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The Elevator

Tags: office
This is my first story, please comment
I work in a high rise office, near the top floor. I use the elevator just about everyday because it's just too many flights of stairs to climb to get to work. There is the most incredible looking woman that rides the same elevator as I do just about everyday. I look forward to seeing her smiling face each time to get my day off to a good start. She's kind of petite, but has the most beautiful face I've ever seen. I would love to talk to her, but I'm usually in the back of the elevator and no where close to her even just to say hello.
This day starts out just like the others, I get to the building and take my place on the elevator, but something different happens. My favorite lady is early, enters the elevator and stands right in front of me as others join us. I've smelled her perfume from afar just about everyday and it is so intoxicating, but with her right in front of me, it's driving me crazy. I get naughty thoughts of what I would love to do with her if ever given the chance.
The elevator begins it's climb up and people get on and off at each floor, but my beauty is still right in front of me. At one floor it gets a bit more crowded than usual and she backs up into me. She turns and says "I'm sorry, but it's a bit crowded in here." I tell her it's ok, but my mind is really starting to wander at this point. I've never been this close to her and it's starting to really get to me.
As more people get on and off I feel something touch my crotch. At this point I'm starting to get more aroused with her in such close proximty to me. I'm just wondering if it's my imagination or has she given me a quick feel. I just convince myself that it was just my overactive imagination getting the better of me, when I feel it again, only this time I manage to catch a glimpse of her hand moving back to her side.
After a couple of more floors, it's just her and I alone. I finally have a chance to at least say hi, when all of a sudden she moves to the control panel of the elevator and hits the stop button. I'm in state of total surprise at what's going on. I ask her why she stopped the elevator and she tells me that she has noticed me looking at her for quite sometime. I'm thinking I'm in trouble, but she moves closer to me and kisses me deeply. At first I'm wondering if this is really happening to me, but it passes quickly as I return her kiss just as passionately.
My hands roam up and down her body, feeling every curve under her business attire as her hands do the same to me. She breaks the kiss only for a moment then moves down my body, removing my tie, and slowly unbuttoning my shirt. She kisses my chest after each button she undoes. Soon, she has my shirt on the floor, her lips moving over my nipples and kissing all over my chest. I stare at this incredible creature pleasuring me at the moment.
She starts to unbuckle my belt and slowly unfastens my pants and unzips them. She pushes them down to my ankles and softly strokes my now erect cock through my boxer briefs. I lean against the back of the elevator, softly moaning at her teasing. She slowly slides my boxer briefs down to my ankles as she softly strokes my cock with her one hand and caresses my balls with her other. Her hand running up and down my hard shaft feels incredible. She really knows how to treat a man. She begins to stroke up and down a bit faster, her tongue licking her lips like she's getting ready for a special treat.
Her lips start running over the head of my member, which twitches each time she licks it. Slowly she takes me into her mouth a little at a time until I'm fully inside her mouth. She uses her tongue to circle my cock as she starts sucking on it. I moan as she moves back and forth along the length of me, sucking faster and harder. Her hands grab my ass to try to pull me further into her mouth. Her mouth feels incredible around my cock, sucking and licking faster and faster. I moan louder and ask her to slow down before I climax. She agress and slows her tempo down.
I pull her away from my cock and stand her up against one of the side walls of the elevator, kissing her lips and my tongue exploring her mouth, loving how beautiful this creature truly is. I unbuton her blouse and kiss my way down her neck, my lips tracing the curves of her neck and shoulders as my hands squeeze her tight ass through her skirt. I slide her blouse off and let it fall to the floor as I undo her bra and kiss my way down between her breasts. I take one into my mouth and start sucking on her nipples as she begins to moan and tells me that she loves when someone does that to her. I alternate between each of her breasts, licking, sucking, then genly biting each nipple until it's nice and hard.
