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The Farmer's Daughter: Chapter One

A farm apprenctice meets sexy but forbidden farmer's daughter and wild things happen
The Farmer’s Daughter: Chapter 1


Note: This is a ten chapter novella

I started working as an apprentice on John Allen’s farm in April and was eager to learn all I could from him about farming so that I would be able to start my own farm in a few years. He set me up in the apprentice cabin on the other side of the field about a hundred yards from the house. It was a small cabin with a wood stove, a bed, a soft chair and a bureau. An outhouse sat about twenty feet from the back door.

John was in his fifties, had long gray hair, a shaggy beard and reminded me of an old hippy from the sixties. His wife, Mary was around the same age, but her long hair was still dark and her skin was smooth and radiant. When she smiled, dimples formed just below her round cheeks and her blue eyes crinkled. They worked hard and I enjoyed having dinner with them in the evening, hearing stories and John’s philosophy on this and that. I was their only apprentice, but they told me their daughter would be home from college soon and she worked with them for the summer. I didn’t think much about that until the day she arrived just in time for dinner. When she ran up to her parents and hugged them and said how good it was to be home, I was stunned not only by how pretty she was but by her tight jeans and round ass.

“Hi, I’m Sherry,” she said, when she saw me sitting at the table. “Guess we’ll be working together this summer,” she added as she came to the table and we shook hands.

“I’m Pete. Really glad to meet you,” I said and was struck by her blue eyes and her dimpled smile like her mother’s. I could see how much they looked alike though Sherry had light brown hair, almost blond that she wore in a pony tail. As she walked around the kitchen, looking at everything, touching the counter, the refrigerator, the cook stove, I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass straining the jeans.

“I really missed being home,” she said to her parents as she walked into the living room area that was separated from the kitchen by the big cook stove and a brick chimney. Her tight yellow tee shirt revealed her stomach and I could see her nipples through the thin material. She was obviously not wearing a bra.

Our eyes met a few times while she was talking to her parents, but she also smiled when she glanced at me. One time she looked at me, biting her lower lip, keeping her eyes on mine, smiling and flirting devilishly. We both felt an immediate attraction and I knew something was going to happen between us.

While her mother was busy getting dinner ready, Sherry walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch. I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at a magazine, but noticed she was sitting with her legs stretched out in front of her and fairly wide apart. Again our eyes met and her tongue licked her lower lip. She smiled and it was clear she was sending me a teasing message. I glanced down at her crotch then at her eyes and felt myself getting aroused by the sexual energy that was flowing between us.

“Come on, dear,” her mother said, “dinner is on the table.”

Sherry came and sat down next to me at the round oak table. While she talked to her parents, her thigh touched my thigh. When she passed the plate of mashed potatoes to me, her hands grazed mine and she looked me in the eyes, smiling, “Here Pete. You look like a man who likes to eat.” She then rubbed her thigh harder against my thigh as if sending me a special suggestive message with her words and touching. I have to admit I was surprised how brazen she was considering we had just met and didn’t know what to make of her.

During dinner, she talked mostly to her parents but kept her leg pressed against mine and one time she placed her hand on my thigh and rubbed it. She asked me where I was from. I told her I was from a small town outside of Philadelphia and graduated last year from College of the Atlantic in Maine. She told me she was a philosophy major at Brown University. I was impressed when she told her parents she made the Dean’s List and won first prize for her essay on the Ethics of Aristotle. Sherry was not only sexy, she was smart. When her mom brought homemade ice cream to the table, “Wow, mom, my favorite dessert,” she said. “I’m so glad to be home.”

While she spoke, Sherry wrapped her foot around mine and moved it closer to her. It was like our feet were hugging. When we finished the ice cream, Sherry was licking the ice cream off the spoon with her tongue, glancing at me while she licked but was slyly discreet. Her parents were not aware of the hot flirting that was going on. I’m shy and hesitant around girls, but Sherry was the opposite. I had never met anyone like her. Things were heating up quickly and I could not believe this was happening, wondering where this was leading.

