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The Diner

I made a mad dash through the downpour to get into the diner...
'Pull over here.....yes here, at this little diner.' I told the cabbie.

Even though it was pouring down rain, I wanted a quick bite before heading to the hotel. I bolted from the cab to the front door, managing to get inside before getting totally drenched from the unseasonable downpour.

At first glance I wondered if the place was even open. There wasn't a single diner inside and only you, the waitress, seemed to be on duty. And about half the lights were off.

As I surveyed the place, you greeted me, 'Welcome hun, don't worry about the lights, we are open but we blew a couple of fuses. It's our weak attempt at ambience .'

We both laughed.

'Hope you aren't in a big hurry hun, I'm the only one working. Rain has kept all the employees at home I guess. You're stuck with me as waitress, cook and manager.' You smiled and winked. 'So hun, did ya call ahead for reservations? Or did ya just feel like you would get lucky today?' You smirked.

I laughed again and complimented you on your sense of humor. 'I always feel lucky ma'am,' I added, using my Texas drawl as charm.

'Soooo, Mr. Southern boy, would you like a table or booth?' Smiling as you asked.

'Put me where you want me ma'am,' I answered.

You looked me in the eye and said, 'Really? Anywhere I want you? You Southern boys live dangerously don't you?' You flirted.

As our conversation took a more personal tone, I studied your face and body. You sounded and acted mature beyond your years. I guess dealing with the public has a way of honing one's sense of humor, quips and mannerisms. I guessed you couldn't have been more than mid to late twenties. But hell, I can't tell a 20 year old from a 40 year old any more.

You brought me a cup of hot coffee to help warm me up as I looked through the menu to make my dinner choice. In an effort to keep the humor going, I asked, 'So, what's the house special... besides you of course?

Without missing a beat, you looked me squarely in the eyes, smiled warmly, and answered, 'Well hun, if I was on the menu, you would have to turn it over to look for me in the hot desserts area.'

I slowly closed the menu and smiled back and said, 'Well then, I should start with dessert, huh?'

'Dessert is very filling hun,' you all but whispered as you leaned forward, both hands on the table, arms pushing lovely breasts together.

My eyes darted back and forth, from your beautiful eyes to the tops of your beautiful tits that were now partially protruding from a lacy white bra. 'Then I will start with dessert ma'am,' I said as I leaned back, smiled and offered a sexy wink.

'Good choice cowboy,' you said as you straightened up and turned to walk away. 'I hope you brought your Texas sized appetite with you cowboy,' you add as you looked back over your shoulder... smiling.

Oh, I'm ravenous now, I said to myself as my eyes watched your sexy ass sashay as you walked away. I watched every move you made. Wow, how sexy you are I said to myself as I gave my semi-erect cock a couple of strokes through my pants. As you walked away, I noticed you passed by the front door, locked it, and flipped the 'OPEN' sign over to read, 'SORRY, WE'RE CLOSED'. Oh damn I thought. I like where I hope this is going.

It wasn't too long before you returned with some delicious looking monstrosity the size of Dallas on a plate and a can of cool whip .

'I hope you brought two forks ma'am. That's a lot of dessert.' I smiled as our eyes met.

'Forks?' You said as you leaned forward to place this sweet creation in front of me. 'We don't need forks hun. Do we?'

As you leaned forward, I noticed those beautiful tits were no longer restrained by the lacy bra, and your blouse had one less button... buttoned. Your hard nipples poked through the white fabric, betraying any desire you might have to hide your arousal.

'Mind if I join you cowboy?' You asked as you slid into the booth across from me.

I jumped to my feet mumbling, 'Oh yes ma'am, forgive me for being so rude. Please join me.' My actions startled you and you burst out laughing. Your laugh turned to a smile when your gaze went from my eyes down my body to see the huge bulge in my pants.

'Oh my goodness cowboy. So is it true that everything in Texas really is bigger? Hmmmm?' you asked as you admired my erection through my pants. 'Or is it just that you are a 'big' fan of my dessert hun?' You sexily inquired.

I sat back down as we both had a good laugh.

