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The Doctors Antidote for Virginity

Cara was still sweet, and purely innocent. The things to come, had never pondered within her mind.
Lee had been a medical student at The Medical College of Georgia for two years now. So it was no substantial surprise for the professor to give assignments pertaining to them being doctors within the medical field for their Christmas break. However, this time it was a little different than he had expected. Use a friend as a test subject? What in the world was this guy thinking!? Lee shook his head, deep in thought; his fingers trailed down the page reading the directions in all its entirety.

That evening when he got back to his dorm, he pondered the directions a little further. Who can I… then it hit him, he knew exactly who would be perfect for this so called ’test subject’. The one person who had caught his attention a thousand times before. It was true indeed, he had heard all of the accusations pertaining to her being a virgin. So he had no doubt in his mind, that she would be the ideal person for the part.

He opened up the door, and stood within the threshold. His sight shifted down the hall to another door, he swallowed hard trying to keep his courage up. He began to walk down the hall, and lightly knocked on the door. His stance straightened at the sound of someone approaching. The floor creaked, the doorknob clicked and slowly began to turn. The light from the room beamed through the crack, giving Cara an angelic glow while standing in the doorway.

“Hey Lee, I wasn’t expecting to see you,” Cara smiled.

He kindly laughed and looked her deep within her green eyes. “I actually came by to see if you wanted to come to my room later?” he looked down, almost embarrassed at what he was fixing to say. “I’ve got a composition to write, however, I’ve got to have a ‘test subject’, Professor Wallenburg’s orders,” his eyes gazed back to hers, and he began to warmly smile.

Just the thought of playing ‘Doctor‘ brought back so many memories from when Cara was younger. The thought created excitement within her, even though she was much older. “Sure, I’m willing to play the patient,” she grinned taking his hand within hers and shut the door. “Come on, what are we waiting for, let’s go now!” she bashfully fluttered her eyelashes watching the impressed look form against Lee’s face.

“Better earlier than later I guess,” Lee said, shrugging his shoulders a bit. He glanced over to her and gave her an inviting smile as they approached his room. He opened the door and grinned, “Ladies first.” He released her hand and let her walk in, his wandering eyes trailed down her beautiful, curvaceous body. “Mmm” he sighed to himself, and shut the door behind them.

It was only Cara’s first year at college, but he had already made her feel welcome every since the first day. He always talked to her when he seen her, joked around with her; he was a lot different than the other ‘older’ guys. There was so much she had never told Lee, like the fact that she had never been with another man in ‘that’ way. But she was sure the rumors of her waiting had spread throughout the campus. Of course, she was willing to give up her virginity to Lee; he could consider it an early Christmas gift.

"So," she glanced around the room, knowing that it was just the two of them, "I guess I’m playing sick?" she began to smile while running her hands down her pink and black mini dress.

He looked over to her -- a slender, cute young lady, he could not deny her looks. "Indeed you are. Now stand up straight," he smiled flatly, and slipped into his ‘doctor’ accent. He held up a hand, pretending it were a clipboard, his other hand using a finger for a pen, scribbling pretend notes.

She lightly giggled and sauntered a little more closer to him. She straightened her posture and watched him pretend to scribble notes down. She made a fake coughing sound and placed her hand on her stomach and rubbed in a circular motion, "I don't feel good doctor." She looked up to him and smiled innocently.

Brief sounds could be heard from the room adjacent to his; loud laughter trailed through the air. When their classmates got together on Friday afternoons, they really made it a point to have a good time, without the professors around.

His eyes shifted over her. What a body this girl had to play with, was the only thought coursing through his mind at the moment.

Lee gave Cara a warm, friendly smile and nodded in acknowledgment. He looked her up and down with a shallow, concerned sigh. “You don’t feel good, young lady? We’ll have to see if we can get a diagnosis, you sound like you may have a cold! We need to begin with a test of your saliva production. Now…”

She smiled brightly listening to him speak. She had become slightly bashful when she looked within his blue eyes, seeing his pretend concern shine through. She placed her hands at her sides, her fingers tugged down on her dress, something she normally did when she got nervous.

He gently placed a hand on her chin, and raised her face to look at him more directly. His other hand rose, placing the tip of his fingers against her lips. “Say Ahhhhh,” he whispered.

She tilted her head back slightly, looked into his eyes, and opened her mouth. “Ahhhh,” the soft sound trailed from her lips; she tried not to smile.

“There we go,” he whispered. He grasped her chin, his other hand slowly began to slide his finger into her mouth, seeing how far he could get before she would gag. He was definitely already enjoying himself. At every moment, it took every ounce of willpower he had to suppress a mischievous grin and maintain his ‘doctor’ character.

