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The first of many...

A guy's tale about his first time
Preface: I always like to do things a little differently. So since most stories about the ominous ‘first time’ are from the woman’s point of view I decided to present the other side of the coin. This is my first story as seen through the eyes of Cody; an average 18 year old boy.

Ok, first, I wanna get something straight. I love women. I love the graceful curve of a luscious figure; I love how they smell, and how they can entice you with even the slightest nod. Secondly, I love sex… Well at least I think I love sex, I mean I like women so how could I not like sex? Of course I’ve seen my fair share of porn (which I like) and I also enjoy playing with myself. But sex? Sex is totally unchartered territory. I know what feels good on me but what about the girl? Would she like it? Not to mention the stories I’ve heard, where a guy’s been too nervous to get it up the first time. The monkey on my back is a truth which I shudder to even think to myself, I’m a virgin. Lame. I’ve kissed, made-out, dated but the sheer thought of sex, sends me into a panic. This is crap for 2 reasons: One; I want to have sex. Two; in almost every story, be it porn, a movie, a book whatever the dude is almost always and automatic Casanova-esque character; a guy that without fail is well-endowed and has women screaming in ecstasy for hours on end. Naturally almost no man will admit to being nervous or crap on their first time in the sack. Conclusively, this leaves me with a difficult conundrum, one that cannot be fixed with the age old mantra “She’s more scared of you than you are of her”.

I’ve been with my girl, Linda for a few months now and shit is she hot. Five foot six, athletic, yet slim bod with a nice firm pair of D’s. Not to mention her long, slender legs, round ass, plush lips and shoulder length auburn hair with just a hint of red. I could go on and on. We started dating during what she playfully calls my “ugly duckling stage”. I used to be short and acne ridden, but during winter, my skin cleared and I gotta growth spurt. Now with my tall, slightly muscled frame, dark blonde hair and brown eyes we are finally equals. Well aesthetically at least.

6:02 pm, not bad, I thought to myself as I rapped a couple of times on the front door of her house. Her parents were away for the weekend so I had volunteered to come over and keep her company.

“Cody!” she squealed as she threw open the door. I noticed she was wearing a short, light red skirt and white tank top that shower of her sun kissed body perfectly.

“Hey Lin.” I laughed as I pulled her in for a soft kiss.

She smiled warmly. “I hope you’re hungry, I’ve been slaving in the kitchen all day.”

“Lead the way.”

Once seated comfortably on the lounge floor, she brought out dinner; spaghetti and meatballs, as simple as it was tasty. We ate and chatted about study, friends, family. It was always so easy to be with Linda, she never pressured me about anything.

“Oh!” she gasped. “I just remembered I wanted to show you something.”

Before I could reply she had jumped up and was promptly tugging me down the hallway to her bedroom. Her room was as the same as ever. Spacious, with a baby yellow décor; a couple of shelves and her computer desk displayed photos and trinkets, yet it was still neat and tidy. In the centre was her bed a queen sized, delicate, and white iron four poster bed, complete with gossamer curtains. I went to sit down on the soft blankets of her bed when she held a hand out to stop me.

“No, you have to go wait in the bathroom,” Linda commanded.

“But didn’t you say you wanted to show me something?”

“Yes, but I want it to be a surprise,” she replied.

I sighed, slightly frustrated. Argh! Women. While I was in the bathroom I checked myself in the mirror (hey, a guy’s gotta look good) and fixed my hair.

“Cody!” I heard her call me and exited the bathroom which was right near her room. I paused at her bedroom door wondering what it was that required all this hot and cold nonsense. I shrugged and then opened the door.

“Holy shit,” I breathed as my eyes rested upon the most glorious sight I had ever seen. Linda sat, perched on her bed in a black and white, lacy bra and matching thong. As my feet moved forward of their own accord, she stood and walked, sensuously towards me. I instantly felt my cock harden and begin to strain against my pants.

“Do you like it?” She giggled, as she began to unbutton my shirt. I could only manage ragged, uneven breaths as I slid my hands down the sides of her body. “Listen,” Linda continued. “I really like you, I mean really like you and I was thinking that tonight I could show you just how much…” she trailed of suggestively as she slid my shirt off me. Heat flooded through me, I felt like I was on fire.

“I need the toilet,” I blurted as I made my way back to the bathroom as steadily as I could. Once inside I locked the door, sat on the toilet and began to hyperventilate. The thing was Linda and I had talked about sex before, earlier, she had confessed that she was on the pill because of a sexual relationship she had start with her ex. Not wanting to seem like a loser I had lied and fabricated a few hot sexual relationships. Words flew through my mind the one that stuck however, was sissy. Sissy I repeated, just meters away a smoking babe was practically throwing herself at me and here I was freaking out in the bathroom like a prom queen that had just eaten too much dessert. I sighed; I would have to come clean and quick. Collecting what remained of my dignity; I exited the bathroom and marched to Linda.

