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The Encounter

A sensual and sexual encounter between a man and a woman

  The Encounter


This story is written with no names involved so that you, the reader can place you and your lover’s names within the lines. I hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcome! Enjoy!


The sexual tension filled the room as she entered. They were always good together whether in work or play, they clicked. But this was different. Would there be time for small talk? Would they talk and make each other laugh as they so often did or would the fact they wanted each others bodies take over?


She had fallen asleep so many nights fantasizing about this moment... How would it begin? The ending she knew but the details swirled in her thoughts to the point of wetness.


It began just as she had hoped with his lips full and soft taking her mouth, the arms she yearned for wrapping themselves about her body and his hands pressing into her flesh to feel every curve she possessed. There was no talk just the two of them holding on so tightly as if their bodies were melting into one.


His lips... god his lips were magic! There were no other lips she longed for than his. As his tongue filled her mouth with such pleasure his hands swept her form. As long as she had known him his touch possessed an intensity she couldn't describe. He reached into her long, curly blonde tresses pulling her head back to expose her neck to him. She loved this and she wanted more. More of the feeling of being consumed.


She removed her high heels as he had made her dizzy with passion. She seemed small in his arms now. But felt safe, protected and most of all desired.


Their passion began to grow as they explored one another with hands, mouth and tongues. Moans began to escape her as she rose upon her toes just to be closer to him. He pushed his hard cock against her letting her know the effect she was having on him.


He took her hand and led her to his bed. The lights were low and the smell... his smell filled her senses. He began to undress her. First he unzipped her red cotton dress and as it fell to the floor this revealed the red bra and red lace thong she had carefully picked out just for him. As she unfastened her bra he began to undress; only his shirt at first but she couldn't wait to touch his chest with her hands and feel his skin on her breasts.


His lips and hands always on her as he removed her bra. She stood before him as he sat down on the edge of the bed to cup her breasts and take her nipples into his mouth. Surges pulsated her body with every lick, suck and breath he placed on her.


It was at this moment he pulled her down to the bed on top of him. They kissed deeply, passionately exploring each others bodies with their hands.


Slowly he moved between her legs. Sliding her thong off slowly, his fingers slipped inside of her making her gasp and moan. Few words were spoken as they both knew what they wanted. But he broke the silence by telling her he wanted to make her cum. Then his mouth and tongue consumed her clit. Between the feel of his fingers deep inside her and his mouth tasting every inch of her she didn't know how much longer she would last! He didn't know the sound of his voice when he asked "show me how you want it baby" was enough to throw her over the edge! She could no longer stand it and at that moment her body felt the sweet release he had given her. With moans and purrs she laid before him cumming for him.


He finished undressing and returned to her and kissed her again and moved himself to her side so she could take him fully into her mouth. He tasted wonderful! With her hand on the base of his cock her mouth encircled him. Stroke by stroke, mouth full by mouth full she loved his cock. Her tongue moved around the head, lips cupping him all while her hand moved up and down his shaft. Her free hand exploring his body.


He moved to lay with her. She kissed his face, neck and chest delivering little bites along the way. She licked and bit his nipples causing him to jump.


Now he wanted to be inside her. He grabbed her legs turning her so he could enter her. There was strength and desire as he lifted her into the air and placed a pillow beneath her hips. He rubbed her opening with the head, then licking his fingers he moistened her. Oh and then she had what she longed for, her lover slowly entered her moving in and out of her making her moan with pleasure! They looked into each others eyes the entire time. This was usually a difficult thing for her to do. But his eyes held her captive. She wanted to look at him. She wanted him to see her... all of her.


He couldn't believe how wet she was. Did he realize it was because of him? How could he possibly have known it was from countless nights fantasizing about their meeting? He didn't even realize the power he possessed, his passion for life, his intensity, it took her breath!


As he began to enter her faster and faster he brought her legs straight up his body. The intensity was over whelming! She began to buck against him and the swell between her legs that she longed for was coming. As he touched her clit it was all that was needed to send her crashing! She lifted her hips and pushed against him with all that she was. Spasms rocked her, tears ran down her face. She hoped he could not see the tears because she didn’t want him to think he had hurt her. He hadn’t, it was the level of pleasure he had given to her. But her attentions turned quickly to him as she wanted him to cum. To fill her with his release.


Now his rhythm changed to what he needed. She relished in the fact that he found pleasure in her. The moment she had wanted for him was here! She felt him tighten his body stiffen and then he shared all that he had with her.


At this moment she fully expected their time to come to a close. But this man, this amazing man she had just shared herself with was not finished with her! He removed the pillow from underneath her and flipped her onto her stomach. The way he touched her brought her to orgasm again! She loved the strength in him and the feeling of him taking control sent shock waves through her so strong she was unable to speak. She was unsure if he realized what he had done! She fully expected him to enter her again but became quickly confused and surprised. This incredible man began to give her a massage! Totally unselfish attention was being given to her! He reached for the lotion and began to run and stroke each muscle of her body. Every move of his hands brought bliss to her. Long, lingering deep passes of his fingers and hands up and down every inch of her body! He talked to her the whole time and his voice vibrated in her head sending her into a place she had never been.


After the massage he laid by her kissing her touching her, she couldn't get close enough to him. They began to make love again and it was amazing to feel him inside of her so soon.


As they both came she knew that for the rest of the day she would think of him, smell him on her body and go to sleep tonight with one wish.. .to be in his bed, his arms for a whole night and not just for an afternoon.


These two may never experience each other again or maybe they will. Only time and tide will tell. But for a time they kissed, held and had each other completely.

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