Cara’s eyes widened a bit when she felt his finger enter her mouth. She looked at him with wonder, her soft lips wrapped firmly around his finger. She could feel his finger go deeper into her warm, wet mouth. She continued to play along, imagining his finger as a thermometer checking her temperature.

At the very moment he placed his finger into the depth of her throat, her eyes began tearing up, she gagged.

Instead of him pushing it further down her throat, he started to stroke it in her mouth, up to his knuckle, ‘testing‘ her. Her lips tightened and she lightly sucked on it.

He maintained a thin, clinical smile. “Hmmm,” he quietly said. He began to nod, still pretending he was examining her, truly appraising her. The hand on her chin spread, he now grasped her jaw line. His other hand crept out, only to force a second finger past her pert young lips. He began to pump two fingers in and out repeatedly.

Her eyes glanced down at his hand as he delicately pulled his finger from her mouth. She watched him place two fingers back in. Her eyes gazed up to his, her hand grabbed his arm.

Succulent sounds came from her lips, his fingers pushed back and forth. Her grip tightened against his skin, digging her nails into his flesh.

A tingling sensation trailed through her spine, she looked back into his eyes. Her lips tightened more around his finger. The feeling of his fingers gliding in and out of her mouth had thoughts racing through her mind. Thoughts that she would have never imagined before that night, thoughts… of him and her together.

He smiled, nodding with satisfaction; He removed his hands from her. “Perfect,” he remarked, “seems perfectly normal. We can move on to the other tests,” he said, with a plan already roughly forming in his mind. He gave her young, lithe body another look up and down.

“Please turn around for me,” he suggested.

Her grip loosened from him, she dropped her hand down to her side. “Other tests?” she smiled warmly towards him, and began to turn away from him. Curiosity had risen in her mind when she turned completely around.

He frowned, thinking it were a silly question and he could not believe she was asking. “Well of course,” he nodded, “we have to be thorough in order to ensure the best care for you possible.”

Her eyes distractingly gazed around the room, nervousness began to sink in. “Okay doctor, I’m ready now,” she whispered, wondering what he was doing behind her. She placed her hands together in front of her, properly folding her fingers, her stance straightened.

“Thank you,” he smiled at her readiness, and simply, gently placed a hand on her upper back, right between her shoulder blades.

When his hand pressed against her back, she lowly sighed, a weird sensation began to run through her once more; it sent a light quiver over her body. These were feelings she had never known before, and had never experienced with anyone, she was still… purely innocent.

“Take a few deep breaths,” he requested. He was definitely enjoying himself, and grinned behind her, where she couldn’t notice.

She inhaled heavily, imagining him with a stethoscope against her back, listening to the sound of her quickening heart. Her nervousness subsided; she had finally found comfort with him.

“Hmmm,” he nodded, and silently took a deep breath for courage.

Suddenly, he had slid his hand around her body, onto her chest, and began caressing over her breasts until gently squeezing her left one.

“Now, cough a few times,” he insisted.

She unfolded her hands and glided her fingers against his arm, she dropped her other hand to her side. She closed her eyes and bit down her lower lip. She coughed. “Doctor, I hope you can make me all better,” her words came across teasingly.

While she couldn’t notice, he grinned, enjoying how her body seemed to instinctually arch her back into his chest, which only emphasized her modest chest a little more.

Her other hand moved up to his arm, and began to place light pressure with her fingertips against his warm skin. She smiled, feeling him take control over her. She turned her head, resting it on his chest.

“I can, if you would follow my directions,” he reminded her. He now wrapped both arms around her. His strong hands squeezed her perky tits. “Cough a few times, as I said.”

She gave him a few coughs, trying to keep her composure, not wanting him to realize that she was taking pleasure in it all.

The warmth from his chest radiated into her back. She felt his hands gently grip at her breasts. She closed her eyes and softly licked her lips. She wasn’t going to let him know what she was feeling, he couldn’t know! No…not yet!

“Hmmmm, interesting,” he nodded. He gave her chest one long, firm squeeze before he released her, and took a step back.

“So far so good, but still more tests of course,” he nodded again. He observed her lithe young body up and down, having a sense of satisfaction from being able to feel her pert young nipples through the thin fabric. “Now for a flexibility test. Just bend over, and see if you can touch your toes without bending your knees,” he smiled, and wondered whether she would bend towards him, away, or offer him a side view.

She nodded her head with approval while thinking of the flexibility test. She began to smile, she turned away from him and slightly turned back, giving him a back angle side view. She grinned devilishly when she bent over. She ran her fingers gently against her legs in attempt to lean down more. Her fingers were mere inches from her feet. “What do you think, doctor?” she grinned, her beautiful dark hair flowed down over the sides of her face, it was all still fun and games.