You crossed your arms on the table and leaned forward, resting those gorgeous tits on your forearms. My mind and cock were both telling me those needed some attention.

'Well cowboy, aren't you going to eat my goodies?' I glanced back and forth from the dessert to your tits.

'Uhhhh, ma'am, it all looks so delicious, I just don't know where to start.'

You reached over and took the can of cool whip and squirted a mound of the sweet white stuff on the dessert. Then squirted some on your finger tips. And lastly, squirted some across the tops of your tits. You looked at me and softly asked, 'Where would you like to start cowboy?' as you placed your fingertips to my lips.

I took your hand in mine, opened my mouth to take your fingertips in my mouth. Our eyes locked on each others as I slipped my tongue between your fingers, licking and sucking the whip cream from them. Your eyes half closed, and your lips parted and you licked your lips at my sensuous move. You took the can of whip cream and asked for my hand. Then you squirted it on my fingertips . You took my hand with both of yours and using my fingertips as a paintbrush, smeared the whip cream across your lips before parting your lips and extending your tongue. You moved my fingers up and down your tongue, sucking each one as you licked the cream from them. I was fucking rock hard by now.

Then using my fingertips, you guided them to your breasts. Allowing me to just touch the whip cream and not your breasts. Once my fingertips were covered in cream, you begin to move my hand across your tits. Slowly across the tops of them, then between them, smearing whip cream back and forth. Our eyes never leaving the gaze of each other. Your breathing was heavier now and your nipples clearly defined through your white blouse. You only broke your gaze from my eyes to watch my fingertips smearing the sugary white treat across your tits. Slowly you unbuttoned your blouse to give my caresses more room to roam. Whipped cream was beginning to melt between your tits.

'Shouldn't I take care of that for you ma'am? I asked as I licked my lips. 'I wouldn't want that to ruin that white blouse of yours.'

You leaned back and said I was right, and you teasingly unbuttoned it completely, pulling the front panels aside to fully expose your gorgeous tits.

I couldn't take any more of this. I stood up and took you by the hand, pulling you to your feet. Wrapping my arms around your waist, I lifted you off the ground, shoving my face between your tits, licking the whip cream and tasting each nipple. You moaned your approval as you wrapped your legs around my waist. You leaned your head back as I kissed your tits and neck, nibbled on each ear as you writhed in my arms. I sat you on the top of the booth and started to undress you. But you had already unsnapped and unzipped your skirt. All that was keeping it on was your wonderful hips.

You leaned you back, and lifted yourself slightly as I slid the skirt over your hips, revealing thigh high stockings and white lacy panties...wet white lacy panties. Your sweet muskiness filled my nostrils. I couldn't wait to taste your sweet dessert. I ran my hands up and down every curve of your body. Watching you writhe at my slow caresses. Even through your shear lacy panties, your hairy pussy glistened with your juices as droplets formed on your lips, matting your hair.

You placed both feet on my shoulders and used your heels to pull me closer as you bent your knees. Both of your hands made love to your tits as I began to kiss the backs and insides of your legs. You squirmed as my kisses and touches moved closer to your aching pussy. I slipped your panties over your hips, exposing a beautiful patch of wet matted pussy hair. Your hands joined mine as we massaged your inner thighs, your hairy mound of pussy hair and your flat tummy. Our fingers interlocked as we squeezed your beautiful big tits. Nipples rolled between fingertips and thumbs made you even hotter.

I took the can of whipped cream and squirted some on my fingers for you to suck as I began to nibble closer to your pussy. Your finger sucking was intense and very erotic. You spread your legs wide as I kissed up your inner thighs, nibbling on the soft flesh between pussy and thigh. No longer could you keep quiet and you let loose with sexual demands for me to lick and suck you, to fuck you and make you my slut. I placed my hands on the backs of your outstretched knees and forced them towards your tits. Giving me clear access to your pussy and asshole.

I smothered your entire pussy with my mouth as my long slithery tongue shoved its way between your swollen hairy lips. You squealed as my tongue darted in and out of your pussy like a miniture cock. You reached between your open legs and took both sides of my head, pulling me harder against your grinding pussy. Gawd you tasted sweet. I couldn't get enough of your sweet nectar. It was like drinking sex. My tongue rubbed back and forth across your hard clit. Each time it made you squeal or moan loudly. Your sexual demands became more graphic.

