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The dedicated customer...Part 2

This is from the view of the customer....
One day during a an unusually hot and sticky summer a girl was out and about doing her normal daily routines. After a long session of working out at the gym she decided it should be rewarded with some ice cream to help fight the blazing day. While still at the gym she didn’t want to be seen around town looking like she sat in a sauna and swam in warm syrup because her hair was all messed up but at least she knew she got a good work out in. She immediately went to the locker room opened up her locker and grabbed her gym bag. She waltzed over to the isolated single showers.

Oh how she loved this gym’s showers they didn’t waste any expense with their showers. The showers felt like jets were spraying down on you with so much force that a deep tissue massage from a professional masseuse wouldn’t do justice and there was more than one shower head there were five shower heads in each single shower room. She loved how they were positioned one shower head towards your head, one head aimed at your back, two at your sides, and one for your stomach. The one for the head was always nicely pressured enough just to get your hair thoroughly wet but not enough to knock you out or give you a concussion. The shower head for the back was so pressurized that if you weren’t careful you would be launched through the wall luckily the show head was set in a circular pattern to fully tenderize the back.

There was no way to describe how the shower felt on her back a personal masseuse would be out of a job with this shower head all she knew was if she was ever stressed out this was the place to go. It was certainly cheaper than any massage even though she giggled at the thought of having some of those masseuses’ around to do more than just give her a massage. The shower heads aimed at her sides weren’t at all that powerful but god it felt good no matter the pressure. And finally the shower head aimed at her stomach would go off in spurts nothing too powerful but felt like she was being squirt by a over priced super soaker stung at first but it felt good afterwards.

Whoever designed these showerheads calibrated them with her in mind. It always seemed perfect. As usual with her shower she always played with herself. She was surprised that her act of working out always included working out every muscle. She always fancied working out her lower muscle always last of course throughout her work out sessions she was also trying to find new exercises that would tighten the muscles down there along with the normal muscles that were always needed to keep in shape.

After she got all cleaned up she dressed herself with something comfortable because of how hot it was she was reduced to wearing some low cut shorts, a white t shirt, white bra and panties, and put her hair up in a tight pony tail. She was amazed her normal sexy clothes were either too heavy for the summer or too thin and would stick to her skin defeating the purpose. If this was what she was reduced to then this was what she would have to work with.

Oh well she tried not to think about it too much all she knew was she needed a good snack for her hard work out day. On the way to the ice cream parlor she kind of smirked of how she passed by Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone because for some reason those types of places always tasted funny she always like her mom and pop shops especially this particular shop just in the middle of town.

For some reason this particular mom and pop shop has their ingredients just right for their ice cream because it was like her crack. She couldn’t live without their ice cream at least once a week especially their unusual special ice cream flavors everyone of the big time ice cream stores have tried to replicate their flavors but could never get it right in her mind. She finally got to her favorite store got out of her car and slowly walked towards the store. As she got closer it seemed like the store was hopping more than normal with only one person behind the counter. All the customers seemed to be all girls about 18, the same age as her, as she got closer she could see why.

As she walked in the door, behind the counter stood the most handsome boy about the same age as her as she had ever seen. He must have stood at least 6’ even or at least 6’1’’; weighing somewhere around 170-190 lbs with a muscular build that would want any woman to have pressed against her. He had brown hair that was styled like it was short but longer in some other places with a sort of spiky bed head styled hair. For most people that type of hair styled hair looked like crap and any other guy but on this one it worked for him made him more mysterious if that was even possible she thought to herself.

He had this nice tight white shirt on him doubtful he wanted to wear any other shirt to get ice cream stains on him but she didn’t care about the shirt she wanted to see his shirt off from him. She couldn’t tell what he was wearing from the waist down probably some small white apron with tight jeans on. As she walked in the door she nearly tripped completely over but she was able to recover nicely at least she thought she didn’t tackle the person in front of her because she lost her balance. That would have been so embarrassing she doubted she would have been to come to this store ever again until this hunk of a man left for college.