I slide my hands under her skirt and I'm surprised to find out that she's not wearning any panties, just a garter belt with stockings. My hands squeeze her tight ass, loving how firm yet soft her skin is. She moans a bit louder now, loving my hands on her ass. I move one hand between her legs, gently running it up and down her pussy, she shudders each time I touch her clit, so I concentrate on that spot for the moment. My fingers rub her clit faster and harder as she starts to moan louder and louder. I run my hand up and down her pussy, noticing how wet she already is. I bring my hand to my lips and take a taste of her. She begs me to let her suck on my fingers, which I willingly give to her mouth. She sucks her juices off my fingers and begs me to continue.
My hand returns to her wet pussy, slowly sliding a couple of fingers inside. I start stroking in and out of her tight pussy slowly, loving how she is making me feel. She tell me to finger her faster and harder. I comply with her wishes, my fingers moving in and out faster, harder, and deeper. She begins moaning louder and louder as my fingers work their magic on her pussy. I begin to kiss my way down her firm body, lifting her skirt up to her waist as I look at the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I slowly take my tongue and being running it up and down her folds, savoring her sweet taste. She grabs the back of my head, shoving my tongue deeper into her pussy as I start licking it faster now. Her sweetness is driving me crazy as I find her clit and begin sucking on it. She begins to scream that she's going to cum if I keep it up, so naturally I suck on her clit harder and use my tongue licking it also. I feel her body tighten up and she begins to cum on my face. I savor her juices as I lick up all that I can.
I bring my lips to hers as we kiss passionately. I share her sweetness with her as she licks my lips clean. She then turns to face the elevator wall, bending over a bit, she raises her skirt and begs me to fill her pussy with my hard cock. I rub the head of my hard member up and down her pussy teasing her a bit, but she will have none of that, she grabs my cock and shoves it inside her tight pussy, demanding that I fuck her hard, fast, and right now. I grab her hips and begin to ram her wet and tight pussy hard. I reach around to grab her breasts and pinch her nipples as my cock continues to pound her sweet pussy harder, deeper, and faster.
I play with her breast for a bit longer, then grab her long black hair and slightly pull it as I fuck her pussy hard. She screams in pleasure, telling me to fuck her like the little slut she is and pull her hair harder. I do just as I am told. My cock ramming her pussy faster and harder, calling her my little slut and that I'm going to make her scream in pleasure. She nods her head as I start to spank her tight ass. She asks me to finger her ass, so I slide a finger into her pussy, getting it nice and wet before slowly sliding it into her tight ass. She squeals with pleasure as my finger moves in and out of her ass in time with my cock fucking her pussy.
After a bit more of my finger in her ass, she begs me to fuck her ass with my cock. I pull out of her pussy and slowly slide my hard cock into her waiting ass. Once fully inside her, I just savor the feeling of her ass around my cock. She slowly starts moving back and forth on my cock, telling me how much she loves the feeling of it in her ass. I begin to fuck her ass harder, deeper, and faster. I spank her ass as I ram it deep and this seems to send her over the edge again as I feel her body tighten up and begin to shudder as she screams that she's cumming again.
I tell her I'm getting close myself and she tells me she wants me to cum on her breasts. I pull my cock out from her ass and she kneels down in front of me, taking my cock into her mouth once again. She sucks on it hard and fast as she caresses my balls with one hand. Her lips feel incredible around my cock as she suckes it like no one else has before. I feel it beginning to build up inside my balls and tell her that I'm very close. She takes my cock out of her mouth and strokes it with her hands fast. I moan that I'm cumming and she aims the head of my cock at her breasts. I shoot stream after stream, covering her breasts. She smiles and takes one hand and smears my cum all over her breasts, then teasingly licks her fingers clean.
She stands up and kisses me deep, our lips sharing our fruits of the passion we just shared. We embrace a bit longer, then slowly begin to gather ourselves together. Once we're dressed again, she tells me that she has been noticing me for quite sometime and really wanted to know me better. I tell her I have felt the same, but didn't know how to go about telling her. She gives me her business card and asks me to call her again soon. I tell her I most certainly will as she restarts the elevator.
We reach her floor and she turns, kissing me deeply and giving me a quick feel before leaving. A few floors later it's my turn to exit the elevator. As I walk into the office, my boss tells me I'm late and asks the reason for my tardiness. I look at him and all I can say is "elevator problems."
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