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The Desk Ornament

Tags: office, affair
Hot, erotic play in the office giving a new meaning to the idea of a desk ornament.
She knocked on the door of the office and stepped inside. The office was serviceable but not overly spacious. Efficient was what came to her mind. As she walked into the room he was sitting at his desk, but his back was to her as he pulled files from a file cabinet behind him. Her heart pounded in anticipation of seeing him once again. “Good morning, Gorgeous,“ she said softly, in greeting. When he looked up, his eyes had a glitter to them, somewhere between happiness and pure lust. A fireball hit the pit of her stomach.

He immediately stood to his feet, his eyes scanning the entire length of her. A slow, sexy smile spread across his face as he inspected her. She was wearing a long overcoat, buttoned from her neck down to just above her knees. A pair of high heeled shoes adorned her feet, emphasizing her shapely legs. And as she walked slowly toward him, he caught sight of stocking clad thighs as the coat separated slight with each step. “Hey, Sexy,” he said staring at her.

Excitement spread through her, but the only hint was the darkening of her eyes. She studied his face. The lines etched there. The set of his jaw. The dark lust and intensity of his focus. She stood there in front of his desk for a full minute before she slowly began to unbutton the coat. “I’m glad you came.” Now there was a harsh rasp to the velvet of his voice, as he realized that she was nude underneath the coat. Definitely his fantasy coming true.

She turned and looked at him, waiting a few heartbeats before she slowly slid the coat from her shoulders and let it drop in a heap on the floor. She wore nothing underneath the coat, but a pair of stockings encasing her legs up to her mid thigh. She heard his swift intake of breath and saw his eyes narrow, become hooded. His gaze burned over her, like fingers brushing over her, causing her nipples to form in the hard little peaks, arousing her further.

Deep inside, she felt something primitive rise within her as she inhaled causing her breasts to lift. Wildness unfurled, clawing at her, until she brought her hands up to cup each of her full breast as an offering, and then allowed one hand to drift down over her belly to the slick, wet center where she throbbed and pulsed with need. She took her time, pleasuring herself, wanting to entice him, to bring him to the edge of his control.

A soft groan emanated from his parched throat. Her name came forth as a harsh whisper. She walked over to him, her breasts swinging gently. She held out her hand, which he eagerly clasped in his, bringing it up to his face, inhaling her scent and sucking her juices from her fingers. The feel of his tongue and the soft sucking of his mouth sent licks of flames racing through her blood to pool at her very core.

She reached up to unbutton his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders and placed it on the back of his chair. She turned back to him and dropped to her knees, reaching for his belt buckle; know the picture she made, knowing she was making him harder with each move she made. The experience was making her moister than ever, more ready for him. Her knuckles deliberately brushed over his thickened shaft several times, while she opened his pants and pulled them and his underwear from his hips. At eye level, his erection was intimidating, reaching for her as it burst free from the confines of his clothing.

Her hands slid up his legs, moving to inside of his thighs. She felt his muscles tense as her hand moved up over them. She leaned forward, her hot breath bathing his cock, causing it to jerk out toward her, sliding across her cheek. A soft moan escaped his lips again at the feel of his sensitive head coming in contact with the softness of her face. Her hands moved up to cup and massage his balls, as she leaned forward and placed a kiss on the broad mushroom head. But instead of taking him into her mouth, as he had hoped, she looked up at him and smiled, then stood and moved to the end of his desk.

Her body was so aware of him she could feel his breath on her skin, the warmth of him radiating out when he wasn’t even touching her. She crawled up on his desk and sat on the edge, spreading her legs apart. She pulled slightly on his hand, and he moved to the edge of his desk to stand between her legs, his hands automatically going to her knees, gently caressing his fingers up over her thighs. He slid his palms down her legs to her feet, pushing her knees up to rest each foot on the edge of the desk. He spread her legs wider as he stepped closer to her heat, his cock gently rubbing against the slick entrance of her sex.

His hands continued their journey up, sliding fingers over her heated center and up over her belly and breasts. His gaze followed the travels of his hands as he continued his long caress up her neck to her face. He focused on her mouth for several seconds before his ocean blue gaze moved up to capture her dark chocolate one.

She watched his eyes change as he slowly moved forward to capture her mouth. He moved over her softly, enticingly, gently pushing her back to lie on his desk, placing her arms and hands over her head, spreading her out on his desk like a feast. A soft moue of disappointment escaped her as he ended the kiss. A smile spread across his lip at the sound.

Her breasts looked so enticing, jutting up at him; he couldn’t resist cupping them in his palms. The feel of them was like warm silk. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples as he buried his face in the side of her neck, kissing, licking and nibbling her pounding pulse. She heard her own soft cry, and it didn’t sound anything like her.

