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The Dirty Wanderer

Virginia's lust for bad boy Frank is ignited when a sexy stranger shows up in town.
Chapter One

The first time he saved Virginia it was by chance. The clicking of heels against the cobblestone punctuated the whir of automobiles and the screech of the cable car coming to a halt. She passed by windows draped with yards of lace and gentlemen’s suits, and skirted around the outreached arms of vendors hawking their wares.

She saw none of this. Not the man who raised the oyster to his lips and extended it for her to judge its freshness as she passed by. Nor the cart of tonics -one for every ailment known to man- as it rattled across the street. Her eyes were focused on the truck parked two blocks down. She knew every corner of it by heart -the bed lined with scratched wood and filaments of hay, its taught leather seats, the smell of his tobacco that lingered even though the cabin was open to the air. Her heels clicked unsteadily on the already rocky pavement, but she did not slow down. She could not. Instead, she clutched her satchel to her chest as though her grip might calm the staccato of her beating heart and refused to let the truck out of sight.

Frank was nowhere to be seen, though she could clearly picture him leaning against the driver’s side door. In her memory, he stood cupping the end of a Lucky Strike with one hand and pinching the base to his lips with the other. His hands were dark and rough from digging through the earth by day, but at night, his lean fingers moved with grace wherever he willed them to go. The one night they were together in his truck, he had splayed them across the seat and let the tips just barely touch the hem of her skirt as though touching her with anything more than a fingertip would be more than he could bare. Once the truck stopped, they moved swiftly, tracing the line where the collar of her blouse kissed the base of her neck before diving down between her breasts. It had been months since that one moment, but Virginia’s nipples still grew rigid at the memory of it.

Though she approached his truck with intent, Virginia kept an apprehensive lookout for Frank. She could not be seen with him. Ever. The sheriff’s only sister did not mingle with people like him. The combination of Frank’s smooth, gentrified mannerisms and his rough exterior made it easy for him to waltz in and out of certain social circles, especially those Virginia had only overheard mention of in her brother’s conversations about work. Frank knew rumrunners, gang members, prostitutes. He told her stories about them that night under the stars while they sipped whiskey from a flask hidden in his truck. Virginia’s lips burned just thinking of its taste, the pungent smell of liquor on his breath, and the sting inside as he tapped his tongue against her teeth before forcing his way into her mouth for the first time.

Despite his less-than-admirable alliances, or perhaps because of them, Virginia could not stop thinking of Frank. She thought of one night in particular as she approached his empty truck on the street. It was the last time she had seen him. With each step she remember how after the dance, when they were finally alone, he had driven her off to some desolate place. There he’d laid her down and placed one hand at the crown of her head to keep it from hitting the truck’s bed. With the other, he skated his fingers across her thighs, inching them up, up until they flittered across the lace trim of her panties in the dark.

Virginia knew what she wanted him to do, but instead of sliding his finger in as she wished he would, he seized a piece of the silk fabric and tugged. In response, she raised her hips to his groin and pushed until she felt his hardness against her in protest. There she began to writhe beneath him, trying to align her clit and increasingly wet hole with what she knew was underneath. She begged him to slide inside with every part of her, opened her mouth to gum his tongue with her lips, and pressed into the flesh of his back with her hands, but instead of giving into her, he pinned her down with the weight of his body and whispered, “Don’t move.”

There was heat between her legs. It spread to her thighs as she pursed her lips and opened her eyes to see Frank’s reflecting back into hers. His lashes were cast down, the same way they started to fall when he was drunk, but she knew it wasn’t liquor that drove him to this state. He did not look away as he found his way back to the same corner of her panties and gave it another tug. This time, she stayed still as Frank brushed the fabric in light circles above her mound.

Fingers could never be this light, but the kiss of the silk against her skin was a butterfly pausing to suck nectar. Virginia tried to imagine Frank’s fingers finally making their way beyond the barrier of lace, but the touch of fabric against her was so delicate it sent electricity coursing through her. Back and forth he played, letting the side of a finger or a knuckle sweep over her swelled rim. Though he never directly touched her flesh, each contact on the other side of the silk made her so wet that Frank could soon feel it too as he twirled the material just above her clit.

She never got further than that, for in the next moment as Virginia was fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, a light shone over them. It swept over them once, then again from the opposite direction, until Frank sat up and shielded his eyes.