“Very healthy,” he smiled with approval; his eyes traced over her flexible body. He walked up to her, directly behind her, and slid his hand onto her upper thigh. He gave a gentle squeeze through her thin sundress.

She swallowed hard at the feeling of his hand on her upper thigh. She was quite surprised, but she tried not to let it show through. She tried her hardest to reach the floor beneath her. Her body was fully bent over, revealing a lot to him, whether she had realized it or not.

“Keep bending over,” he ordered. He began to slowly, subtly lift the back of her dress. “See if you can touch the floor…” Soon he had snuck a hand under her dress, rubbed the back of her upper thigh, and even gave her tight ass a gentle slap over her panties, he gently squeezed her ass cheek.

It was then, that his hand had snaked up under her dress, making her body tremble slightly beneath him. She held her position while she, feeling him playfully tease her. She kindly laughed feeling his hand pop her ass.

“Excellent job,” Lee smiled thinly, giving her tight ass an ‘encouraging’ little squeeze before he released her, and took a step back. “Now,” he flatly stated, “please remove your dress.”

The groping, the touches, the reaches under her dress, the obscure commands - they were all just a test, really, a curiosity… So far, he was very pleased with how she was responding.

She began to stand back up straight. She brushed her fingertips lightly across the dress while she turned to him. She listened contently to his directions, her eyes glanced over at the door and back to him.

In the back of her mind she was debating his command, not sure if she should reveal herself to him or not. She was a little worried about who might would be barging in, and she sure didn’t want to get caught undressed, showing herself to Lee as an ‘experiment’. She pondered the thought for a minute and gently shrugged her shoulders.

She looked up to him, her eyes locked with his and she smiled. She reached down, lifted her dress up, and over her head. She pulled it completely off her body, she began to grin, “Enough? Or should I…” she tugged softly at her panties and began to warmly smile towards him, “…take these off as well?”

Lee couldn’t help but to smile, and it took everything he had to suppress a grin. He tried to sneak in a quick glance up and down at her gorgeous young frame. He was sure to slip back into his doctor accent.

“For a thorough examination, yes, I will need you to be naked,” he nonchalantly nodded. “Then, for your next test, please get on your knees.” He pointed to a spot on the floor in front of him. Oh how much fun he was having.

She watched his eyes gaze over her, making her smile deepen. She pushed her panties, forcing them to drift down her legs and onto the floor. She stepped out of them. She looked over at the spot where he had pointed and began to walk over to it. She turned her back to him and knelt down, placing her knees on the floor, resting the palm of her hands on the floor as well.

She tilted her head, glancing back towards him. “Is this how you wanted me?” she softly spoke. She turned her head away from him and began to smile, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“Yes,” he nodded officially, “that is perfect…”

He walked over in front of her, standing rather close to her, her face right at his crotch level. The entire time, he had only been wearing a t-shirt and loose flannel sweat pants. The flannel pants was, if she were paying attention, obviously showing off his growing bulge… The ‘doctor’ took a moment to peel the tight t-shirt off his well-built, athletic torso.

She glanced up to him with a hint of curiosity, and began to smile once more. She couldn‘t keep her eyes from observing the outlined details of his fit chest.

He looked down at her. “We are going to conduct one more saliva production test, to finally see if you have a cold. We will also be testing your gag reflex. This time,” his hands were on the hem of his pants, “we will be using a longer instrument…”

Cara couldn’t help but to agree with him, her eyes were almost in trance with his; she had begun to feel almost in a dream-like state. “Oh…” she lightly licked her lips, “…okay.”

He combed one hand through her hair, gently holding the back of her head. His other hand grasped her chin again, pulling her up to force her to look up at him for a moment if she had not already been. “Ready for your next test, my pretty little patient?”

He broke her trance when she felt his hand brush through her hair. Her eyes gazed over his body, feeling his motions. But when he grabbed her chin, her eyes focused back to his, listening to his words come across clearly. “I’m ready,” she began to softly smile.

“Good,” he smiled. He kept one hand on her chin after playfully mussing her hair. His other hand grabbed the front of his pants… he hesitated for one moment…

…But then, suddenly he shoved his bottoms down, revealing his lengthened, thickened, stiffened cock. His pants were down to his ankles. He held his dick in his hand and placed its head on her lips.

Her eyes widened a bit seeing him pull his shaft from his pants. The look on her face was indescribable, her eyes trailed over his long, hardened dick. When he placed his shaft at her lips, she gave him a subtle grin.

“Now open wide and say ‘Ahhhh’…” he demanded.

