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The Eagle Has Landed

An Accidental Encounter.
I’m out cycling; I generally cycle most weekends, usually with a friend, but today I’m on my own.

I’m going fairly fast along a winding country road, I see a few parked cars on my side of the road ahead of me, I look around to see if it’s safe to pull out to avoid the cars. As I look forward again, I see a car door, sweeping open in front of me, thinking - what the hell – where the hell did that come from, I try to swerve around it, but ‘nop’, I catch the edge of the door and this throws me off my bike, bike one way, me another, rolling a few times until I end up in a small pond.

I lay on my back, with my eyes just barely open. I hear a faint sound of someone calling, “Hello…. hello…. Are you okay?” I start to open my eyes slowly, looking up at a blue sky, my head spinning.

The voice again, “Hello…. are you okay… I’m so sorry… oh dear!”

I feel a hand on my shoulder, shaking me, I can now make out it’s a female’s voice, sort of strange sounding, “Hello…hello…you okay?” I search for her with my eyes moving slowly from side to side, as I blink. I see her; I blink a bit more to clear my vision. Turning my head towards her, first thing that strikes me is her very bright long curly red hair, she looks to be in her late thirties, not what you would call a stunner, but quite pretty, almost what you would say is a handsome looking woman.

I’m a bit more coherent now, and hear her say, “Hello…. are you okay…. are you hurt?” I can now make out the accent, she sounds American. I am a bit shaken, I start to stand up, the lady helps me to my feet, as I stand I notice she is taller than me, I am six foot tall. I start to brush myself off, but am all muddy, so just smearing it more around than off.

I notice she is wearing loosely fitting jeans, and what looks like a man’s shirt, and trainers.

She asks again, “Hi…. you okay…. I’m so, so, sorry…. the wind caught the door and threw it open, I couldn’t hold it.”

I speak for the first time, “Yes… I think so, no broken bones…. I think!”

Still brushing myself off as I look around for my bike.

The lady offers to help, pointing at a house just across the street. Asking me to go with her, “Please come in, and get yourself cleaned up.”

I see my bike, and start walking towards it; I pick it up, and see it isn’t too badly damaged, apart from a puncture and a few scratches.

The lady still insisting that I go with her to clean up, she asks, “Is your bike okay?”

To which I reply, “Yes… just a puncture… it’s okay, still ride-able I think.”

“I have a garage; you can fix the bike in there.” Still in a bit of a daze, I nod my head to accept.

We both walk towards the house, then just as we reach her car she says, “If you don’t mind I’ll just get my mom out of the car.” I look into the car through the front screen, and see an old lady in the passengers seat. I stand there and watch the lady get her mom out and into a wheelchair.

We start walking, and the old lady asks, “How are you young man, you okay, not to bad a fall I hope? Don’t worry, she’ll pay for any damage, I’m sure.”

I reply, “No…. thanks, just looks worse than it is.”

“Oh….yes that’s fine, let me know what the damage is and I’ll pay you, no problem… it’s the least I can do, it was my fault….I’ll pay, just let me know?”

“Just a few scratches, and an inner tube, it’s fine, I think I’m more shaken than the bike,” I reply.

The lady says, “I’ll just open the garage, and you can fix your bike in there.”

I wait outside while she wheels her mother into the house. I am looking over my bike again just to check, I hear a few noises from the other side of the garage door, and then it opens. The lady comes out and asks me to come in. I take my bike into the garage as she closes the door behind me.

“Do you need anything?” she asks.

“No… thanks… I always keep a couple of spare tubes.”

The lady looks at me and says, “Chris…. my name, it’s Chris!” holding out her hand to shake.

I take her hand and shake it, “Bob… hi,” I reply.

Her grip is strong, like a man, her skin was kind of tough not rough, as if she did a lot of manual work.

She starts to look at me, well more the sort of state I was in, all wet and muddy.

Chris says, “You look like you’ve just had a fall, off your bike and into a muddy pond!”

I look at her with a slight smirk on my face, “Ha…. ha…. very funny!”