“Shit,” he said, quickly buttoning his shirt back up and trying to wipe her scent off his hands. “Get up.”

“Who is it?” Virginia had asked, struggling to see in the dark. Her eyes adjusted to the outline of a car turning around and driving back to them. It wove around rocks and dipped into holes in the field as it made its way toward them. Virginia flattened her skirt and shuffled back to the front of the truck to slink down into the seat before she heard a car window being cranked down and a familiar voice.

It was her brother. “Night crop coming in?” she heard him ask. Frank was now standing at the back of the truck. Virginia’s stomach turned cold. She had three brothers, but Henry, the oldest, was a cop and the most protective of her. He would string Frank up by his toes, or worse, if he discovered his baby sister out here with him.

Frank lit a cigarette. “I was just admiring the stars.”

“In the middle of a field?”

“No better place to see them,” Frank said.

Virginia knew Henry was onto Frank. As a child, Henry often played stupid when he had some secret or news to get out of her. Usually it worked. Everyone trusts a fool, but this time the price to pay was greater than any trouble her brother could ever dream of getting her into.

“You alone?” Henry asked. Virginia felt as though she might wretch into the cabin of the truck. She sat quietly in the seat and tried to think of an excuse should Henry come around the side. She could see him lean out the window of his patrol car and adjust the light fixed to the hood.

Virginia’s stomach felt like an eclipse of moths were fluttering so madly inside it might lift her off the leather seat. Frank didn’t move an inch.

“A sky like this is worth sharing,” Frank said, tapping the ashes from his cigarette out onto the ground before crushing them with his feet.

“A lady then, is it?” Henry asked, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Frank chuckled, but hardly moved except to shrug. “Don’t know if you’d call her a lady,” Frank said, taking another long drag from his cigarette then blowing the air out with a quick puff.

The sound of Henry’s laugh and his warning to clear on out was lost on Virginia. As the patrol car drove away, her sense of dread was replaced not with relief, but disgust. She was no hooker Frank had picked up off the street, though from the way Henry dismissed the situation, she was beginning to wonder if Frank had more experience with them than he revealed in his sugar-coated stories. As soon as he returned to the front seat, she felt the urge to claw at him. Without looking at her, he extinguished his cigarette and flicked it out onto the field.

“Is that what you think I am?” she said as he turned the key in the ignition. Even with rage bubbling inside her, she still could not help but notice how sculpted his bare arms looked and how defined the muscles looked in the moonlight. Part of her wanted to bend over and run her lips along their ridges, but another part of her wanted to drive her fist into his chest. She sat in silence as he backed them out of the hidden cul de sac he had eased them into.

She did not touch him the whole way home. She did not speak a word as he slowed down in front of the spot he had picked her up at several blocks from her parents’ house. And as he drove off into the night, she had no reason to chase him, no reason to believe she should think about what had happened for a minute more. No promises had been made, no vows broken. Yet her heart felt as though something was missing, as though the few moments of pleasure, then terror, then sheer anger spent in Frank’s company had trumped even a second spent with any other man.


Her mind slipped from the past and back to the busy street. Virginia desperately wanted to feel once more the way she felt all those months ago as she walked towards the hastily parked truck. She knew there was no way she could be with Frank without having to sacrifice something -the support of her family, her reputation, even her job, but these days everyone was making sacrifices, giving up one thing to get another.

She was trying to think of the words she would say to him when she made it to the car and he found her waiting. It was not an apology or an explanation she was seeking, more like salvation. One foot was firmly planted on the only road left separating her from what she wanted, and the other was about to follow when a strong hand grabbed the back of her arm and yanked her back so forcefully she lost her balance. Her body slammed into something hard behind her as a patrol car sped by so close it ruffled her skirts. One more step and she would have been struck. The realization of this sent waves of terror trembling through her veins. Her limbs began to shake and only then did she notice her hands were empty. In front of her, her satchel lay torn and ruined on the ground.

Still stunned, Virginia felt the imprint where the hand had grabbed her. Whoever had done it was standing behind her still, breathing down onto her letting her stay nestled in the safety of his body while she caught her breath. She turned, hoping to see that Frank was the one who had saved her, but instead found herself pressed against a stranger.