Sherry helped her mom clear the table while John and I talked about some of the things we were going to do the next day. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Sherry’s ass and tits. While she helped her mom, she glanced at me and our eyes met then she quickly turned away so that John and Mary wouldn’t notice. Finally, I got up and said I was going back to my cabin to read. Usually, I was asleep by nine because we started work at six. I did the chores in the barn, milked the cow, fed the chickens, gathered the eggs, filled their water, then went over to the pigs and filled their trough with grain, pouring some milk over it, shoveled manure in the barnyard into the compost pile and then went up to the house around seven for breakfast.

My cabin was comfortable and I liked sitting in the soft easy chair with a book. The glow from the lamp over the chair made the small room cozy. About an hour later, I heard footsteps outside and noticed a flashlight coming from the main house to my cabin. Then there was a knock at the door and before I could say, “Come in,” Sherry was there. When she entered she didn’t say a word but smiled and looked me in the eye. She had the tight jeans on but had changed her shirt to a red tank top with a low neckline that barely contained her tits.

“Want to smoke a joint with me?”

“Sure,” I said, surprised those were her first words.

“Cool,” she said, smiling and took one already rolled out of her pocket. “I love smoking weed. It gets me so horny.”

“Really,” I responded and smiled. “What do you like to do when you’re horny?” I asked, already knowing her answer but wanting to hear the words come from her mouth.

“Fuck. I love to fuck and I like it rough,” she said and laughed as she lit the joint, took a hit and passed it to me. I nodded, smiling at her, liking how blunt and direct she was.

She went to the bed and flopped down, smiling at me. I took a hit and then went and sat on the edge of the bed and handed her the joint.

“Did my dad tell you his rule about me and apprentices?” she asked.

“No, what rule?”

“I’m a no, no,” she said, “off limits.”

“Really, why,” I asked.

“It’s stupid but he’s very over protective and you’re here to work and learn.”

“You don’t make it easy to obey that rule,” I said, passing her the joint.

“I know,” she said, grinning at me. “But it wasn’t a problem until the last few years and he got uptight about me and the apprentices. “He still thinks I’m daddy’s little girl.”

I nodded, taking the joint from her, looking at her, thinking how pretty she was leaning against my pillow, still surprised at how quickly things were happening between us. We took a few more hits and then just looked at each other’s eyes and didn’t speak. We were both stoned.

“I bet you think I’m a big flirt, don’t you,” she asked, smiling coyly.

“Well, aren’t you?” I answered, looking into her eyes.

“Kind of, I guess, but what can I say, I like adventure,” she shrugged her shoulders. “But you will see, I’m not a lot more than meets the eye. You’ll find out.”

“Oh, so you are a woman of mystery,” I said.

“You’ll find out,” she repeated. “Let’s say, I’m smart and I know what I like and what I don’t.” She paused, looking at me. “I’m honest about myself and though I like fun, I’m also serious about a lot of things in life, very serious. You’ll see.”

“Hmmm, intriguing, I’m looking forward to getting to know you better,” I said taking one last hit of the joint and put it down on the table next to my bed.

“I am looking forward to getting to know you, too,” she said, that devilish smile returning as she looked into my eyes.

She then put her hand on my thigh and started to rub it. I put my hand on her thigh and she spread her legs apart. She moved her hand up to my cock which was already hard and bulging in my jeans. I moved my hand slowly closer to her pussy but didn’t touch it. She then reached up, grabbed my shirt, gripping it tightly in her fist and pulled me down and we kissed, gently at first then harder, our tongues swirling as we kissed. I then placed my hands on her pussy and started rubbing her as she grabbed my cock through my jeans.

Our kissing and touching was quickly getting hotter until we both pulled our mouths apart, gasping for a breath of air, our eyes looking hungrily into each others eyes. She then put her hands on her tits covered by the tight tank top, holding each one in her hands, rubbing and squeezing them, looking into my eyes. Watching her was so hot and though I was shy, I was not inexperienced and remembered how she said she liked it rough and that’s what I wanted.

While she played with her tits, I rubbed her pussy harder through her tight jeans, moving my hand back and forth, our eyes fixed on each other’s eyes. I could tell she was getting hotter, her tongue licking her bottom lip. She then put her hand on the bulge in my jeans, moving her hand up and down the length of my hard cock, looking at me, biting her lower lip. “Feels like you got a big weapon in there.”