Chris smiles, and says, “let me help…. I’ll…. I’ll…. clean your clothes. You can’t ride looking like that; you must be feeling wet too? It’s the least I can do.”

I look down at my clothes, brushing them lightly, “No….it’s okay.... I’ll be okay… don’t have to…...”

“No, I insist, take off your clothes.”

“What… Not all of them?” I exclaim.

“Okay…. not all of them….. You can keep your pants!”

“I’ve got a pair of boxers on!” I say.

“Okay, go on then, all but your boxers... Come on!” Chris says, without even a hint of shyness.

She goes on to say, “I’ve got a dryer, I’ll give them a quick hand wash, then stick them into the dryer. They’ll be ready in no time.”

I turn my back to Chris and peel off my muddy, wet clothes, not making eye contact with Chris. She stands there not even facing away, holding out her hands.

I’m now standing there in the middle of her garage, in just my boxers. Chris takes my clothes saying, “You can fix your bike now, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

I’m left to fix the puncture. This takes me about fifteen to twenty minutes. I feel a bit cold, but okay. I see a box in the corner of the garage full of old rags; I take one to clean up my bike with. As I am wiping down, Chris comes in, “Hi, how you dooin?”

I look up, “Oh… hi, I found this rag over in the corner in that box, I hope you don’t mind me using it?”

“No, it’s okay, they’re there to be used.”

Chris is standing right in front of me, she says, “You look cold, if you’ve finished, come into the kitchen, I’ve made some coffee. You drink coffee?”

“Yes, I drink coffee.”

Chris says, “I’ve just put your clothes into the dryer, they’ll be half an hour or so, is that alright? I hope it doesn’t make you late for anything?”

I stand up and look at Chris, “No, I’m not going to be late, I wasn’t going anywhere in particular, just riding around for a couple of hours anyhow.”

I lean my bike against a wall. Chris walks to the integral door with me following her. She says, “Go into there, I’ll be back in a second.” Pointing at a door which lead into a kitchen. I see a table with a couple of mugs of coffee on it; I walk over and sit down at one of the placed mugs. Chris comes back, holding a dressing gown, “Put this on, it’s all I’ve got for the moment.”

“Oh… thanks, it’s okay, I’ll be fine as soon as I’ve had the coffee I’m sure.”

She insists, “Put it on, go on.”

I stand up, take the gown from her and put it on. A scent wafts up from the gown, a scent that says this belongs to a woman. I put it on; the warmth comes through as I tie up the front.

“Thanks, it does feel better, I feel a bit girly though!”

We chat for a while, where Chris tells me that she had just returned from seeing the doctor about her mother. Telling me, that her mother has been in a wheelchair for a number of years, and that she has been looking after her. Chris tells me that she was in the American army, as a physical education and combat teacher. She had married young, to an English army officer, and was married for six years, but now has been a widow for eight years. They never had any children, she just looks after her mother.

Looking into Chris’s eyes, I could tell she was a kind, caring person. Just by the fact she is helping me out right now tells me that, even if it was slightly her fault that I was in this predicament.

We finish our coffee, as Chris looks over to the dryer and back at me, “Be another twenty minutes!” she says.

We both stand up, I reach out for the empty mug as Chris says, “Just leave it there, I’ll clean up later.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll just put it over here.” Taking it over to the wash basin. Chris comes up beside me placing her mug into the basin as well, as I look at my watch, not sure why I needed to know the time anyway. Our hands touch; I quickly move my hand away, “Oh… Sorry!” I say, as I look up at her.

Chris looks at me as she says, “It’s okay, sorry for what?” She reaches out and takes hold of my hand, which was frozen in mid-air.

Although we had shaken hands before, when I thought she had a manly feel to her, now her hand felt softer to the touch, still the tough feel, but a softer feminine touch.

“See, it’s just a hand, it doesn’t bite!” She says this with a slight grin on her face, I was not sure what she intended by that.

We both look at each other, our faces move slowly closer, our lips touch, our eyes close. Her hand clasping mine tighter. We start to kiss with a bit more passion, our tongues mingling together, slowly, searching each other’s mouths. Our bodies get closer together. I get an instant hard on.