As she got close to her dream man she noticed he was wearing a name tag reading the typical name tag “Hello my name is” but she couldn’t quite make out the name until it was her turn to place her order for ice cream. She just stared at his eyes and finally looked long enough to see his name “David”. David sounded exquisite she wondered what a David could do to her especially this particular David. Before she could imagine what he could to do her with his hands she heard…

“Can I help you miss?” came out of the gorgeous statue known as David.

She couldn’t help herself with how deep his voice was as if the deep vibrations set off triggers in her brain she no longer had bone for legs they were made out of rubber. She couldn’t make her legs stop trembling as if the weight of the world had just landed on her shoulders or at least some form of weight that couldn’t be described other than a release that needed to be done only with the speaking of her legs.


His voice completely shook her from her thoughts and quickly chose some ice cream she didn’t care what flavor she got as long as he was on the menu with a side order of his phone number. If there were ever a person worth stalking other than a famous hot celebrity this was the man worth stalking. And if he wasn’t a man yet she was going to make him one.

“Oh! Um...just one scoop of...vanilla please?” as she smiled at him.

He just looked at her and went over to the freezer where all the ice cream was. As he leaned in to get a single scoop of the ice cream for her she leaned over to check out his butt. Just as she leaned over the counter he started his trip from the freezer to her and all she could do was quickly get up and hope he didn’t notice that she was checking him out.

“Here you go, miss.”

Once again his voice triggered a sudden urge to jump over the counter and tackle him and for once in the history of man a woman raping a man. She slyly smiled at the thought and also thought if that wasv even possible.

She realized that people were behind her getting mad that she was taking her sweet time especially the other little girlies around. She quickly grabbed the ice cream and nearly creamed herself when she touched him paid for the ice cream and quickly hid in the back corner of the parlor where it was completely secluded. God let me die of embarrassment she thought to herself.

Normally she took great pride in herself for knowing she is good looking and all the guys did on numerous occasions let her know how good looking she was. Even though she knew that she was gorgeous she was still timid but for some odd reason this guy made her want to jump out of timid shell tackle him over the counter and throw him in the back room to be made her personal slave. As she sat there eating her ice cream in her secluded part of the parlor she couldn’t help but to stare at him and begin daydreaming. Before she realized it she was in full daydream mode.

She looked around she was still in the ice cream parlor in her secluded corner of the parlor. She looked around to see that she was the only one there besides Dave. She sat there eating her scoop of ice cream while was behind the counter. But Dave wasn’t clothed. She noticed that his muscles looked even hotter she just hoped that his muscles looked truly this good.

He walked around the counter and began walking towards her. It appears that she was wrong about her previous statement about her dream was wearing jeans. Only she wasn’t wearing any clothes this time aside from her panties. His shirt was still off as she thought what an unfair advantage here she is nearly completely naked and the only thing he wasn’t wearing was a shirt.

Just as she thought that David walking towards her flexed his chest and she lost her train of thought. As he got closer to her to more her nipples began to harden. The more her nipples harden the more a fire began to loom in her pussy aching to be rubbed aching to have his shaft inside it being worked out to its fullest. The closer he got to her the quicker her breathing became.

Finally in her dream began to hit its peak he was standing over her, her nipples had been so hard yearning to be touched by him ice would seem softer. Nipples that would move to become closer to him to just to feel his touch the feeling both felt completely painful and erotic all at the same time. Her pussy felt like a dam had broken and the only thing holding back the flowing water hitting the ground were her now soaked panties.

He was standing over her and just as he was about to pull her up for something. Something amazing just happened she had never experienced before. An earth shattering orgasm washed over her and her dream completely disappeared. The people had returned and everyone was fully clothed including him. She looked around and people were going about their business.

She looked down and her ice cream had completely melted and she was covered in sweat. After a few moments she realized what had just happened obviously she dreamed something miraculous she played with herself and thankfully she didn’t scream or moan loudly enough for people to stare at the spectacle she made. As she looked around she noticed the boy behind the counter Dave and smiling and winking at her. She completely blushed and embarrassed she quickly put a couple of bucks in Dave’s tip jar threw away her melted ice cream and quickly hurried off to her car.

As she drove away from the parlor onto home she realized that was the most amazing orgasm she had have had. As she arrived at home she thought to herself if she could have an amazing orgasm from just imagining him what would happen if he actually touched her. But before that she had to go back tomorrow to see if the same thing happened.