I smiled and rubbed her pussy even harder, getting rougher as she gripped my cock bulging in my jeans. I love playing with a girl’s pussy, teasing her until she screams for me to fuck her. I was gong to tease Sherry until she begged for my cock. While I rubbed her pussy, she raised her ass off the bed, pushing harder against my hand, getting hornier. I then pulled her big tits out from her tank top, leaned down and started licking her nipples. I was sucking and licking her harder and rubbing her crotch harder and she moved her head from side to side, her moaning getting louder.

“Umm that feels so good. I like what you’re doing to me, Peter. Lick my tits harder,” she gasped.

“I like doing this to you. I’m so hard, but I’m going to make you beg for it,” I said, lifting my mouth from her tit, looking into her hungry eyes.

“So you’re a big tease,” she said and smiled. “You think you can hold out. I know guys like you just want to pound a girl’s pussy.” She put her hand on my cock again and started rubbing harder through my jeans. After a few minutes she found the zipper and managed to get my cock out, “Ummm you’re so hard and big,” she growled.

I leaned over and started sucking her other tit and continued playing with her pussy through her tight jeans while she gripped my hard cock. As I rubbed her harder, she arched off the bed, thrusting her pussy into my hand, breathing faster and moaning louder.

Our eyes were locked on each others eyes as I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. They were so tight but I managed to snake my fingers down to her wet pussy, surprised she wasn’t wearing panties, loving how tight her jeans were on my hand as I squeezed my fingers against her wet pussy lips. We didn’t speak but just watched each other’s pleasure. She bit her bottom lip, moaning louder as I found her clit; our eyes were still locked on each other. She then let go of my cock and reached in back of her to grab the metal railing at the top of my bed with both hands and lifted her ass, pushing her pussy against my finger screaming, “Harder! Harder! Do it harder!”

I then moved my finger into her pussy, feeling how tight and wet she was. She closed her eyes as I went deeper, moving my finger in and out, loving the aroma of her sex and looking at her face as she bit her lower lip and lifted her pussy harder against my hand, fucking my fingers squeezed there by the crotch of her tight jeans. I then entered another finger and moved it harder and faster and she gasped and shook. “Oh Pete keep doing that,” she moaned. I then leaned forward and continued licking her nipple, lightly at first and then she let go of the railing, grabbed my hair, pushing my mouth harder against her tit. “Mmmmmm. I like that,” she screamed. “Suck my tits harder. Harder! Harder! Oh fuck! This is so hot!”

I then took my hand out of her wet pussy and rubbed her wetness on the other tit then started sucking and licking her wet, juicy nipple, my fingers back in her tight pussy, moving them in and out faster and harder, her panting and moaning getting louder. After a few minutes of sucking and playing with her tits, I sat up on my knees between her wide spread legs straining her jeans. She then reached up and pulled me down on her so that my cock was pressed against her jean covered pussy. My cock was big and hard and I loved grinding my hardness against her. Again, we just looked into each other’s eyes. She smiled up at me and then we kissed, grinding harder against each other, her legs wide apart. Our tongues filled each other’s mouths as we kissed fiercely. We both moaned as we kissed and started humping and grinding with more intensity, fucking each other through our unzipped jeans. She was lifting her ass up as we pounded into each other. Suddenly, Sherry stopped kissing and looked me in the eyes and said, “Fuck me. Fuck me, now! Please! I can’t stand it!”

I ignored her and got back on my knees, looking down at her spread legs and the wet crotch of her jeans. She looked so sexy, our eyes looking hungrily at each other. “Come on, fuck me,” she yelled. “I need your cock in me.”

I smiled and started pulling off her tight jeans. She lifted her ass, squirming and helped me get them off of her. I looked down at her trimmed glistening pussy, her legs spread wide apart so open for me, her hungry eyes looking into mine.

I took my cock and started rubbing the tip up and down the outside of her pussy lips, teasing her, looking into her eyes as I rubbed. “You like the way my cock feels, don’t you?” I said, rubbing her pussy slowly with the tip of my cock and smiled as she lifted herself off the bed, trying to get my cock in her pussy.

“Don’t tease me, damn it. Fuck me now, come on Pete, fuck me!”

I smiled and then stood up on the bed, looking down at her with her legs spread. She looked up at me standing above her, my hard cock sticking straight out from my unzipped jeans as I straddled over her. She couldn’t take her eyes off my cock.