We now have our arms around each other, squeezing our bodies together. I was sure she could feel my cock, so I try and move my hips away a little. But, Chris moves her hands to my ass, pulling me back into her. I don’t try to resist, no way.

As we kiss, slavering over each other’s lips, I feel Chris’s hand manoeuvring between us, she loosens the gown, moving her fingers slowly over my boxers, reaching in to find my cock, she traces out my cock with her fingers, and gives it a light squeeze, she finds the gap in front of the boxers, fumbling a bit, then, OH, there it is, she finds it. She grips it; fucking hell, can she grip a cock! I let out a bit of a moan just at that point. But in my mind it was a cry of ‘Shit that’s tight.’

Chris, with her other hand slips off the gown, it lands on the floor. I am back with just my boxers on, but now, there is a hand in the opening, clutching my cock.

Chris breaks off the kiss, pulls away slightly, looks into my eyes, she winks, and says; “Now that’s a nice weapon!” She squeezes it again, harder. Fucking hell I thought I was going to cum right there.

Chris still had hold of my cock through the opening; my knob was sticking out the top of the boxers. Chris looks down, then back up at me, gives me a sweet kiss, as she lets go of my cock. She looks down again, and this time she bends her knees to lower herself, and at the same time grips the sides of the boxers to remove them.

As she lowers them, my cock bends down, and gets to the point where it’s free of the waist band. My cock springs back up, hitting Chris under her chin, as I step out of my boxers, Chris, grabs my cock again, looks up at me and says, “As I said, nice weapon Bob, I wonder how many rounds it has?”

She looks down at my cock, sticks her tongue out, and licks the underside of my knob. I see her opening her mouth wide, moves it over my cock, taking in my knob and sucks on it gently. After a couple of minutes, she takes it out and spits on it. Looks up at me and says, “The taste of cock, so distinctive, it’s been a while, but, you never forget what a cock tastes like!”

Chris, spits on it again and lubricates my shaft with her hand. The feel of Chris’s hand was amazing, I’ve had hand jobs before, but Chris’s rougher hand was just so different in an incredible way.

Chris then starts to wank me off with just my knob in her mouth, sucking like a vacuum cleaner, occasionally letting it out to spit on it again.

Oh fuck, I think to myself, ‘I won’t last much longer at this pace.’ Then, Chris stops, looks back up at me and says, “You’re much bigger than my husband used to be, but I’m going to give this a go!”

I look down at Chris, “What do you mean? Give what a go?”

She grins, “Deep throat!”

Chris takes my cock back into her mouth, I can feel her tongue licking around my cockhead, she takes it out and licks my whole cock several times like a lolly pop, from balls to head. She grabs my balls, plays with them, light squeezes and rubs. Then takes my cock back into her mouth, taking it in halfway then back out, back in a bit more this time, keeps it there for a few seconds, then back out. Chris looks up at me, her eyes slightly watery, says, “Fuckin weapon, watch this!”

I'm watching; no way was I not going to watch. Chris takes in the head and then ever so slowly my cock just disappears into her mouth, her nose was touching my groin, I can not see my shaft anymore, she stays there, shaking her head rapidly from side to side, I feel my knob pulsating, throbbing, she squeezes my balls, I'm going to cum, oh fuck, I'm going to cum. I put my hands on the back of her head, I push hard, then Chris pulls away, my cock comes right out, covered in spit and ligaments trailing from my cock to her lips. She breathes hard, taking in a huge gulps of air several times. Her eyes has tears running down.

I ask, “You okay Chris?”

She smiles up at me, “Fuckin weapon, I knew I could do it!”

Chris grabs my cock, and asks, “You there yet?”

I look down at her and reply, “I was almost going to cum when you had it buried.”

Chris, looking straight at my cock says, “Well, let’s see what sort of ammo this weapon has?”

My cock is now back in her mouth, a bit more than just the knob, her hand on my shaft, a tight grip, the other hand plays with my balls. Chris goes to work, wanking my shaft hard, sucking hard. Me just thinking this is it!