Her mouth parted, willfully inviting him. She began to follow his instructions. “Ahhh,” her eyes met back with his, awaiting his next move.

“That a girl,” he whispered.

He couldn’t help but groan quietly in already-intense pleasure. He pushed his hips forward, sliding his thick cock past her lips. He slowly, slowly began sliding in inch after inch of his dick into her mouth, gently holding her head steady.

She felt his thick dick drive into her warm, wet mouth; his probes became deeper into her throat. Her eyes began to water, feeling his hard shaft become an obstruction, influencing her gag reflux. Her hands gripped at the carpet when she realized she couldn’t pull back from him, his hand was holding her steadily in position.

He closed his eyes, expelling a long breath of somewhat-obvious pleasure. He continued probing deeper, when he felt the resistance, but kept shoving forward, trying to force every inch of his dick into her mouth and penetrate her throat.

She began making soft sounds, sending vibrations against his dick when the sounds tried to escape from her delicate lips.

“Relax,” he whispered, both hands on the back of her head at this point. He looked down at her with a wry smile, “Take the instrument…”

Trying not to displease him, she closed her eyes, trying her best to keep her composure. Her lips tightened against his dick when she felt his shaft thicken within her mouth. She sucked, wrapping her lips completely around his hard, thick dick, engulfing it, pretending to suck on a lollipop.

Her fingers loosened up, she began to relax, letting him take control of her like he wished. Her eyes opened, she looked back to him, watching him enjoy himself, turning her on in unimaginable ways.

“There you go, my lovely little patient,” he grinned down at her, and opened his mouth wide, letting out a blatant moan while pushing his hips forward a little more. He managed to force every inch of his cock into her, penetrating her throat, his balls resting against her chin.

Damn. She was so fucking adorable with his dick in her mouth!

Still holding the back of her head, he began to gently rock his hips back and forth.

Cara continued following his lead, his thrusts became more pronounced with each movement of his hips. She could feel his balls press firmly into her chin, his dick pricked the back of her throat with the very last inch of his dick engulfed by her mouth.

She gently rocked her body with his rhythm. Her pussy started dampening, giving her a newfound feeling.

“Good girl,” he whispered, and bit his lip, grunting and groaning. He gradually began throat-fucking her harder. Soon, each thrust rewarded him with a quick, wet slapping sound, and he pulled on her head, hoping she wasn’t chock on his dick too badly, while groaning in pleasure. “Just a minute longer,” he gasped.

Sweet succulent sounds could be heard each time his dick moved across her lips. His balls hit her chin with each forceful shove he took, tugging her head closer to him. She felt his dick reach the depths of her throat.

She closed her eyes, listening to the alluring sounds trailing from his lips. His dick began pulsing in her mouth. His hips remained bucking towards her, feeling him somewhat shiver with pleasure.

He groaned continuing to throat-fuck her for a minute, loving it, until he suddenly withdrew. He nodded in satisfaction, his stiff cock in his hand.

“Alright, it is time for your final exam,” he grinned, pointing to the couch. “Lay on your back, spread your legs, and we will begin the gynecological exam…”

She glanced over to the couch and back to him, and began to slyly smile.

She pulled herself up from the floor and began to walk over to the couch. She turned around, facing him and took a seat. She turned slightly, and laid back; the softness of the fabric caressed against her skin. She looked over to him with wonder. “Okay doctor, I’m ready,” she opened her legs revealing her achingly swollen pussy to him.

“That a girl,” he smiled, standing by the couch, one hand stroking his cock. He blatantly gave her perfect young body a slow gaze up and down before suddenly slapping his hand onto her pussy, rubbing it gently, not saying a word.

She softly bit her lower lip, feeling his hand teasingly play at her already dampened pussy. Her eyes gazed over him and she began to sway her hips. A burning want began to take over her body. Her eyes blazed with desire.

Cara began to move her hands down her stomach, she grinned. Her eyes moved down his perfectly fit body, watching him stroke his hard, long, thick cock. She smiled, drifting her hands to rest at her hips.

He shoved her thighs apart, sitting on the couch and laid one of her legs over his lap. He stared at her beautiful, clean shaved pussy. One hand spread her pussy lips, and he nodded, pretending to examine her once more. Then suddenly, he shoved a finger into her tight cunt, pumping it in and out.

Her inner walls clenched tightly around his finger. She arched her back from the couch and became squeamish. She finally closed her eyes, trying to find her tranquility. Her body then became more relaxed, and she felt his finger move back and forth within her. She opened her eyes, looked back to him, wondering what exactly was on his mind.

