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The Dream

Is it a dream or reality?
This is my first story, let me know what you think

She restlessly turns in her sleep. A soft moan escapes her lips, her fingers tracing up her stomach to curve around her breast. A sigh breaks from her lips and she moves again... lost in her dream.

"You know you want me."

Her eyes widen at his voice.  She turns, her eyes drawn to him, standing in the doorway to her room.

"A.. a.. and your so sure of that, my lord?" she stutters, cursing at her self for showing her vulnerability.

He smiles slightly, eyes dark as they watch her.  He slowly walks towards her, like a hunter stalking his prey.  He walks around her, lightly brushing his body against hers as he does.  He stops when he is behind her, leaning in so his lips just barely brush her ear, his warm breath causing her breath to catch, her nipples to harden.  "Aye, I am positive of that."

He brings his fingertips up to her shoulders,  again just barely touching her.  Allowing himself to trace down her arm, along her bare skin, breathing in her scent.  He feels her tremble, smiling again he whispers, " See, you want me.  Your body wants me. "

She shudders at his touch, cursing her own body for its reaction.  She steps away from him, turning to face him.  " I find you rather arrogant, my lord.  You are unable to see into my mind, you cannot see what I am thinking.  I think your forwardness is deplorable and you need to remove yourself from my room immediately."

His eyes darken further, he reaches out gripping her arms and dragging her to him.  Pulling her body flush to his, his mouth a breath away from hers, " I have been watching you for weeks.  I have noticed you flaunting yourself.  Your body beckons any sane man, you actions speak for them self that you want to be taken.  Your mouth can deny it as much as it wants, but your body betrays you.  Even now I can see the desire in your eyes, I can feel your body tremble.  You may think you won't give in to me, but I know you will.  I will take over the control you try to keep so close.  I will make you beg for my touch, weep for my kiss, cry out for my possession.  And when I am through I will take you again and again until you understand that you are mine!"

He crushes his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply, his lips moving to part hers, his tongue invading her mouth.  Her soft cries are muffled under the passion of his kiss.  He feels her struggle to not respond, then he feels her let go.  Almost purring in satisfaction, he drags his mouth from hers, chuckling softly.  "I see how it is.  You put up the front that you don't' want this.  But what you want is to have the control taken from you.  You don't want to have to make the decision.  Then fine, I will make it for you."

Her eyes are unable to meet his, she knows he speaks the truth.  Her body cannot lie.  The pleasure of his touch, of his words, of his kiss brings forth a wild abandon within her.  She can feel her body tensing, her body screaming for his touch.  She feels the moisture build between her legs, her nipples hardening, her body flushing.  Her body is pressed to his, she can feel the heat, the strength, the hardness of him against her.  She forces herself to look into his eyes, her breath catches.  She can see the raw desire, the passion.  Closing her own eyes, she surrenders, her voice just barely a whisper, she says "Aye.  I am yours for the taking my lord, yours to do with as you please."

His eyes meet hers, holding her in their hypnotic stare.  His hands slide down to her hips, pulling her closer, rubbing the thick, hard length of him against her. His head lowers, trailing his lips along her jaw, using his hands to pull her shift from her shoulders, sliding it down until he bares her breasts to him.  He moves his hand to cup her breast, his thumb circling the hard nipple.  His mouth moves to her neck, using his teeth and tongue, he torments her, enjoying the feel of her heavy breathing, the soft moans coming from her parted lips.

"Say it, say that you are mine to have.  That anything I desire you will do." he whispers into her ear. His other hand moves to her neck, his fingers wrapping in her hair, tugging her head back to expose her throat.  Growling softly he drags his lips to her neck, gently biting, licking, kissing. 

Breathless she murmurs, " Aye my lord, I am yours.  Only yours."

He pulls himself away from her, his hands move to unlace his pants.  He stops, a smile playing upon his lips, he reaches out and grasps her hand, bringing it to him,"Undress me."