About seven or eight minutes, and shit this is it, my hands are already on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down, a mass of red hair on my cock. I let her know, “Chris, I’m there, I’m going to cum… Fuck…Chris… Fuck… shit… I’m… !” I blow, it's like Chris said, felt like I am shooting bullets. Chris swallowed, several spurts, she keeps wanking me, sucking me, milking me. Oh fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever cum this much and this hard before.

Ding… Ding… Ding… The dryer lets us know it’s finished. Just as I am.

Chris still keeps sucking and wanking me off well after I have finished cumming. She must have sensed I had nothing left. She stops wanking my shaft, slowly removes her mouth, keeping a suck on, and as her lips leave my cock, there is a sweet “pop” from my cock leaving her mouth, she kisses it, and tenderly licks the tip.

Chris gets up, looks at me, giving me a peck on the lips, and says, “Let me tell you, I’ve had three men in my life, you’re the fourth, and yours was the biggest load of all. I love the taste of cum, I never waste any.”

I look to the floor, gloomily.

Chris, puts a finger under my chin and lifts my head to look at her, and asks, “What’s up big Bob? I thought a blow job would have at least bring a smile to your face!”

In a sort of shy way, like a bone had been taken away from a dog, I say, “I was hoping you might let me…. Well… You know… Ammmm… fuck you?”

Chris, grins with a dirty sort of smile, and with the brightest blue eyes you have ever seen, says, “Ahh, Yes, A fuck. Typical male request, well, don’t worry big Bob; I’ll get that missile to fire again! I’ll make you smile, and fulfil your male hunger.” With another peck on the lips, requests, “Come on, follow me!”

“I’ll just put the gown on.”

Chris says, “No, leave it off.”

“But your mom…”

“Don’t worry about her, I’ve given her her medication, she’s asleep and won’t be up for a couple of hours.”

She leads me out of the kitchen, along a hallway, just before the stairs is a door slightly open, I glance in and see what looks like a home gym, running machine, a rower, weights, etc… We then go up the stairs towards her bedroom I presume. I walk along with my limp cock dangling between my legs, slapping against each thigh as I walk, Chris leading me by the hand.

Chris, goes in and I follow her through, I was about to close the door, when she says, “Oh, don’t bother, leave it open, its fine, no one else here.”

Chris turns to face me, both hands on a shirt button, and asks, “Okay, how do you like to do this? Do you want to take my clothes off? Or do you want to watch me?”

“I’d like to watch.”

I walk across to the bed, and sit on the edge, legs slightly apart, cock limp in the middle, my hands straight behind me resting on the bed.

Chris starts to unbutton her shirt, flicking her head so that her long curly red hair is behind her. She doesn’t let the front open, as she undoes the last one; she steps forward, till she is right in front of me. The shirt is slightly open and I can see that she doesn’t have a bra on. She looks at me, smiles, and then slowly parts the shirt. Amazing, no wonder, these tits don’t need a bra, they're not big, just amazing. They stood proud, no sagging, nice nipples, not quite hard….yet.

Then I look lower, as she slips off the shirt, even more amazing, I reach out with my hand to touch her stomach, it was ripped, what you might call a six pack. This woman’s body was fit. She had a few scars, I didn’t ask, I just thought to myself that they must have been wounds of war.

“Do you like what you see, Bob?”

I am just mesmerised, can not reply, transfixed to her stomach and tits. I run my fingers from the bottom of her tits across her rippled muscled stomach to the waist of the jeans, she still had on. I just nod my head. I move forward and kiss her stomach several times all over. I can also feel a bit of movement in my cock.

“Want to see some more honey?” Chris asks.

I look up at her, move both my hands towards the top button of her jeans, and ask, “May I?”

“Please be my guest,” Chris says.

I undo the button, move slowly to the zipper, and lower it. The two sides fall apart revealing a gimps of her red underwear. I lower her jeans to the floor and Chris steps out of them.

My thoughts again, ‘fuckin hell, fuckin' hell, fuckin'... hell.’