That next morning she woke up in her bed in what felt like a puddle. The only thing she couldn't tell if it was from sweat or something else. She has never squirted before but she has heard some of her friends talk about the first time they squirted and all they have ever told her was that it was unlike anything they have ever felt nor could they explain it. So she is unsure if she squirted from her dream.

All she knew was that when she awoke she was completely relaxed and refreshed unlike any other time she awoke in bed all she could tell was that her pussy was aching the be stroked but each time she stroked it. Just before getting out of bed. While in the bath before and after shaving her legs. After her work out from the gym in the shower there for 20 minutes. It all seemed like normal orgasms and sometimes she wouldn’t even orgasm. It was completely frustrating. Her mind was made up she was going to ice cream parlor but first she needed to go home and change into something a little more…sensual.

She arrived home and ran up stairs to her closet hoping that she can find some outfit that would make her look cute. She immediately found her outfit surprise surprise it was another shorts and tight shirt day it was too hot outside for anything else. She quickly threw on her clothes but she managed to find shorts that were lower cut than yesterday. She quickly grabbed her keys and drove like a maniac towards the ice cream parlor hoping that she wasn’t going insane.

She arrived at the ice cream parlor and walked inside and was delighted to see David was working. She immediately got in line and quickly made up her mind what type of ice cream she wanted. She just hoped she could eat her ice cream unlike yesterday. She got her ice cream and quickly sat down in some secluded part of the parlor where she wouldn’t be noticed not hard in a store filled with nothing but girls all ogling the only male behind the counter.

As their eyes met David smiled at her winked and tilted his head as if tipping his imaginary hat towards her. God his smile she thought was just something his teeth were straight and made him more gorgeous. She thought to herself God is just cruel for creating an impossible find to have such a magnificent creature and all she can do is drool over him. Instantly that thought brings her back to her dream only this time he’s wearing only the apron around his waist covering the only thing that she wished would be put in her to satisfy her aching pussy. Just like last time they are the only ones there.

This time there is some kind of exotic mist that smelled of a mix of vanilla and cake batter. Weird scent to be smelling in a dream she thought. But that thought didn’t last long before a rising pressure building between her legs. As she was trying to relieve some of her pressure she realized that her wrists were tied to a point where she couldn’t even touch her pussy no matter how hard she tried.

As her pressure began to rise higher and higher she thought she was about to go insane as Dave got closer and closer to her making her whole body ache for his touch. When finally as he reached his long journey from the counter to her what seemed like forever something amazing happened. Her pressure disappeared immediately as he arrived at her. Stopping at her feet David looks down then at her eyes and smiles. She thought an interesting thought as she realized a Niagara Falls was coming out between a legs and a huge puddle on the floor.

She woke up from her dream still at the ice cream parlor. She looks down at her ice cream completely melted. She looks underneath her and much to her relief no puddle. She looks around and found that no one is looking at her except him. She politely smiles knowing she is blushing. She quickly puts a nice tip in the jar for David and immediately leaves the parlor to go home. This whole thing was becoming interesting because yesterday was fun trying to walk to her car now she felt like she might need help to her car.

She was able to make it back to her car and begin her drive home. Usually her drive from the parlor to home normally took about ten minutes, but after that trip it felt like she was driving from LA to Las Vegas. She drove her car home but the entire way she kept thinking about what has happened over the last two days.

She has never been so intrigued over a boy before no matter his hotness but this was completely insane. To have dreams like she was having may not have been new to her but the whole floodgates and nearly passing out from a dream was completely new to her. It was so new to her that these feelings of having Niagara falls between her legs in her dreams was completely exciting. She nearly couldn’t make out what it all meant until she touched herself finding her panties completely soaked and wave after wave of near nirvana.

That was all the evidence she needed. She thought to herself if her dreams were like that she wondered what would happen if she took the chance and made it real. The question was how.

Over the next few weeks she went to the gym then after a quick shower at those magnificent showers she went to the parlor. Each time she got there she would be way too nervous to do anything other than say some random flavor. She would proceed to take her hallow order into the corner secluded and just dream of what it would feel like to have him between her legs. Just like usual she would come out of her dream completely dazed and numb. Like normal the only person who noticed her was the delicious man behind the counter.

