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The Deer Stand

It was a morning hunt; the last hunt of the opening weekend. Daylight was just breaking. Dark, mysterious figures along the forest line were finally beginning to reveal their harmless details; growling miniature beasts transformed into harmless, dead stumps as sunlight shined upon them. John was sitting in his stand; a simple, ground level box stand with large openings on three sides for windows. For the past forty-five minutes, since he had taken the stand, his mind had been on one thing. Karen. He had been consuming and thinking about the lady, the fellow hunter, whom he had been lusting over all weekend. Since Friday night, before the first morning hunt, he had been watching her around the camp and thinking about her while he was on his stand. John hoped that his lustful eyes had not been too obvious, with so many other people around camp, but he just about didn't care. He wanted everyone there, especially Karen, to know that he felt she was a beautiful woman.

Now, Karen wasn't a lady that would turn many eyes as she walked down the street. She was a rather plain looking lady. But she had become a thing of beauty that John was genuinely attracted to. First of all, she looked downright cute and even sexy in her camouflage pants and green shirt. Her face wasn't anything at all to call ugly. She was kind of cute, but her long, straight hair framed her to make her even more appealing. To top it all off was her, well, heavy top. Karen had a full, beautiful pair of knockers that were all natural. John loved the thought of getting a hold of those boobies.

All of this thinking on Karen was bringing a decent erection to John's penis. With the sun up enough to call it legal hunting time, he set his focus on getting a nice buck on this last hunt. He had hoped to get a hook-up with Karen before the weekend was over, but that probably wouldn't happen. Everyone would be breaking camp and going home after this hunt. There were two $100 prizes for the biggest buck, for the men and for the women. Even though Karen was out of reach for the weekend, that $100 was still a target.

For the next thirty minutes, John watched the areas around him, but he saw or heard no deer. He still couldn't get his mind off of Karen. His mind was so consumed, and his dick so horny, that at one point he even imagined her walking out of the brush toward his stand. He stared at a clearing 40 yards from his stand and imagined her camo-clad figure moving in his direction. He finally pulled his eyes from the vision and looked around for some deer. Then as his eyes moved back to the clearing, he realized that it wasn't a vision after all. Karen was standing about twenty yards from his stand, taking gentle, quiet steps. She had her rifle in her hand and was wearing an orange vest so she could be easily seen by hunters and not mistaken for prey.

She made her way to the stand and John opened the door for her to come in. She stepped inside the chilly, tight-fitting stand and closed the door behind her.

"Hi." John greeted her. He was so excited to see her. All he could think about was ravaging her body, but he kept things polite. "Is something wrong?"

"Oh, nothing's wrong." She said with a sly smile. Then she began to explain her visit. "I've noticed you looking at me all weekend. I've been looking at you too." John was growing wild with excitement. Karen continued.

"I've been wanting you so bad this weekend. With everyone around, there was no opportunity to have my way with you. But I noticed this morning before we left camp that I would be across the hill from you for this last hunt. So I figured this was my best chance of getting with you before I go home."

John could not believe what he was seeing and hearing before him. Was he still seeing the vision he thought he had seen earlier?

"So." Karen held her arms out as if offering herself to John. "I've seen you eyeing my entire body all weekend and it's had me wondering, what's your favorite part?" John looked up and down her sexy body, but he didn't have to think long about his answer.

"Your breasts." He replied. "Definitely your breasts." With no further enticement needed, Karen pulled up her shirt to reveal her bare, bra-less, hanging breasts.

"You mean these breasts?" she teased.

"Yes, those breasts!" John said. Karen peeled her shirt completely off and lay it over one of the window sills.

It was a chilly 46 degrees outside, and the wind was enough to push a stiff breeze into the stand from time to time. The cool wind and air had chilled Karen's breasts. John felt it as he put his face against them. As Karen nestled closer to him, John first rubbed his face against her breasts. He pushed his face between the two large mammaries and kissed the crevice between them. Then John moved out to Karen's nipples. He wrapped both hands around her left breast and massaged it as he kissed and licked at its tip. After several moments of sensuous pleasure, John moved to the other breast.

Karen reached down and grabbed hold of the hard cock bulging from John's pants. She unzipped John's pants to free the beast within. With the cock now out in the open, Karen stroked it as John continued with the tit-play.

The titty action was really starting to get Karen horny. She was aggressively stroking at John's dick. A couple of times he had to stop her before he came. Karen was ready for some more action. She pulled away from John and unbuttoned her own pants. Instead of pulling them down, however, she got down on her knees and started sucking on John's dick. With her pants loosened up, she slipped a hand into her pants and started playing with her pussy. John reached his arms down, cupped a breast in each hand, and started massaging them.