Lee grinned in response to her grin a minute earlier. One hand held her thigh, firmly squeezing it, pushing down, holding her body steady in her prone position. He just continued finger-fucking her, pop-pop-pop-pop. He watched her face for every lovely reaction.

She began to feel an irresistible attraction to him. The corner of her lips curled up into a grin. The warmth of his hand applying pressure against her thigh was actually inveigling her.

Her legs invitingly opened a little more to him with every stroking movement he made with his fingers. Her tight pussy gripped his fingers, her muscles flexed. She tilted her head back slightly, closed her eyes and let a low moan escape her lips.

“You know,” he said in a low, quite tone, “I may need a bigger tool for this test…”

She opened her eyes, her gaze met his and she listened to the soft gentle words trailing from his lips. She nodded with approval.

He continued grinning, nodding in return, even continued pumping his finger into her tight, wet cunt.

Eventually though, he relented, and drew his fingers out. He moved his body over hers, one hand clamped onto her shoulder. He stared her down, shoving his legs in between hers, his thick, stiff long cock plainly in view, hovering over her midsection.

The touch of his hand gripping against her shoulder gave her the exact notion she had been longing for. She watched him move in between her thighs, while her legs began to spread a little more. Her eyes drifted down his body, tracing every detail. When she laid eyes on his enlarged, thick dick she began to cunningly grin, her eyes shifted back up to his.

He grabbed his dick, and led the head of his cock to her pussy. He groaned, pushing against her, beginning to force the first couple of inches into her body.

The cushions move beneath her slightly as he place more pressure with his knees. She could feel him begin to place the tip of his dick at her already burning vagina. She was wanting this to happen, had been almost aching since they had first begun to get this started.

Her feet braced at the cushions, she was ready for this, or so she thought.

The pressure of his dick forcefully driving into her pussy made her almost wail out. She clamped her mouth shut. She pushed her face into the back of the couch and opened her mouth into the cushion. “Ow…Oww…Owww,” her sounds were muffled by the fabric.

Lee loved it, absolutely loved it! Every little sound, sensation, and sight! His cock slowly slid into her tight bare twat, her smooth long legs bracing beneath him (he could’ve swore he felt her toes curl behind him for a moment), everything.

And the sight of her pressing her own face into the back of the couch to stifle herself? Damn.

He would have grinned, but he was too busy wincing hard at the abject pleasure of the insertion. One hand remained on her shoulder, the other ‘encouragingly’ slid onto her chest, gently caressing and rubbing her young tits.

The touch of his hand caressing up her stomach, grabbing her breasts, soothed her, alleviating the striking pain of his thick, hard cock stretching her tight pussy.

“Shhhhhhhhh,” he quietly managed to say, even though he groaned it in a low tone. He continued forcing inch after inch of his dick into her pussy, slowly, slowly…

The sound of his voice trailing from his sweet, soft lips pulled at her. She removed her face from the cushion, her eyes locked with his. She could feel herself giving into him.

Her head tilted back to just a small degree, feeling his stiff rod slowly reach the depths of her aching pussy. The pain of the initial ‘prick’ had became suppressed with every inch she took of him. Her hips rose slightly, helping force more of his manhood into her.

Inch-by-inch deliberately snaked within her warm, tightly wet cunt. She could feel her inner walls literately separating, making her ‘tunnel’ an open adventure for his long, enlarged shaft.

“Mmm…” she lowly moaned, her right hand drifted up his side and slid up his left shoulder blade. Her fingernails lightly dug against his skin, feeling new sensations taking over her body. Sensations that only Lee had brought on.

“Mmmm,” he groaned, even grinned down at her when she looked up to him with those cute, innocent doe eyes of hers. So encouraging, so sexy. His hand clamped onto her chest harder, giving her perky breast a firm squeeze.

“That a girl,” he whispered, moaning again when she lifted her hips, allowing him to fully penetrate her. It just took a few moments, now, before every inch of his thick, stiff cock was stuffed into her tight, warm cunt.

“You’re doing great,” he whispered again, rhythmically squeezing her tits, teasingly pinching her pert little nipples.

He slowly began to gently rock his hips back and forth into her. The sensation was downright immaculate.

Cara couldn’t help but to keep pushing up with her hips, extending his deep penetrations. It was all coming naturally to her, almost as if she had done it before.

The soft whispering enticed her, making her want to please him even more.

The tightness of her pussy clenched around his long, rigid shaft. Her fingernails raked down his back, feeling an overwhelming desire of him. Her fingers rested at his ass, pulling, tugging, making his steel rod reach new depths within her cavern.

She tossed her head back, her mouth opened, her eyes closed. Soft moans began to escape with every hard thrust he made. She couldn’t hold back, a feeling of warmth begun to flow through her, taking her body by storm.