He lifted his head, eyes, gleaming with sheer male satisfaction and then he pinched and tugged at her nipples and massaged her breasts, and then his mouth covered one soft mound, sucking-- a hot moist furnace that was pure torture. Her vaginal shaft clenched and her inner muscles clamped down hard, needing. He moved to the other, licked at that nipple, his hot mouth sucking her, tugging her nipples with his teeth, laving with his tongue while she arched her back to push herself closed into his mouth. Her hips bucked and she writhed, trying to rub her body against his, to get at his shaft to relieve the building pressure. But her thighs were spread to far apart, and if she stayed where he put her, she was helpless.

“I want to drive you as crazy as you make me feel, K,” he whispered hoarsely against her skin. “I want to drive you crazy until you can’t think about anything but me being inside you and wondering when I’ll let you have your next orgasm.” His smile was a little wicked smirk. “Until you beg me. Begging would be appropriate for a proper lady.”

She touched her tongue to her upper lip, panting, trying to remain calm when all she wanted to do was grab him. She was already hot enough to start the begging process. “Now what are you going to do?”

“With my new desk ornament?” He licked her belly down to her mound. “I’ve got work to do. You’re my inspiration.”

Naked he sat down in his chair and awakened his laptop. Pulling up a report, he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, fingers massaging while he read. She gasped as every nerve ending went into frenzy. She hadn’t realized how waiting could be so erotic, or how it would feel to be spread across his desk, her body open, completely on display for him. While he read, his fingers slid almost absently over her silky smooth skin, climbing higher and higher until—

He dropped his hand away to do something on the keyboard. She released a breath in a little rush of disappointment. He hadn’t really touched her, and yet she’d never been wetter or more ready for him. Every point of her body strained for his touch. Her breasts ached, her throat felt stretched and needy, her mouth dry, wanting him to fill it. Her sheath was on fire. She wouldn’t have been surprised if the desk burst into flames underneath her, and he was barely paying attention to her.

Then the pads of his fingers were back again, stroking her thigh, moving higher. His thumb traced along her wet slit, made absent circles around her hard nub until her moaned and her thighs jumped in reaction. He dropped his hand away from her again.

A few minutes later, his tormenting fingers were back, this time traveling the same route, making the circles on her inner thighs, stroking and caressing and then his fingers plunged into her. She cried out as his fingers retreated and returned, over and over, stretching and teasing, dancing inside her, flicking at her hard little bud, sending streaks of fire racing through her body, but never giving her relief. He just built the tension higher until she was stretched on a rack of pleasure so intense she was nearly crying for release. Close, so close, she reached for the edge, but abruptly her withdrew his hand and sat at his desk, absently licking his finger while he continued to read.

She lay back on the desk considering what she was going to do, her body so inflamed, so needy. And he seemed so unaffected by the whole situation. This was definitely not going as she had planned; somehow he had turned the tables on her and was slowly torturing her body into a sexual frenzy, when all she had intended was to give him mind-blowing, heart stopping pleasure.

Suddenly his hands circled her thigh and she felt the rub of his shadowed jaw on her sensitive skin. Her eyes flew open. His head nuzzled between her legs, his tongue licking at the insides of her thighs. His teeth scraped, making her muscles tighten. Waves of pleasure racked her entire body and her sheath was flooded with liquid desire. His tongue slid over her skin, teasing the inside of her thighs, her mound and her exposed, hardened clit.

His tongue flicked and she cried out as every muscle tensed and a streak of fire raced through her. His smile was mischievous, his eyes dark as a stormy ocean, hooded, heavy with lust. He dipped his head low and stabbed his tongue deep. Her hips bucked. A sob escaped as she writhed under his assault, trying to push herself onto him. He kept his hands on her thighs, holding her pinned to the desk while he feasted on her. He was careful to avoid her engorged clit, careful to keep her teetering on the edge. Every now and then he’d flick the hard bud and scrape against it with his teeth so that she cried and squirmed.

“Please! I can’t take it, anymore!” She cried.

He pressed kissed into her soft, moist heat. “What do you want, honey?”

“You! Inside me! NOW!!” She bucked against him when his tongue made lazy circles around and over her. Her entire body shuddered. So close…. Just out of reach. If he would just touch her one more time, she’d go spinning off into the universe.

He stood up abruptly, leaving her gasping. He moved around his desk to stand before her.

“What are you doing?” She croaked. “You can’t leave me like this. I feel like I might spontaneously combust!”

He laughed softly and tugged on her shoulders until her head was hanging over the side of the desk. “Mmmmmm. I think we’re going to use that mouth of yours for something useful.” He cupped her face and kissed her, a long leisurely, hungry kiss; telling her that he was much more affected by his torture than he was letting on.

He moved behind her head, his erection over her face. Her heart beat faster, her thigh muscles twitched with arousal and her mouth watered at the sight of him standing there, hard and thick and so on fire for her. She knew he was trying to take control… to dominate her.

