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The Edge

I hate you!" I screamed at him.

"Well I hate you right back"! He yelled.

I threw the vase that held the dozen roses he bought me earlier at him and it shattered against the wall. Water, glass, and roses covered the floor around him. I don't know why but at this moment he made me beyond sick. I wanted him out and I didn't care that it was 2 am or that it was pouring outside!

I don't even remember what we were fighting about but it was serious at that moment and our argument was pretty bad. I remember that we had recently finished having sex and I put his button up shirt on. One of us must have said something that pissed the other off. Lately this wasn't hard, small things had made us argue for days! And just like that, a relaxed satisfied mood went to shitty and hostile in seconds.

"Get out!" I screamed

He looked at me for a few minutes and I watched as his hostility went down a couple notches and he just looked sad. He barreled past me and grabbed his coat of the hook next to the front door. But instead of going out the door he went out the window to the fire escape. I went over to the window and watched him run up the metal stairs. My mind started to race, there's nothing up there why is he going to the roof? I started to think maybe I should follow him to make sure he wasn't up to anything stupid. I climbed out the window and the cold, wet rain drenched my t-shirt and my bare feet instantly froze. I ran up the metal stairs, pushing my long, thick, wet hair out of my face as I went up higher and higher. As I climbed the last of the stairs I saw him standing at the edge of the roof, he was slightly turned away from me, his hands in his pockets, his head bowed. He was soaked, his short, spiky, black hair was dripping water and his eyes were closed. I stood at the top of the stairs, unsure what to say. But before I could say anything he turned around and looked at me.

What are you doing up here"? I asked though I had to yell it because the rain hitting the roof was loud.

He didn't say anything he just looked at me, with a cold, hard stare.

I wiped the lock of hair that had stuck to my cheek and walked toward him. I saw him shiver and take a step back and I started to panic. He was already too close to the edge from my point of view.

I stopped dead in my tracks and watched him.

"Derik? Please whatever you’re thinking of doing don't do it."

"It was a stupid fight, we can fix it, just come back inside with me." I said this calmly but inside my heart was racing and panic and fear had a tight grip on my body.

"Do you really hate me"? He asked.

"No I don't really hate you; sure I’m not happy at the moment with you. But I don't hate you" I said.

"Good, because I love you and I can't lose you." he said.

I've heard these words before, so many times and every time I fell for them and we made up. But tonight in the freezing rain I wanted him to show it, I wanted proof he loved me.

"You say that every time we fight, I don't know if its lies or if you mean it" I said. I could feel the tears start to mix with the rain on my face.

"You know I mean it" he said and took a step toward me.

"No I really don't, I think it’s time you prove it." I said. I didn't expect him to come closer I thought maybe when I got him back inside id get warm and sleep and then tomorrow had work on the whole proof thing. But that's not what happened and I’m glad it didn't.

Derik took 2 long strides toward me and gripped my arms and yanked me against him. I looked up into his green eyes and he kissed me. It wasn’t just a kiss; it was a mind blowing, and mind numbing, warms your body from your toes up, clichéd, magical kisses. He slipped his skilled tongue past my lips and played with mine until I thought I might melt in to a puddle and the rain would wash me away. His hands gripped tighter around my arms and then he pulled his lips from mine and looked at me. He looked from my hazel eyes to my lips and then back to my eyes. And then he was kissing me again but more passionately then before but still just as amazing as the first. He started to force me up against the huge metal heating duct hard and bite my lip. His mouth started to move over my jaw and down my neck. I want to protest and tell him that I didn’t want him in this way at the moment but my body had a mind of its own and my voice was nothing but soft moans as his body pinned me against the metal and his lips traveled down to my collar bone.

I felt his cock press through his soaked jeans and poke me in my stomach. His hands cupped my breast and tugged on my already hard nipples. My eyes fluttered closed as his hands started to travel to the 3 buttons I had done up earlier. But instead of undoing them he ripped them apart and as the rain hit my heated flesh I shivered. The rain ran down over my breasts, in between them and down over my flat tummy and down to my aroused pussy. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, his jaw was twitching and lust was clearly blazing in his eyes. He lowered his head to my nipple, never breaking eye contact. He poked his tongue out and flicked it over my nipple, catching the water that was dripping from it. I bit my lip and moaned and he grinned and then took my nipple in his mouth and sucked. He sucked and flicked his tongue over my hard nipple, while his other hand cupped and massaged my other breast.

