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The Dressing Room

She looks fantastic in the dress
"Honey, can you come in here and tell me what you think about these?"
"Um, uh. Ok." A mischievous little smile crosses my face as I hear the hesitation in your voice.
"It's ok. No one is going to care," I say to you as you step into the dressing room and slowly close the door behind you. "What do you think?" I ask about the black sundress I'm trying on. "I was thinking maybe I can just wear it without a bra. What do you think?" I reach up and unclasp my black lace bra and let it fall to the floor. My double-d tits are straining the fabric of the dress. I flip the long red curls of my hair off of them "They just need a little bit of a ..." I push them up and together so they are practically bursting out over the neckline, "of a lift." I'm speaking loudly enough that anyone else in the other dressing rooms will know I'm not alone.
You're staring wide-eyed. "I think they look great. That you look great." Your voice is lowered, and I can see the blood coming to your cheeks.
"Thank you, lover," I practically shout as I kiss you and press my chest to you. Your hands run up my sides. I pull away though before giving away too much. "Let's try this one," I say handing you a hanger with a yellow dress with a floral print.
I pull the black one up over my head and stand completely naked looking at you. I'm getting a kick out of seeing you blush. After a pause of just a moment to let you take in the sight, I take the yellow dress from the hanger in your hands and pull that one over me. It's much shorter than the first and the back of it sits only low enough over my ass to tease your imagination. I give a little twirl and let the dress lift up again and turn to look at you. "So it's ok?"
"It's great."

"So you'll buy it for me?" I coo, and reach down to feel the bulge between your legs.
"Of course, baby."
"Good!" I move around your body, hand lingering at your crotch, then around your hips, then on your ass as I stand with my back to you in front of the room's one mirror. You turn, and I subtly push my ass abck into you as I check out my own reflection. "Oh, I'm just going to have to wear a bra with this one I guess. My tits are just too big for it."

"Your tits are perfect," you respond as your hands move up over them and body pushes back on me, so I can feel your erection. My nipples are hard under your hands and I can feel the wetness between my legs.

"Am I beautiful?"

"Of course you're beautiful." Your lips press against my neck behind my ear.

"And you love me?" I ask, turning around back into you.

" I do!"

Now I lower my voice and slide my hand up between your legs again while looking into your green eyes. "And you like when I put my mouth on your cock?"


My hand undoes your belt and then struggles with your zipper until you help me with it, and suddenly your cock is there, erect at my face as I go to my knees on the cold tile of the dressing room. "And you like when I'm on my knees like a little whore," I ask just before I take you into my mouth.

"Gawd yes!" Your hand is in my hair, your own head thrown back as I suck you. I start to moan and make loud, obvious sucking sounds and watch for your reaction. I know your attention is divided between what I am doing and who could be walking through the entrance to the dressing rooms. A small portion of your mind is afraid of being caught and wants me to stop. The rest of you wants me to keep going. You're conflicted and I love seeing you this way, love making you both nervous and excited, and as I take your scrotum into my mouth and stroke you with my hand I can feel your excitement winning out over your nervousness.

Your breathing is heavy and head tilted back again. "Mm, suck me like that," you gasp. "Suck my balls." I can feel your precum and my tongue runs up under your shaft and over the glans to taste it. I suck just at the tip hungrily. I slide my lips up and down your shaft, pausing at the base to let you feel my throat open.

"I need to fuck you," you whisper down to me. As I get to my feet, you force me around and immediately have the dress pushed up and are on top of me. I brace myself against the back of the little room to keep from going back to my knees as you thrust your iron cock into me.
"Oh fuck!" I gasp. I'm startled with just how loud that was. “Yes, fuck me,” I say under my breath now. My pussy is absolutely gushing and you are working hard to work it without making the telltale sex slurps, slaps and sucking sounds. We get into a rhythm and you can just hear the sounds of us breathing. It’s a good thing, too, because moments later comes the creak of someone wheeling a mop bucket into the dressing room area.

You stop.

We are silent and still a moment as we here the mop being wrung and then the swish of it over the floor. But I can’t let you stop and rock back into you and then slowly away, starting my own silent slow rhythm. You comply and grip my hips as we rock slowly together. You stop again though, as a BUMP comes at the door and the mop swishes back and forth just outside our door.
As we hear the mop move away, I pick the rhythm back up again and soon even tiny moans are escaping my lips, though probably not loud enough to escape our little dressing room. Then the mop bucket is being wheeled away and I growl back to you, “Fuck me!”
Our passion builds to a frenzy, all be it an almost silent one with just little moans and grunts escaping us. We hardly notice when another dressing room door is opened and closed. I am doing everything I can to suppress ever scream and squeal that comes to my throat. All at once the rush of pleasure comes over me and I reach back to pull you into me and hold you there as my pussy quivers and legs shake. “I’m commminnng, “ I hiss.
I hold you captive until the waves of energy have rushed through. As my hands pull away you begin pushing in again, but I can’t take the bolts of electricity it still sends up through me, and reach back to hold you again. “I’m so close,” you whisper.
I pull slowly away, but then am quickly on my knees again with your cock in my mouth, tasting my own delicious juices, yearning for yours. I suck and slurp, fondle and carress and as I see your head go back and blood rush to the surface of your flesh I pop your cock out and work my hand up and down the shaft. “Give it to me,” I mouth with my lips and aim you, so that as your spunk shoots you can see the sticky strands coating my tongue. “Mmmm!” I make a show of swallowing and then taking you into my mouth again to drain you.

You are still catching your breath as I say out loud, “So we can get both of them? I mean, the black one’s a bit R-rated, so maybe just the yellow one.”

“Oh I think we should get them both. Nothing wrong with a little R-rating,” you smile.

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