Her eyes widen at his words.  Her trembling fingers undo his laces, tugging his pants down.  She gasps softly when she sees him naked before her, her eyes meeting his again in wonder.

"Now, undress yourself."

She begins to slowly pull the laces of her bodice, her shift slides down her body to pool at her feet.  Her face flushes as she stands naked before him.  Her eyes meet his, almost questioning.

He takes her hand, bringing it to encircle him. "Stroke me."

She begins to slowly slide her hand up and down his length, marveling at how hard yet so soft it is.  She traces her finger down the length, over the tip, down the underside only to grip him again.  She continues to stroke him slowly.  "Faster!" he growls, head back, eyes closed, the look of pleasure intense on his face. His hips thrust against her hands, helping her to move faster.  Suddenly he pulls back, pulling from her reach.  A small smile plays at his lips as he reaches out to stroke her bottom lip with thumb.  " I want to feel this hot little mouth on me, I want to feel your tongue move the length of me.  Do it now!"

She drops to her knees, her eyes locked on his face.  She leans into him, her tongue darting out to flick the tip of him.  Her hand reaches up to cup the base of him, holding him steady as she takes him in her mouth.  Eyes still on his, she pulls back, tracing her tongue up and down, under, over and around only to engulf him again.  Pulling back slightly, she whispers, " Like this, my lord?"

Not waiting for his response, she again moves her mouth down him, taking time to run her tongue underneath the length him.  Again she pulls away, running her lips down the side, over the tip, her tongue darting out to tease.

Unable to stand it a moment longer, his hands tangle in her hair, gently pulling her mouth from him.  "As much as I would love to lose myself in your mouth, there is more that I want to do to you, to have you do to me." he growls.   He leans over, scooping her into his arms.  Holding her there for a moment,  his eyes dark, he studies her face,  Slowly he walks to the bed.  Placing her down on the bed, his gaze wanders over her body.

"What a vision you make, my lady.  Lying there, your body flush with passion, begging to be touched by me, my  mouth, my hands.  You cannot deny how much you want me, not when all you have is displayed before me.  Your body tells the tale of need, of want.  " He trails a finger along her breast, circling the hardened tip.  "Show me how  you want to be touched.  Show me how you would like me to touch you."

"M..m. .my lord?" 
Her eyes wide, her face flushing more as understanding dawns on her.

"Do it, touch yourself for me, show me what you want."  

Her breathing ragged, her hands trembling, she slowly traces a finger on the same path his had just made on her body.  Gently tracing along her breast, circling her nipple.  Her other hand doing the same on the other side.  Both fingers circling the hard tips, stopping to pinch ever so slightly.  She cups her hands around her breasts, pushing them together as she squeezes gently.  Unable to help herself, her eyes close, her body writhing ever so slightly.  Leaving one hand to caress her breasts, the other journeys lower, over her stomach.  Her fingers barely touching she circles her navel,  moving upwards to the undersides of her breasts back down.  Soft moans escaping from her lips at the pleasure of her own touch.  

Her eyes open to look at him, see his response.  Her breath catches at the look of raw desire on his face.  His own hand stroking himself as he watches her hands touch herself.  She feels herself grow more wet,  the burning need to touch lower overwhelming her.  She moves her fingers lower, hesitating slightly, unsure.  She slides a finger further down, feeling her own wetness.  She moans softly as the pleasure races through her at that slight touch.  Spreading her legs a bit wider, she fully touches her self, finding the spot that needed it most.   Her fingers making slow circles around the soft nub, her body shaking at how good it feels.

"Does that feel good, my lady?  Do you like the feel of your own fingers pleasing you?  Do you like the feeling of pleasing yourself before my eyes?"

"Yesss my lord,"
  her fingers moving faster, her hips moving with her touch.  She can feel the tension rising in her body, the absolute pleasure just out of reach.  Moving faster, she feels like she is teetering on the edge of absolute bliss, yearning to fall completely over.

"Stop." he growls.

"My lord?"  Her eyes fly to his, her fingers still moving.

