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The End

My lover and I in the middle of chaos and confusion...
The world is coming to an end, and everything is in complete chaos. I am not sure what is happening. We gather all of our things, that we need, and hurry and get out of this city. There is so much confusion. Is it a bomb? Is it terrorists? We just don’t know. The city is just a mess. Glass everywhere, buildings coming down, smoke, and ash everywhere.

People are running, and screaming, and trying to get out of the city. We are together, and we need to find a safe place to hide. I take your hand, and follow you to a safe location. We find a building, it must have been a hotel. There is a bed in the middle of the room.

As we are here, in the middle of this chaos and confusion, we look at each other, and we just know that we must make love. We don’t know if this is our last day on earth.

We start to kiss, our tongues are entangled in each others mouths. Our bodies are pressed together. We are so scared, but are so hungry to enjoy each other. We really don’t know if this is the last time.

We are standing near the bed, and we rip our clothes off one another, and start to kiss. I lay on my back, and you get on top of me. You slowly enter my warm, and inviting pussy. Your thrusts are very slow, as you are making love to me. Is it the last time? We don’t know.

Your body is so firm, and tight against my body. My breasts are voluptuous and my nipples are hard. My pussy is bald and wet. Your body is in complete rhythm with mine, as we slowly, and passionately make love. Our bodies are becoming one, as I moan in complete ecstasy. Your mouth is exploring my breasts, and you are playing with my nipples in your teeth. My hands are on your buttocks, as you continue to thrust deeper and deeper, into my womb. My nails are digging into your back, as we both are getting nearer and nearer to climaxing.

We are looking into each others eyes, as we continue to make love. We are both moaning. My pussy is so wet, and its holding your firm cock in place. The kisses are so passionate. Our bodies are dripping of sweat, as we continue to make passionate love together. We change positions, and you lay down, and I straddle you, and guide your cock into my wet pussy.

I lean down, and give you a wet, and sloppy kiss. Our hands are on my breasts, as we start to massage and caress them. I am bouncing up and down, over your hard cock. I am rubbing my clitoris, as we are making beautiful love together. I arch my back and really start to ride your cock. I tell you that I am going to cum. My body releases all my wonderful juices, as you release your hot seed into my wet cunt.

We then lay 69. I am on top of you. My ass and pussy are in your face. I slowly begin to lick our cum off your cock. It tastes so good. Licking your cock like a lollipop. Your tongue is licking our cum out of my pussy. I glide your cock into my mouth. Inch by inch, I take you. You taste so good.

Your tongue is buried into my pussy. You are sucking my clitoris, and I am bucking my pussy into your face. You have your finger massaging my ass. It feels so good. I am so wet, and excited, as you are licking me. We are devouring each others private parts, and enjoying the cum that is laden on them both.

I get off of you, and we just hold each other, and continue kissing. We drift off to sleep.

My alarm starts ringing, as it is time to wake up. I open my eyes and think to myself, that was one amazing dream that I had. Was it a dream? Or was it a hot fantasy chat that I had with my sexy friend on Lush. I giggle and get ready for my day.

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