The Dirty Affair

By kinkykez

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The dirty affair

The house was all quiet, home alone! Yes that’s right. Now what can I do to keep myself entertained? BOOTY CALL. I decide to text a very nice friend of mine indeed, fingers crossed he was free and not tied up with his girlfriend. My body began to tingle whilst anticipating his reply, yes he was free to come round, which certainly put a smile on my face. So I put on my sexy lingerie, my lepodprint baby doll, because he was certainly in for a wild ride tonight.

Next there was a knock on the door, so I rushed down the stairs but then took a moment to compose myself and brush my hair out of my face before answering the door. A smile was all that was needed as he looked me up and down. My dressing gown gaping open to reveal my saucy outfit. He pounced through the door grabbing me and flinging me against the wall as he started ravishing my neck with kisses, sending tingling sensation from head to toe. We slowly started to walk up the stairs as I was still pinned against the wall, he spins me round and I grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs with excitement. We burst through my bedroom door and I ripped of his shirt before flinging him onto my bed.

I climbed on top of him and leant forward, slowly grinding against his cock, my boobs just perched in front of his face. I start to kiss his tender lips, slowly inserting my tongue wrapping it around his. I then start kissing his face, moving towards his ear nibbling gently and quietly moaning as I continue to grind against his even harder cock. I then start to move down his body, kissing and nibbling his chest and letting out a cheeky moan. I get down to his jeans and begin to unbutton them, I pull his boxers down slightly to reveal his rock hard cock, ready for some action.

I perch myself on the bed with my head directly above his cock. I start by licking his bell end round and round to make it nice and wet. I clench my lips around his hard cock, then I start to move up and down his shaft, twisting my tongue as I go down so he can feel my tickling piercing vibrating against his cock. I start going faster and faster increasing the intensity of the sucking so it gives the effects of a tight wet pussy. He can hear me moaning and groaning as I suck his hard penis which adds to the effect as the vibrations become more intense. I then move further down his body till I’m off the bed, I then remove his trousers and boxers of and make my way back up his body till I’m perched above his cock.

I slowly slide his cock into my wet pussy. I start rocking back and forth on his cock whilst I caress my breasts with my hands, then I start running my hands through my hair as I let out a loud groan. I then lower my hands back down my body to reach my baby doll and slowly pull this over my head and fling it on the floor. I then start moving faster and faster, I can feel his cock sliding between my very wet pussy lips. The faster I go the louder I scream, my breast bouncing as I move up and down his cock. Then all of a sudden he lifts me of twists me round and slams me head into the pillow.

He then comes up behind me and parts my legs, he runs his cock up and down my pussy lips before slipping it inside. He then starts thrusting his hard cock deep inside me. He grabs my hair as he pumps away. He’s pulling my hair the harder he thrusts, I’m moaning and groaning, he spanks my arse which makes me scream the house down with excitement. I can feel the orgasm building up inside me, my clit tingling as the intensity grows. He pounds the life out of me, my breasts moving with every thrust. Then I let out an almighty scream and squirt all over his cock, then he groans and slows down as he cums. I can feel his warm cum dripping out of my extremely wet pussy.