suddenly after smell his Angel’s tender and sweet juices on her panties, ideas of wishing the place was already closed and the things he wanted to do to this girl popped into his head. The first scene that popped into his head was to slowly undress the girl and replace each article of clothing with a scoop of ice cream to be licked off from him. First, he would put vanilla on her left nipple and breast then chocolate on her right nipple and breast replacing her shirt and bra to be later licked and nibbled off from him until her erect frozen nipples were exposed waiting for his mouth to warm them back to normal. Next, he would use the whipped cream on desired places until he heard her moan and scream to stop or at least do other things to her. All the dreaming started making his pants feel tighter than normal like a vice had suddenly appeared around his crotch and was into full pinch mode making his pants feel completely uncomfortable. He was still surprised his zipper hasn’t given away to its constant test of durability over the last few weeks. Before he could fully imagine his dream that would rival any playboy article he has read so far he heard a bell coming from the front of the store wanting help.

He quickly stuffs his new found prize into his pocket and goes out to see who would dare to interrupt his ideas on what to do with his future girl waiting for him. He thinks to himself a little side note to wear looser jeans so his bulge wouldn’t feel so tight around the crotch area. Along with his side note hoping to find pants with loose crotch areas he also hoped that it wouldn’t be as visible. He made these side notes to himself because he’s sure at that moment you could hang three soaked towels over his bulge and it wouldn’t move. He also made a side note to himself to get the girls name, of course the more he thought about it that little fact was not needed in his dream as long as his name was the one being screamed from the girl. Her name was just trivial to him; of course, her name would be nice to know. To not name such a beautiful creature or at least to walk into his parlor would be a sin.

The rest of the day amazed him on how slow it seemed to move because every time he got a chance to pick up on his dream where he last left off a customer would come in taking him once again away from his imagination. Times like these really irritated him; of course he thought who wouldn’t be irritated under circumstances like he was. He also thought to himself that something like this would only happen in playboy or penthouse or some adult magazine not in real life, of course he made a mental note if things played out correctly he should really write it to the adult magazines just to be immortalized. Of course each time he got more than three seconds to think about his dream and continue it his bulge would return. Not only would his bulge return, but also so would a customer come in. In which he kept thinking to thank the sweet lord, actually to be more specific he needed to praise the person who invented air conditioning along with the person who invented the freezer for helping with his wood going away in the cold. Then again there was always that wall and the 15’ freezer of ice cream to would help hide his raging bulge that always made him smile but nothing was always hidden.

As usual the right angle everything can be done and in this case at the right angle the customer could see his raging bulge. Slowly the day went on and on until it finally came to quitting time he looked at the time and nearly jumped clicking his heels together to see what the time was. He thought he would never find himself so happy to be the one cleaning up and closing a store by himself as much as he was at that moment. So naturally he went to the front door and locked the door and flipped the sign stating to the world that the store is now closed. He went into the back and began cleaning all the tools used throughout the day. Everything was almost clean and put away when a knock came at the front door.

The boy hurried to the front door and was amazed at the sight he saw when he got there. When he came to the door he saw his goddess wearing an extremely short skirt that barely covered her ass. This type of skirt if worn a catholic schoolgirl would be jealous because no matter how big of a fetish there was for catholic schoolgirls. This type of low cut skirt would win every time when a man was given the choice of either a catholic schoolgirl outfit for his lover or this skirt. The skirt was red and black he surprised that the pattern wasn’t plaid or some stripes.

He tried to figure out the type of pattern the colors were on her skirt but his thought didn’t last long. He looked down and noticed with the nice skirt she was also wearing black knee high socks with dainty slippers. He couldn’t imagine a better ensemble from the waist down. He smirked to himself any normal girl would be jealous of this particular outfit from the waist down because these jealous girls would lose their boyfriend. Finally he looked up and noticed she was wearing a black tight collar shirt that was so tight it failed to show she was not wearing a bra. This was the shirt that he had seen every single over done celebrity wear this type of tight collared shirt, of course he had to admit of all the celebrities she pulled it off better than she every could. He had to keep his jaw closed or he was afraid that his mouth would open and a flood of drool would flow out. He was amazed to see how perfect her breasts looked under that collar shirt. Normally he would think such an outfit like what she was wearing was completely slutty, but under these circumstances he found his double negative ironic. Yes she looked like a slut, but she also looked quite exquisite and his lower region had to agree by feeling like growing an inch or two more than normal.

He unlocked the door to her swinging her hips and her saying, “Are you gonna let me in?” with a sly smile that even the devil would be jealous of.