Even though each day that passed she was satisfied with her dreams the pressure between her legs would also grow as each day passed. As the pressure grew between her legs it also made it harder and harder for her to leave with a hallow victory between her legs. That was until after three weeks the pressure had nearly driven her insane and she thought to herself enough was enough.

She arrived at the parlor and like usual she didn’t have the guts to strike up a conversation even though when David asked for her order that was a different story. The timber of his voice nearly made her drop a water balloon shaped droplet fall between her legs to hit the ground. She looked down to make sure that feeling didn’t happen and to her amazement it hadn’t.

She quickly made her order grabbed her ice cream and scurried off into the most secluded corner of the parlor. Once again she sat down in her secluded corner cursing at herself for not having the courage to strike up a conversation. So like normal she just sat there staring at him and decided to just dream another wonderful dream. As she sat there she felt like she was whooshed to a magic land or at least a torture land depending on how you look at it.

One second she was in the parlor with people all around her and the next moment she’s all alone with mister magic himself David. The room was filled with mist as if there were pots filled with water and dry ice she could barely make out her own feet. As she continued looking around she was in the same chair that sat only the table wasn’t there anymore nor were there any other chairs just the one she was sitting in.

She tried to sit up but she was chained to the chair not able to get up…well fully at least she can still stand somewhat. The chair was bolted down and the way she was chained to the chair she had to sit with her legs wide open showing to her beautiful creature on two legs to see what she was made of. Her hands were also chained but she could still move them but to a point and once again that point was she couldn’t touch herself down below.

She couldn’t play with her clit. She couldn’t even finger herself. What a shame she thought then how was she supposed to be pleasured in this dream. That thought didn’t last long as she took a look back at the man in her dream. David stepped out from behind the counter and what she saw took her breath away and…omg the pressure from downstairs. Holy shit, that was a new sensation that she has never felt before in her entire life. It felt like someone had stuck an air nozzle up her pussy and opened the value to full blast.

She looked down to she if that imaginary hose was there or not. Just as she thought it wasn’t there. David didn’t have any clothes on and what he had between his legs was indescribable. It looked like God himself had cut from boat rope itself, that thick rope you always see on huge carriers and freighters, and put the rope between his legs. She just hoped in real life that was real and not just part of her imagination. Ah hell how cares at this moment it was a dream. Just the scenery made that true.

He walked towards her and just like last time the pressure between her legs had grown only this time there was no panties to be a barrier in case anything happened. He moved more closely towards her. God she thought why is it in dreams thing move slowly than they should because this was just torture. Somewhere God himself must be laughing at her with his creation of dreams moving so slowly or was it Lokey doing the laughing.

Oh hell it doesn’t matter right now she’ll just enjoy the show and hope she doesn’t die from the pressure. As he moved closer she was right she was enjoying the show she felt like her mouth had foam in it. And there was a dam in between her legs with a crack in it just waiting to burst open. The pressure drove her more and more insane as he stepped closer. She realized the closer he got to her the more she rocked in the chair trying to get some type of friction on her low now swollen pussy aching to be pleased. By the time he reached her something amazing happened. She came harder like migraine from hell solving orgasm. This is the type of orgasm that woke her from her daydream is a sweaty ball of happiness. She looked around and saw she was still sitting down and like normal no one was looking at her except…David.

That was it she has had enough. No more being miss shy girl this was one fantasy she needed to come true. And oh how she wanted it. She realized that as she went into the bathroom real quick and felt her panties were completely soaked to the bone with her juices. If she didn’t squirt she just probably flowed. She comes out of the bathroom and walks up to the counter with her panties soaked. She keeps checking behind her to see if there were any trails from her dripping panties but nothing. She made it to the counter and talks to David.

“So, David, how much have you seen?”

“Not every time just most of the time. Have to say must be a good dream.” He smiles to her.

She is turns beat red. Maybe she won’t be able to do this. God did she love that smile. Especially those lips. Oh those lips pressed against hers. Pressed against anything on her didn’t matter to her.

“Don’t worry. I have enjoyed the show. Too bad I really can’t do anything while I’m on the clock. New job and all.” His smile widens on her and just simply winks at her.

