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The Doctor-Secretary Affair

Dr Ross pinned his sexy blonde secretary against the wall and felt his manhood hardening

Dr. Ross was a GP -  general practitioner - in a small medical clinic in a small village in the south of England. He was a married man in his late forties with black hair and a trim physique. He looked good for a man almost hitting fifty; even his female patients thought so too. Although he loved his wife, he was having it away with his sexy new secretary. 

One rainy afternoon while the surgery was quiet, Dr. Ross stepped out of his office and saw his mistress looking bored behind the reception desk next to the older lady.

"Miss Simpson," he said with a short cough to clear his throat.

The attractive secretary, wearing her blonde hair clipped up in a French twist, a low-cut white top, black pencil skirt and four-inch black heels, turned around. 

"Yes, Dr. Ross?" she asked innocently.

"Could I see you for a moment in my office?" he asked.

"Yes, sir."

Dr. Ross stepped back into his office.

Miss Simpson stood casually up from the chair and walked into the doctor's office. She closed the door gently and then gasped as she was pinned up against the wall by Dr. Ross, feeling how excited he was for her. She kissed him passionately as her hands unzipped his trousers and her right hand went inside and began to move up and down the shaft of his big hard cock. 

"Wow, you're a big boy, aren't you?" she said in a low and seductive voice. The corners of her mouth turned up into a wicked smile as she got down on her knees and took Dr. Ross' cock into her mouth and began giving him a blowjob, making him gasp out in pure pleasure. 

Dr. Ross quickly came into her mouth and she swallowed. 

Miss Simpson stood back up and he lifted her up into his arms, threw her over his desk, pulled his trousers down and lifted up her skirt.

Dr. Ross gently kissed up her inner thighs and then took her knickers off and slid deep inside her, making them both gasp in pleasure.

They began to make love like rabbits -  fast and furious, making the desk creak. She wrapped her legs around his waist for deeper penetration as she moaned softly. Within a couple of minutes, they climaxed together knowing that they could get caught by anyone at any time. That made it even more exciting.

Dr. Ross leaned back, pulling his trousers back up then zipping them. He was dripping in sweat as he was still breathing heavily. He looked at her. 

"One of these days, Marie, you're going to give me a heart attack," he said with a laugh.

She grinned up at him as she sat back up then pouted her big lips with disappointment. "No seconds?" she asked.

Dr. Ross glanced up at the wall clock. "It's half one, my next patient is in fifteen minutes," he answered. But his eyes lowered down to her big chest and immediately he felt himself grow hard again. "Sod it!" He quickly unzipped his trousers and pulled them back down and pushed her back on the desk as he slid back in between her legs and thrust inside her; groaning and moaning.

He lifted her up onto his waist and then turned her around so she was facing the desk and her butt was facing him. He shoved his hard pulsating dick inside her dripping wet pussy and thrust back and forth at a rapid speed. Dr. Ross' hands gripped each of her hips.

"Don't stop! Harder!" Marie cried. She dug her fingernails into the desk. She felt her body building and building up to an orgasm. 

The desk shook tremendously as they fucked harder and harder. 

"I'm coming!" Dr. Ross told her.

A few minutes later, his body went into spasms as he orgasmed deep inside her.

She cried out as she came as well.

They both breathed out in ecstasy. 

"Dr. Ross," the other receptionist's voice came over the speakerphone. 

Dr. Ross pulled out and lifted up his phone. "Yes."

"Mrs. Reyes is here."

He glanced over at his sexy mistress and winked. "Tell her I'll be able to see her shortly." 




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