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the dress

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a blue dress sets the mood
He came to the door, anxiously awaiting her appearance. He was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. She was the color of bronze, with short dark brown hair worn in its curly, natural state. But what truly struck him was her eyes-almond shaped and cat-like. Her full lips-so ready to be kissed. And the dress, ah the dress a dark denim blue tube dress that seemed to emphasize all the right curves. The strapless nature of the dress emphasized the roundness of her shoulders and the curve of her larges voluptuous breasts. The dress further skimmed her wide womanly hips and her beautiful, rounded butt and ended right above the knee, exposing the shapely legs of a runner.

“I don’t run,” she said, when he commented on the muscularness of her legs. “I walk everywhere I go, so my legs have always been really toned and firm.” As she spoke all he could imagine were those strong, firm legs wrapped around his hips as she enthusiastically received his hard, pounding thrusts.

He was being made uncomfortable by the direction his thoughts were taking, so he proceeded to take her into his car and head to dinner as planned. If they had stayed at her place, the only dinner that would have been served was she on a silver platter! They arrived at the restaurant quickly, and the conversation between them flowed naturally and easily. One would have thought that they had known each other for many years, not just a few days.

Halfway through the meal, she excuses herself to use the restroom. On her way out, she leans forward, breasts pressed against his shoulder and whispers, “I’m not wearing any underwear,” as she saunters away. His body responds immediately and quickly to her comment and he is glad that there is a napkin in his lap to conceal just how strongly she had affected him.

Upon her return to the table she announces that she is done with her dinner and is now ready for dessert-strawberry shortcake. Once her dessert arrives, he is riveted by how she seems to enjoy it. First, she scoops up the fresh strawberry placed atop the cake.

Then she slowly licks the skin, as if testing its firmness. Next, she bites into the tip, exposing the red, full juiciness of its core. The strawberry is so juicy, some of its juices flow out of her mouth and down her chin. Her soft, pink tongue quickly darts out to capture the runaway juice. All he can imagine is that pink tongue slowly enveloping his manhood as she begins to suckle him. The restaurant ahs suddenly become very warm.

As if reading his thoughts, she removes her shoes and inches closer to him. With the tip of her toe, she traces the hard length of him. The feeling of her toe against his hardness is almost more than he can bear. All he can think about is clearing the table off and taking her atop it, regardless of the public setting. Her toe moves up and down, back and forth, as he grows to a length and hardness he had previously thought impossible. As she caresses him with her foot, she dips her finger in the whipped cream of the dessert and slowly begins to lick it off her finger. Her tongue follows the length of her finger, and then slowly the entire finger is placed into her mouth to taste the sweet fluffiness of the whipped cream. Back and forth she moves her finger inside her mouth, looking at him with those cat-like eyes, forcing him to imagine her slowly taking his hardness into her mouth and slowly sucking on it.

She then excuses herself. As she passes him, he can smell the aroma of her arousal. It is potent and arousing. This time he pays for the meal and follows her. As he does do he cannot help but admire the sexy sway of her hips as she moves gracefully through the restaurant. He also notices how the denim of the dress plays up the bronze in her skin. All he wants to do is feel that soft, bronze skin beneath his hand. To massage the shoulders that are so proudly displayed. Taste the full breasts that are so deliciously emphasized by the curve of the strapless top. Kiss the toned legs that are further emphasized by the high heels she wears. Feel the firmness of the ass that is accentuated by the fitted nature of the denim dress. Smell the clean, fruity freshness of her cologne mixed with the heady muskiness of her arousal.

Finally they make it to the car. His mind can focus on nothing else but her. Before opening her door, he leans in for a deep soul-stirring kiss. As he does so, he presses his hardness against her. Her hands, at first wrapped around his neck so as to deepen the kiss, slowly snake their way down to his hardness and begin caressing him through his trousers. He moans at the deliciousness of her touch. He gently and deliberately kisses her shoulder before he allows her in. As she enters the car, she purposefully brushes those lush breasts across his chest. It is all he can do not to throw her over the hood of the car and thrust deep into the moistness emanating from her.

They drive to a deserted cabana hidden on a private beach. Once inside he kisses her again, this time with more urgency. She is all he can think about. The feel of her in his arms. The full breasts pressed against his chest. The luscious lips gently sucking on his own as their tongues delve deeply into each other’s mouths. He quickly unzips the denim dress to reveal the strapless body slip underneath. The sight of her bronze skin against the black of the slip is intensely arousing. He notices that the mounds of her breasts are thrusting out of the top of the slip, swollen with desire. He slowly pulls down the top of the slip and suckles at each breast. Tasting, licking and sucking at them. He notices the large brown areolas and uses his tongue to outline them. The large, hard nipples, the color of milk chocolate, are quivering under his tongue’s attention. She has once again snaked her hand down to his hardness and caresses it. But she wants much more, so he unzips his pants and removes his maleness from the boxer briefs he so favors. She can feel the heat of him and a deep throbbing sensation begins throughout her genital area. She wants him so bad she can taste it. Her hand massages the balls that are so heavy and full with the release he so desperately seeks.

Her aroma overwhelms him; he simply must taste her. So he places her on the bed, places her full thighs on his shoulders so that he can get a better view of her moisture. He can already see the moisture beginning to drip out. He first licks her lips to taste the moisture. It is as sweet as he thought it would be. The lips are so swollen with desire that they have turned from pale pink to a deep red. He slowly parts her lips with his tongue and begins to massage her clit. She moans deeply. He can feel her moans emanating from deep in her belly.

“Stop teasing me,” she pleads.

“Ah. But I promised you that I would repay your teasing with some of my own, didn’t I?” he replies. Her hand pushes against his head as if to push his tongue deeper inside of her. But he is not done. His tongue slowly circles her clit, as her hands are playing with her nipples. All sensation is heightened.

His tongue finally laves her clit as he proceeds to suck on it. He can feel her thrashing underneath him, calling out his name. Her moans become deeper and louder. He fells her body start to convulse. His tongue plunges deeper in her inner recesses. He laps up all of her release as he continues to bathe her with his tongue. However, some of the release escapes his lips and glides down her ass cheeks. He turns her around and down and slides his hardness between her two firm cheeks. He can feel the moisture that is still dripping from her. He slides his full length into her as the waves crash against the shore in the distance. She feels so tight and so moist; he glides easily into and out of her. She yearns to feel the full pulsing length of him in her. As he slides in she squeezes her pelvic muscles around him, so as to hold him tighter.

She begins to rock her hips against his thrusts, feeling his full balls slap against her ass as his hardness mixes with her love juices. The rocking gets faster and the thrusts deepen. Her moans are almost guttural. She is massaging her breasts in time to his thrusts. She can feel the orgasm building with her. She can feel the blood racing furiously through his length as he pumps into her. Faster. Harder. Deeper. Louder. Nothing matters in this moment except the feel of his hardness in her. His balls against her ass cheeks. The waves crashing against the shore. The seagulls circling the cabana. The release is explosive and simultaneous. Her juices are thick and streaming down her legs as he explodes deep within her and moans her name. The release is so powerful that they are both sweating profusely and head to the shower stall located within the cabana.

To be continued.

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