"I said stop, now!"

She pulls her hand away, her hips still moving at the loss of the pleasure, her eyes uncertain as to what he wants now.

"Now I know what you like, so its my turn."

He puts one knee on the bed, between her thighs, bracing himself on there and on one hand by her head.  His other hand comes up to her face, a single finger tracing along her cheek, trailing down along her jaw.  He lowers his head to meet her lips with his, kissing her passionately, his tongue tangling with hers as he deepens the kiss.  He lowers himself between her legs, his arousal pressed firmly against her.  She gasps at the heat of it.  Her legs move up and around his ass, trying to draw him closer to her.

"Mmmm, such a welcome response,  I am almost convinced you are ready for more." he murmurs against her lips.  He pulls her arms over her  head, one hand gripping both of her wrists. "My turn to touch," he growls into her ear.  

He slides his body off to the side a bit, his free hand cupping her breast.  His thumb flicks her hardened nipple.  Bending his head, his tongue flicks where his thumb was just touching. He gently licks the hard nipple, his tongue lazily tracing it.  Moving a bit closer, he pulls the tip into his mouth, sucking it, teeth grazing it. With each stroke of his tongue and teeth, she moans, straining against his hands.

"Mmmm my lord, your mouth, it feels so wonderful. Please don't stop!" she whispers breathlessly, her body shifting against him, her back arching to push herself against his mouth.  

He pulls away from her breast, gently blowing on it, watching it pucker further.  Moving he pays the same attention to her other breast, sucking, licking, gently biting.  Looking down into her face he smiles yet again.  "I am going to release your wrists, keep them over your head as they are now, if you move them I will stop whatever I am doing, understand?"

Her faced flushed, she nods, willing to do anything he says to ensure he doesn't stop.  He lets go of her wrists, again moving to cover her with his body.  Moving slowly downward, he gives one last lick to each of her nipples.  His head continues to move lower, his tongue tracing the valley between her breasts,  going lower, shifting his body to accommodate.  He finds her navel, just a slight indentation in her stomach.  His tongue lazily dips inside, bringing a soft moan to her lips.  His lips continue to explore further, along her hip, across her stomach to the other hip, gently biting and kissing as he goes.  Shifting down further,  his eyes focus on the very core of her.  He allows one finger to trace down from her navel, slipping down the wet core back up.  "So wet, so hot.  I'm a starving man, time for me to feast"

Shifting again, he opens her thighs wider, placing them over his shoulders.  Turning his head, he places tiny kisses up to her center, shifting to her other thigh, again placing tiny kisses up the length of it.  He glances up, seeing her lie there, arms over her head, eyes closed, body flushed.  His eyes move back to the treasure before him.  Pursing his lips, he gently blows against her heated flesh.  Hearing her low moan, he does it again.  Unable to resist further, he moves his head down, his lips finally touching her.

Slowly, his tongue teases along the outside of her center.  Teasing her, making her beg for the touch of his tongue.  He stops a moment, raising his head," Beg for me to use my mouth on you, my lady.  I want to hear you plead."

Lowering his head again, he continues to tease her.  His tongue touching everywhere but the place he knows she wants it most.  He chuckles softly as he feels her hips shift, trying to direct his mouth.  "Tsk tsk my lady, you heard my words, beg for me."

"Please my lord, I want to feel your mouth on me, I need to it against me.  Please my lord, no more teasing, taste me!" she cries out.  Her hips straining to meet his mouth.

Smiling to himself, he lowers his head again, moving his mouth over her.  He finds her clit, his tongue stroking over it.  Gently he sucks it into his mouth, his tongue moving over it as he increases the pressure.  His tongue flickers over her nub, faster and faster, alternating between licking, kissing and sucking.  Her hips are bucking beneath him, her cries getting louder.  He brings his hand up, one finger tracing over her opening as he continues his focus on her clit.  Without warning, he slides his finger deep inside of her.  He hears her shocked cry, her body stilling for a moment.