Naturally he stepped aside and let her in so he could finish his work as she walked passed him her fingers glided across his bulge and she did this half cooing half girlie giggle that completely caught him off guard but he tried to play stupid and lock the door so he could finish closing the store to see what all this girl had in mind for him. At the same time he locked the door to see if anyone saw him letting in this beauty and also checking to see if there were any hidden cameras because this just seems so unreal to him.

He went to the back to finish putting everything away that was clean as she followed behind never taking her eyes off from him. As he continued putting away all the tools used all day long mainly just knifes for the bananas and ice cream scoops for the ice cream. While he put these items away she tapped her fingers on the table in a walking manner and walking her fingers up his spine to reach the back of neck to turn him around to her. See was successful as she made him bend down to kiss him. As they kissed he felt her hands go places that the man should do not the female. That instance was all it took he lifted her and sat her on the steel table. The very move brought surprise to her eyes and smile to her lips. He kissed and swift removed her shirt and was right about his assumption as her not wearing a bra. He took a look at her chest and was completely mesmerized at the sight before him her breasts were in other words…perfect. A plastic surgeon would be jealous of what was on her chest. She had a perfect set of C cup breasts if he had to guess a size 32 or 34 C cup and her nipples looked exquisite.

Her areolas that surrounded the nipple looked like perfect silver dollars at the right color that would make any other girl jealous even though pin up girls shown on playboy.

She just looked at him with a sly smile and said, “Are you just gonna stare at them or warm them up? It is a little cold in here.”

With that said he looked at her and said, “I have a better idea.” He immediately lays her down and tells her “I’ll be right back I’ve had this idea since you left me my little prize.”

With that said he walked out to the front with a large cup and six little spoons inside the cup. The girl is confused as to the cup but anything sounds good at this moment. As he gets to her he lays her down on the table and pulls out a spoon with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and places the scoop on top of her left nipple which makes her jump at how cold it is.

“So of all things ice cream is what you wanted to put on me. Well what else do you plan to put on me?” she says with a sly smile.

He smiles back and says, “Well I never finished my dream but don’t worry I have ideas.”

As he pulls another small scoop what appears to be chocolate over his right nipple. She instantly arches her back to both of her nipples being completely cold. He leans down to kiss her fully and they lock lips while he reaches down under skirt and finds to not wearing a bra she is also not wearing any panties and to add to not wearing panties she is also shaved, as shaved as Shaq shaves his head.

He plays with her very lightly feeling her hips begin to move in time with his finger movements. Not wanting to leave her nipples protruding past the ice cream he began nibbling off the vanilla until clean then on to chocolate leaving nothing but pointing nipples begging to be played with and warmed up. After cleaning everything off from her she immediately got off the table and slammed him against the wall he was surprised with her strength but he wasn’t going to argue with what was going on. Kissing him nibbling on his nipples and within a second before he knew it he no pants on and shirt on and her skirt was completely gone.

Without trying to realize what was happening she had him pushed against the same table and was on her knees saying hello to his little fellow that was standing at full attention and she cooed at him as she gave his lower fellow attention. After what felt like forever of seeing the top of her head bobbing up and down on his schlong but probably was only a few minutes he pulled her up to him and once again lifting her up and putting her on the steel table only this time his shirt was underneath her and he was down at first just barely using his tongue to penetrate her lips not even touching her g spot. After a few minutes he used more force with his tongue in circular motions and all sorts of motions on her clitoris once he found it with his tongue. After a few moments her hips started going to motion with his tongue circular movements he put his finger inside of her finding that she was completely wet. Hearing her moan she began to move more rapidly once his tongue was hitting her clitoris and his finger found her inner g spot he began to move more rapidly but that movement didn’t last too long until he was taken surprise when his face was completely sprayed with her squirting all over him.

Before he could react to his face being soaked by her she quickly grabbed him brought him close to her grabbed his cock and forced it inside her. Still surprised he only accommodated her and began thrusting her slowly at first but she just grabbed his ass and made him thrust her harder and harder before he knew it he was making the table move around the room thrusting her and making stuff fall all over the place. After a few moments of fiery passion and rearranging the back room a lot they both finally fell on top of each other out of pure exhaustion.

After about twenty minutes and both of them catching their breath he looks at her and says, “That was amazing. I have to know your name before I just name you ‘Angel’.”

She just looks at him and says, “Right now you only get a letter until you can spell my name for each time you satisfy me you get another letter until my name is fully spelled. Today’s letter will be A. See you tomorrow lover boy.”

With that she quickly puts on her skirt and shirt walks to the front unlocks the front door and goes out into the night.

The guy stands up smiles to himself and says, “I wonder what tomorrows letter will be?”

After everything was done he began to scratch his head and looks around at the mess that he created with his Angel, “I hope I get overtime for this.”

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