From the clothes this woman was wearing no one would ever guess the body that is under them. Her very long legs, went from her ankles all the way up to….well… forever. Her thighs, just pure muscle, toned, looking down to her calf’s, these would put any athlete to shame. I place my hands on her hips, one either side, slowly move down feeling the muscle tone and tightness of her, I get to her calf’s. I put both hands on one calf, and squeeze softly she was so firm. I move both hands together, back up towards her thigh, squeezing, caressing. My cock is now positively getting some shockwaves through it. My eyes are agog.

I look at the small red triangle. Chris puts a hand on my head, I look up at her, “Would you like to see behind that?”

I nod my head, “Yes, yes please!”

I move my lips towards the red triangle and kiss it.

Chris takes a step back and turns around. Her body is just as amazing from the back as it is from the front. Her back has defined muscles, her ass, just perfect, looks solid. Chris is standing just out of reach, otherwise I would grabbed her ass, to get a feel of those hard boulders.

Her nickers, well more a bikini bottom, is held up by thin bits of fabric tied up in a bow, one on each hip. Chris takes hold of an end, one on each side, and pulls up, untying the knots, then letting them fall. From the back it is just a very thin string going between her ass cheeks. Chris turns her head round and winks, “You ready babes?”

I again, nod my head, “Oh yes, definitely!”

Chris turns round slowly, she has one hand hiding her pussy, she parts her legs slightly, as the other hand takes away the red material, and throws it to me as she blows me a kiss.

I catch it, hold it up to my nose, and take in its scent, wonderful, just wonderful. I kiss it and throw it over to a chair that is besides the bed.

Chris moves closer, pussy still covered, moves even closer, then says, “Hi Bob!” moving her hand away. Fuckin hell, Chris is just full of surprises, an amazing tattoo of a golden eagle, wings spread out, very vibrant, clean shaven, then my eyes move lower to her rosy pink pussy lips, dangling, like puffy butterfly wings.

I look up at Chris and say to her, “You really love your cunt-tree! Don’t you?”

“Ha Ha, I’ve not herd that one before!”

I reach out with both hands and grab her ass cheeks giving them a squeeze, she’s so tight, I massage them, I fondle them like they were tits, while kissing the eagle all over. I glance up at Chris, and I say, “I’ve eaten all kinds of meat dishes before, and I think this pussy covered eagle is going to be outstanding.”

Chris replies, “I hope you like its distinct flavour?”

“I’ll let you know soon.”

I ask her to lay on the bed, but she shakes her head and says, “I’m on top.”

I slap her lightly on the ass, and push myself back up onto the bed, with my head on a pillow.

“Lower!” requests Chris.

I quizzically look at her, but move lower down the bed.

“Lower!” she says again.

I shake my head, but move lower as her request, but still not sure why.

Chris gets onto the bed, between my legs. My cock is semi hard, and laying on my left thigh.

Chris places a hand on each of my legs just below the knees, then slowly up. As she moves up, she leans forward and kisses my cock, it twitches. She looks up at me and says, “I hope you can endure a bit of pain!”

Again, I had no idea what she was talking about, I ask, “What do you mean?”

Chris smiles with a wicked look in her eyes.

She keeps moving her hands higher, onto my thighs. She reaches the tip of my knob with one of her hands, flicks it with a finger, as she does this she blows me a kiss. I look at her, she takes her left hand off my thigh, raising it to her lips, kisses her hand, she again flicks my cock with her finger, then brings down her left hand and slaps my cock.

My eyes shut tight and I shout out, “Fuckin' hell Chris!”

She places a finger to her lips to shoosh me. She lifts my cock up and moves it across to the right and slaps it even harder. I close my eyes again and try to supress my cry.

She lifts my cock up and kisses the knob, and says, “There, there, big boys don’t cry. Do you want me to stop big boy?”

I look up at her, I feel the blood rushing to my cock. It’s getting harder, it hurts, but amazingly in a real, real good way, but I wasn’t going to let her know that.

Chris asks, “How you dooin big boy?”

I feel my cock’s pain, it hurts so, so, good. I say to her, “Yes, I’m fine, couple more if you like, I can take it!” Gritting my teeth, trying not to show the pain, letting her know that I'm a MAN.