Chapter Two

He was not composed of the things fairy tales are made of, that she could tell. He reeked of sweat and smoke and was still holding onto Virginia when she struggled to turn and see the face of the man who had just saved her.

Startled, she tried to shake herself from his grip, but it only made him hold on tighter. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a tear in his boot, work pants, and burs stuck to one sleeve of his coat. He was a wanderer, this she knew. There were more and more of them down by the railroad tracks these days. They came and went with the trains. She tried to convince herself that they were no different than her, but the others, her family especially, acted like they were superior simply because fate had played them the upper hand.

As soon as the patrol car sped down the street and out of sight, two more followed in the same direction. Virginia felt dizzy, unsure of which way to look. She remembered walking towards Frank’s truck. She wanted to look up to see if it was still there, if he was there, but around her everything was a mess. Across the street and blocking her view was a vendor whose cart had toppled over as he jumped out of the way. A crowd gathered around as he scrambled to get his goods back into the cart.

The papers that had filled Virginia’s satchel were torn and muddy in the middle of the road. Weeks and weeks of work lay scattered at her feet. Around her, the flow of pedestrians began to swell once more as people continued on their way. Without thinking, she jerked herself away from the stranger’s grip and swooped down to pick up her papers before they were trampled on. She had picked up as many as she could when she remembered what she was after. Out of danger, she looked up at Frank’s truck just in time to see that it was not his at all. On the sidewalk, an elderly man shook his head at the chaos before climbing into the driver’s side of the truck. He turned the key in the ignition and pulled away from the curb. Virginia could feel hope deflate in her chest as she watched him drive away.

It was only when the truck had driven around the corner and out of sight when Virginia remembered the stranger behind her. If it hadn’t been for him, she might have walked into the street and been struck. She turned around, desperate to find him. No one in the crowd seemed familiar. She hadn’t seen his face and couldn’t find any traces of what little of him she had seen before he released her. Her lust for Frank had blinded her, and with each minute it was fading into more into a memory. She had let it get her into trouble one night, but today, it had almost cost her her life.

Embarrassed and startled, Virginia made it home. She was a fool. A fool for imagining it was Frank’s truck she had seen on the side of the road. A fool for not thanking the stranger who had stopped her from walking out into the middle of a police chase. But most of all, she was a fool for believing that even if it had been Frank, he would have stopped to acknowledge her after their one disastrous night.

Virginia could barely stand by the time she made it home. There was sweat between her breasts and pooled at the small of her back. She was covered in grime from the dirty streets and her makeup had smudged a little more each time she brought her hand to her eye to wipe what she was embarrassed to admit were tears. Exhausted, she dropped her torn satchel and papers on the kitchen table and slid out of her shoes. She peeled her pantyhose off, rolled each one down her leg one at a time and began to climb the stairs. Her shirt seemed to take forever to remove. Her hands trembled as they unfastened each tiny pearl button, but she left it in a heap on the steps before sliding out of her skirt and leaving that too at the top of the stairs.

Only her slip remained as she entered the bathroom and turned the bathtub faucet on. The water came out hot and steaming, and she stuck her foot under the stream hoping the searing water would heal her. Still too hot for her to slip her body into, she let the tub fill and turned to look at herself in the mirror. Her slip was spotted and damp, so she lifted it off above her head and stood naked as the water rushed behind her.

What she saw before her was the reflection of a woman who had only ripened with age. Her breasts were no longer hard and taught, but round and full. She felt their softness as she ran her fingers over them, caressed her own smooth skin and drove her fingertips in circles around her nipples. She had barely touched them before they turned hard and firm. Virginia gasped, and could not stop herself in that moment from thinking of Frank. Even though she was enraged the last time she saw him, that emotion was gone now. She only remembered the smooth line of his jaw, his square shoulders, and solid chest.

Still standing before the mirror, Virginia dreamed of running her hands up and down Frank’s chest. She imagined herself sliding her palms from his abdomen and up to his nipples. Her hands still on her own tits, she imagined putting her lips to Frank’s chest and running her tongue around and around his until she felt him perk up beneath her lips. She imagined herself sucking, lapping and tugging at his flesh until he squirmed.