“So you have noticed? How come I haven’t seen you around except here?” Trying to glare at him for noticing and not doing anything. Don’t know if she quite did the look correctly.

“Yeah sorry I don’t have much of a life. I recently moved here and don’t know anyone so I came here got a job and after work I just go home and unpack.” As he shrugs his shoulders she just slightly moans as she sees his muscles through that tight shirt.

“So you’re telling me you don’t have free time for say…making a dream come true or at least mine.” Slowly smirking.

“I don’t know about making a dream come true but I’ll sure as hell try. What did you have in mind?” As his smile turned from a cute smile to a sly smile that made her completely weak in the knees.

“You, me, after work?”

“Well I’ll be the only one closing tonight. If you want you can drop by after 10pm that’s when we’ll be closed. After I finish cleaning everything up we can hook up after that. But that is up to you?”

“Well then it is settled lover boy. See you just after 10. Until then…” She quickly took out a pen from the cup in front of her for people using the credit card for orders. Quickly scribbling something that came to her mind. Writing on the back of a card, “these are for you until tonight don’t disappoint my dreams until then enjoy my smell.” God that just sounded slutty. Oh well it will do for now. He didn’t notice that she wrote something down on anything. She just took the card put it in her panties and just slightly dropped them in his tip jar trying to make sure they don’t make a noise so she has some time to walk away before he notices his new prize.

She walked out of the parlor and looked back one last time before tonight to see that David had just realized his new present. He smiled at her raised the prize to show her he appreciated her gift. She quickly got in her car and drove home. Now that the hard part was over trying to get the sexual god know as David next came the hard part…trying to figure out what to wear for her date. Or at least her fuck date there will be no date about it just pure unadulterated sex. She would make sure of that all those dreams completely leaving her permanently aroused there was no way she was going to let it turn into a date.

She arrived home. Finally she needed a show after her day. First waking up completely aroused trying to masturbate and can’t get anywhere. Then she tried masturbating in the show and still nothing. No orgasm. She was foaming at the mouth by the time she got to the gym. She worked out and then tried to masturbate in the special shower but no orgasm. Jesus what was happening to her how was it possible she could sit there and masturbate three separate times to no orgasm talk about blue balls.

Was it possible for a girl to have blue balls? Or was it known as blue pussy? Either way she was completely horny by the time she got to the ice cream parlor. If there weren’t any customers there when she got there she would have tackled the poor boy ripped off his clothes and fucked him senseless over and over until her urge was satisfied. Damn customers she thought.

Thankfully she got some kind of release from her daydream at the ice cream parlor and boy howdy was it a release of releases. One that could heal any migraine too bad you couldn’t bottle that cure. If she could bottle that cure what kind of warning label could you put on that bottle. WARNING: this medicine may cause convulsions, sweats, and over all Nirvana. She might make a fortune but the question was always how.

She smiled at the thought and thought it was funny. Oh well by the time she got home from her long day she was ready for a shower or a bath. God she was sticky from all the sweating. She went into the bathroom and turned on the bath to run a bath/shower. She quickly took her shower/bath and got dried off doing her make up and hair before getting dressed that will take the longest time.

She was surprised to put on her make up and do her hair after taking a shower felt like 20 minutes to her to do her make up. By the time she walked out of the bathroom to check the time it was 7:30pm. Holy crap that wasn’t twenty minutes that must have been more like an hr and thirty minutes to take an shower and do her make up. Now that the shower and make up was out of the way she only had 2 hours and thirty minutes to get ready and then get back to the parlor. This was do-able she thought to herself.

She looked through her closet to find something cute but told people please rip off from me to fuck. She had to have at least one of those outfits the question was where was it. After two hours of trying on different skirts, shorts, pants, Capri’s, shirts, tanks, etc together to find that outfit finally she found it. To think it would be as simple as a red and black short skirt with black knee high socks. A pair of black slippers to go with her black knee high socks. To go with the black theme she found her black collar shirt that showed off her breasts nicely. A little tight though but by god as she looked at herself in the mirror she was impressed she had to admit if she wasn’t going to the parlor to satisfied her needs she would rip the clothes off herself and just have fun with herself. This must be what narcissism is really about being able to look at yourself in the mirror and no one else. Uh and to think she thought she wasn’t listening in Greek Myth class junior year.