“It’s so big! You look like a giant warrior above me and I’m your captive. Are you going to rape your prisoner?”

I didn’t say a word as I looked down at her staring up at my cock standing straight out like a spear over her. Her legs were spread wide apart. Her engorged wet pussy was red and open. I lowered my jeans, taking them off as I stood above her, looking into her lust-filled eyes.

I then got back on my knees, grabbed her feet and put her legs on my shoulder then lowered my mouth to her dripping pussy and started licking up and down, my tongue lapping up her wetness, then darting in and out of her pussy, going deep, swirling around, fucking her as hard as I could while Sherry screamed, “Eat me! Eat my pussy! Harder! Harder! Ohhhh god, eat me!” She grabbed my hair, pulling me, lifting her pussy against my mouth, desperately trying to get my tongue deeper. She was out of her mind. I then found her clit and sucked and licked it as hard and fast as I could. That took her over the edge and she shuddered, convulsing in an intense orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhhh my god I’m cummming! Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck! Oh Fucccccckkkkkkk! she screamed, as another violent orgasm shook her, spilling warm cum into my mouth. When she came down from her orgasm, she lay there panting, “Oh wow that was intense,” she gasped, her legs still on my shoulder as I sat up on my knees then moved forward, hovering over her, my cock in my hand, the tip gently moving slowly up and down her pussy, letting her come down, her eyes looking up at me then closing as I teased her, moving the tip of my cock from the bottom of her dripping pussy to just grazing her clit. Each time I touched her clit, she shuddered. With each swipe of her pussy I entered her a little deeper then pulled back. She was lifting her ass trying to suck my cock into her, but I wanted her to beg. I wanted her crazed.

“Two can play this game,” she said, looking up at me. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“What makes you think I want to fuck you?” I answered, smiling, looking into her eyes.

“Cause your big fat cock is so hard and you think you can make me your slave and play with me until I’m crazy with lust.” She smiled, our eyes fixed on each other. “Well, fellah, you’ve met your match with teasing,” she said, suddenly squirming away from me then took her legs off of my shoulders and with her feet against my chest kicked me and pushed harder, both feet on my chest then quickly got up on her knees, facing me. “If you want me, you’re going to have to take me and I’m not going to be as easy as you think.”

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” I shouted, surprised at her actions.

“If you think you can control me with your dick and make me your little fuck toy, you’ve got another think coming, buddy.”

We were both on our knees, looking into each other’s eyes. She had a sly, devilish smile on her lips. “I was on the girls’ wrestling team this year and believe me I can take care of myself.”

I was learning new things about Sherry.

“I can see how horny you are,” she said. “I know you want to fuck me, so come on, big boy, come and try to get me.”

As I moved towards her on my knees, she moved forward towards me and then suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me down hard on the bed and flipped me over onto my back. I was amazed at how strong she was. Suddenly, she was sitting on my stomach, pinning my shoulders to the mattress.

“How’d you like that, big boy,” she laughed, her tits dangling in front of my face. When I reached up to grab them, she slapped my hands away, grabbed my wrists and put them above my head, holding them there, pinning them against the bed. She was sitting on my stomach and I could feel my hard cock at her ass. Quickly, she sat up and reached her hand in back of her and grabbed my balls, holding them in the palm of her hand, looking into my eyes. My cock had never been so hard. She then wrapped her hand around my cock and wiped her cum juice on me and started moving her hand up and down my throbbing cock.

“You’re the one who is going to beg, mister,” she said, smiling down at me, moving her slippery hand faster. “You really want to fuck me, don’t you? Say it. Tell me what you want,” she said, looking into my eyes.

I couldn’t believe how the tables had turned. She had become a little vixen from one minute to the next. I tried to lift her off me as I squirmed beneath her. She was strong and holding me down with one hand on my chest while she played with my cock with the other.

“I want you to beg for my pussy,” she said. “Come on, Peter, say it. I can feel how hot your cock is. You want me, don’t you?”

“You want it just as much as I do,” I said. “Your fucking pussy is leaking all over me. I’m not going to beg.”

She then started rubbing my cock against her ass and grinding her wet pussy against my stomach. She was straddling me like she was on a horse, moving back and forth, pushing her wet pussy into my body. She took her hand off my cock and put her finger in her pussy and started playing with herself while she rubbed harder against me, getting hotter.