The feeling of pleasure washes over her, the invasion of his finger heightening it.  Unable to help herself, she begins to move her hips against his hand and mouth.  She feels his finger begin to move, his tongue matching the pace on her clit.  "Yes my lord, just like that, so good, so good!" she cries out.

His movements pick up speed, his tongue and finger moving in tandem faster and faster.  He pulls his mouth away for a moment, long enough to growl," Come for me."

Her mind is lost in the beauty of the pleasure.  She opens her legs wider, wanting to feel as much as possible.  She feels the tension in her body mounting, again, just balancing on the edge.  She feels him insert a second finger.  Moaning loudly, she feels the spasms of pleasure overtaking her body.  Her eyes are closed, yet she sees the explosion of light and pleasure explode through her.  Her hips grind against his mouth and fingers, harder and harder, unwilling to give up the intense pleasure of them.  Her body trembles as the feeling ebbs away, her hips slowing, her breaths calming.  She feels him move his head away, resting it on her thigh.  "Mmmm my lady, rest for a moment, there is more to come."

"More my lord?  How is that possible?" 
she answers breathlessly, her body still trembling.

"Aye more," he whispers as he moves up her body. "The best is yet to come."

"There is so much more to come, my lady." He whispers," I want to be inside of you.  I can't wait any longer"

The sound of his voice, the look on his face, the harsh look of his hunger nearly sent her over the edge again.  He moves his body so he is covering her, her legs automatically open to welcome him.  Her heart pounding she gazes up at him, in awe at the emotions going across his face.  She feels the head of his large erection tight against her.  He pushes slightly, but doesn't enter her making her wait.

"Look at me."

Unable to think or breathe, knowing her body wasn't her own anymore, she looks into his eyes.  She feels him move his body, inch by inch his hardness sliding into her.  He grips her hips, thrusting deep to drive the rest of himself into her.  Her legs wrap themselves around him, holding him close.  He begins to move, slowly.  Thrusting himself deep into her, pulling almost out only to drive himself in yet again.  Unable to help her self, soft gasping moans escape from her lips, her hips catching his rhythm.

His lips catch hers, gently biting her lower lip.  Her hand reaches up to tangle in his hair, pulling him closer to her.  Her mouth moves to his, deepening the kiss, her tongue slipping into his mouth.  His pace quickens.  She could see the raw sensuality etched into his face as he drives deep, picking up the pace, thrusting into her, fingers digging into her hips, pulling her into him as if he couldn't wait to be buried to the hilt.

Each long stroke  taking her breath away, her lungs burning, her body losing control..  She could feel her muscles clenching down on him, holding him tighter and tighter, feeling him growing thicker and harder, stretching her impossibly more.  Her fingers drag down his back,  down to grip his ass.  Pushing herself against him, feeling the pleasure start to spiral through her body.

"That's it, come for me.  Let me feel you come while I am inside of you.  Push that sweet body against me, ride me until your there." he growls in her ear.

Spurred on by his words, her body meets his, moving herself to take him deeper, faster, harder.   All at once she crests the edge, the pleasure slamming into her.  She cries out as the pleasure sweeps through her body.  Her eyes still locked on his, he can see them darken as she moves herself against him to bring herself to total completion.

He growls softly, gripping her hips tighter, thrusting himself faster and harder.  Yelling, he too, falls over the edge.  His own pleasure wracking his body, pounding himself  into her.

He moves to lie to the side of her, so as not to crush her.  His fingers trail along her stomach, tracing light patterns.  She smiles up at him, her own hand trailing along his jaw.

"Tis dawn my lady."  he smiles down at her.  Leaning over, he gently kisses her.  Her eyes close at his touch....

The sun streaming through her window wakes her.  She bolts upright, her hands instinctively move to find him.  Her touch comes up empty, her eyes widen.  She brings her fingers to touch her mouth, feeling them swollen.  She smiles, sinking back into her bed, pulling the covers back over her.  Her dream lover, always gone at mornings light, only to return when she next closes her eyes.

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