Karen worked steady on John's dick, but she was mainly focused on her own pussy. It was plenty moist and wet. It took very little effort to slide a finger, and then two, between her lips. As Karen pleasured herself with her fingers, she transferred the energy from the pleasure onto John's cock, and in turn, John transferred that pleasure into his handwork on her breasts. Before long, the two were moaning and rocking in a perpetual motion of sexual energy.

Karen and John went on like this for about ten minutes. She was careful not to make him cum. She seemed to know just when to ease off. Finally, she had worked herself up to the peak of orgasm. She knew John couldn't hold out much longer either. She pulled her hand out of her pants, wrapped it around John's cock, and cupped his balls with the other hand. Then Karen went into a beautiful pattern of oral pleasure that went like this:

First she wrapped her lips around the head of John's cock and licked and sucked at it while she jerked him off hard. The she put her hand flat around the base of his dick and took as much of his eight inches in as she could. Then with her tongue and mouth against the cock, she pulled it back out with just the head in her mouth and stroked him hard again. She did this with great force and attention until she heard him let out a final moan that she knew was the last pre-cursor to cumming. With her lips locked firmly around John's cock head, Karen pulled on the dick with long, hard strokes. The cum was squirting out of the dick and into her mouth with powerful gushes. After several gushes, she kept jerking at the dick to pull the final drops of cum out. When she was sure she had sucked out every drop that she could, Karen sucked the head as she pulled it out of her mouth.

She looked up at John with a coy and sinful smile. Drips of liquid were teasing from her lips. John's cum was still in her mouth.

Karen jumped up from her knees, pulled off her boots, dropped her pants to the floor and kicked them off of her feet. Now she was wearing nothing but her socks. She leaned John back and straddled his cock. It slid into her warm pussy with absolutely no resistance. With Karen's push, it slid right into full penetration. Karen pulled her feet around behind John's back and started riding his cock. He had already cum and she was near orgasm. It would only take a little bit of fucking to finish her off.

John grabbed hold of Karen's ass to hold her in place and keep her from falling. Karen took control of the fucking and started thrusting her pussy onto his cock. Her big boobs were flopping in his face. He tried to grab a lick or kiss at them, but the motion was too much for his mouth to overcome.

Karen still had John's cum in her mouth. With John holding her in place, she cupped a hand under her mouth and let the cum slide out. Then she rubbed the hand across both breasts and started rubbing the warm cum all over both tits with her hands. John wasn't one to suck or eat his own cum, but he was getting incredibly turned on by the whole cum-play that Karen was doing. Karen worked the cum into her tits to get them lubricated, and then she started massaging her cum-moistened nipples.

She kept the fucking motion going as she worked at her own nipples. After about thirty seconds of fucking and nipple stimulation, Karen was ready to burst. She moaned loud as she orgasmed. John's dick was deep inside her pussy and he could feel the contractions of the orgasm grab at his cock. He continued to hold her up. She had stopped her nipple rubbing, but she continued pumping her body and pussy onto his cock until she orgasmed a second time. By now both of their bodies were exhausted from the extreme effort. She eased herself off of John, then gave him a long, sensuous kiss and told him thanks.

Karen picked up her pants and put them back on, and then put her boots on. All the while, John admired her beautiful, natural breasts and curvy body. Her tits were still covered with his cum. There were spots where it had dried, and glistening spots where it was still wet. When Karen was fully dressed except for her shirt, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a bra and slipped it on. She had come prepared for sex without her bra, but she wanted to wear it back to help preserve the cum on her tits.

After she had the bra on, Karen pulled on her shirt and opened the door.

"Good luck hunting this morning." She told John, and gave him a kiss. Then she headed out the door and headed quietly back to her stand.

The commotion of the sex didn't hurt John's hunting any. In fact, the scent of sex in the air may have helped it. About forty minutes after Karen left the stand, a nice 12-point buck walked out into John's clearing. He dropped the buck with one shot. Twenty minutes after that, he heard a shot across the hill, from the direction of Karen’s stand.

Back at the camp, the results were compared for the men and ladies. John and Karen each had the biggest bucks in their categories. They were happy to pose together for the picture, snuggled close to one another with their respective bucks on each side of them.

In the picture, John had a stain of some sort around the crotch of his pants, and Karen had some wet spots on her shirt. Neither seemed to mind. They were each taking home $100, and they had shared a wonderful moment in the deer stand. To top it all off, they marked the first time in five years of hunting with this group that the top-buck prize for men and women was taken home by a husband and wife.

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