Oh well she looked at the clock and it read 9:55pm. SHIT where does the time fly. She didn’t have time to put on any panties or bra no more time. She only had five minutes to get to the parlor and it took at least ten minutes without traffic. She quickly ran out of the house and did a trick over the hood of her car that would make the Dukes of Hazzard jealous and hopped into her.

She slammed her car into drive and floored it towards the direction of the ice cream parlor. She just hoped that she didn’t miss him. She was glad there wasn’t that much traffic during this time of the night in the middle of town anyways. She pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream parlor to see that it was empty completely empty. Shit she thought. She looked around to see there was only one car still parked next to the ice cream parlor besides her. Maybe he was still here. Only one way to find out but was she ready.

She had come this far she thought. No turning back now she had been teased way too much over the coming weeks she doubts she could last any longer without being put into a psychiatric ward. She reluctantly got out of her car and slowly made her way to the ice cream parlor. Jesus she thought this might be a bad idea but those thoughts were too late. Before she knew it she was already knocking on the glass door saying “John Krueger’s Ice Cream Shoppe”. As soon as she knocked a head popped out from the back to see who was out front to see her. OMG OMG OMG there he is, David. God did he look gorgeous. He walked to the front door and all she heard was *CLICK **CLACK*. Showing to her that the door was unlocked. David opened the door.

“Well well well. Looks like you weren’t kidding about meeting me here tonight.” He smiled at her. God that smile made her knees weak. Yep this idea was good she thought to herself. It’s now or never.

“Are you gonna let me in?” she said swinging her hips with her hands behind her back trying to pull off her best schoolgirl look.

She realized that she might have pulled it off because he was looking her up and down not saying much as if a deer were caught in headlights. She cleared her throat. There we go that snapped him back to reality he stepped aside to let her in. She walked through the door and as she passed him she purposefully let her hand glide along his crotch. OH MY FUCKING GOD. That fucker must be harder than anything she could think of might rival a flagpole’s intensity. She silently giggled to herself. That must of done the trick, because David immediately closed the door behind him and guided her to the back room of the parlor.

“Sorry I still have a little bit of cleaning up do to,” David went back to cleaning some knives and ice cream scoops.

That was the wrong answer in her mind. She wasn’t going to go all fancied out just to be ignored no no no. She clicked her fingernails along the steel table towards him in a walking manner towards David. She lightly glided her fingers up his back until she reached the back of his head and turned him to her just to plant a good kiss on him full tongue. While they were kissing she didn’t see the harm in putting her hand on his crotch. Yep still hard. Once again that did the trick.

He grabbed her and pulled her into him. That was what she was waiting for to have his hardened body against hers. It was better than she could ever imagine. Before she knew it in the middle of kissing she no longer had her shirt on. Holy crap was it cold in here. But with her next to him it didn’t matter. He began ogling her breasts as he reached out and lightly pinched her nipples and pulled them fashioning to her that he wanted her close to him. My god did this feel good.

She made a mental note that she should have worn a bra to see if he was good with bras or not but at this moment that thought was trivial oh well maybe next time she’ll test that theory.

While kissing she pulled his shirt off from him now they were both naked from the waist up. It was a fair game. He kissed her some more. God he was a good kisser. Before she knew it he had picked her up by the waist and sat her on the cold steel table and disappeared into the front. My god he was strong.

This may get interesting but why did he go up front. Before that thought was finished he returned with an ice cream cup with six serving spoons sticking out the cup. She wondering what he had in store for that cup oh well she will find out soon enough. He laid her down along the steel table that she was sitting on now laying on. He grabbed one of the spoons from the cup and out came some vanilla ice cream, which he laid one top of her left nipple.

Her nipple instantly went hard under the cold. Before she knew how to register the cold the same registering happened with her right nipple only this time it was chocolate ice cream there instead of vanilla. All she knew was that it was cold but as he lightly pushed on her clitoris going in circular motions her body began to heat up. Oh that was what she was waiting for was for him to touch her instead of her touching herself.