She smiles and says, “Oh baby, there’ll be more than a couple, I can assure you of that. I’ll tell you what, every time I slap or bite you… Oh… yes, sorry… bite… yes, that’ll be coming up. If you want to say no, just say so now and we’ll forget all about this and…”

I stop her in mid-sentence, “No… it’s okay… it’s just… I’ve never had… sex. Is it sex?... like this before.”

Chris replies, “Oh its sex baby, it will be the best sort of sex you’ll ever have!”

Just as she says this, she leaps like a cat on top of me, her whole body on top of mine, it takes my breath away. She takes hold of my face with both hands and kisses me hard. She is squashing my semi hard cock with her golden eagle. She stops kissing me, and looks at me, and then her hips rose up and come down hard waking my cock, a loud thud echoes in the room. Oh shit, again it hurt, but, again in a good way, she does this several times, watching my eyes close every time she came down.

She gives me a quick kiss, and says, “Eat me!”

Chris spins herself around on me and lines up her pussy to my mouth, and says, “Go ahead, do your worst!”

Now I understood why she wanted me lower on the bed.

Chris grabs hold of my cock and swallows it. It feels warm; I’ve never had my, relatively, soft cock blown before. She moves her hands up and down my thighs, and I can feel her tongue twirling around my knob.

I have my hands on her ass; I did not need to pull her ass in, as she was doing a pretty good job of grinding her pussy into my face. But I did squeeze them just to reassure myself of how firm her as is.

Her pussy is wet already; all I had to do is poke my tongue out and in between her pussy lips towards her slit. I find her hole, my tongue darts in and out, lapping up her juice. I suck on her pussy lips, one at a time, and nibble on them with my lips. I again lick the full length of her slit, ending at her clit, a deep, throaty, grown emanates from Chris every time my tongue ends at her clit. Her clit isn’t big, but it is big enough so that I could squeeze on it with my lips.

I can now feel my cock hardening; Chris, realising this, sucks harder, slowly releasing it. It was here, at this point, when my cock isn't fully hard, but hard enough, Chris, takes my cock in all of it, then lightly bit’s down on it, at the base, and moves her teeth along, dragging her teeth up my shaft, when she gets to the base of the head, she bites a bit harder, like she was chewing on it, and then goes back to the base. She does this several times, as my cock gets harder and harder. 

 Chris “thought” I had reached full hardness, she takes out my cock, puts it in her mouth sideways, and bites on it harder than before, this makes me clench my lips on her clit very hard, she gives out a groan, and says, “Ahhh, you bastard, you’re learning… good.”

Just a second later, she slaps my cock, “Fuck, Chris, that fuckin hurt!”

“It was meant to you shit!” and slaps me again, just as hard.

“Fuckin hell Chris….you bitch,” I say, knowing exactly what she was doing, and loving it.

“Come on you bastard, bite back!” Chris says, in an angry’ish tone.

I take hold of her clit, but this time between my teeth, and give a light squeeze, Chris growls, “Now that’s my man.”

As I had her clit between my teeth, I lick the tip with my tongue, Chris, growls and moans, letting herself relax, She has my cock in one hand stroking it softly. I’m loving her secretions, she is oozing with her love juice, absolutely delicious. I can’t get enough, I keep hold of her ass tightly against my tongue, applying the maximum pressure I can on her clit. A few minutes of bliss licking, sucking, biting on her clit, Chris starts to moan, and gives out a throaty growl, and shouts, “God… oh god… oh fuck… I’m close, don’t stop…fuck… ahhhhhh.”

She slaps her face with my cock, both sides, fairly gently, compared to the previous treatment of my cock, I think her mind was somewhere else, lost in ecstasy.

I am now thinking her clit must be sore, but, I also think, I’m sure she likes it when it hurts. I quicken my tongue action, Chris’s groans and cry’s are a bit louder now. Both my hands are still on her ass, when I all of a sudden I feel her ass go stiff, she's quite, the last thing I hear from her was a deep sigh, “Ahhhhhh.” I feel a wet stream run down my tongue, it tastes great. I keep lapping this up for about a minute, and then I hear a soft sigh again, “Ahhhh, perfect, just heaven!” Chris whispers.