She had gone from simply going along with his domination routine to wanting his pleasure above all else, even above her own. Whatever he needed, she wanted to provide. Without her hands, she realized she had to really work to give him pleasure. And she never wanted him to forget this moment—or her—and what she could do to him. When he moved into position above her, she rubbed her face against him, all over him, almost purring like a cat. She saw his start of surprise and he stopped trying to take control from her, allowing her to nuzzle him.

He was shocked at the sensation exploding through him just at the feeling of her face rubbing his shaft, at the sensuality of the act itself. He was shocked at how she never pulled away, never turning her face from him. Her eyes went soft, almost glazed, as if by giving him pleasure, she was enjoying herself, even delighting in her sensual play. His breath nearly stopped when she took him in her mouth, not deep, just enough to apply slow, wet heat and soft suction. Just enough for her tongue to curl and tease around and under the mushroomed head where he was most sensitive.

She made him soft inside—like mush—when his body was rock-hard. He looked down at her face, her eyes half closed, lashes like two crescents fluttering against her skin, her mouth worshipping him. Enthralled with giving him pleasure. Caring that she took him to another place. She kissed the broad, flat heat and then along his shaft before sliding her mouth over him again in a slow, loving movement that nearly had him on his knees. She sucked gently, the feel of her tight mouth sizzling along every nerve ending he had. Her mouth left him again so she could give the same attention to his balls. He was already tight, boiling hot, and she nuzzled, kissed and licked him with the same purring vibration that nearly drove him wild.

He was melting, turning inside out. She was taking control of him again, making love to him. He felt her lips wrapping around him like living silk, squeezing him, milking him, tightening around his cock—strangling him until he couldn’t breathe for the pleasure.

She flattened her tongue and stroked, humming softly as he slid deeper into her mouth, increasing the vibration. He gave a soft sigh of pleasure and he relaxed, focusing completely on his erection, making it her entire world, a playground of sensual pleasure where nothing else mattered to her. She used her lips and tongue and the gentle edge of her teeth, used her throat and her mouth, pouring everything she had into his pleasure, so that the world surrounding her receded away.

She reached her head back further and the position caused her to be aware of the stretch of her arms and legs, of her neck, and she moaned. She knew he felt it from his reaction. She felt him swell even more. His reaction caused her muscles to squeeze him tightly. He pulled from her, hardly able to breathe, let alone walk with his body full and hard and pulsing with desperate need. Her eyes watched him, sparkling jewels, just watched and waited, her body lying open and ready and willing to do anything for him.

He moved into position between her spread thighs, catching her feet and wrapping her legs around his waist. He thrust into her body, driving through her soft folds, needing to be deep within her, to feel her surround him, skin, to skin, the hot flames licking up his legs to his thighs, centering in his shaft as he welded them together. He kept his pace slow, savoring the heat of her, the way he moved inside her, the way he felt in that moment, almost as if their souls slid against each other.

“Give me your hands.” He bent his body over hers, and when she held up her hands, he wove his fingers tightly through hers and stretched her arms over her head, holding her beneath him, covering her, blanketing her, his body driving deeper, wanting to touch her inside as deeply as she touched him.

Her hips picked up the rhythm as he rode her, rising to meet each hard thrust. He was full, pushing deeper, insisting she take all of him. And she did. No matter how much he asked of her, she gave him more. This time he needed to see into her soul. “Look at me.”

Her gaze met his and he was lost again. Drowning. He surged forward again, plunging through the tight muscles, feeling the fire spread up over his belly, threatening to consume him. Her breath hissed out between her teeth and her eyes glazed, but she didn’t look away. She kept her gaze locked with his. And she smiled that slow, gentle smile.

His eyes burned and his throat closed. He held her pinned beneath him, his body thrusting in and out of hers, while fire sang through his blood up from his belly to his chest, burning over his lungs and heart to consume him. He heard his hoarse shout. Her name.

Her muscles clamped down on him, raw silk, alive with heat and fire and something much, much more. He didn’t know what she did to him, only that when he was deep inside her she took him all the way in, to some place far beyond what he’d ever known or imagined. He heard her soft cries, knew there would be no holding back, and he let himself go, giving himself up to the sheer ecstasy her body provided. He emptied himself into her, feeling the earth-shattering orgasm ripping through her body, through his, so that for that never-ending moment stolen in time, they were one body, one soul.

He stayed draped over her, still deep inside her, spent, fighting for air, his body sated and limber, stretched out across hers, his arms caging her head while he buried his face in the softest part of her neck. His eyes burned, his body shuddered. He held her tight to him, his lips pressed against her pulse while she wept her own ecstasy.

He lifted his head from her neck only to lower it and kiss her. A long, lingering tender kiss that left her weak and shaken. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him to her, as he rolled off her, taking her with him, holding her close against his heart. She looked up at him with her tear filled eyes, his heart stopping for a moment, waiting, wondering, worried….And then she smiled, giving him reason to breathe again.

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