He bend down to nibble the vanilla ice cream off her left nipple she was afraid that your nipple was already poking through the ice cream but that didn’t matter. She yearned to have his mouth anywhere on her body and that included her nipples. Once the ice cream was nibbled clean off her nipples the sensation of having his mouth on her nipples was more than she could imagine. Her brain was beginning to overload with all the sensations.

The entire time he was nibbling her nipples he was continuing slightly going in circular motions on her clit when suddenly one of his fingers penetrated her. Oh lord did that ever feel good. She got up and slammed him against the wall and pulled down his pants and underwear in one good pull. And the sight she saw was indescribable. As soon as she pulled his covers down if she were any closer the thing that fell out or more like launched out and would have chin checked her.

Just like the football players would do running around hitting each other in the jaw quickly enough to register but not hard enough to knock them out like a boxer would do.

Holy crap her imagination was nearly close to the real thing nothing like boat rope but damn it was close. Instantly she was licking the head just lightly followed by full on knobbing the tip and shaft and all. The entire time of giving this man the best bj she has ever given anyone she was playing with herself. Before her jaw could start hurting from going up and down on his wonderful drive shaft he pulled her up to him and picked her up again and brought her to the steel table.

The entire trip to the table he was kissing her and by the time he put her on the table she realized that she was now completely bare somehow during the trip to the table he managed to rip of her skirt without feeling it. Oh he was good. Didn’t matter he came up to her and kissed her fully for what felt like an eternity he started going down on her first stopping at her neck nibbling there then stopping at her nipples nibbling on them and then finally stopping at her pussy.

Damn she wanted him to just shove his golden rod down her and given her the ride of her life. Oh well this was just as good. Oh MY GOD this boy could eat a pussy. Holy shit the pressure is back and it is building holy hell is it building. She knows a good orgasm is coming. He just knew what he was doing from his tongue going in circular motions on her clit with the right amount of force to fingering her. And oh at the same time that is new. Oh god the pressure is over whelming it is building. She feels like she is about to burst. Then something amazing happened he hit a spot in her.

Oh God what was this feeling she feels like she has to pee so bad. She wiggles her ass trying to get out from his hold because she doesn’t think she can hold it any longer. One squirt goes by and she looks down. Oh my god I’m squirting it’s finally happening just like her friends have told her the feeling she thought. They were right it was indescribable. Then two squirts came out. Then three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Oh Mother Of The Lord. How much more is there?

She couldn’t handle the foreplay any longer. She grabbed David and brought him up and in one motion grabbed his hard shaft and forced it into her now quivering pussy. One inch went in. Then two. Then three. Four. Five. Six. Oh lord it keeps going. She didn’t care anymore.

She grabbed his ass and forcefully moved him fully into her telling him to just pound her for everything he was worth she couldn’t handle it anymore. He only obliged. The next thing felt like thirty forty or even fifty minutes of him pounding her harder and harder moving the table all over the room until they finally hit the wall. As soon as they hit the wall he picked her up and kept used all his strength to keep pounding her. Oh my lord this was well worth it. Then finally she felt him cum.

As she felt him cum the floodgates opened an earth shattering, ground shaking, heaven-moving, earth spinning orgasm. Holy fucking crap. Wave after wave she felt every detail of his dick as each wave tightening around his dick then loosened again. Talk about rapture. He fell down to the ground with her on top of him with him still inside her.

Breathing hard and trying to catch their breath they just laid there. Until finally he spoke to her.

“That was amazing. I have to know your name. Or I'm just going to name you my 'Angel'.” He smiled at her while she still tried to catch her breath.

“Right now you only get a letter until you can spell my name for each time you satisfy me until my name is fully spelled.”

She thought that didn’t sound like her but was amazed as the words came out of her mouth. “Today’s letter will be A. See you tomorrow lover boy.”

She quickly got up and put on her clothes and walked out to the front leaving him still on the ground trying the catch his breath still. As she got to the front she pulled out a card and wrote on the back.

‘Here is the first digit to my number like my name, 5.’ Simple signing the card ‘A’. Dropping the card into the tip jar.

She walked to the locked door. Unlocked it and walked out leaving David to his work.

As she got inside her car and looked in her rear view mirror to look at her eyes to say to herself, “This is going to be a fun summer.”

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