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The Final Visit, Part Three

Not quite finished, they engage in slightly rougher play.
Exhausted, we both just lie there next to each other for a while. You pull the loose sheet over you, while I retrieve the comforter. In short order, we both fall asleep.

I wake up after a bit. I look at you sleeping, so peaceful, so beautiful. I take in all of your features that I find so appealing. The sheet isn’t covering you completely; it’s hard not to reach out to feel your chest, to rest my head against you. But looking at your bare chest makes me think of the rest of your marvelously nude body in my bed and under my sheet. And I begin to get aroused again.

I shuck off the comforter and realize I’m still dressed, a small fact I’d forgotten. I reach down to feel my slightly sore pussy, and find that it’s not as sore as I’d normally expect. I slip in a finger on my left hand, only to feel myself rather ready. I slip in a second finger, and the two go delving deeper. The flesh is a little puffy from the workout it received not too long ago, and it just makes things all the tighter inside.

My fingers keep walking along inside myself, flicking away at the ridge, crossing over themselves. I begin to realize I’m making a bit of noise, so I try to tone it down a bit, then think better of it and continue as I have. As I dance around inside, I reach up with my right hand to play with my left breast. I lift it towards my mouth and begin to suckle, lightly at first, then more fiercely. My left hand continues to keep busy, playing around, twisting, making those noises I know you enjoy hearing.

Suddenly I feel another hand cover mine while I play. I look up to see you’ve awakened, and I have no idea how long you’ve been watching me as I tended to myself. Hand still in place, I roll over to my side, and you latch onto my right breast for a moment, sucking hard on it while I continue playing down below.


You let go, and I let my fingers slip out of me. I bring them up to my mouth, in an attempt to lick them clean, but you stop me. Then you throw off the sheet to expose your hard shaft pointing towards the ceiling. I reach down to grab it with my self-slickened hand, then think better and instead swing my legs underneath me. As I move to go down on you, you grab my leg and tug it, inviting me to straddle your face.

Thus repositioned, I can now begin working on you. First I use only my hands to play with your tip, wiping them off and coating you with my own juices. For a while, I just stay there, enjoying looking at you as I feel your hands running down my stocking-clad legs, down to the boots resting on either side of your head. As I bend down to slip you into my mouth, I’m stopped by the feel of your tongue licking my clit. Already well aroused and sensitive from earlier, it sends a shock through me and I jump slightly. I hear you chuckle, and then settle myself down once again, my nether-lips resting above your mouth where you have a good view of my smooth and wet pussy.

Knowing I will be terribly distracted, I begin to work on you. I bend down to slip your tip between my lips. In this position, you always seem to fit better, and the curve of you matches the curve of my mouth as I swallow you completely. My nose feels the soft skin on your taut sacks, while I feel your fullness fill my mouth and throat. I slide back up you, tongue sliding back and forth along your hard shaft, then I plunge back down again, feeling you hit the back of my throat without any problem. My hands are supporting my body, so I continue to move up and down, swallowing you, then slipping up so my tongue can play with your wet tip.

Repetitive stroking is all I’m really capable of, for as I do that, your lips are sucking on my clit, then massaging it hard with your tongue. I feel your fingers inside me, filling me more than I’d expect, and the dual-stimulation is almost too much to bear. I do my best to focus on you, but I find I cannot. I try to keep from writhing too much in the overbearing pleasure, and partially fail. I pause in my sucking to gasp, then cry out, as you catch me unawares, somehow getting me to come when I thought I could hold off longer. I take a moment to catch my breath, then move to take you in my mouth once again.


“No,” you say, and you gesture for me to move off of you. You get up and move me onto my knees, head facing the headboard of the bed. Before moving behind me, you grab the container of jelly off of my night table.

I am helpless, seeing nothing, simply bent over and knowing what is coming. I feel you again stroke my legs, feeling the stockings, down to the boots, then up again and over the lace to my smoothed legs. Your hands continue up and over my round mounds, then down into the center where I feel you begin to have your fingers opening my ass, feeling the tight hole, getting ready to enter.

I try not to jump when I feel the cold jelly touch my sensitive skin. You coat me with it, teasing me by slipping a finger inside to ease what will be a tough entry. You clean off your hand on a paper towel, and then I feel you begin to prod. Your cock, your incredibly hard and head-readied cock, starts poking at a hole that should be far too small for it. You guide it, and somehow, the hole begins to stretch. It hurts a bit, as always, but I know how good the end result will be, and I try to stay as steady as possible.

Suddenly, I feel your tip force me open and enter, just a bit, but enough to stretch me wide enough to hold you. I cry out with the shock, and you pause to make sure I’m okay. I assure you I am and ask you to continue. And you do. Pain and pleasure, both are exquisite as you fill me in another sense, forcing your cock against the sensitive flesh. You move slowly, and for that I am grateful. You push in, then back out a bit, only to push yourself in again, deeper this time.

Just when I think my body won’t possibly allow you any further, you stop. I clench my ass around you, and I feel you push back to keep yourself in place. Then I do my best to relax as you glide yourself back and forth along my insides.

For a while, that’s all you do, moving back and forth at a slow and steady pace. My breath comes in gasps, whether from the pleasure or the pain, I’m not quite sure. You never slip out completely, but you continue sliding in deep then out a bit. The slow feels good, but I feel you begin to speed up.

Carefully you increase your speed, pushing harder and faster into my tight ass, and I feel you begin to swell inside me. I try to stay as steady and relaxed as possible as you pound into me. I start crying out around the same time that you do. Soon I hear you shouting, as you plunge in harder and more determined than before, and as you come inside me, I scream, drowning out your shout of pleasure.

I stay there, on my hands and knees, head drooping in exhaustion. I feel you lean on my back, collapsing as much as you can. You’re still moaning a bit, utterly drained. I feel you kiss the middle of my back as your cock begins to go flaccid and starts to slide out. I can no longer resist, and my muscles tighten to push you out the rest of the way. I feel your juice trickling out of me as we both flop to our sides, spent.


We both lay there for a while. My entire lower torso is sore, and I can only imagine how you feel. We clean off, and then recuperate for a while.

I take your hand and move it, one more time, along my thigh and down to my boots. You take a good, long look at my legs, clad as you’ve always preferred. I lean forward and kiss you, deeply, still tasting my juices on your lips and tongue. Then I swing around to sit on the edge of the bed. I un-zipper the boots and slide them off, slowly and carefully remove the stockings, and unclasp the choker… for the last time.

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