She opened her eyes, and trailed her gaze over his gorgeous face. Her eyes shifted back to his, her left hand rose up his arm, softly caressed along the right side of his face. Her other hand fully braced his ass cheek, forcing his hips to grind against hers.

Her eyebrows lowered, an indescribably look formed throughout her facial features. She arched her back a little more, dropped her hand, gliding it down his arm. She gripped his bicep, pulled his ass. Her pussy tightened, her muscles began to spasm. His gargantuan cock shoved hard, and deep into her passage, hitting her g-spot with a remarkable force.

She shoved her head to the side, forcing it into the sofa, and uttered a sharp, pleasurable cry. The orgasmic wave grew, her sweet warm juices began to flow up, around his shaft, her fingers gripped at his skin. Her body began to lightly shake beneath him with the coursing aftershocks.

He moaned, long and low and deep. He kept thrusting forward into her, rocking his hips back and forth. Soon, he was genuinely fucking her - pumping forward again and again hard enough to create a lovely little wet, slapping sound in rhythm, pap-pap-pap-pap…

He loved it, every moment - every pleasured wince on her face, every motion of her hips, the desperate claws and pulls of her hands, her moans… damn, those moans… he could hardly believe it, but there was certainly not room for the time of disbelief. He accepted the fantasy (the reality!), the dream, and would take full advantage of it.

He gave her young, round tits one last hard squeeze, just enjoying her body, her skin, even releasing for a moment to slap her breast, just to see it jiggle a little more while he fucked her.

Her body was perfect, fucking perfection!

“You like that?” he whispered, taunting her. “Huh?” Pap-pap-pap-pap-pap. He grunted, he groaned, his cock repeatedly penetrated her tight little pussy.

“Oh yes…yes…” she softly wailed out in response to his provocation. The sensation he created when he took control of her body excited her even more. Her pussy tightened and loosened around his incredibly hard shaft. Her hips lifted, forcing his cock deeper into her darkest depths.

He lightly laughed by the time she came - he felt the liquids, and definitely the way her cunt tightened and her thighs quivered. He reached back and gave the side of her thigh a light slap. “Good girl,” he moaned in a low voice.

That was before he leaned forward into her, deeper, stronger, and clamped his hands onto her shoulders, squeezing, his fingers digging into her - he began to pull on her body, like handles, staring right down at her cute, pleasured face while fucking her harder, pounding her pussy like a piece of meat, conquering her lithe body.

She let out a pleasurable sigh, her nails dug within his skin. She could feel the pronounced blood-filled veins of his dick massage against her inner walls.

Soft utters began to draw from her lusciously sweet lips.

Lee winced and grunted, and pounded her pussy, pulling harshly on her shoulders and loving the way her body violently bucked with each firm stroke as he conquered her young frame, dominating her into submission.

“Yeah?” he grinned at her eager answers. He pointedly squeezed her shoulders while staring her down, fucking her young cunt over and over, ramming her again and again. He was taking full advantage of her, practically using her… and she seemed to love it. He wanted everything he could get.

He leaned further over her, into her deeper. One hand clasped her neck and squeezed gently - not enough to strangle her, but good enough to get a better handle-like grip. His other greedy hand grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking back with each thrust, his body completely enveloping hers. He loved the desperate cling of her slender legs wrapped around his waist, flailing a bit with each pulverize, and drilling he did to her.

Cara’s breathing became erratic, her legs tightened at his waist, her hips pressed firmly into his. Her mouth opened, she inhaled deeply. His hand gripped at her throat, and the other pulled at her hair; which tempted her more than ever. She couldn’t get enough of this feeling he was causing deep within her.

He leaned in, his lips right up to her ear, and just moaned, groaned, and grunted; making it clear that he was very much enjoying fucking her senseless and using her perfect body for his pleasure.

Each thrust became more vigorous, making his shaft dive deeper and harder than ever before. Her body was fully his at the moment, and she wanted him to take it, every single bit that she had to offer!

Lee grunted and groaned into her ear, pulling her hair, pulling and squeezing her neck. His hips grinded into hers; using every muscle in his legs while he viciously, violently fucked her, pounding her pussy like a piece of meat.

Her teeth grinded just as a soft utter escaped from her luscious lips. She could feel each strand of her hair wrap within his fingers the tighter he pulled. Her pussy was dripping wet; it gripped tightly at his large, thick dick.

 Although hoarse and raspy, she found her breath, “Harder, harder,” she demanded, expecting him to comply to her request. She was really getting into this with him. There was nothing like having his enormous cock thrashing within her tight, wet pussy.