He was devouring my breasts, sucking and biting lightly. My clit had started to throb slightly and I wanted to touch my wet pussy. But as I put my hand over my mound Derik gripped my wrist and pulled it away. I tried to touch my pussy again but he did the same thing. I looked into his eyes and could see his lust mixed with something else I didn’t quite catch because as I noticed it, it was gone and nothing but lust was left. I stopped trying to touch myself but I needed my pussy attended to and soon. The cold rain was a relief as it hit my heated skin. I wiped more hair from my face and looked down at him.

"Please Derik; if I can’t touch my pussy, I need you to touch it for me." I begged softly.

Derik bit down on my left nipple hard and made me gasp from pain and a bit of pleasure. I looked at him again and he released my nipples and licked the rain from my stomach and sucked out the little bit of rain that had collected in my belly button, making me shiver. His tongue made its way down to the top of my pussy and stopped. I watched as he pulled his head away and took two of his fingers and ran them lightly over my swollen pussy lips. He parted my lips and ran his finger lightly over my clit and my body jerked forward. I moaned long and low as the tips of his 2 fingers slid over my clit, back and forth, and in small circles. His fingers stayed on my clit for a few minutes and then he slid them over my wet, hot hole.

My hips rocked forward, trying to get his fingers inside me, but as I did this he pulled his hand away making me groan in frustration.

"Derik please" I begged again.

He slid his fingers over my pussy lips and then slipped past them to rub his two fingers over my clit and then down to my hot entrance. He pushed just the tip of his fingers inside me and held them there for what felt like forever and then he pushed his fingers a little deeper. I needed his fingers deeper, and I needed it now. I bite my lips and moved my hips a little so his fingers would go deeper. My body was heating up from the inside out! His fingers slide into me deeper, until they couldn’t go any further. But he didn’t move them. He was teasing me, and doing a great job at pissing me off. He knew I was impatient and I was turned on and ready.

“Fuck yourself with my fingers baby.” He said.

I took his wrist and held it as I started to move up and down. His fingers slide easily in and out of me. I was so wet! I started to move faster and I could see he had his dick out stroking it slowly as he watched me. I wanted him inside me; I wanted to feel his thick manhood hit all my secret spots. But I didn’t get a chance to ask him, because his tongue had made its way to my swollen clit and was slowly making circles. I gasped in pleasure and began riding his fingers faster. I could feel my body slide straight the edge of bliss but before I could topple over he pulled his fingers out of me. I looked down at him and the smart ass grin he had on his face told me he knew just how close I was.

“Not yet” He said as he stood.

He took me by the shoulder and spun me around so I was now facing the heating duct. He took my hips and pulled them to him. So my ass was flush with his dick. I could feel it throbbing and I knew he needed me just as much as I needed him. He took his cock and pushed it inside my wet pussy. As his cock filled me, I clenched my pussy muscles around him. Once he was balls deep inside me I could hear his breathing, and his cool wet skin brought shivers when it pressed tightly against mine. He wrapped his hand tightly in my hair and started to pump in and out of me slowly. But it wasn’t long before he was relentlessly fucking me. I called his name over and over again as he hit my cervix with such force it raised me to my tip toes. He bit down on my shoulder and then I saw stars and my body crumbled. I screamed and I came. It was like hot lava was pumping in my veins, my body shook and my knees gave out. But Derik never let me fall and he never stopped. I heard him moan my name and he yanked his cock from my pussy and shoved in my ass making me squeal! But it was pain and pleasure as his cock throbbed and rope after rope of thick cum filled my ass up.

I didn’t dare move. I think I would have fallen or floated away. He put his head on my shoulder and kissed my neck.

“Starting tomorrow I will work on proving that I love you.” He whispered.

I smiled and nodded and then slowly he pulled himself from my ass. I stood straight and turned around and faced him. He was grinning, the rain dripping from his nose. He looked adorable! He took my hand and we made our way back inside, out of the pouring rain and lightning. We took a long hot shower together. Caressing each other until the water turned cold and we were exhausted. We put on dry clothes and climbed into bed. He snuggled against me and I feel instantly into a deep, peaceful sleep I would have for the next two weeks due to the severe colds we both had.

Derik and I broke up two months after this for good. I came home to find him in bed with a friend of mine. I knew that he would never change and if he did I was not ready to wait. We see each other from time to time and we always say hello and smile. I don’t think I will ever have sex in a thunderstorm again, but I will definitely never ever forget that night..

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