She wanted to taste Frank, to cover every inch of him with her mouth and suck as much of him as she could. As she began to fantasize about devouring his chest, his abdomen, the sharp curve that led down to his manhood, her own fingers slid from her breasts to her clit. She did not delay as Frank had done with her. Instead, she slid her finger down and shuddered at the feel of pressure against the mound swelling between her labia. Afraid of losing the tingling feeling rushing through her limbs, she dipped her fingers further down and felt the slippery wetness that leaked from her. Once wet with her own juices, Virginia’s finger’s slid more easily around the spot that made her shudder. Squeezing her tit with one hand and circling her hot hole with the other, she began to slide her fingers inside, imagining instead that it was Frank’s hand and not hers she could feel between her legs.

Virginia closed her eyes and tried to fixate on Frank, on reaching into his hands and feeling his rock hard dick. She imagined her hand finding it down his pants, long and warm, and beginning to caress it slowly until the tip began to leak. That would be her cue to unbutton his pants and put her tongue on the tip of his penis, and taste his saltiness before surrounding him with her mouth.

Around and around Virginia’s fingers moved, until she found one spot that made her hips begin to buck. Shutting the water off, she kneeled before the tub and steadied herself on its edge. There she began to stroke herself harder and faster, feeling her own juices slip from her. Slower, then faster, then slower again, she searched for the right rhythm until she found what she was looking for; a tightness that started in her twat and began to ripple from there, causing her rocking body to seize and thrust as spasms of pleasure burst from her before making her body go rigid, and with it her mind empty of all that had led her up to that moment.

It was ecstasy, but only for a few seconds. When it was over, Virginia slowed her breathing and slid her body into the warm water. There she dripped water over her breasts, slid the cloth between her still sensitive labia and wiped a new layer of sweat from her face. Clean, she drained the tub and walked to her room. No one else lived with her, so it was nothing for her to turn on the fan and lay naked on the bed. Still damp, she let the air blowing on her body do the rest of the work of cooling her down. She had been pleased, but now the realization that it had all just been another fantasy made her heart heavy. She was alone in the afterglow, and it was fading fast. Trying to forget the afternoon, trying to forget what she had just conjured up in her mind, she listened to the creaking of the fan blowing up and down her body until minutes later, she fell asleep.

Chapter Three

The room was dark and the fan was off when Virginia woke up hours later. Still in a hazy dream-state, she recalled the moments leading her to this point earlier in the day: the chase, her lust played out for Frank on the bathroom floor, and then falling asleep to the noise of the fan. Outside, she could hear tree frogs peeping and the occasional car going by, but the fan had somehow stopped. Virginia reached over to her nightstand to see if the power was out, but with a quick flip of the switch the blades began to whir again.

A new kind of trembling ran through her now. Afraid someone might be in the house, she pulled the sheet up to her chest and tip-toed out of bed to look out the window. There was no vehicle in the driveway. With nothing, no one to protect her, Virginia ran to the bedroom door to lock it. She was just about to turn the key in the hole when she noticed a note propped up on her bureau that hadn’t been there before.

I’m here. It read in a man’s quick and rigid hand. At the bottom it was signed with a large, sprawling letter F. Virginia kept her hand on the doorknob as she thought of what to do. There was no reason for Frank to be here. He hadn’t tried to contact her in any way since the last time they met. Somewhere in her house could be some maniac waiting to kill her, lurking in the shadows for the opportune time to slit her throat. Virginia shook all over. The thought of what a stranger might do to her made her freeze in place, but the hope of what Frank might do to her was stronger.

With the sheet still wrapped around her, Virginia tiptoed down the hall. From the top of the stairs she could see the outline of a man asleep on her living room sofa. She watched his chest rise and fall, his right arm slung over his chest and the left one tucked beneath his head. Even from afar and in the dark, her body could sense Frank’s there. Its magnetism drew her towards him like a compass needle pointing towards North.

Gingerly, she let the sheet fall between them. Frank only twitched once as she unbuttoned his work pants. His penis was longer than she had imagined. She had to pry down his pants further to find its impossible end. Once she had uncovered it, she slid her hand beneath the flap of his undergarments until her hand was wrapped around it. She didn’t move, just felt the hardness grow beneath her hand as she let the heat of her palm entice it. With one move, Virginia slid Frank’s enormous cock out of between the layers of fabric so that it stood right in her face. Without saying a word, she held it and let only the tip of her tongue rub his shaft. Light at first, and slow. With each nod she could feel him growing harder beneath her. The same electric feeling flooded her body again, but this time with more desperation. Hunger coursed through her veins as she slowly opened her mouth and surrounded Frank’s length with it before closing her lips over his shaft.