The pulsation of her pussy clenched, and gripped at his lengthened rod. Her fingers tightened once more, feeling an earth shaking orgasm take hold of her. Her back arched up, her chest pressed closer to his torso. She moved her hand up to the nape of his neck, pulled him down and pressed her lips into his neck letting out a loud moan. Her teeth lightly bit down on his smooth skin as her body began to relax beneath him.

Lee actually had to slow down a little and laugh at her comment. “Harder?! Damn, girl…” Especially when she came again. He grinned, shaking his head in disbelief, and shoved her away from his neck.

He withdrew from her, slipping his hard cock out of her tight pussy and leaned back.

Cara gasped feeling his rigid shaft escape from her yearning pussy. Her body became still beneath him. The only thing moving within her, was the throbbing of the contracting muscles that was aimlessly striking at something she was longing for. “Lee…” she whispered; her hips lightly lifted, wanting his next to hers, while she watched him pull away.

He then began using his strong hands to handle her like his own personal little sex doll. He grabbed her waist, her upper arm, and forced her body into the position he wanted. “Turn over,” he growled, forcing her to turn over onto her belly, shoving her face down into the pillow by the arm of the couch. He bent her legs so she was on her knees and upper body was shoved downward.

His touch sent a thrill through her. She listened contently, and complied to his demands. Her face pressed firmly into the cushions, she pushed her ass into the air, feeling a sense of desire of the things he was soon to offer.

Knelling behind her now, one foot on the floor and his other leg curled between her body and the back of the couch; he raised a hand and came down with a hard slap across the back of her thigh. His other hand slapped her ass. He began to spread her ass cheeks, forcing his dick back into her cunt with a moan. Instantly, he stuffed her fully, grabbed her hips and rocked back and forth, beginning to fuck her from behind like a cheap whore.

Her lithe, petite body gently quivered at the hard, unexpected slap he placed upon her thigh. She let out a soft moan, closing her eyes, feeling a delightful rush. Her fingernails gripped at the fabric of the sofa when he forced his large shaft into her dwellings. She let out a piercing groan, her body moved back and forth with each powerful probe he consistently placed within her tight, soaked muff.

“Oh I’ll fuck you harder alright, you little slut,” he softly laughed. He leaned forward and slapped the side of her face.

He couldn’t see the facial expression she had, but it was one of pure curiosity of exactly how much harder he would go… When he slapped the side of her face, she grit her teeth, lifted up, and forced her ass back towards him, her actions speaking louder than any words, moans, or groans… she was demanding precisely what she wanted from him. She needed his dick to reach unknown depths like never before.

“There you go,” he moaned, one hand viciously pulled at her hair, his other hand choose her shoulders for a handle. He began to manhandled her body for his own pleasure and desires, gritting his teeth and grunting like an animal while he fucked her.

Cara wailed out at the forceful tug of her hair. His strong grasp made things more intense, even more pleasurable. Her demands were finally being met by his compromise.

“Is that hard enough?” he laughed. He leaned forward and slapped the side of her face. He began to fuck her like a rag doll, loving the delightful way her body violently bucked with each forceful thrust into her tight wet cunt.

She bit the inside portion of her lip, feeling her inner walls stretch, making room for his shaft to dive deeper. She grunted, feeling his hand strike the side of her face. Her back arched, feeling his strong-hold. She forced herself back, meeting his hard, jabbing thrust. She let out a cry of absolute ecstasy, pain, and desire. Her little tight pussy had never been conquered before, and each thrust was more acute than the last. Her body quivered, feeling his cock tease at her sweet spot. “Y…Yes!” she shouted, feeling the warmth of his breath against her neck, his moans lingered within her ear.

He soon grabbed two fistfuls of her hair, like pigtails, and yanked back, forcing her face straight ahead. He drilled her from behind, utterly dominating her body into submission. He moaned loudly in clear enjoyment, leaned back just slightly to get a good view of his thick cock pumping into her pussy over and over again.

He was certainly taking full advantage of this unique little opportunity.

She grit her teeth feeling him grip her hair, using both his hands. Her body began moving back and forth within his clenches. His balls slapped against her clit with every firm thrust, making her pussy ache. As his momentum built, so did the intensity of her moans and gasps, the fire within her surging and swelling until she couldn’t hold back anymore.

He moaned and closed his eyes wincing in abject pleasure, lost in the crimson haze of lust as he fucked his little sex toy from behind; his own personal item of desire and ecstasy.

With a final cry she came, her muscles contracted around his hard length, her body began to shake with the force of her orgasm. She groaned with the sheer ecstasy pulsing through her body in wave after wave of exquisite pleasure.