I stop my tonguing, and am slowly caressing her ass, which is twitching with her orgasm; I stroke the back of her thighs, as Chris lays on top of me for a while.

I lightly tap her on the ass, “You awake, we going to fuck?”

Chris turns her head to look down at me, a dirty grin on her face, “Oh yes, we’re going to fuck!”

Chris rolls over to one side, holding onto my cock, she moves her tits close to my cock, rubs my nob, which has precum and Chris's spit all over it, onto each of her nipples. She lightly starts tapping her nipples with my cock, gradually getting harder, and firmer. She looks at me; she is on her knees, her ass in the air within hands reach, I raise my hand and give her a slap. Chris’s eyes close for a second then reopen, and says, “Now that’s what I’m talking about again.”

I slap her other ass cheek, she slaps my cock friggin hard, twice. She wiggles her ass, I know what she wants, and slap her again as hard as I can, twice, one on each cheek.

I can see her ass is going red, I know my cock must have been; it is burning. We both slap each other a few more times, each slap was more sensitive than the last, when Chris lets go of my cock, turns round and sits on my stomach, my cock just behind her ass, throbbing in sexual pain.

Chris cups her tits, squeezes them together, winks at me and says, “let’s see if you can make these as red as my ass?”

She lets go of her tits, shuffles back and rises up, letting my cock spring back to my stomach. She puts a couple of fingers into her pussy to scoop out some of her juices, and rubbed it onto my cock, then again. Chris looks at me and slaps my cock, hard, my cock seems like it couldn’t care less about it being waked, I pout my lips and mouth her a kiss, I am now loving every blow of her hand.

Chris grabs my cock, lines up her pussy, we look into each other’s eyes as she lowers herself unbearably slowly, my cock feels like a hot poker being quenched. She’s down, my cock buried, Chris sits there, her magical cunt muscles go to work, she rises up about eight or nine inches, not letting my cock escape, and says, “The Eagle Has Landed.” With that, in one movement she lowers herself, all the way, in my cock goes, deep, she stays here as we both get comfortable. Chris again works her cunt, it feels glorious, heavenly, absolutely at home.

Thoughts run through my head, like, this woman really knows how to treat a man, how to treat a cock, how to have a sexual experience, and not just a fuck.

Chris runs her fingers through her red curly hair, both hands come to rest at the back of her head. Her tits are now standing proud, nipples sticking out.

I look down myself; I see my stomach, then a golden eagle that has consumed my cock, I keep looking up, I see Chris’s flat muscle rippled front, and a pair of fantastic looking tits! Her head is thrown back, blazing red hair draping behind her.

Chris slowly rises again, clenching my cock with a tight grip of her cunt, keeping my cockhead in, relaxes, and then slowly lands the eagle again. As she comes down, I slap her tit on the side, to which she says, with her head still laid back, “That was a girly slap!” and rises again.

She comes down again, this time I slap the other tit, much harder, just like I did her ass. To which she says, “Now doesn’t that feel better to you?” I slap the other tit just as hard.

Chris, without stopping, moves slowly up and down, each time she comes down I give her tits a slap, to different parts of her tits, “You’re a fast learner!” Her eye half closed looking up to the ceiling.

“You’re a good teacher.” As I land another slap.

Chris quickens her movement, coming down with force, I rise to meet her. Chris moves her head forward, looks at me and says, “Nipples!”

I know precisely what she wants.

I start to smack her nipples, “Harder!” Comes her request. We are now fucking and smacking with anger. I can see both her tits are red all over, her nipples more erect and become extremely hard.

I am really hot now, like a good workout. I can see beads of sweat from Chris’s forehead, her body is glistening. Chris has been rubbing her clit frantically for about four or five minutes, when she looks at me and says, “I’m cummin, I’m cumming… OH my god, I’m c u m m m m m m m!”

I stop fucking, at which Chris get's angry, because she look's at me with a deep anger and says, “Keep fucking you bastard, I ride through my orgasms, stop again and I’ll kill you!”

I start fucking her again, harder, faster, with almost a mission to keep her orgasm going for as long as I can.