I ran my hand down your thigh and rubbed your pussy juices up and down your wet lips before slipping two fingers inside you.

'OH gawd...that's it....finger fuck that hot pussy cowboy!!!', you demanded!

I explored every inch of your pussy as I fingered you hard. Then I shifted my touch and found your G-Spot, which sent you over the top. You spread your pussy lips for me as I rubbed that mound of sensitivity. It didn't take but a few well placed rubs for you to cum hard, squirting your cum all across my face. I lowered my mouth onto your pussy and sucked up as much of your juices as I could, licking you clean. I reached for a napkin and wiped my face.

As I looked up from your quivering pussy at your heaving breasts, you looked at me and said, 'I told you dessert was very filling cowboy. Gawwwwd, I love your tongue.' We laughed hard.

Then I squeezed those thighs as I slipped fingertips inside your pussy, drenching them in juices, before smearing your juices across your asshole.

'Oh my cowboy, I'm getting the whole nine yards am I?'

I smiled and answered, 'I told you I have a big appetite.'

I watched your eyes slowly close and head tilt backwards as I slipped a finger into your tight asshole. I worked it slowly in and out until you began moving to my finger thrusts. Once again, you took your tits in your hands and began rubbing them, squeezing them and pinching and pulling your hard nipples. I lowered my mouth to your hairy pussy again and began sucking your tender clit. My tongue darted up and down your wet slit as I finger fucked your ass.

I made you come again, violently and even wetter than the first orgasm. You lay there on top of the booth, breathing heavily with body quivering, and slowly running your fingertips and nails across your hypersensitive body.

You leaned up on elbows and said, 'Cowboy, is it true things really are bigger in Texas?' as you smiled, licking your lips.

'Only one way to find out ma'am.' I said as I unzipped my pants.

You got up, cum still dripping from your pussy and told me to lay across the seat. You undid my belt, unfastened my pants and pulled them to my ankles.

'Oh my cowboy,' you said as you ran your hands up and down boxers, as if sizing up my long thick shaft.

You lowered your face and began to rub your face against my cock through my boxers. you made deep primal moans as you rubbed my cock up and down your face and neck, between your tits. Then you spread my legs wide and kissed my thighs as your nails dug into my legs. You rubbed your face against my legs as you kissed and nibbled, getting closer to my throbbing cock and aching balls with each passing second.

You cradled my balls with one hand as you lowered the boxers over the top of my shaft, exposing the large head and a couple inches of my shaft. You licked around the head as your hand gripped my shaft and began stroking me. You rubbed the head against your face and lips as you worked me up and down, restraining yourself from jacking me off. My moans of shear pleasure were matching your own. Then you slipped my shorts passed my thighs and took my entire cock in your mouth and throat.

'Oh fuck, you are like velvet,' I softly moaned.

I forced your head down on me, gagging you, as I thrust my cock deeper into your throat. You licked and sucked me as if your mouth was a cock starved pussy. Sensing I was going to cum, you squeezed my shaft hard to stop it's flow, then straddled me and took all of my thrusting cock deep in your pussy. Grinding hard against me, you wanted me to fill your pussy with cum as much as you wanted to cum again yourself. I squeezed both titties as I bucked wildly inside you, ramming my throbbing cock meat as deep and hard and fast in you as I could.

Reaching up, I took you by the back of the head, pulling your mouth to mine as I fucked you for all I was worth. I loved kissing you as we fucked for all we were worth. The feeling of your big titties pressed against my chest felt wonderful. Your lips and tongue were hot with passion.

You knew I was going to cum and you reached behind you and gave my balls a gentle squeeze. Then you lifted yourself off of me and rammed back down harder and harder until we both came is a flood of nasty sexual talk and hot gooey fluids. Your pussy muscles quivered around my cock as I continued to shoot cum inside you. Slowly, you rocked back and forth on me as I continued to push cock into your hairy pussy. As you slowly rocked on me, we traded a little dirty talk with each other.