“You want to ride me like you’re on a horse with my cock deep in you,” I said. She was rocking harder on my stomach, her finger in her pussy. Her eyes were closed. She bit her bottom lip and moaned. “This feels so good,” she said. “I want to fuck you. I want to use you. I’m so horny I can’t stand it. I’m going to fuck you!”

She lifted herself up, gripping my cock and lowered herself on it, “Oh fuck! Oh shit, you so big” she gasped as my cock went deep into her hot pussy. “I want to ride you. I want to fuck you. I can’t stand it any more.” She sat up on me, her eyes tightly closed.

“Ride me! Let me be your bronco,” I yelled, lifting myself into her.

“Your cock feels so good,” she said, looking down at me. Her tits were standing straight out, her nipples like little bullets. She started riding harder, lifting herself up then pounding down on my cock, her tits bouncing. “I love fucking you. This is so wild. I feel like I’m riding a stallion.”

I watched my cock go into her deeper as she rode me with abandon, her head moving back and forth, her hair flailing. Her hands were on my chest and I lifted myself up into her, thrusting as she came down screaming. “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” Sherry was out of control, riding my cock, her head thrown back, her tits bouncing, her hair flailing, looking up at the ceiling, Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“I’ve got you begging, don’t I?”

“Yes, you bastard, please keep going, don’t stop. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Suddenly, I bucked up and flipped her over onto her back, never taking my cock out of her. She was flat on her back, looking up at me, her legs spread apart, completely open to me. “Don’t stop. Fuck me hard,” she screamed.

“Now beg, or I’ll pull out,” I yelled.

“Please, Peter. Don’t stop! Fuck me hard! Do it to me. Just take me!”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” I said and rammed my cock into her--ram, ram. ram. Sherry was thrashing her head from side to side, screaming louder with every thrust. We were both wild animals. I had never fucked anyone so hard and never met anyone like Sherry.

“Harder,” she screamed. “Harder! Give it to me. Take me! Fuck me! Oh god, ram me with your fucking cock. Come on, harder, damn it, harder.”

I was getting ready to cum. It was rising, my cock swelling as I moved in and out faster and harder, feeling her tight pussy gripping me, “I’m cumming!” I shouted. “I’m cummmming!”

“Cum in me, Peter. Give it to me. I want your cum! I’m safe!” she yelled.

She was lifting herself off the bed trying to get me deeper, “Oh god! I’m cumming, too! I’m cumming!” she screamed, her nails digging into my back, her strong legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me into her with all her strength as we fucked like wild animals.

I kept thrusting in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder as she thrashed around the bed, lifting herself off the bed taking my cock like a wild cat, her tight pussy milking my cock.

I was pounding her pussy and suddenly a huge orgasm swept over me gushing hot spurts of cum into her pussy. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I screamed at the ceiling, both of our voices filling the cabin.

Just as the last two spurts of my cum gushed, I pulled out and squirted my cum on her stomach and tits. I leaned forward and rubbed my cum all over her tits, licking her nipples, moving my mouth from one tit to the other before collapsing on her body, both of us gasping and panting, unable to budge. Finally, I lifted my head from her shoulder and we just looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Finally, I lifted my head from her shoulder and we just looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“Looks like we’ve got a pretty hot summer ahead of us,” she said.

“I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start,” I answered. “You’re a pretty wild woman.”

“We have to be careful,” she said. “My father will give you his little speech tomorrow about staying away from me.”

“Do they know you came down to my cabin?”

“Of course not, silly, but I think sneaking off to fuck is exciting,” she said, smiling up at me. “So we’ll have to be cool so they don’t suspect. Anyway that will make it more intense.”

I didn’t say anything, but I was finding Sherry even more intriguing than before. I was looking forward to getting to know her better. This sneaking around was going to be an adventure and I was prepared to go one day at a time.

Sherry got up and squirmed back into her tight jeans. She picked up her flashlight and gave me a big wet kiss, playing with my tongue. I was starting to get turned on again and was about to pull her down on the bed, but she pushed herself away, went to the door and blew me a kiss. “Until next time, my stallion,” and disappeared into the darkness.

(to be continued)

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