I look up at her face; she is thrashing her head around, her eyes closed, her teeth clenched, her finger, a blur, working on her clit.

I could feel our coupling is much more lubricated by her flow of love juice, and as we are meeting, there is an audible wet smacking noise.

The room is filled with an unmistakable, distinct and familiar aroma and sounds of sex.

“Oh you bastard, I’m there again… here it is… oh god…oh god…I’m cumin, I’m… f… u…!”

Her voice goes silent, mouth open wide, eyes closed.

Chris slows down herself, I wasn’t going to stop, because of her threat to kill me if I did, and I believe her too. I am nearly there too, but I want to fuck her a bit more, Chris's slowing gives me a rest bite.

Chris gets off, and starts to smack my cock in frenzy, shouting, “Fucking cock, fucking cock, you bastard…. I thought I was going to pass out. Now this IS what I call fucking, you bastard cock!”

I grab her hands, to stop her from smacking my cock more. I get up behind her and push her to the bed, face down. I smack her ass, both cheeks, hard. “Bitch,” I say.

I grab her hips, and pull her up onto her fours, I point my cock to her cunt, and push, straight in, no stopping till I hit home in one sweeping movement.

I don’t stop, I just fuck her hard, my hands on her hips, forcing her onto me, making sure I am deep with every thrust, “Bitch, fucking bitch, I’ll show you!”

Chris turns her head, and says, “Come on you fucker, what you going to show me?”

We both fuck, hard, deep, shouting obscenities at each other. I smack her ass every now and again. We’ve both lost sense of time, this doggy must have been a good twenty minutes, when I feel I am about to cum, “Okay bitch, here it comes. You ready?”

As I move my eyes from her red ass, going up to her toned back, and then a mass of red hair, waving from side to side.

“Give me all you’ve got, you bastard.” She cries.

Chris growls, “Aggghhh... I’m cummin… Oh baby. I’m there again… Oh… yes… yes… y...”

I keep fucking, cause I’ve learned she loves to be fucked through her orgasm.

I can feel I am about to cum more than before, I'm there, “Here it cum’s bitch!”

I have my cock buried fully as I release my first load. Holding her tight against me, I pull out and ram back in, another release, and again, each time I thrust in, I could feel the squelching of our fucking. I released six or seven spurts. I stay buried after my last load, I can feel Chris milking my cock with her cunt.

We stay locked for a couple of minutes, then, I lightly tap her on the ass, “Nice fuck bitch!”

Chris replies, “You’re a remarkable fucker, just awesome.”

“Your cunt, is definitely the tightest I’ve ever been in!”

“Thanks, I told you I’ll make that missile fire again!”

Chris falls forward, spins around and looks at my cock, covered with a mixture of our love juices, she licks her lips and says, “That looks yummy!” and licks my softening shaft, takes my cock into her mouth and sucks on it for a bit making sure she has cleaned me up well.

As she falls back onto the bed, and says to me, “I love sucking on a softening cock, it has all the best juicy ingredients…..cock….two kinds of cum…..and a hint of sweat…..just sizzles in the mouth.”

As she lays there, she catches me looking at her cunt, which has cum trickling out and down her thigh. She looks at me, and with one hand sweeps her thigh and scoops out her cunt, getting all she could and licks it off with her tongue, a finger at a time, then goes down for more, again, licking her fingers clean.

With a wink and a grin, “As I said before, I don’t waste any, keep your caviar, I’ll take jizz every time!”

I fall onto the bed and lay next to her, our bodies just a heaving mess covered in sweat, red tits, red ass’s, red flaccid cock. Also, a few scratches all over my back, which I didn’t see till later, and never realised when I got them. All I knew it wasn’t from my fall.

Chris turns her head to look at me and says, “I think your clothes are dry now!”

I reply, “Oh yeah, thanks again, for that.”

Again, with a dirty grin, Chris asks, “Do you ride around her every week?”

I reply, “I could arrange something, but I need to recover from this session of cock beating first.”

Chris replies, “Hey, you gave as good as you got, and don’t you forget who taught you!” WINK

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