Me telling you what a tight pussy you have, and you saying its only tight because I'm so big...and me telling you how I loved kissing your soft lips and you telling me you like how I sucked your nipples...and how we like fucking each other...

Then you looked at me and said, 'Cowboy, I think we still have some unfinished business.'

I looked at you as said, 'Oh really?'

'Ummmhmmm, remember sticking your finger in my ass earlier?'

'Of course I do...nice and tight.' I replied.

'Well cowboy, I want you to fuck my ass with that big Texas sized cock of yours.'

'Yes ma'am, I love your tight ass. Can't wait to fuck it'

We both stood up and I leaned you over the booth seat. I slipped my cock inside your pussy, driving it nice and deep with a few hard thrusts and got my cock nice and wet again. Then you reached back and spread your ass cheeks and I smeared your juices across your asshole before pressing the head of my cock against you.

You pushed yourself towards me, slowly impaling yourself on my cock. I watched my cock slowly slip all the way inside you. You gasp a time or two as I pressed deeper. Each time I stopped so you could relax again before going deeper. As I stretched your ass to take my cock, you moaned and writhed as I went deeper in you. Then you began to gyrate your hips back and forth, taking me faster as I slowly increased my speed. Soon we were fucking full force. My balls slamming against your pussy with each hard thrust.

You fingered yourself as I grabbed both hips to pull you faster and harder. Your legs trembled after a few minutes of ass fucking. Each long hard thrust brought you closer to cumming again. I slapped your ass cheeks as I fucked you. Reaching under you I grabbed at your titties, squeezing them hard. My hands were all over you. I squeezed your ass cheeks, slapping them, spreading them wide as I pistoned inside you.

I pulled my cock slowly from your ass. Then reached up and took a handful of your beautiful hair and pulled you to your feet. You looked at me like, 'What tha fuck...I was about to cum....'

Then I sat down in a chair and pulled you to straddle me. Once again you guided my throbbing cock towards your ass. I slipped in easier this time as you lowered yourself onto me.

'Oh fuck cowboy...for a minute I thought you were tired of fucking my ass.'

I smiled and slapped both ass cheeks and squeezed them both...spreading them.

'Oh no ma' have one very nice fuckable ass...and I'm loving every second of dessert.'

We laughed as I leaned back to give you more cock to bounce on. Again and again, you rode me back and forth and up and down as my long thick cock impaled your ass over and over. Your ass cheeks hitting my balls with every hard thrust.

I loved watching your titties bounce and sway as you ground yourself on me. You leaned forward, your hair covering your face as you tossed your head back and forth. You dug your nails into my chest as your legs trembled and you started moaning louder.

'Oh cowboy....fuck my ass baby.....fill my ass with your cock mother fucker....cum in me cowboy....make this ass all yours...ooohHHHHHH gawd cowboy.....I'm going to cum all over you.... dammit cowboy....cum with me..... fill my ass with your hot gooey cum....thats it baby...fuck me.... GAAAAAWWWWWWWDDDDDD cowboy..... oh my fuckin....... oh fuck me cowboy... ooohhhhh cowboy.....mmmmm... oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhh.'

We both came harder than before, cum flowing freely. Each time you lifted yourself off my shaft, cum oozed from your ass. You sat there...still....feeling the pulsing of my cock force the last of my cum out.

'Oh my gawwwwd cowboy, I could feel the cum start in your balls...I felt it coursing through your shaft, pulsing streams of hot pleasure as you shot cum in my ass. Gawddd cowboy....mmmmmm,' you said as you slowly rocked on my shrinking cock.

You leaned down on top of me, our bodies melding into one body of hot sweaty flesh, dripping in sweat and cum. I brushed the damp hair from your face with my fingers as I kissed your soft lips. We looked into each others eyes as we kissed long lingering kisses...playful kisses and nibbles. It was as if we had been lovers for years. Again, I slowly traced every delicious curve of your body.

I looked at you, softly kissed your lips and asked, 'Well ma'am, since you seem to be closed for the afternoon, would you like to go get a bite to eat?'

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