She didn’t know she could take this much in, and felt she could take even more. Sliding her lips further up his cock, she slid her tongue up and down his shaft, swirling and teasing him to wake up. He didn’t change positions, but she knew he was awake when he groaned and put his hand on the back of her head, pushing her further up him. By now she had all of him in her mouth, and used only her lips and tongue to massage the parts that made him squirm beneath her. She was in control now. She could feel him writhing beneath her so she licked and sucked and licked until she could take it no more.

With one quick gesture Frank’s shirt was off. Virginia slid him out of dirty boots, the rest of his work pants, and it was in that moment that she put together the pieces. The tear in the boot, the work pants were the very ones from the street that afternoon. It was no wanderer who had saved her from near and certain death, but Frank. The realization made her hungry for him, but there was no time to admire what was in front of her. She needed him inside her, only then could she truly see him. Dangling her breasts over his stomach, she pressed them against his skin and slid her way up his chest. What she found waiting for her was his mouth, burning and open, and she clasped her lips against his as though to drink him in. She could not get enough of his kisses, of his mouth on hers. He tugged at her lips with his and forced his tongue into her mouth so she could hardly breathe. It made her light and giddy, and just when she thought she was growing faint, he gave her air to breathe, running his fingers through her hair, grabbing and pulling her head back so he could suck her slender neck.

They were still joined together, still drinking each other in when Frank put his hands on Virginia’s ass. Naturally, she wrapped her legs around him, feeling his hardness against her own sweet spot. Still she didn’t let him in. She let her juices run along his dick and slid herself up and down his shaft, but each time the tip of his penis dared to go near her sopping wet hole, she thrust her hips and moved them to a new position to start the game all over again.

Still cupping Virginia’s ass, he swung his feet on the floor and stood up while they kissed so passionately her lips began to feel sore. It was the good kind of hurt though, the kind she wanted more of.

“Where are you going?” she asked between breaths, putting her lips to his ear.

“I’m going to take you,” he said.

As he carried her across the living room to the wall, Virginia could feel Frank’s dick slap across her pussy and ass. Once the cold plaster was behind her, he shoved his body up against hers so that there were no spaces between them and the wall. Virginia’s cunt quivered as she felt the tip of Frank’s rod force its way inside her, smooth at first, then searing heat as his giant hose filled her. The first thrust took her breath away. The second had her clawing at his back, begging him to fuck her harder, harder so that she could feel it deep inside. Frank was so big that Virginia could do nothing but grope and pant and try to keep from passing out with pure pleasure as he pounded her against the wall. It was as if he was filling every part of her, and the longer he stayed inside, the more whole she became.

The sweat between them made a slapping noise as their stomachs rubbed up against one another. Virginia leaned her head back as much as she could and arched her back so her tits were close to Frank’s mouth. Taking the suggestion, he put her nipple in his mouth and sucked so hard the pressure against her tit matched the pressure mounted in her clit.

Frank looked like an animal, wet and losing control, and Virginia kept her eyes open to watch him move and grunt and attack as many parts of her as he could with his mouth. Still pushing her against the wall, he let one hand leave Virginia’s ass as he pushed her even harder. Making quick thrusts and guttural sounds, he moved his thumb to the place he had hovered above so many nights ago. This time, he was not shy. There was nothing between them, and when he pressed on the spot just near Virginia’s clit and pulsed against it a low and steady pace, a vulgar moan escaped from her as she felt her insides clench and release around Frank’s manhood that was shooting his cum inside her.

Neither of them moved once the had finished climaxing. Gently, Frank held Virginia against the wall and kissed her lips softly as their juices ran down their legs. Still kissing her softly, he carried her up the stairs, her legs still wrapped around him as he lay her on the bed. She could not bear, even for a second to not have his naked skin against hers, so she pulled him down onto the bed on top of her and then turned him on his back so she could wrap herself around him. There, on top of him, their chests heaving in tandem, they fell asleep. It was so much easier for Virginia to rest this time knowing not only that it was Frank who had saved her the first time by chance, but finally, tonight, by choice.

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