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The Dominator

This was the second night I spent with him this week. The second time we had a sleepover. The first night we were really drunk and slept most of the night, but we did have sex a couple of times. We were lying next to each other. He stroked my legs and kissed my neck sending so many thoughts to my head. I’m only 16 but since my ex boyfriend from a couple months ago had been my age sex always seemed more of an exploration; like a sport I wanted to be good at.

John was way different than my ex, he was more experienced and much older. He was kissing me and whispering things to me. I didn’t want him to hold back like I felt he did the first time. I lowered myself onto him and took his pants off, and then I pulled down his underwear to look at his tan and long cock. I let him know how good I was at sucking dick. I sucked his dick slowly at first but worked my way into it going faster and faster he moaned and grabbed onto my hair as I was stroking his head with my tongue. I worked with my tongue and sucked in hard. I felt as if he was going to burst until he took my face in his hands and forced me to him. His lips were rough and he kissed me so hard I couldn’t think straight. He ordered me to lie down and I did. He cuddled me holding me against him. I was becoming impatient feeling his body so close to mine. I shifted but he put his hands on my stomach holding me still and tight against him.

I picked up my cell phone and set the alarm for 9am. I looked at the time it was 1:30 am, I’ve been lying on my side for a couple of minutes and felt myself falling asleep in his arms. He caught me by surprise by pulling off my shorts unexpectedly leaving me half naked he put his hands under my shirt and grabbed my firm breast. With no thought he slid into me, it was painful due to his length and the lack of wetness. He went slowly and I felt every part of him inside me I’ve never felt it this way before. He continued to go slowly and he held me gently kissing me and telling me to relax. I got so wet then.

“We’re just beginning” he whispered on my neck. He wanted me to enjoy and feel all of him entering me. I felt so vulnerable when I climaxed. I shook against him feeling his chest on my back. He took my shirt off exposing my hard nipples He kissed me as he got on top of me spreading my legs apart, he nibbled and sucked on my nipples while he dug into me again. His thrusts were much rougher this time but he continued to go slow. I moaned loudly and he shook his head reminding me I had to be quiet because my older brother was in the room right next to us. I smiled up at him embarrassed and his face changed completely then. I was startled when his expression wasn’t kind anymore his face went serious and he bit his lips as he went much faster and much harder. 

My vision blurred as he pounded me. I was so tight and he was hurting me but I didn’t care. My legs were in the air held by his strong arms. I gasped hard as I had another orgasm. He turned me over and wet my ass with my own juices. He stuck his dick in my ass slowly holding my hips with his large hands.My hands were against the wall and I felt my tits bounce. I screamed as he fucked me. I couldn't help it and I didn't care if anyone heard me. This pleasure was a totally new experience to me.

He slowed down and rubbed my clit. I was losing focus I felt so limp and I felt so good. He pulled out of me teasing me. I got furious I couldn’t stand having him away from me. I led him to lie down I got on top of him and rode him. He chuckled at the thought of me taking control (something I was so used to). My lover grabbed me by neck and he got up on his knees. He was still inside me and I felt him all the way to my stomach. He pulled out and forced me on my knees again and he fucked my pussy doggy style for what seemed like forever.

He was still grabbing me by the neck and I choked when I soaked his dick again. I felt so weak so dominated but I liked it. I turned to look at him. I was so tired and he could tell. He got on his back and I knew what he wanted. I started to suck his dick again but this time I was much rougher with my grip. I pulled his dick upwards while I licked his balls, he groaned and he was ready to cum for the first time in the entire night. His legs twitched when I grabbed his thighs. I moaned sexually and looked up at him. He came down towards my ear and asked me if he could cum in my mouth. I didn’t nod I just went faster he moaned loudly as he came I felt him fill my mouth and I swallowed tasting and savoring every bit of him. I smiled at him again and he kissed me.

I went to bed and picked up my phone it was 5 am I gasped when I realized that we had sex for so long. I was drifting off to sleep on my side of the bed when rolled next to me and put his arms around my waist and asked if I wanted to go again.

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