“Lin, I have something to tell you,” I said, with more bravery than I felt.

“Oh my god, Cody are you g-“

“No!” I cut her off before she could even finish that sentence. I took a deep breath and continued.

“I want you, I have for ages but I am a virgin. I lied, I’m sorry. It’s just I have always been so nervous that I would be crap at sex and so I’ve never…” I trailed off and looked at her. Her face was a mask of complete shock but after a moment she relaxed into a smile, stood and walked towards me before clasping her hands tightly behind my neck. She looked at me with her large green eyes and whispered into my ear.

“Cody, babe it’s fine. I want you. I have for so long, I’ve never insisted on anything before but now I have to, if you don’t take me,” she paused as she trailed her lips down my jaw and hovered just above mine, “I’m afraid I might explode. I need to you fuck me, even if I have to take charge this time.” Linda began to chuckle but was cut off by our deep, passionate kiss. Our tongues fought savagely as I felt her hands trace down my chest and remove my pants and briefs. She then pushed me to sit on the edge of her bed.

“Lesson one, the fellatio. Sit back, relax and enjoy while I take you to heaven.” She smiled.

I had all but forgotten about my lower brain due to my nerves but now, calm and refocused I felt it more than ever. My cock was hard and throbbing, all seven inches of the bastard. I heard Linda gasp as she knelt between my legs. Our gaze connected for a moment as she began to slowly massage my balls and the base of my shaft with her hands. Then she closed her eyes and started to lick and kiss the head.

“Uh,” I breathed as she ran her tongue along the bottom of my cock before resuming her assault on the head. Her tongue swirled as she began to take me deeper inside her hot mouth. Her tongue did that swirling thing again, half way down this time. It started slowly she would do this and then pull back to the head, teasing me until finally she began to build up momentum. My mind was clouded with ecstasy as she finally took my entire length into her mouth.

“Uuuugh,” I moaned as she surfaced to breathe and suck the tip again. I could feel the tension building inside of me and then… she stopped. I gasped and looked at her my face a mix of bliss, frustration and anger.

“You didn’t think you were going to get let off that easily, did you?” she chuckled. She climbed to the middle of the bed and lay down. I laughed and gathering all that I had learnt from pornography in my mind, started to caress and kiss her. I was doing well and had made my way down to her bra; I paused and stared at it in confusion. Laughing she reached behind her back, undid the clasps and threw it on the floor. With one hand gently kneading her left breast I resumed kissing her chest, I trailed a line of kisses to her nipple, which I then flicked with my tongue. I heard her gasp. I smiled as I began to lick and suck her tit even more, then I switched sides and continued. Linda was delicious but I was growing impatient.

I ripped the thin, silk panties from her legs and pushed them apart. The beast inside me was becoming wild with lust. I licked and sucked my way up her right inner thigh before pausing to stare at her pussy. God was it beautiful, a medium pink color and glistening with her juices. I lowered my head into her and inhaled, the most beautiful scent, the scent of her desire. I immediately began a savage assault on her clit I liked and sucked hard, my mind too clouded to be gentle. It was all so overwhelming, the smell, the sound and the taste. I smiled and then delved my tongue deep inside her cave, not matter how much I liked and sucked, she only seemed to be getting wetter. Her sweet nectar was dripping from my chin.

“Oh god, it’s…” I could hear her panting; feel her wreathing in ecstasy that was it. I needed to fuck. I rose up and began massaging her clit with the tip of my cock. Sure, I wanted it but I wanted her to beg for it more. I wanted Linda to bed to be fucked by me. I wanted her to be my whore.

“What are you waiting for?!” She cried, as I continued to massage her pussy.

“I want you to tell me what you want,” I answered calmly.

“You’re cock! I… I want your cock!”

“What would you like me to do with it?”

“FUCK ME!! Oh god Cody; please, please just fuck me now!” She screamed in frustration and pleasure. I smiled and began to enter her slowly. However, she was cunning she immediately wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed me inside her.

“Ughnn.” We both moaned in unison. She felt heavenly; her tight cunt squeezed my cock she was utterly soaking.

“I’m gonna have to punish you for that,” I said as I withdrew only to slam hard into her. Linda’s reply was cut by a squeal of pleasure. My thrust was increasing, with every breath it grew harder and faster. Her left hand clawed at my back while her right began to furiously massage her clit and then…

“Fuck, I’m going to come!” Linda wailed and I began to fuck her harder. “Oh god Cody it’s… so, good. Oh fuck me. Ahhhh!” Her mindless panting and scream announced her orgasm. I felt the walls of her pussy constrict my dick even tighter and it pushed me over the edge. I filled her with my seed before collapsing on the bed beside her.

“Oh sweetie, that was great,” Linda purred before kissing me passionately. She too collapsed and snuggled into my side, falling asleep with ease soon after.

I however could not sleep as beautiful and exhausting as our moment had been I was worried. Tonight we had awakened something deep and dark creature inside of me.

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