When she came, Lee laughed, and continued to fuck her, slapping her ass. “Did you just cum again?!” he teased. He grinned smacking both hands onto her ass cheeks, his fingers dug in and pulled back, fucking her straight ahead. “What a whore,” he joked.

Then suddenly he pulled his hard shaft out, and leaned back a little. He began to spread her ass cheeks, tauntingly tapping the head of his thick cock against her pert young asshole.

She groaned loudly when he slapped her ass. “Yes,” she moaned out of breath. Her pussy clenched and her juices flowed harder against his stiff rod. She began to squirm with slight sensitivity, her fingers gripped the cushions tightly, her knuckles whitening.

Her pussy now properly soaked, drained its slippery milk down the insides of her thighs when he pulled away. A moan erupted from deep inside, and lingered - like an echo in her throat. Her hips pushed back, feeling his shaft graze against her arse.

She tilted her head to the side, her ass pushed firmly against his engorged cock. “I want it…” she shouted, feeling an uncontrollable desire to be butt fucked. Her hips continuously moved, still mimicking their prior motions. The swollen head of his dick, slick with her juices, rubbed harder against her rectum.

“Please, Examine me more,” she begged.

Cara, for some unknown reason, had a definite yearn for him to take all of her, not just a portion; she was willingly giving herself to him for his own gratification.

Lee adored her every movement and sound - how she still moaned for attention, still shoved her hips back at him in want. He couldn’t help but find himself rather pleased with her.

“I absolutely will examine you more,” he said. He took a moment to lean back, his hands clamped on her ass cheeks. He spread her cheeks apart, and squeezed hard, admiring what appeared to be a tight, young, already well-lubricated pert asshole. His cock laid over it, rubbed up and down, across her aperture. “And if your other tests have been any indication, I am sure you will be great with your anal penetration exam…” he teased. He slapped the back of her thigh; his hand remained there to squeeze ‘encouragingly,’ even shook back and forth a little, just constantly appreciating the feel of her smooth skin under his fingers.

He knelt forward against her, grabbed his cock and guided the head of his swollen dick against her asshole. He moaned, shoving forward; after a few moments, he winced in pleasure at the feel of his cock-head popping into her. He slowly, slowly began to force inch after inch of his cock right up her ass.

She pushed back to meet his invading member. His harden length shoved in gently, slowly, plundering within her unexplored territory. Her teeth clamped together tightly, but not enough to keep a shriek of pain from escaping between the cracks. The feel of his slick dick forcing open her tight rear passage was overwhelming; the pain was incredible. But soon her sphincter muscles began to relax a little, giving him more room to enter into her tight ass.

She tried not to struggle; the more she did, the harder it was for her asshole to take his swollen cock. The pain was subdued by the teasing slashes upon her thigh. She closed her eyes at the revealed pleasure that he had begun to give her.

Lee’s body began to shake, which gave him a clear indication that it was almost time to give Cara her ‘cure’.

His grip tightened against her hair; his cock ‘jack hammered’ hard, and deep into her little tight ass. He grunted and groaned like a wild animal. Suddenly, without warning, he drew his thick dick away from her anus, releasing her in the process. He stood up from the sofa, his right hand feverishly stroked his rigid shaft.

He grabbed her chin and forced her to face him.

“I’ve got your cure right here my little slut,” he chuckled almost tauntingly.

His left hand tugged at the back of her head and pulled her closer to his crotch. He began to feel the sensual sensation begin to rise, his body tensed up.

“Cure me doctor, cure me!” Cara shouted.

Cara’s left hand grasped his balls. She began to massage his nuts, playfully moving them against her fingers.

His fingers clamped her jaw. His right hand glided up and down the full length of his stiffened shaft.

She could feel his sack begin to draw up. She knew he was about to explode his load. She opened her mouth; light moans raced out, meeting the consistent noises escaping Lee’s lips.

She snaked her right hand down her stomach, her fingers teasingly rubbed against her erect clitoris. She began to moan even louder.

With an outcry that sounded muffled and loud at the same time, Lee shot his torrid, sticky, white cum straight into Cara‘s face.

Cara’s eyes fluttered at the first hot spat of cum. His warm, slimy juices sprayed her face sporadically. She licked the fluid’s that lingered at her lips, savoring the sweetness.

Strands of her hair began to fall back around her face when Lee finally began to relax his grip. His body still gently quivered. He looked down to her, looking deep within her eyes and let out a pleasurable sigh.

Although his voice was rough and raspy, he managed to speak. “Now there is your fucking antidote for virginity!” He cunningly grinned. He fully appreciated the fact that she had gave herself ‘purely and innocently’ to him in more than one way.

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